What Can Help a Woman’s Sexual Desire? Herbs for Increased Sexual Desire Quickly

What Can Help a Woman’s Sexual Desire? Herbs for Increased Sexual Desire Quickly

What can help a woman’s sexual desire? This is a question many women pose and unlike men there is no synthetic quick fix drug but the good news is there are some proven herbal cures that work…

Before we look at the herbs themselves lets look at some of the common problems.

Mental stress, Fatigue, low energy levels and anxiety can all have an impact on sexual desire, making you feel not in the mood for sex.

It’s very important that the mind is nourished, receives well oxygenated blood, and has hormonal balance. It’s been proven that estrogen plays a critical role in women’s sexual desire. Low estrogen levels are associated with lack of libido desire, arousal, and issues that make intercourse painful.

For a high libido you also need the following in sufficient quantity – testosterone and nitric oxide.

Testosterone is not just needed my men, women need it to or libido plummets. Nitric oxide is the chemical which allows the blood vessels to relax and expand enough for the female sexual organs to receive an increase of blood for higher libido and better sexual satisfaction.

Helping a Woman’s Sexual Desire Proven Herbs

The following herbs to increase libido and desire will come together to combat all the above problems and not just enhance sexual wellness but overall health at the same time.



Damiana produces a feeling of mild euphoria which relaxes the whole body and reduces stress and anxiety and heightens the senses. Damiana also helps to balance female hormone levels and controls hot flushes. It’s a great relaxing and mood enhancing herb.

Dong Quai

It is used to restore balance to a woman’s hormones and cycles, helps restore menstrual regularity, and aids conditions of the reproductive system. The herb is taken to relieve PMS, and to help women resume normal menstruation after coming off birth control. The herb helps to reduce blood clotting, and relax blood vessels. Medical testing has shown that Dong Quai also has a balancing effect on estrogen activity within the body.

It acts to stimulate the central nervous system which can alleviate feelings of weakness and headaches which are a product of menstrual disorders. It also strengthens reproductive organs. It relieves menopausal conditions which include vaginal dryness and hot flushes.

Dong Quai is renowned as a blood purifier, nourishing the blood and helping to promote healthy blood circulation throughout the body and to the sex organs.

It is high in iron which can help prevent iron deficiency and anemia.

Finally, it helps to regulate blood sugar and maintain correct blood pressure. Dong Quai is seen as the ultimate herb for women for both wellness and sexual health.

Avena Sativa

This herb helps the body relax and reduces stress and anxiety while at the same time; it enhances sensitivity in the vagina region.


This herb helps treat symptoms associated with the menopause. Schisandra has a vasodilatory effect which enhances overall blood flow to the female pelvic region.


Ashwagandha energizes and rejuvenates the body as a whole. It helps minimize the effects of stress, enhances vitality and youthfulness, and promotes both sexual and reproductive balance.

Methika Extract

Contains estrogen-like saponins which reduce harmful levels of cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides.

Proven Herbs that Work!

So if you are looking for the solution to the question – What can help a woman’s sexual desire? You now have a proven combination of herbs that combat all the common areas of low libido which will enhance your overall wellness and sexual health at the same time.

These herbs are contained in all the best female herbal sex pills and if you try them, you maybe glad you did!



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