Women’s Libido – Rejuvenate Your Libido and Increase Sexual Desire Naturally

Women’s Libido – Rejuvenate Your Libido and Increase Sexual Desire Naturally

Low women’s libido, can result at any age and the problems can be mental of physical but the good news is for most women who are in normal good health, libido can be rejuvenated quickly and naturally using some time tested herbs.

The herbs we will look at below can be found in all the best natural women’s libido pills

You are what you eat and the herbs, we will look at here will give you the nutrients you need to increase sexual desire naturally. So in terms of women’s libido what are the reasons that cause sexual desire to drop.

One the keys to a strong libido and sexual satisfaction is strong blood flow to and into the sex organs. Many women suffer from sluggish blood flow and this causes libido to fall. F    or sexual satisfaction and sex drive you must have strong blood flow.

There are a number of herbs which can be taken to improve blood flow around the body and the herbs Ginger and Ginseng, are excellent at improving blood flow around the body. Schisandra is a great herb for enhancing blood flow to the female pelvic region and the herb also has the additional benefit of acting as a phytoestrogen.

Low levels of estrogen and testosterone can also cause libido problems, as well as cause intercourse to become painful.

Schisandra mentioned above has a positive affect on estrogen levels but the best herb to increase levels is Dong Quai which is seen as the ultimate herb for women; its packed with nutrients for better women’s health and all women should take it.

To get more testosterone, you can take, Shatavri which increases testosterone and in addition, it strengthens the muscles and moistens the dry tissues of the sex organs. Avena Sativa increases testosterone levels, as well as enhancing sensitivity in the vagina region.

Women also suffer from changes which are hormonal and PMS, childbirth and the Menopause can all see sex drive plummet. Other causes of low libido include stress and anxiety and general low mood or self worth.

To combat the Menopause and PMS, you can take Dong Quai mentioned earlier and Damiana. These also act as tonic herbs to relieve anxiety and stress. Another couple of tonic herbs to take are Ginseng and Ashwagandha which both relieve stress and improve mood, so your spirit is lifted and you feel good, more alive and sexier.

To feel sexual, you need to be healthy in both mind and body and both areas can cause low libido and need to be treated and the above herbs found in all the best herbal sex pills will do this safely and naturally so your libido is rejuvenated and you get more from sex and as your health is improved, more from life too.


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