Tea Made Of Chinese Herbs Cures Acne?

Tea Made Of Chinese Herbs Cures Acne?

After a bit of searching I found this product, and ordered two packs by express post (I am impatient).

Why Two packs?

Well there are 25 bags in each pack, and they recommend 3 cups of tea a day, so that makes almost 18 days – a good test period, and if it does work I should be able to see some results before it runs out.

So what exactly is this “Chinese Anti-Acne Tea”?

Well the website says it “is a natural Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formulation used for teenage acne and other toxic type skin conditions”

I decided to look at the ingredients:

1. Huang Qin – it is a root derived herb and its benefits include:

Anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-pyretic, diuretic hypotensive, anti-allergic, cholagogue, hemostatic, lowers blood lipids, calming, bronchodilator, anti-abortive, immune stimulant, interferon inducent (source: herbalists.on.ca)

2. Jin Yin Hua – Wow, I just found out that this is actually a honeysuckle, I used to suck the nectar out of them as a child. But to the point it seems that the main properties of Jin Yin Hua is:

Diaphoretic, diuretic, anti-pyretic, anti-viral, strongly anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, immune stimulant, stimulates leukocyte production, anti-inflammatory, lymphatic decongestant, reduces blood lipids, anti-tumor, interferon inducent hypotensive, diuretic, uterine stimulant, astringent vulnary

3. Pu Gong Ying – more commonly known as dandelions, it has benefits including:

Clear away heat and detoxifying blood; weight-loss aid and diuretic; reduce swelling and dissolve clots. Suitable for food poisoning; inflammation of liver and gallbladder; kidney and gallbladder stones; tuberculosis and clots in lungs.

4. Lian Qiao – this one seems to be the natural antibiotic and has the following functions:

Broad spectrum antibiotic effect, lower fever, anti inflammation, protect liver, stop vomiting, help blood circulation, promote urination.

5. Dang Gui – also known as the female ginseng, and is commonly used for treating skin disorders.

6. Chuan Xiong – not to sure what effect this one has on acne, except once again anti-bacterial.

7. Tian hua fen – this one kind of scares me as it says it is used to induce abortions, which can’t be good. I can’t see any real benefit in this herb as it is said to treat abscesses, amenorrhea, jaundice, frequent urination, and tumors.

8. Bo He – a form of mint that is said to help clear rashes and stop itching.
Ok, that sounds all good and all, but lets see if it actually works. I wont be changing anything else about my diet, or my daily routine, except adding the 3 cups of tea each day.

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