These are the Most Useful Herbs for Menopause Treatment

These are the Most Useful Herbs for Menopause Treatment

There are many useful herbs that help in the treatment of menopause. Regular usage of such herbs will provide more protection against menopause problems. The dried roots of black cohosh help to reduce uterus problems. They are very effective against hot flashes and can control cholesterol.

Dried fruit of chasta tree is also a wonderful medicine, one for balancing hormone levels which in turn can reduce the stress and depression during menopause period.

Again dandelion is an excellent herb that can be used to regulate the function of liver.

There are many herbs that help to regulate estrogen deficiency. Dong quai and false unicorn root are the most important among them. You can take them daily. They are also available in tablet form.

Licorice is another wonderful herb that controls estrogenic problems. But over dosage is restricted. You can take with tea and it will add some extra flavor to your tea. But it may increase the blood pressure. If you have high BP avoid this herb.

Raspberry fruits and leaves provide excellent source of estrogen. They help to relieve the pressure of uterus. It helps to tighten the muscles in the uterus and so you will feel more comfortable.

True unicorn root and wild yam are estrogenic herbs. True unicorn is bitter in taste and it helps to get a sound sleep and thus reduces the stress and depression during menopause. Wild yam helps to control heavy bleeding.

All these herbs are proved effective in fighting against menopause problems. Yet the most important herb is Dong quai which is an Asian herb. This herb is referred to as female tonic. It not helps to prevent menopause problems but also ensures in easy and smooth delivery. In Asia it is mainly used to provide relief from hot flashes that occur in menopause time.

Wild lettuce, lime flower and passion flower can help to relax you and to get a sound sleep. Disturbed sleep is the main problem faced by many women all over the world. These herbs are sedative in nature and provide sound sleep.

Most women face the problem of irritation while passing urine. Agrimony and shepherd’s purse are good herbs that will help to reduce the irritation. You can take them as tea in the evenings. Oats is another natural product that can help to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. You can take them as porridge instead of your breakfast. Oats will prevent uterine disorders.

Alfalfa can be taken as tea and it is good source of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. Fenugreek helps to control heavy bleeding during menopause. You can take the seeds or leaves. It also helps to prevent iron deficiency.

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