Three Essential Herbs for Menopause

Three Essential Herbs for Menopause

Menopause is a normal period in our lives that is best treated naturally. There are benefits of clinical treatment but one can never really be sure as to what additional chemicals could do when they are introduced in our bodies. We all understand that besides the irritation, the thing that affects us the most is the decrease in the quality of our lives caused by emotional turbulence or mood swings. These types of mood swings stem from an imbalance within the levels of estrogen in our bodies. If we were to introduce artificially manufactured chemical substances in our bodies, there are chemical reactions that might cause certain side effects from developing. If you have ever had any kind of doubts about chemically manufactured remedies for menopause, now is the best to pause and consider herbs for menopause.

An example of a beneficial and natural herb is the black cohosh root or the Cimicifuga racemosa. Study on the relief of menopause symptoms that the black cohosh root can offer has been extensive. Europeans have been knowledgeable about the qualities of this herb for a very long time. One will need to take note however, that people with current liver problems should exercise prudence as well as consult a medical professional prior to taking it.

One additional herbal remedy that’s been put to medical applications is the Soy seed. It has natural estrogen called phytoestrogens which can balance the estrogen levels in women. One should note that different women have mood swings because they either have too much estrogen or too little of it. Phytoestrogens, which are weaker kinds of estrogens by the way, attach themselves to the body’s estrogen receptor sites. They are suitably compatible with human estrogen because they are less potent. However, chemically induced estrogen production or control is challenging in that the female human body has various estrogen requirements that overproduction or serious inhibition could ultimately prove to be more dangerous.

Mention the word “aphrodisiac” and you usually get a reaction that borders on quackery and mythology. Suffice to say that the Damaiana leaf is not an aphrodisiac, but rather herbs for menopause that helps alleviate anxiety and can bring about relaxation. Now, whether decreased levels of anxiety, tension and increased levels of relaxation can bring about an increase in sexual desire is a matter that’s best left for setting the mood.

Interestingly, all of these herbs for menopause are found in Menozac, a natural and herbal formulation. The good news is that you can obtain this product on a trial basis to see for yourself what it has to offer. Visit for a free trial.

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