Top 10 Natural Supplements for Men

Top 10 Natural Supplements for Men

The natural health researchers at Institute for Vibrant Living (IVL) have investigated the top 10 natural supplements recommended for mens health. Here is their report:


The top 10 natural supplements for men are different than those recommended for women. A mans metabolic needs are unique to those of a woman. Here is the list of the top 10 natural supplements that all men should be aware of:


(1) Pumpkin Seed Oil may enhance prostate health.  Components in pumpkin seed oil seem to immobilize prostate enlargement. Pumpkin seed extracts offer a higher concentration of healthy properties than the seeds themselves.


(2) Nattokinase may provide support of healthy blood pressure. Research has shown that nattokinase supports the body in dissolving blood clots and has been shown to be four times more effective than plasmin, which is an anti-clotting enzyme produced in the blood.


(3) Gymnema Sylvestre promotes healthy blood sugar.  Gymnemic acids have anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and anti-sweetener properties.  It is said to curb diabetes by impeding the buildup of sugar molecules in the body.


(4) Vitamin D3 is essential for proper absorption of calcium in the body and for maintaining calcium and phosphate levels in the blood which encourages normal mineralization of bone.


(5) Curcumin - a natural compound found in the spice turmeric – may help enhance brain abilities and avert the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.  Research has suggested that curcumin inhibits the growth of amyloid plaques which are harmful protein deposits found in the brains of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.


(6) Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a component of synovial fluid which helps hydrate and carry needed nutrients to the areas of the body where it is manufactured including the skin, eyes and cartilage. Improving the viscosity of the synovial (lubricating) fluid in your body may:

Reduce pain, swelling and inflammation within the joints.
Improve the viscosity of the synovial (lubricating) fluid via oral supplementation.
Increase the thickness of the synovial fluid in the skin, eyes and cartilage and reduce pain and swelling throughout the body.


(7) Maca Root is effective for regulating the body’s hormone levels and enhancing both male and female libido. Natural maca is preferred as opposed to synthetic hormones which can have hazardous side effects. Maca root is all-natural and has a long history of safe use throughout the world. 


(8) Wheatgrass can help to restore blood alkaline levels and therefore balance pH (which is defined as potential of hydrogen) and represents the ratio of acid to alkaline in the body.  This may help cells efficiently absorb needed vitamins and minerals and properly excrete waste. 


(9) Pleurisy Root is an important supplement for men and women, as it is said to relieve chest pain and ease breathing problems.  The herb is often used as an expectorant helping to force phlegm from bronchial and nasal passages. 


(10) Liquid Vitamins and Minerals are great supplements for the immune system and overall health of men. They have a higher absorbency; the body responds and starts benefiting from them immediately.


Not for Men Only

Institute for Vibrant Living (IVL) is a leading source for all-natural supplements, vitamins, and minerals for the many health and nutrition challenges of men and women of all ages.

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David Flores is a natural health researcher for Institute for Vibrant Living, a leading source for all-natural supplements, vitamins, and minerals for many health and nutrition challenges.  To learn more about the products offered by the Institute for Vibrant Living visit


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