Using Natural Energy Herbs for Increase Stamina and Energy

herbs for energy
by Barry Gourmet and Raw

Stamina is the resilient power of the body to sustain its composure against the abrasion of the physical world which can be of work, sports or some other physical activity. Generally speaking the level of stamina varies from person to person. It also depends on the state of the body i.e. age, sex and conditions like injuries of the body. But after all has been said the fact remains that it can be increased by constant and deliberate efforts.


How it’s Work:


Wondering how to increase stamina naturally, without harming the body or causing stress? Herbs for stamina, energy, and endurance work in different ways, although they share one attribute in common — the promotion of well-being.

Unlike caffeine or chemically processed stimulants, natural energy herbs, for the most part, have no side effects, and in fact improve overall health when taken over a period of time. They nourish and tone different bodily systems, creating a state of balance and supporting the body in times of both physical and mental stress.


Some herbs for stamina and energy work by increasing circulation, thereby strengthening the heart, distributing oxygen and nutrients to all organs of the body, and improving cerebral circulation. Others, sometimes known as adaptogen herbs, nourish and balance the adrenal cortex. Adrenal nourishers are vital in instances of chronic fatigue or prolonged stress, either from work and activity, or depression and anxiety. Other natural energy herbs are beneficial for the nervous system, usually from their volatile oil content. Volatile oils not only tone the nervous system, but they stimulate all tissue, often improving digestion and respiratory health, which indirectly help to increase energy naturally.


There are simple guidelines for how to increase stamina naturally with natural energy herbs. This entire list of common herbs can be taken in tea form, or as an herbal tincture from one to three times a day. Infuse one to two teaspoons of the herbs in dried form in boiling water for ten minutes, or dilute one dropperful of herbal tincture in juice or water. These herbs for stamina are most effective when taken consistently, although most energy herbs shouldn’t be taken consecutively for more than two or three months. If pregnant, nursing, or on medication, it is always wise to consult a physician before beginning a regiment of taking natural energy herbs.


Common Natural Energy Herbs:


Ginseng Siberian ginseng is one of the most well-known herbs for stamina. It has been recognized as an adaptogen, supporting the body in times of stress, and has been used by many cultures for physical energy as well as mental stimulation. Ginseng is beneficial for exhaustion and depression.

Ginkgo This ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese herb acts through increasing circulation, improving physical activity, focus, and mental stamina.


Ginger Ginger is rich in stimulating volatile oils, which move energy through the body, and increase circulation. Ginger supports the cardiovascular system, brain health, and digestion.


Astralagus This herb is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It activates immune function, nourishes the adrenal glands, and improves metabolic function. Astralagus is an age-old remedy to increase endurance.


Peppermint This gentle, yet stimulating herb is rich in volatile oils. It promotes balance and well-being, reducing stress, and at the same time stimulating both the nervous system and the digestive system.


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Licorice This herb is one of the best herbs for stress. It has a positive impact on the adrenal cortex, helping the body in times of adrenal exhaustion, hunger, and thirst. It also helps to normalize adrenal function after taking steroid or cortisone drugs. Licorice should not be taken for those who have high blood pressure.

Gotu Kola Of all the herbs for stamina, gotu kola is the most effective remedy for instant energy. It is also a traditional Ayurvedic herb to stimulate the consciousness. Rich in volatile oils, gotu kola is reputed to increase physical endurance and mental focus.


Borage Like licorice, this natural energy herb works on the adrenal cortex. Borage is a nourishing tonic, but does not raise blood pressure levels like licorice does.

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