The Facts About Saw Palmetto For High Blood Pressure Relief

The Facts About Saw Palmetto For High Blood Pressure Relief

Saw palmetto can be found in many dietary supplements. These days it is mainly used as a way of relieving Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). But, can a person use saw palmetto for high blood pressure relief as well?

The Saw Palmetto palm which is sometimes be referred to as either the Sabal or Sereona Repens, is an evergreen most commonly found in the South Eastern states of the US. For many centuries Native Americans, as well as Mayans and Houma Indians have used extracts form the plant for medicinal purposes and as a nutritional supplement.

Saw Palmetto plant contains anti-androgenic and anti-estogenic properties, which directly act on the cytosol and nuclear receptors in the body. It does this by inhibiting the enzyme testosterone-5-alpha-reductase by preventing it from converting it into DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).

By inhibiting the DHT it is unable to bind with the cytosol androgen (a male hormone) receptors and then being transported into the nucleus. It has been found that the estrogen produced then contributes to a man suffering from BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). This is because it inhibits the production of hydroxylation, which then eliminates DHT from the body.

In clinical studies carried out it was found that Saw Palmetto was able to relive some of the symptoms of BPH and increase urine flow.

However, as well as being beneficial in helping to maintain a healthy prostate it has other beneficial qualities too.

The free fatty acids contained within Saw Palmetto, beta-sitosterols, are known to help regulate hormone levels in women and men. It also helps stimulate a person’s immune system so that it works more effectively, and it can help maintain a healthy metabolism.

Because the immune system is improved it is therefore suggested that it reduces a person’s risk of suffering from stress and this in turn reduces the chances of them suffering from high blood pressure.

The evidence to suggest that Saw Palmetto is effective at reducing or preventing high blood pressure is purely anecdotal and unproven, but there does seem to be enough evidence to suggest further studies should be carried out.

However, in the mean time, until evidence suggests otherwise, ensure that you speak with your doctor if you intend adding Saw Palmetto extract to your diet. There has been some suggestion by nutritionists that it may negatively interact with other hypertension medication, and therefore lower the effectiveness of one or both.

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Until further research is conducted and the use of saw palmetto for high blood pressure has been proven to be effective, ensure that you keep to the blood pressure reduction regime that has been developed by your doctor or other medical professionals.

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