Vaginal Discharge Simple Remedies and Herbs for Yeast Infections or Thrush

Vaginal Discharge Simple Remedies and Herbs for Yeast Infections or Thrush

Vaginal discharge accompanied by a strong fishy odor is usually the result of a condition called bacterial vaginosis. This is due to an abnormal overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina. There are multiple species of bacteria that grow naturally in the vagina and if they become imbalanced will result in the discharge and fishy odor.

This is a huge source of embarrassment to women, I included, and I battled the problem for years without any lasting relief. After much studying of this condition though I have discovered some simple remedies to cure fishy vaginal odor at home.

Herbs and Simple Remedies for Vaginal Discharge

Wear cotton underwear –

It is the most absorbent fabric there is, permits good airflow and help to keep the vagina dry and clean. Since bacteria thrive in a moist environment, cotton underwear is very effective at keeping you dry.

Ginseng has a twin benefits when used to treat vaginal infections. It can both improve the immune system and help to restore the hormonal balance. Take it raw or in the form of a ginseng extract capsule of 200 mg three times a day.

Apple cider vinegar –

Try soaking in a warm bath with apple cider vinegar added. Do this for about 20 minutes a day.

Alfalfa is also known to help with hormone regulation and is available in the form of dried leaves. To get rid of vaginal odor 500 mg a day should suffice.

Tea tree oil-

Tea tree oil has excellent antimicrobial properties because of which it is one of the most effective bacterial vaginosis natural cures. Add this oil along with cider vinegar to your bath water or use tea tree oil suppositories for be cure.

Licorice is an effective hormone regulator and also has other health benefits. Take 200 to 300 mg of Deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) three times a day. Do not take this herb if you happen to suffer from blood pressure.

Black walnut-

Juglone, a compound isolated from black walnut, fights bacteria and is known to help get rid of fishy smelling vaginal odor.

Yogurt –

Rich in probiotics, it is very effective in restoring the proper balance of vaginal bacteria. A good option if you love yogurt and can eat a lot of it! I ate about 5 cups a day when I used this method.


The root of this herb is considered to be one of the best blood purifiers and a natural antibiotic. It boosts the immune system of the body and increases its chance of warding off infections. This popular herb has been used in bv cure since ancient times. However do not use it in case you are allergic to anything belonging to the sunflower family.

Use of mango seeds, yellow dock herbs and guava leaves
Mango seeds can be placed over the infected area. This will help reduce bad odor which is also responsible for the vaginal discharge and the seeds can help cure the infection to a large extent.

Yellow dock herbs are also effective for curing the infection, which in turn can reduce the vaginal discharge.
A mixture obtained from the guava leaves have good therapeutic values. This reduces the infection best and brings relief to the patient by reducing the infection and hence the vaginal discharge from the vagina.

These above methods are good and effective in reducing vaginal discharge by actually reducing or rather eradicating the germs from the root. But it should be kept in mind that these methods are effective when the infection is in its initial stage. If it is due to a sexually transmitted disease then such simple home remedies are not effective in controlling the virus or the pathogen.

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