Women’s Libido – Rejuvenate Sexual Desire Naturally

Women’s Libido – Rejuvenate Sexual Desire Naturally

Women’s Libido – Rejuvenate Sexual Desire Naturally

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Home Page > Health > Women’s Health > Women’s Libido – Rejuvenate Sexual Desire Naturally

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Women’s Libido – Rejuvenate Sexual Desire Naturally

By: Kelly Price
Posted: Dec 13, 2008

Many women’s libido drops and while there is no prescription drug to rejuvenate natural desire, the good news is it can be done safely and naturally, with some proven herbs which we shall look at in this article…

Before we look at the herbs lets look at the cause of women’s low libido

A lack of testosterone is a common problem and contrary to what many believe, this hormone, is needed by women as well as men. Low estrogen levels are another common cause of diminished sexual desire and for intercourse to become painful.

Blood circulation is another problem many women suffer from; you need strong blood circulation and plenty of blood in the sex organs.

Last but not least, we have the role of the mind; stress, anxiety and fatigue can leave any women not in the mood for sex and its vital energy levels are high, the mind is nourished and has correct hormonal balance.

All the above can be cured, with the combination of herbs below which will not just improve sexual health but overall wellness at the same time.

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Dong Quai

Known as the ultimate herb for women, this herb is packed with nutrients and is often taken by women to combat PMS. It helps to balance estrogen levels in the body and helps to circulate the blood strong around the body. It also helps strengthen the reproductive organs and is packed with nutrients, for better all round health.


Schisandra chinensis fruit is used to treat cardiovascular problems associated with menopausal symptoms. The herb also increases blood flow to the female pelvic region.

Ashwagandha – Extract “Indian Ginseng”

Rejuvenates the body and mind and is seen as one of the most important tonic herbs, helping to minimize the effects of stress, enhances energy levels, improves mood and promotes sexual and reproductive balance.

Satavri Extract (Asparargus Recemosus)

Shatavri strengthens and increases muscle tone, moistens the dry tissue of the female sexual organs and increases overall body strength. Shatavri also works naturally, to produce balanced levels of testosterone levels without the need for testosterone replacement therapy.

Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa helps the whole body and mind to relax while at the same time, enhancing sensitivity in the vagina region.

Shunthi (Ginger)

This herb has a number of benefits and one major one in terms of sexual health is its ability to improve blood circulation around the body and to the sexual organs.

Ginseng Eleuthero

Ginseng helps to promote overall wellbeing and energy levels which lead to better sexual satisfaction increased sexual desire. The herb stimulates the hypothalamic-pituitary axis of the brain, which produces adrenal corticotropic hormone (ACTH). This then can bind to the brain cells, reducing stress and enhancing mood. Finally, it’s an excellent blood circulation tonic.

Get them All

In the best women’s herbal sex pills and you will not only give your sex life boost but also your overall wellness so you get more from sex and more from life.

Kelly Price – About the Author:


For more information on Herbs to Best Herbs to Enhance women’s Libido and comprehensive info on everything to do with Best Women’s Natural Sex Pills visit our website.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/womens-health-articles/womens-libido-rejuvenate-sexual-desire-naturally-682703.html


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