Top natural herbs that can help boost your sex drive

Top natural herbs that can help boost your sex drive

Lack of sex drive or Low Libido is more common in women than men. Women are more likely to lose libido due to hormonal changes especially during menopause and after giving birth. The following psychological factors like depression, stress, work-related problems, and anxiety are attributed to low libido. Unknown to many women, there are natural herbs that they can take to boost their Libido. These herbs can be taken in combination for more effectiveness and can provide you with nutrients which you don’t get in your everyday diet. Here are just some of the most common herbs and how they can boost you sex drive.


Ginger is widely known from helping boost libido by enhancing blood circulation to all areas of the body including the sex organs, relieves pain from arthritis, have blood thinning and cholesterol lowering properties that may make it useful for treating heart disease. It was classified as a stimulant and carminative, and used frequently for dyspepsia and colic.

Ginkgo Biloba


For centuries it was thought to be extinct in the wild, but is now known to grow in at least two small areas in Zhejiang province in Eastern China, in the Tian Mu Shan Reserve. Ginkgo increases blood flow throughout the body, increases metabolism efficiency, regulates the body’s neurotransmitters, relives stress, increases energy and lifts mood. It is also believed to treat impotence caused by depression, by helping to raise both sex drive and the quality of erections to men.

Dong Quai

Also known as “female ginseng” is a herb from the family Apiaceae, indigenous to China. Packed with nutrients for better all round health, this herb is taken frequently to combat the symptoms of the Menopause and Pre Menopause Syndrome (PMS). It helps to relieve stress, lifts mood, increases energy, boosts blood circulation, increases estrogen production and balances blood sugar. It is also widely used in Chinese traditional medicine to treat gynecological ailments, fatigue, mild anemia and high blood pressure.


A shrub native to Central America, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean, it belongs to the family Turneraceae. Damiana is known to lift mood and relax the body, the affect of this is to bring on a feeling of mild euphoria which increases libido and enhances sexual satisfaction. It has a wide array of uses as a herbal supplement and is reputed to help with Fibromyalgia, energy, emphysema, low estroge, frigidity, hot flashes, impotency, infertility, menopause, Parkinson’s disease, PMS, inflammation of prostate, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and more dealing with reproductive organs in both males and females.

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