Treatment For Men Hair Loss

Treatment For Men Hair Loss

Treatment For Men Hair Loss

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Home Page > Health > Hair Loss > Treatment For Men Hair Loss

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Treatment For Men Hair Loss

By: adrianna smith
Posted: Apr 21, 2010


Almost all people lose some of their hair as they age, which usually affects your self-image. But it need not be the same for you. Losing your hair is not a rite of passage. Even the most common cause of male hair loss is heredity; you can stop and eliminate this problem – forever. There are several treatments for male hair loss available these days that will help you to re-grow lost hair, and stop the process of hair loss. Below are 3 ways to sure-fire to get rid of their problems of male hair loss.

- The reduction of the hormone DHT
One of the major causes of male hair loss is an increase of the hormone DHT. DHT is enemy of men hair loss. It tends to make your hair follicles thinner until, eventually, wither, resulting in hair loss. Thus, one of the best ways to combat hair loss men is the bar of this hormone in your body. Certain treatments actually lower or block the DHT in your system.

- Changing your diet:
Another wonderful way that you can stop the hair loss is male, modifying your diet. Incorporating the right vitamins and you will see some improvement. The best vitamins to help combat hair loss are: Folic acid, vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin B. Folic acid helps promote the growth of cells, with the desire to produce, then healthy skin and hair growth. Vitamin E stimulates the blood circulation. The B vitamins help in the production of melanin, a key element in giving your hair its color. Vitamin C helps improve circulation to the scalp.

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The best way to incorporate these vitamins in your daily routine is taking supplements, of course. But if you look closely at what you eat, you can balance your diet to make sure you include them.

-Tips for Healthy Hair:
A clean scalp is essential for healthy looking hair. Lemon juice, gently rubbed on and then left in for 15-20 minutes will give super clean, dandruff free hair.
Get you daily dose of calcium. Along with dairy, sesame seeds and figs are high in calcium.
A shampoo made from equal parts juice and lime juice as said to stimulate hair growth and prevent loss. Alma is also said to help with graying hair as well as promote thick, luxurious black hair.
Avoid corrosive, chemically laden shampoos and harsh weather as much as possible.
Poly-saturated sunflower oils and foods rich in vitamin B brown rice, bananas will help with dry hair.
Henna and Mehendi are excellent natural hair conditioners.
Amla oil prepared by boiling dry pieces of amla in coconut oil is considered a valuable hair tonic. This is a very simplest and best  natural remedy for hair loss.
A mixture of equal quantity of fresh amla juice and lime juice when used as a shampoo stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.
One cup of lettuce and spinach juice taken daily prevents hair loss.
Daily application of coconut oil mixed with lime water or lime juice on the hair prevents hair loss.
Application of juice of green coriander leaves on the head is also beneficial.

adrianna smith – About the Author:

Read more on remedies for male hair loss and hereditary hair loss treatment. And more on hair care products




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