The Main Cause of Mens Hair Loss and How To Treat it Naturally

The Main Cause of Mens Hair Loss and How To Treat it Naturally

Despite being a common sight, mens hair loss can in most cases be effectively treated, growing back new hair each month. You do not have to feel that you’re sentenced to life without hair!  The important point is to understand why it’s falling out and the best ingredients to prevent it.

It is estimated that over fifty million men just in the US are experiencing this, and though it’s more acceptable for men today, with bald heads being more popular with actors like Bruce Willis, you do have an option.

As long as you have not lost most of your hair then it’s perfectly possible to regrow it, but if you have then a transplant may be the best alternative.

For mens hair loss, the culprit is usually a hormone called DHT and it’s a sensitivity to this that causes the problems. This can be passed from generation to generation but recent strides in treatments means that you can now grow new, healthy hair again.

To prevent DHT from choking the follicles and weakening the hair until it falls out, the right ingredients can block it and promote new growth.

Minoxidil is perhaps the most effective and safe treatment available and when combined with other natural nutrients you have a winning formula to return your youthful looks.

Minoxidil can block DHT and help you to sustain new growth by extending the growth phase for longer and thicker hair, improving your volume and length. Your circulation is boosted so that oxygen rich blood carrying essential nutrients as well can rejuvenate the follicles to stimulate further growth.

Herb extracts like Stinging Nettle Root, Saw Palmetto and Horsetail (for women) are particularly effective to combine with Minoxidil and give you a natural and sustainable way of growing and keeping healthy hair.

Just don’t expect immediate results as even the best treatments take a couple of months to get into their stride and longer to see the full benefits.

I hope this article on mens hair loss has shown just how treatable it is and how you can enjoy the return of your hair naturally if you’re willing to be patient.

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Discover the best natural hair loss treatment available today.

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