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Mens Hair Loss ? Discover a Natural Cure For Mens Hair Loss That’s Proven To Work

Mens Hair Loss ? Discover a Natural Cure For Mens Hair Loss That’s Proven To Work

Are you frustrated by all the information and products aimed at mens hair loss? As the most common type of loss of hair, male pattern balding, affects over 50 million men in the US alone, it’s no wonder there are so many products. Once you understand what causes it you can find natural solutions that really do work, unlike the majority of products out there.

Mens hair loss is most commonly caused by an excess of the hormone DHT, a by-product of testosterone. This attaches to the hair follicles making the hair thinner and thinner until it eventually falls out.

By blocking the DHT, you can soon see new growth and a return to your full head of hair.

One of the best herb extracts is Saw Palmetto, an extract from slow growing dwarf palms in the US, which is excellent for not only blocking the DHT and promoting new hair but also for maintaining good prostate health.

It has long been used in traditional medicine for curing prostate disease and encouraging new growth and when combined with Nettle Root, Muira Puama and Pumpkin you have a powerful synergistic combination.

It is also important to have a strong nutritional foundation to maintain the hair you have to combat mens hair loss, while boosting circulation to help new growth occur. Vitamin B6, Biotin, magnesium and zinc are the best ones to use to give you a head start and to boost your overall health and immune system.

The recently FDA approved ingredient Minoxidil is also a powerful one to have to apply topically to your scalp and help block the DHT, complimenting the other ingredients.

If you want to see genuine new growth over the next few months while boosting your overall health in the process, then check out the latest mens hair loss products with these exceptional ingredients that are proven to work to help you achieve that.

Visit my website today to learn more about a cure for mens hair loss with these natural substances that is excellent for promoting hair growth and optimum health.


Discover the best natural hair loss treatment available today.

Rob Hawkins is a dedicated researcher of nutrition, diet and the amazing benefits of high quality natural hair growth treatments. Take a moment to visit his site now at and discover the very latest and effective hair growth treatment that Rob recommends after extensive research.

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Cure Low Libido Women – Causes and Natural Cures That Work Fast

Cure Low Libido Women – Causes and Natural Cures That Work Fast

Low libido in women is common and can cause frustration and distress but the good news is in most cases you can cure it by taking some time tested herbs which will not only improve your sexual health they will also improve your overall wellness at the same time.

Let’s look at some of the causes of low libido in women and then the herbs which can cure the problems.

Testosterone and estrogen are two chemicals all women need for sexual wellness and if low levels occur, loss of libido and unsatisfying sex is the result.

For a strong libido, you need strong blood flow to the pelvic region and into the sex organs. For a strong libido, you need to the blood to enter and swell the sex organs quickly. The majority of women who suffer from lack of sexual desire, will have sluggish blood circulation.

Unlike men, women are more likely to lose libido due to hormonal changes; for instance in response to PMS, the Menopause and after childbirth. In terms of state of mind, stress, anxiety or a low mood, will also reduce sex drive as body energy drops and you are simply too tired to focus on sex.


The above problems can be solved naturally, by taking a combination of herbs which can provide you with nutrients which you don’t get in your everyday diet. You can get fast acting women’s sex pills which combine herbs such as the ones outlined below, to rejuvenate libido and increase overall levels of wellness. Lets take a look at a few of the best.

Dong Quai

Packed with nutrients for better all round health, this herb is taken frequently to combat the symptoms of the Menopause and PMS. The herb helps to relieve stress, lifts mood, increases body energy, boosts blood circulation, increases estrogen production and balances blood sugar levels and is one the best herbs for better health.


Damianais known to lift mood and relax the body, the affect of this is to bring on a feeling of mild euphoria which increases libido and enhances sexual satisfaction. The herb, also helps to balance female hormone levels and fights the symptoms of PMS and the Menopause.

Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa increases testosterone production, relieves stress and enhances sensitivity in the vagina area.


This is simply one of the best herbs for enhancing blood circulation to all areas of the body including the sex organs. The herb has been taken for centuries to boost libido and has earned its reputation as “the passion herb”, finally, ginger also works to keep the heart healthy.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo increases blood flow throughout the body, increases metabolism efficiency, regulates the body’s neurotransmitters, relives stress, increases energy and lifts mood.


