Tips for Women Health and Sexual Pleasure Best

Tips for Women Health and Sexual Pleasure Best

One of the couples complaining about his wife says in his complaint: that the marital duty to the fullest and to increase it even confirmed that up to the degree of certainty that he tired of his wife he sexually satisfied with the exercise of the sex here is the problem. The problem says that after the completion of sexual intercourse sleep from fatigue, but he notes that his wife at the top of her energy and her sex to the extent that bee from sleep after half an hour, for example, and find his wife masturbating next to him on the bed without shame or modesty, but do not care about him Imagine this situation becomes how you behave?

Sexual problems: – After the menopause there is no reason for the occurrence of sexual problems. But the level of the hormone estrogen causes the blood to dry the vagina from the inside, which makes sexual intercourse painful, but can be overcome by using gel to moisturize the vagina or the use of prescription drugs containing the hormone estrogen.


Osteoporosis: – The low level of estrogen in blood lead to a lack of calcium, which makes the bones in this stage are fragile and break easily and can be overcome with some exercise and a lot of calcium intake: vegetables, a lot of drinking milk, eating prescription drugs is rich in calcium or drugs make up for shortfalls in the hormone estrogen.

Tips for women:

1 – Women who suffer from obesity to reduce the weight by following a special diet to lose weight as well as the work of exercise that help to stimulate blood circulation and thus increases the incidence of pregnancy.

2 – The low weight very much either cause severe illness or the cause of psychological condition leading to the interruption of the session and then to the absence of pregnancy, therefore, should you increase your weight to reduce natural and not to the degree of obesity.

3 – that smoking affects the ability to fertilize eggs, especially in women over the age of 35 years is why we recommend that all women over the age of 35 years to stop smoking. For women under the age of 35 mitigation, at least so as to increase the chances of pregnancy.

4 – All women who enrichment operations within or outside the body, artificial insemination and in vitro to stop smoking when you start the program.

5 – If you are on treatments for other diseases such as arthritis or back pain or other to tell your doctor because some medications affect directly and prevent ovulation and some indirectly affect the body’s hormones and cause as well as the lack of pregnancy. Check with your doctor he will tell you if there is a need to change the way medicine or take it.

6 – Alcohol abuse or excessive drinking coffee reduces the incidence of pregnancy and so you should minimize the handling and consumption of not more than three cups of coffee a small Vialeom.

7 – The cleanliness of the genital area of women is very important because the presence of odors or the presence of infections in this region makes you alienate your husband, therefore, should interest you as much as possible, in the case of exposure to any of the symptoms of infection should consult a doctor to give you specialist treatment is appropriate for

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