Use Effective Herbs for Diabetes Natural Treatment

Use Effective Herbs for Diabetes Natural Treatment

Diabetes mellitus or simply diabetes is a metabolic disorder. It is one of the most common non-infectious disease and frequent cause of the death in developed countries. Diabetes happens because a patient has a very high blood sugar. Usually there are two types of diabetes. First one occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin and the second one begins when cells do not respond to the produced insulin.

Heredity is a very important factor for the first type of diabetes. Virus infections, like measles or stress also may impel this disease. The second type of diabetes mostly fatigues people who are overweight or obese and not enough physically active.

Increased hunger and thirst, frequent urination, etc are the most usual signs of diabetes. These symptoms may develop in a few weeks or months (1st type) or opposite- very slowly (2nd type). Other typical signs of this disease are weight loss, tiredness, general weakness, muscle spasms, also nausea and vomiting, stomach ache, itchy skin and others. When the first type of diabetes occurs, patient needs to be taken to the hospital as soon as possible otherwise he may lose consciousness (diabetic coma) and even die. Second type of this disease develops slowly; it is mostly diagnosed when complications of diabetes occur, such as fungous diseases and lesions of blood vessels.

Useful herbs: Since the ancient times herbs were widely used for diabetes treatment and were proven to be very effective. You can also try them, let’s take a look.

1. Indian Kino: It is also known as malabar kino, which is commonly used in India as a remedy from diabetes. It regenerates pancreatic cells, so it is very effective for patients who are sick with the second type of this disease.

2. Bitter Melon: Try to drink juice of this tropical vegetable; it is very beneficial and well known for its blood sugar lowering properties. Though be careful and do not use it in very big amounts.

3. Cinnamon: It has valuable insulin-like properties and also decreases glucose in the blood. Cinnamon also has the ability to block free radicals, and it is very useful.

4. Onion: Use onion in food, it has blood sugar lowering properties so it is highly recommended for people who are sick with diabetes.

5. Fenugreek: This plant is cultivated worldwide and helps to control weight so it is obviously useful. Fenugreek lowers blood sugar levels and cholesterol in the blood.

6. Blueberry Leaves: It has been used for a long time. A single dose can help a lot – patient may feel better for the whole week! Blueberry leaves lower blood sugar levels as well.

If you are at the risk to get ill with diabetes, you can help yourself and lower it. The main thing is that you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise at least once in a week; it effectively reduces the risk. Also, lose weight if you are overweight or obese, which is very important. Be sure your diet is low in calories, eat more fruit and vegetables. Better give up smoking and drink alcohol wisely.

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