This herb helps to increase testosterone production, strengthens the muscles, increases body energy and moistens the dry tissues of the sexual organs.

Get them ALL for More Libido and Better Health!

These are just some of the herbs found in the best women’s herbal sex pills and if you try them, you will not only get your libido back but also enjoy better all round health at the same time.


For more information on how to Rejuvenate Libido Naturally and more about the best female libido enhancers and comprehensive info on everything to do with Womens Sexual Health visit our website.

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Womens Herbal Libido Enhancers – These Ones Work Quickly to Increase Libido

Womens Herbal Libido Enhancers – These Ones Work Quickly to Increase Libido

If you suffer from lack of desire and sexual satisfaction, the herbal libido enhancers enclosed work and work quickly, to rejuvenate libido and improve overall wellness. Let’s look at how they work…

Before we look at the herbs, lets look at common problems that cause lack of sex drive.

There are two chemicals all women need for peak wellness and sexual health. The chemicals are – estorgen and testosterone. Low levels of either, can cause lack of sexual desire and also cause intercourse to become painful.

Sexuality is built on strong blood flow to and into the sex organs, the organs must fill with blood, for strong sexual desire and satisfaction to occur.

The mind also plays a key role and stress, anxiety or a depression, will mean you cannot focus on sex. You need to have a worry free mind, with correct hormonal balance and plenty of energy.


The women’s herbal libido enhancers will combined, work quickly to restore libido and improve overall wellness


This is a great blood circulation herb and helps to pump blood strongly, to all areas of the body in addition, it plays a key role in fighting stress and enhancing mood.

Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa helps reduce anxiety, relaxes the body as a whole and enhances sensitivity in the vagina.

Satavri Extract (Asparargus Recemosus)

Shatavri helps to strengthen and increase muscle tone, moistens dry tissues of the female sexual organs and also, is a great herb for helping to increase levels of testosterone in the body.  

Dong Quai

One of the best herbs a women can take for overall health which is packed with nutrients. The herb balances hormone and estrogen levels, improves blood circulation and strengthens the reproductive organs. It is often taken to cure general health issues, caused by the menopause and PMT. A great all round tonic herb.


Schisandra improves blood flow to the female pelvic region and also combats many symptoms of the menopause.

Kumari (Aloe)

Aloe helps improve digestion, improves both blood and lymphatic circulation, and finally, improves
kidney, liver and gall bladder functions.

Get them ALL for Better Health

These herbal libido enhancers are found in all the best herbal sex pills for women and not only improve sexual health, they also improve overall wellness, so you get more from sex and more from life.


For more information on the Increasing Women’s Sex Drive with the best female libido enhancers and comprehensive info on everything to do with Best Natural Women’s Sex Pills visit our website.

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Herbal Remedies for Headache ? 13 Remedies That Work Effectively

Herbal Remedies for Headache ? 13 Remedies That Work Effectively

Headaches can afflict almost everyone at some time or the other. Headaches are caused by temporary upsets, and are not related to any organic changes in the brain. The most common symptoms of headache are aches and tightness around head, behind the eyes, and neck, depression or excitation and blurring of visions.

There are two general types of headache: primary and secondary. Primary headaches include tension, migraine, and cluster headaches, which are not caused by any underlying medical condition. Nearly 90% of all headaches that occur are primary. Secondary headaches usually occur because of an underlying disease or illness like brain tumor. These account for a very small percentage of all headaches.

Fortunately, there are a variety of herbal remedies to treat headache. In many cases herbal remedies can provide a safe and gentle alternative to prescription medication. However, it is advised to consult with your doctor before  trying any natural remedies or herbs. Here are some herbal remedies  can be very effective for relief of  headches:


The herb rosemary has been found precious in headaches resulting from cold. Rosemary helps keep blood vessels dilated. Boil a handful of rosemary herbs in 2 litres of water and put in a mug. Put a towel over your head and breathe the rosemary vapors as long as you can. This should be continued till the headache is relieved. One of the well liked home remedies for headache.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is useful in headaches caused by exposure to cold air. a fine paste of cinnamon with a few drops of cold water acts very well to cure headache.  Apply the paste on the forehead and temples to obtain relief. This gives a very soothing effect and cures headache instantly.

3. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is used to treat many conditions including asthma, hay fever, sinusitis, gastrointestinal disturbances, menstrual and menopausal problems, nervous tension, insomnia and tension and migraine headaches. Take in 2 Tablespoons of some fresh or dried chamomile flowers in a pint of water, boil the water for about 40 minutes. After removing the pot, cool down the broth and strain the liquid, it can then be sweetened using some pure maple syrup and this herbal tea can be drunk in doses of 1-2 cups at a time on a regular basis for long term treatment of headaches. No significant adverse effects from Chamomile tea have been reported.

4. Ginkgo Biloba

The use of this herb is a good option in the treatment of circulation headaches. It will repair circulatory problems and alleviate headaches in individuals affected by headaches of this type.  Ginkgo biloba has also been shown to help with inflammation and may block the generation of platelet-activating factor, which has been indicated in migraines.  Take 120-160 mg of ginkgo biloba extract,  two to three times per day.  Ginkgo biloba extractmay need to be taken for six to eight weeks before desired effects are noticed. Ginkgo may also be taken as a tincture of 0.5 ml three times daily. Very large doses may cause restlessness, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and other unpleasant effects, usually of a relatively mild nature. If these occur, cease taking the medication or reduce the dosage.

5. Ginger


Herbal ginger remedy is its ability to stimulate the circulatory system. Ginger is also effective in the treatment of fevers, all kind cold, headaches,alleviate the pain and discomfort of aching muscles in the body.  Doses of an herbal ginger tincture taken at single doses of 1.5 – 3 ml thrice every day during the treatment period. When used in the recommended doses, the side effects of ginger are rarely felt. Some individuals may be very sensitive to the taste of the herb or they may experience symptoms such as heartburn when using the ginger.

6. Valerian Root

The herb Valerian used to treat many conditions including  asthma, hay fever, sinusitis, gastrointestinal disturbances, irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual and menopausal problems, nervous tension, insomnia and tension. Valerian root may also be helpful for migraine patients with anxiety, since it doesn’t have the “hangover effect” caused by some prescription sedatives. The suggested dose for insomnia is 300 to 600 mg, which is equivalent to 2 to 3 grams of dried herbal valerian root soaked in one cup of hot water for 10 to 15 minutes. At higher doses, valerian root is associated with headaches and muscle spasm.

7. Lemons Balm

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis [Latin]), also called bee balm, Melissa, sweet balm. Lemons balm have been found to be a great natural cure for headaches. Lemons balm is also effective in the treatment of menstrual and menopausal problems, nervous tension, indigestion, insomnia, anxiety hyperthyroidism, upset stomach, herpes simplex virus, cold sores, vertigo and buzzing in the ears. Lemon balm is also available in tablets, capsules, teas, tinctures, and extracts.

A simple tea, made from 2 tablespoons of the herb steeped for ten to fifteen minutes in 150 ml of boiling water, is often used. A tincture can also be used at 2-3 ml three times per day. Concentrated extracts, 160 to 200 mg 30 minutes to one hour before bed, are sometimes recommended for insomnia. You can also add dried lemon balm leaves to the bath—lemon balm essential oils smell wonderful, and are used in aromatherapy to relieve tension and anxiety.

8. Feverfew
Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) is a traditional medicinal herb. It was used to treat headache, inflammation, and fever several centuries ago. Feverfew has anti-inflammatory, stimulant, relaxant, decongestant and anti-coagulant properties. Feverfew is mainly used for the treatment and prevention of frequent and serious migraine headaches. It can be taken in the form of fresh herb leaves, capsule, tablets, or liquid extract.

To provide migraine relief, feverfew extract need to be taken at a dose of 6.25 mg 3 times daily. Medical research indicates that a period of four to six weeks is required before any results will be noted. Potential side effects include stomach upset, mouth ulcers, and a “post-feverfew syndrome” of joint aches. The side effects when taking the recommended standardized feverfew herbal remedy is minimal and there are no major problems associated with the remedy. Some of the more prominent and minor side effects can include problems with the gastrointestinal tract and sudden nervousness or irritability in the patient. Feverfew is not recommended during pregnancy or breast-feeding and should not be used by children under the age of two years.

