The Herbal Equilibrium For Menopause

The Herbal Equilibrium For Menopause

When the ovaries stop producing hormones, the whole body will encounter a lot of changes. This is what causes the signs and symptoms of menopause. All women will undergo this stage, and it is not controllable. However, we can do ways on how to prevent or at least ease the symptoms that comes with it.

The herbal equilibrium for menopause offers a gentle, natural and effective relied for the hormones that will change prior to menopausal stage. They are estrogens, testosterones and the progesterone.

Here is the herbal equilibrium for menopause:

· Black cohosh – this is a very effective herb that helps ease the symptoms of menopause like hot flashes and night sweats.

· Red Clover – this works like the black cohosh in relieving hot flashes together with mood swings.

· Passionflower – we can find this in some ingredients for home remedies for treating menopausal symptoms. It has been said to be a very effective relief in symptoms like anxiety, irritability and insomnia.

· Chastberry and Wild Yam – these has been used since the earlier years in curing anxiety and mood swings. They are types of botanicals which traditionally cures insomnia.

· Ashwagandha – this is an herb that is famous for its mood-regulating property. It is perfect to ease the mood swings of a person.

· Flaxseed – this is a known herb in curing night sweats.

· Ginseng – this herb has been with us in centuries and curing lots of diseases. Now, we can also use it in the treatment for menopausal symptoms like hot flushes. It also helps boost the mood which is good for depression associated by menopause.

· Sage – this herb has estrogen-like effect that is good for stabilizing the hormonal imbalance in our body.

· Dong Quai – this is a very friendly herb for women as it has been used for treatment to a lot of illnesses involving females.

· Soya – this can cure hot flashes. Drinking soya milk might be good for women in battling against other menopause symptoms as well.

The Herbal Equilibrium for menopause is all-natural ingredients that are free of wheat, animal, and dairy products. They also have no preservatives at all. This can be changed or maybe some will be added if there are new discoveries. Most women rely to this equilibrium to find ways in treating their menopausal conditions.

Herbs are actually more useful than medications. It is because they do not have any side effects especially to our liver. Another thing is that menopause is just a normal condition for women. It is not health related although there can be numerous symptoms. Medicines are not really needed for this.

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