VitalVMH: Mineeda Vital’s New Australian Made Health and Wellbeing Multivitamin

VitalVMH: Mineeda Vital’s New Australian Made Health and Wellbeing Multivitamin

VitalVMH is the brand new multivitamin, multimineral and multiherbal formulation from innovative Australian supplement and natural healthcare company, Mineeda Vital. Based in Sydney and distributing direct to consumers in Australia and New Zealand, Mineeda Vital offers a convenient and commitment-free subscription based service for its multivitamin and healthcare products including VitalVMH.

“Delivering direct to consumers means none of the price they are paying for VitalVMH is going to middle-men. This allows Mineeda Vital to offer exceptionally good value products to New Zealanders and Australians focussed on wellbeing, mens health and womens health”, says Doug Crowther, Mineeda Vital’s director.

Mineeda Vital allows New Zealanders and Australians focussed on mens health and wellbeing and womens health to stop, pause or cancel their VitalVMH subscription at any time.

“Health conscious Australians and New Zealanders with an interest in wellbeing, mens health and womens health know best when they do and don’t want VitalVMH. We offer VitalVMH on a subscription basis. People don’t have to worry about running out. However, situations change and natural health and wellbeing customers can delay or cancel their subscription of VitalVMH or another healthcare or natural product at any time”, says Doug.


“There are no hidden costs or penalties- complementary healthcare consumers can come and go as they please- and postage is free”, says Doug.
Mineeda Vital has striven from the very beginning to offer value for the many people living in Australia and New Zealand who are concerned about natural healthcare, wellbeing, mens health and womens health with its multivitamin product, VitalVMH.

“As a developer of multivitamin, supplement and natural healthcare products, we are faced with many choices. At Mineeda Vital, we have made a conscious decision to use ingredients in VitalVMH which represent the greatest value for money for natural healthcare conscious Australians and New Zealanders. We have thus striven to incorporate naturally antioxidant-rich natural herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals in our VitalVMH multivitamin”, says Doug.

Mineeda Vital also reacts to the desires of Australians and New Zealanders engaged in natural health, wellbeing and mens health and womens health issues.

“We listened to our natural health and wellbeing conscious customers and noted that many people did not like the taste of many multivitamin supplement products on the herbal product market. We decided to put VitalVMH in a softgel capsule. Softgels are made from naturally unflavoured gelatin with a wet paste inside them in the case of VitalVMH. This makes VitalVMH both easy to swallow and it doesn’t taste like natural herbal extracts, though it contains natural herbal extracts”, says Doug.

Doug says the goal at Mineeda Vital is to deliver excellent value multivitamin and natural healthcare products and natural herbal extracts conveniently to Australians and New Zealanders concerned about health, wellbeing and mens health and womens health.

“VitalVMH contains 34 different vitamins, minerals, supplements and natural herbal extracts. These are naturally rich in antioxidants and contain therapeutic doses of many other active ingredients of value to people concerned about health, wellbeing, womens health and mens health”, says Doug.

“One thing all natural healthcare consumers should be aware of: complementary healthcare products are intended as additions to a balanced diet and a solid exercise regime. Dietary Supplements do not replace a balanced diet. Furthermore, it is important for consumers to always read the label, check all indications, warnings and dosages, and finally, only use the product as directed. Mineeda Vital promotes our products as an addition to good diet and exercise- no product can replace these”, says Doug.

<a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link/2708572']);” href=””>Mineeda Vital</a> is an innovative Australian company in the vitamins, supplements and natural health industry. For more info about <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link/2708572']);” href=””>VitalVMH</a> see

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