9. Butterbur

Butterbur (Petasites hybridus) has been used to treat allergies, bronchial asthma, headache, pain, and muscle and urinary tract spasms. Leaf and root extracts of Butterbur have been shown to be effective in clinical trials for migraines and asthma, and showed mixed results in the treatment of allergies. Butterbur is being used as an alternative to feverfew in the botanical treatment of migraines. Butterbur extracts has anti-inflammatory effects that could prevent the blood vessels from constricting and initiating a migraine. Butterbur extract is taken at a dose of 50-75 mg two times per day.

10. Peppermint – is an effective herb that is good for treat rritable bowel syndrome, nausea, morning sickness, menstrual cramps, poor appetite, gas, diarrhea, headache (and migraine), and skin irritations. Peppermint also fights viruses that cause cold sores, genital sores (herpes), sore throats, sinusitis, and colds/flu. Rub on the forehead and temples every 15 to 30 minutes (avoiding the eyes) after the beginning of a headache. Put a drop or two of straight essential oil of peppermint can also be dabbed under the nose to help relieve the pressure and congestion which can cause sinus headaches. Peppermint tea Drink one or two cups of tea if you have a headache.

11. Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

It is among the safest and most widely used of all aromatherapy oils. Is an herb that can be used to treat anxiety, depression, mental exhaustion, insomnia, scrapes and wounds, inflammation, nerves,  tension, digestive problems, headaches, migraines, skin problems and women’s health problems. It is also one of the most antiseptic, natural antibiotic, sedative, detoxifier. For headaches, add two drops of lavender essential oil to a bowl of cold water and soak a cloth to make a compress to place across the forehead. Relax and allow the aroma of the lavender to carry away your headache.

12.  The eucalyptus

It is  one of the most popular essential oils all over the world. It has various benefits. It helps get rid of a number of problems like that of the body muscular pain, infections, fevers, poor blood circulation, sinus, headache, cold, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, other congestion problems and the list is endless.  Eucalyptus oil massages is pain reliever and good for curing headache. Put a few drops of this essential oil in a carrier oil and massage your forehead. Also, try sniffing the oil – put a few drops on a handkerchief and sniff. This may be beneficial for tension headaches.

13. Chamomile

It is effective herbal remedies for the treatment of a variety of illnesses. The herb has a great relaxant action  to the nervous system of the individual suffering from the tension headache.

To prepare the tea, two tablespoons of of some fresh or dried chamomile flowers in a pint of water, boil the water for about 40 minutes. After removing the pot, cool down the broth and strain the liquid, it can then be sweetened using some pure maple syrup and this herbal tea can be drunk in doses of 1-2 cups at a time on a regular basis for long term treatment of headaches.


Author: If you want more information about headches please visit this site right now.

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Herbs for High Blood Pressure – Herbal Remedies that Work

Herbs for High Blood Pressure – Herbal Remedies that Work

Many people don’t trust drugs for high blood pressure; they prefer natural way of dealing with it. Luckily for you, several herbs are very effective to control this common condition. Discover how you can use herbs for high blood pressure to treat hypertension and to improve your health.

Herbs have always been used successfully to treat many conditions. And hypertansion treatment is not an exception. Of course, herbs don’t give a dramatic effect like drugs, but their effect is more long term. Also herbs are safer and don’t produce dangerous side effects.

Herbs used to treat high blood pressure are:

- Ginkgo Biloba

- Garlic

- Hawthorn

- Arjuna

- Ashwagandha

- Valerian (to relive stress)

- Cinnamon

- Nutmeg

- Ginger

- Cardamom

- Guelder rose

Ginkgo Biloba gives very good results. It relaxes blood vessels and stimulates the circulatory system. It reduces bloods ability to clot which allows blood to flow more freely. Ginkgo Biloba is the most known herb for natural high blood pressure control. Surprisingly, garlic has similar effect. Studies prove that people who take garlic supplement show reduction in hypertansion.

