Top 10 Supplements for Men

Top 10 Supplements for Men

We’ve searched around the web to get the Top 10 most beneficial supplements for men. Being a guy there are lots of circumstances to be concerned with. You well being should be one of your top concerns. We believe the list that we have pulled together below includes supplements which are easy to find, and therefore are beneficial to you.


Why? To defend against Prostate Cancer.

Boron has been proven to protect against Prostate Cancer. Boron influences the amount of human steroid hormone levels inside you. Boron additionally reduces PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) and shrinks Prostate Cancers. Based on several studies Boron can reduce your danger of Cancer by as much as 64%. In addition to that, it helps maintain bones, joints and neurons. With 250,000 cases of Prostate and Testicular cancer in the usa in 2010. We feel Boron can be a essential supplement for men.

Not every store has Boron. However you can find it quickly online. If you’re more comfortable finding it naturally in meals then your top 10 foods for boron are: Raisins,Nuts (Almonds, Hazel Nuts), Apricots, Avocado,Brazil Nuts, Peanut Butter, Red Kidney Beans, and Cashews.


Why? To Reduce the chances of Diabetes

With the ever rising volume of diabetes in america we need to take a stand. Chromium has shown to be very effective to diabetes patients. It will help the natural insulin producers within your body help to make more insulin and make it go further. It also improves blood sugar metabolism

Medical doctors suggest if you’re diabetic you need to look to consume 50-200 mcg every day.


Why? To Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk.

Not one of us would like to take into consideration growing older and not being able to take care of ourselves. We have heard all sorts of ideas on how to decrease the aging effect. Those consist of doing crosswords to playing video games. Nonetheless some of the latest research states that Folic Acid is a great method to lessen Alzheimer’s risk. Folic Acid is known to assist in preventing clogged arterial blood vessels which prohibit bloodflow to the brain. Based on research by doctors in Sweden memory assessments that have been administered to patients taking Folic acid performed just as if they were 5.5 years younger. Folic Acids can be found in your whole wheat foods: breakfast cereal, whole wheat tortillas, pasta, and orange juice. Do not overlook this excellent supplement the next time you’re in the cereal aisle. Put down the Lucky Charms and choose something which can help your heart and brain!


Why? To Increase ENERGY

We all need that boost of energy within the day. Some may get it from a cup of a coffee, a coke, as well as those 5 hour energy drinks. However next time you need to pull through that afternoon slump, take into consideration ingesting some COENZYME Q10. Not only does it raise energy, it operates as an antioxidant, and improves the immune system. As you grow older your creation of COENZYME Q10 lessens. By taking this as a supplement you are able to increase your own levels back to your younger years. Who wouldn’t want that?

Doctors suggest taking 30-200 mg each day.



Everyone knows about creatine and how it can help you develop muscle tissue. While time goes along your muscles start to deteriorate and they will need help in repairing and growth. So why wouldn’t you try taking a little creatine? Make sure to fit some workouts in as well. A great exercise program plus some creatine may go a long way in your wellbeing. Additionally, it may benefit your memory, its been proven to correlate with enhanced recognition memory and with lowered mental exhaustion. See, who said you could not have brains and brawn. Creatine will help with both!



Do you make that old man sound when you’re getting up from your reclining chair and every one of your joints pop back into place? Do you wish you could squirt some WD-40 on those knees? Well glucosamine is the just the thing. Over time you lose cartilage in all of your joints. No doubt you’ve realized that by now, but you have no idea the best way to slow it down. Glucosamine may actually be able to help. If you’re struggling with arthritis try taking some Glucosamine and pay attention to if you feel better or not.

Doctors suggest 1,500 mg a day. If you’re performing exercises frequently and placing a lot of pressure on your joints you might want to take a look at upwards of 2,000 mg per day. Chances are you’re wearing through that cartilage fairly quickly.


Why? To Lose Weight Naturally AND Reinforce BONES

Everybody knows that calcium can improve bones. That’s been confirmed for years. But to shed weight? Research has shown that 3-4 low-fat portions per day can make your body into a weight loss machine. Now I know we don’t all like yogurt or milk products. But they consist of numerous excellent vitamins and supplements. Now it isn’t a magic bullet, however it does help improve your metabolism while you’re seated idle in your comfy office chair. You can now feel better that you’re burning calories while you’re busy sending e-mail!


Why? To Protect YOUR HEART

Omega 3s are considered to be on the rage recently. It really is for good reason though. The fatty acids are good for your heart. They assist in decreasing your cholesterol levels which is clearly great news. Odds are if you’ve look over any health-related news lately you realize all of the great things about Omega 3s and your heart. You most likely know that a good option to acquire these fatty acids are usually by eating seafood. The Omega 3′s are wonderful, however if you’re like me and do not enjoy fish, you’ll be able to easily find these in a supplement form.


Why? To Battle OFF CANCER

Just lately gross sales of Selenium have skyrocketed. That is credited largely for the development which has claimed Selenium destructs cancer cells . Selenium has established itself as a potent anti-cancer treatment. I knew it was not on the Periodic table for pure confusion. It does actually have a purpose! With an increase of exploration surging in, Doctors are very positive in the fact that they could have discovered an incredible cancer fighter.

Suggested quantities vary, but a good compromise would be 200mcg / day.

Selenium can be found in nature by way of the Brazilian nut which contains an exponential amount.



Vitamin E is called the perfect antiaging vitamin. Now I know wrinkles should be considered a sign of wisdom and personality and all of that. But why not help yourself look younger for longer? Vitamin E is a effective anti-oxidant it energizes the production of collagen and elastin, both of which assist supply foundations inside your skin. Oils and Almonds are great sources of vitamin E. If however you are looking for more powerful dosages you’ll have to get a supplement of it.

That sums up our Top 10 Supplements for Men. If you think like this quite a bit of work and the supplements are difficult to get a hold of. Then be sure to at least take a multivitamin daily!

Top 10 Supplements for Men

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