Treatments for Men Hair Loss and Women Hair Loss

Treatments for Men Hair Loss and Women Hair Loss

In these modern times, it seems that men hair loss is acceptable, but it is rare for women hair loss to occur (unless she decisively shaved her head for fashion purposes). However, both genders receive the same dilemma of being unintentionally bald. Cue in being the butt of jokes, embarrassing situations and sometimes discrimination.

The causes for men hair loss and women hair loss are similar. It is a condition named Androgenetic Alopecia that takes account for 95 to 96% of all cases. This is a genetic condition wherein androgen is increased in the bloodstream. This hormone is responsible for the conversion of alpha-5 reductase enzyme to DHT which weakens hair follicles. This explains why men experience the most cases of baldness. Next reason will be ailments and infections. There are some conditions of the blood, skin and thyroid that hinder cell nutrition, thus production of weak and brittle hair follows. Medication and chemotherapy can also be reasons for baldness. Last but not the least will be stress and nutrition. Remember that hair is made of keratin, an element which is protein-based. Depriving yourself of protein, such as skimping on meals (like most women do to achieve the hourglass figure), is like depriving your hair of the chance to grow. This explains why bulimics and anorexics also suffer from hair loss. Stress will be pretty much self-explanatory: look at the bundles of hair when you pull your hair out of frustration!

Wigs and scarves are invented primarily to conceal baldness among unlucky males and females, however this method seem unnatural. Also, concealing a bald head will make one even more embarrassing when silly goof-ups happen. Hair transplants are done by collecting hair from another part of the body and surgically implanting them on the bald or receded areas, but this procedure is costly and risky if the surgeon isn’t experienced enough. If you are uncomfortable trying those procedures, you may consider trying the top ten vitamins and herbs to counter hair loss. Saw Palmetto, Olive Oil and Aloe Vera can be mixed with your food as they are high in protein and keratin responsible for hair growth. Eating products rich in Zinc, Vitamin C and E can also aid in hair growth though effects aren’t immediate. Last but not the least, if you are out to buy hair loss treatments, look out for ingredients named spironolactone, minoxidil, finasteride and dutasteride.

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