Hawthorn helps to dilate blood vessels and block Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) also called blood-restricting enzyme.

Other herbs often used for treating hypertansion include passiflora incarnate which has a calming effect and also relaxes blood vessels, resulting in reduced blood pressure. Guelder rose bark also relaxes the entire cardiovascular system, lowering hypertansion.

A complex view of natural treatments

If you are serious about controlling your blood pressure the natural way, using herbal remedies is only part of the solution. You will also have to take a look at your lifestyle and make changes if necessary.

For example, no matter how many herbal medicine you use, your pressure will be high if you smoke. Nicotine constricts the blood vessels. So your heart has to work twice as hard. Reducing smoking is a good start, but eventually aims at giving it up completely.

Another thing that affects blood pressure greatly is whether you lead active or sedately lifestyle. You will have to move around to straighten your heart. In addition to using herbal remedies, diet and exercise needs to be part of the solution.

Diet is also greatly important. You will have to eat less foods high is saturated fat, cholesterol and salt. Salt is a number one enemy of a person with hypertension. When cooking your meals try using spices and herbs instead of salt. This will work especially well since several spices like cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger help to reduce blood pressure

It might be easier to take a pill once a day rather than work on treating your blood pressure naturally. But by using herbs for high blood pressure, exercising and eating right you will get long lasting results.

Tanya Turner is a publisher of Lowing High Blood Pressure Guide where you can find information in plain English about herbs for high blood pressure and other natural ways to prevent and control hypertension

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Arthritis Herbal Remedies Do They Really Work

Arthritis Herbal Remedies Do They Really Work

For those of you who do not know, arthritis is a condition that touches a large number individuals from all around the world – causing redness, agony, difficulty in moving and injury to joint cartilage and the multitude of complex body parts close to it. Such harm can hinder life by ensuring daily actions like cleaning your teeth, taking a stroll, etc., appear more like a task. There are many medicines that sufferers can use to get relief from the distinct signs common to arthritis but the downside is the fact that they have many issues. Consequently these days, arthritis herbal curatives are being given preference to care for and contain arthritis. Herbal curatives are relatively sounder than over-the-counter medications and hence they are liked by patients.

A common variety of arthritis is Rheumatoid arthritis which can be characterized by pain, puffiness, tightness in the joints, especially during the mornings. There are some regular additions that can assist in association with this distinct form like fish oil, vitamin E, turmeric and numerous more. Often living with arthritis can get unbearable and tough to bear. Although for a years, medicines were considered to be the sure way to reduce the manifestations of arthritis, but no more is that the case. You ought to be conscious that medicine can only render temporary respite, but herbs might be in a position to remedy arthritis in the long term.

Herbs similar to Alfalfa, Feverfew, Ginger, Angelica etc., have been discovered to be effective in controlling arthritis and providing relief. These herbs can help improve your immune system and provide efficient respite from arthritis agony which implies even sound people can employ these medications to avoid the occurrence of the disease.

There are also a great many other arthritis herbal curatives that can help free you from all forms of pain and stiff joints. Using herbs rather than nonprescription medicinal drugs, have distinct benefits – not only do they aid the control of arthritis, but also help the circulation. Better circulation might be just one of the important factors of reducing arthritic pain, but often patients are uncomfortable with physical activity which might, in fact, exacerbate the circulation in your limbs but herbs can help correct that problem. In most cases, patients endure no consequences while applying arthritis herbal cures, but from time to time people are affected by an allergy, and a few may have gas, regular stools, diarrhea when ingesting these herbs. Nevertheless, most sufferers can utilize herbs without any hassle, but to be on the safe side, I would propose you to confer with your physician before taking any herbal remedy.

If your doctor feels your body will be able to stomach the herbs, then go ahead and give them a try. It is always advisable to go for arthritis herbal cures than other medicine. Natural cures are a good deal safer, and supply the same outcomes if not better. Nevertheless for the ultimate outcomes, you must team up herbal cures to a correct life style but do not forget to implement good eating habits, exercise routinely, and ensure sufficient rest to make arthritis a issue of the past. A complete life style incorporating particular diet plan, physical exercise and rest, along with the correct herbal curatives can help you lead a more aroused and secure life, disallowing arthritis to grow into a hitch in your journey. Enjoy a disease free normal life by living a secure life style.

