The use of herbs during pregnancy

The use of herbs during pregnancy

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This article discusses the process of pregnancy and treatment of problems associated with pregnancy.
Experience of pregnancy and lactation is a great experience. Difficult to describe in words the feeling of a woman who is about to experience a process waited most of her life.

It is important to emphasize that when considering use of herbal medicine during pregnancy, one must understand and internalize that there are oils and never will be used in early pregnancy (first trimester), some of these oils may be harmful to mother and fetus and cause miscarriage, so important to carefully read the article, guiding you written to you personally.
By ensuring that the rules of prudence which Anekov the article, will be using aromatherapy can improve the overall health of the mother-to minimize the discomfort that accompanies the pregnancy eg nausea, back pain, sore feet and ankles swollen and even prevent stretch marks after pregnancy.

The oils are expressly prohibited for use during the first trimester are:
Anise, wormwood is, Atesneit, basil (basil is known to all of us),
Theresa, camphor, cedar, sage and bright, cypress, fennel, hyssop, jasmine, juniper, marjoram, myrrh, oregano, mint, rose, rosemary, sage, thyme.
Also chamomile and lavender oils (lavender and chamomile are known to us all) are likely to cause bleeding but can be used for minimal amounts, as they dilute concentration of 1%.

Abortion concern
If there is reason to fear miscarriage the mother case that happened in the past or there is a family history of miscarriages or she was told by the doctor that there is a danger, you may want to use during advanced pregnancy sixth month of lavender and oil rose about 1% dilution. Lavender oil helps relieve back pain, and oil rose meets the emotional needs of pregnant women.

Rose Oil
Rose Oil Botanical name ROSA called when there are two types of Rose:
ROSA-DAMASCENA – Damascene Rose, a significant difference in color and scent of their children.
Oil rose clears the circulatory system of toxins, improves blood circulation and strengthens the heart, spleen, liver and nervous system.
Yes it helps in sex and Reproduction, great rose oil female reproductive system issues – productivity and stock, cleans and purifies the uterus, stimulates and strengthens the muscles of the uterus and helps regulate the menstrual cycle.
Good rose oil to treat frigidity and impotency (PMS) as well as sexual arouses women and men.

In mind, Rose Oil is one of the finest oils anxiety, fear and depression. It improves mood and increases the self-confidence, good times of sorrow, melancholy and insomnia induces a sense of happiness. Due to the comforting qualities, rose oil is easy antidepressant, especially problems related to female sexuality fertility, anti-depressants after the birth and excellent grief and anger arising from relationships.
Oil rose more effective when used in massage than smelling.
Rose oil is good for use on all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin, the skin of an adult or skin suffers from eczema Lkoproses, it collapsed because of its properties and stimulates capillary circulation.
Along with the use of rose oil is recommended to combine exercises Paula. Paula is a method of exercise that focuses on the operation of annular muscles. The method was invented and developed in Israel by Paula Garburg (2004-1907).
Garburg was born in Hamburg, Germany. Deal in her youth ballet, piano and vocals. At age 35 was diagnosed as suffering Garburg degenerative muscle disease. Doctors determined that her illness is incurable and will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Mikey stubborn former dancer, she decided to try to improve the ability of its movement through practice. Focus ring muscles (sphincter muscles, Ahaspinketrim) derived physical limitations, which prevented full use of muscles and appointing others in her body.
Over time she discovered that the movements were a special character, along with a gradual improvement in her condition. Paula continued to practice health condition has improved beyond recognition. Observations she noticed that the movements were characterized by spontaneity them accustomed to legality and the connection between one movement per second. Personal experience has developed the method called after her.
Massage your back and abdomen
Pregnancy progresses, many women feel lower back pain. These pains are due not only to the weight of the fetus, but also by changes in body stability and increased load on the spine. Moderate exercise like yoga and special exercises during pregnancy is very important.
Massage with oils great sites would ease the pain and strengthen your muscles are forced to bear additional load.
Since the pregnant woman can not lie on her stomach to rub her back when she lies on her side, but in giving treatments, I found that the more convenient one masseur woman, sitting on a stool next to the massage bed leans her folded arms on the bed and her forehead on her arms.
Massage your lower back should be very easy in which the pregnant woman suffers from back pain rarely as they appear more often (from the sixth month or so) quite sure to massage this area.
For stomach – can be very lightly massage or avoid it altogether if the mother fears the first four months, then massage is enjoyable and useful. Often happens that the fetus responds to massage can be a mother, activist who frequently travel passes and kick can relax after a relaxing massage with oil. Babies and their mothers received regular massages pregnancy duration, usually more babies are born other peaceful.

* Hope that this helped you to enrich your knowledge and readiness for the birth
* Any problems, questions, consultation, your concerns are welcome to connect without any fear or embarrassment.

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