The Best Herbal Remedy for IBS

The Best Herbal Remedy for IBS

Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS or spastic colon) can be defined as a diagnosis of exclusion. It is a kind of function disorder characterized by chronic abdominal pain, bloating, and alteration of bowel habits in the absence of any detectable organic cause. IBS may occur following an infection, a stressful life event, or onset of maturity without any other medical signs. Although there is no permanent cure for IBS but there are few herbal remedies that help relieving symptoms, including dietary regulations, medication and psychological interventions.

An effective herbal remedy for IBS not only provides enough stamina to tackle IBS but adequate information about the condition. A popular herbal remedy for IBS may include roots, stems, and other parts of plants. There are various herbal remedies that have been used since many centuries. There herbal remedies include the use of different herbs that are found to be very effective in treating various diseases.

Peppermint is considered as the best herbal remedy for IBS. It has excellent medicinal properties. It aims to calm down the muscles in the stomach, intestines, and uterus and provokes gastric juice production. Mine is also known to be an effective pain killer as it stops transmitting pain signals to brain and numbs the digestive tract.

Fennel is extremely powerful in relieving and preventing bloating, gas, indigestion and stomachs. It stimulates gastric juice production and poses anti-spasmodic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic and anti-bacterial qualities. Ginger is an effective herbal remedy in treating indigestion, severe cramps, and nausea. It supports in digestion, improves intestinal muscle quality, and has some anti-inflammatory properties.

Chamomile is an extremely effective IBS herbal remedy at relieving gastrointestinal spasms and pressure. It can also be used to treat indigestion and gas. It is generally found in the form of flower and used as tea.

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