If you found this article informative, please visit Ben Bradford’s health news blog at to read more health related articles. Also, for a limited time, check out this recommendedarthritis remedy that allow for free trials.

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Does Clearpores Work When It Comes To Treating Acne From Inside And Out?

Does Clearpores Work When It Comes To Treating Acne From Inside And Out?

Before find out the answer to the question: “Does Clearpores Work?”, first let’s discover how acne happens.

As you know, skin is renewing itself from time to time. Sometimes the sebum sticks together with dead skin cells which close pores. This occurs about 2-3 weeks before you notice first blemishes or acne spots on your skin.

In one word, sebum which is produced on a constant basis cannot get out of the clogged pores and in turn, it causes the acne bacteria flourishing.

It means treating acne is not enough for getting perfect skin. You also have to keep your skin pores open and clear in order to avoid future occurrence and flourishing of acne bacteria on your face and body.

Now let’s find out:

Does Clearpores Work When It Comes To Treating Acne From Inside And Out?

The answer is “YES!”


Clearpores Complete system includes all vital anti acne remedies to treat acne from inside and out as fast as possible.

The first part of Clear Pores Skin Cleansing System – Deep Facial / Body Wash easily unclogs pores and fights acne bacteria.

The second important part of Clear Pores Skin Cleansing System – Herbal Supplement which contains only 100% natural herbs for acne, maintain the healthy appearance of skin, by attacking acne bacteria from inside.

At last, the third part of Clear Pores Skin Cleansing System – Facial / Body Protection Cream keeps pores clear, moisturizes the skin and prevents it from drying out. It is enough to use it once a day, to effectively protect your skin against acne bacteria for full 24 hours.

If you still hesitate to buy Clearpores, read top 10 benefits and honest expert review of

Clearpores written by Online Beauty Experts Rafael Karimov and Khanum Khatun.

You can discover what makes Clearpores so unique and different, only if you compare it with other

acne best medication products at:

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Care Program and FREE email consultation by those 2 Beauty Experts. You Will Never Find Such a Great Deal Anywhere Else! Hurry up! It’s

for a Limited Time Only!

And Not Only! 6 Other Great Bonuses worth are waiting for you after buying Clearpores from those Clearpores Expert Review Sites.

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Natural Menopause Treatments And 7 Natural Remedies That Really Work

Natural Menopause Treatments And 7 Natural Remedies That Really Work

Before you begin any natural menopause treatments or therapy at all, consult your doctor. He can tell you of any risk that may arise if you decide to use HRT and give you advise on certain lifestyle changes that could benefit your menopause symptoms. This could include excersise and any suppliments such as calcium and magnesium that can also help against osteoporosis. If you are on HRT you should not take any herbal suppliments before talking to an herbalist or doctor.
OK. Lets get into the actual topic of this article and take a look at the 7 natural menopause treatments that are listed here for you.

Black Cohosh has been used for donkeys years as a natural treatment for many things but especially for the menopause. Intensive research has proven that it can beat hot flushes and night sweating. This herb helps to stimulate the ostrogen receptors exactly where they are are needed, for instance in the bones, but not in other places where it could be harmful, such as the breast. Studies have also proven that the herb can be used by women who cannot use oestrogen replacement therapy. This is definitely one of the best natural menopause treatments you should try first. This herb can also be used for irregular periods and period pains.

Sage Leaf is really one of the oldest herbs we know and has been used for centuries against sore throat, gum disease and is very good to against hot flushes and night sweating.
It’s potential has been proven in a study with 30 women, where 20 of the women were totally cleared of hot flushes and night sweating. The other 10 women also had different levels of success. As memory loss and lack of concentration is also an issue in the menopause, sage leaf used as one of the natural menopause treatments can also improve these symptoms.

Agnus Castus is an herb that can help against hot flushes and mood changes in the menopause. Agnus Castus can be very helpful against heavy periods and breast pains during PMS. This natural menopause treatment works as a stimulant on the pituitary gland which in turn helps to lower the levels of FSH, and balances the hormones. Studies have proven that Agnus Castus is an excellent treatment for PMS and has the same effect as an antidepressant on lifting the moods of women.

St John’s Wort is very well known for beating depression and helping to combat mood swings. In a German study (which is where I studied natural medicine), they actually proved that this herb could boost sex drive in post-menopausal women. However, that is not the only good news from this natural menopause treatment. Anxiety, depression and loss of libido are all known side effects of the menopause. A Womans Health study concluded that St John’s Wort could tackle these disorders related to menopausal transition.

Red Clover is rich in isoflavones which have the same effect as oestrogen in the body. Also very effective against hot flushes and night sweating.Red Clover has been proven in studies in Holland and Australia to drastically combat hot flushes, and it was discovered that it could improve heart health in menopausal women which makes this a very important natural menopause treatment.

Omega-3 fatty acids, of which I claim to use the best source myself, are found in oily fish and can also be found in pumkin and flax seeds. Omega-3 fatty acids are an essential part of anyones diet. They can be used to beat hot flushes, vaginal dryness, dry skin and joint pains. If you are lacking omega-3 fats, you can suffer from forgefulness, fatigue, aching joints, dry skin, lifeless hair and cracked nails. As you probably know, all these symptoms increase in the menopause. Omega-3′s fight these conditions and many other menopause symptoms so do yourself a favour and include Omega-3 fatty acids as one of your natural menopause treatments.
You can read more sizzling hot info about the very best omega 3 fish oil and why these fatty acids are so essential you here:

Last but not least, Phytoestrogens are found in foods such as soya, chickpeas, and lentils have an oestrogen like-effect on the body. Because phytoestrogens mimic oestrogen, they can help to tackle many menopausal symptoms. Soya has been found to help beat hot flushes and balance hormone levels. As one of your natural menopause treatments, higher your consume of soya, tofu, miso, lentils and kidney beans to boost your phytoestrogen level.

That just about covers my 7 natural menopause treatments and I sincerely hope this is a helpfull guide for some. Above all it is very important that the women who are going through this transition, get some excersise in their daily routine. It is really not hard and can actually be fun. Swimming, volley ball, badmington, cycling, walking, running etc. etc. there is enough to do that is fun to do. Take time out for yourself.
If you don’t change what you are doing today, all your tomorrows will look like yesterdays!

The author studied natural medicine in the German Paracelsus School in Lower Saxony. His main subject was the use of natural medicine in the fight against illness, disease and sport injuries. Natural Menopause Treatments
For more sizzling hot info on omega-3 and just how vital these essential fats are for you visit:
The Very Best Omega 3 Fish Oil

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Everyone talks about Saw Palmetto as a natural cure for hair loss. Does it really work for you? Read what it did to me

Everyone talks about Saw Palmetto as a natural cure for hair loss. Does it really work for you? Read what it did to me

Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens or Sabal serrulata) is a dwarf palm plant native to North America. It primarily grows along the Atlantic coast in Georgia and Florida. The active ingredients are believed to be found in the plant’s brown-black berries. Saw Palmetto can be bought as natural supplement pills from many drug store without any prescription required and is not very expensive to buy. I read about the positive effect of using Saw Palmetto to stop hair loss and so i decided to try it. Be careful that there are various side effects too, in taking this supplement. Side effects are not the same for all people and may vary according to the way your body handles the supplement ingredients.

How it works is that it may block an enzyme (5-alpha-reductase) from allowing the hormone testosterone from being converted to another hormone, dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotestosterone is considered a key contributing factor to the onset and progression of androgenic alopecia

In weeks time of taking this supplement, i could see some positive results already and small tiny hairs could be seen growing from the scalp. These new hair growth unlike the ones obtained from using Topical Minoxidil solution or Oral Finasteride are much thicker and stronger.  The new hair doesn’t fall off that easy either after stoping the use of Saw Palmetto. The only problems i experience were the mild headaches, stomach pain, bad breath, nausea, lost of energy. If you think you can handle these problems then you could go for this remedy of taking Saw Palmetto Supplement, otherwise it is better to choose an alternate remedy for hair loss. I was on the Saw Palmetto supplement for about a year untill i decided i couldn’t take it no more with all those side effects. I did gained back quite some hair on the scalp and they were thick and strong, but all those side effects could not be tolerated anymore. Overall, i would say for those who have a stonger tolerance to the side effects, taking Saw Palmetto have a good potential as a remedy for stopping hair loss.


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Posted by Herbs For Me - June 9, 2011 at 6:24 pm

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Grandma’s Sinusitis Herbs Work

Grandma’s Sinusitis Herbs Work

Grandma’s Sinusitis Herbs Work

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Grandma’s Sinusitis Herbs Work

By: Adam Bradley
Posted: Jun 04, 2010


Sinusitis is painful and in some cases of fungal attack, the infection might spread to bone cavities holding the eyeballs and the brain. Sinusitis can be treated through antibiotics, natural sinusitis herb remedies and surgery.

Endoscopic surgery by which a fine tube is inserted into the nasal cavities to find the source of blockage, is very common. Surgically removing nasal polyps, correcting anatomical defects like crooked septum etc. are minor procedures that provide great relief for patients. However, these treatments are expensive and in some cases dangerous because the nasal cavities are very sensitive and delicate and so are the cartilages around. Antibiotics have a lot of side effects and can be taken only when the person is taking no other form of medication. Additionally, the patient must complete a full course of the medication or a repeat of the infection will most likely occur.

Keeping all these things in mind, sinusitis herb remedies often prove to be a better option. They don’t usually have any side effects, are relatively inexpensive and most often prove to be more effective than normal medication. There are many sinusitis herbs that have been use for years and provide great relief. These can be consumed in the form of warm tea, or vapors of their solution extract can be inhaled too. Either way these herbs have medicinal properties that could clear blockages, eliminate bacterial, fungal and viral infection and cause proper mucus discharge without affecting any of the nasal parts or the tract itself.

Goldenseal, biologically known as hydrastis candensis contains two very important alkaloids that perform complimentary functions that can treat sinusitis. Berberine is an alkaloid that can get rid of microbial infection treating the respiratory track and the mucous linings of anyinfection caused by the microorganisms. Hydrastine is another alkaloid that enhances the immunity of the body causing free mucus discharge that will wash away the bacterial infection. Loss of immunity is one of the more important causes of sinusitis as the same bacteria and fungi hanging in the air under normal circumstances become double harmful with a weak immune system.

Echinacea is another well known herb biologically called Echinacea purpurea. It performs two important functions. First it inhibits the secretion of hyaluronidase, an enzyme produced by bacteria that can adversely affect the mucus linings and destroy the defense against the microbes. Secondly, this herb acts as an immune-stimulator, enhancing the immunity system of the body against inflammation and infection. Its chief component is insulin, that encourages production of T-cells and macrophages that help fight infection efficiently.

Both Echinacea and Goldenseal can be consumed in the form of an extract by adding a teaspoon in up to 1 cup of water or preparing tea with the herbal roots. Nettle is another herb biologically known as urtica dioica that is effective against inflammation due to the body’s response to allergens. It attacks mold, pollen and fungus that are the chief causes of allergic activity that leads to inflammation and swelling of mucus lining in the nasal passage. Horseradish, garlic and onion content used liberally in warm water also help enhance the secretion of mucus resulting in easy discharge of the bacteria and other infection causing microbes.

These herbal vapors help clear blockages of the narrow sinus cavities, causing cilia or hair in the mucus lining to function better and prevent mucus stagnation thus discouraging bacterial and fungal growth overall.

As you can see, contemporary medicine has a medicine kit full of antibiotics to remedy sinusitis pain. However the side effects of the drugs one consumes to find relief in many cases themselves create their own symptoms.

Adam Bradley – About the Author:

Adam Bradley is a lifelong sufferer of sinus problems just like you. After years of dealing with hundreds of doctors and medications he decided to research the subject of sinusitis herbs and remedies. Read more here: He lives in Boulder, CO, is now enjoying the outdoors, and encourages anyone who is tired of sinus infections, to try his free, sinus relief Mini-Course, at



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