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Some Useful and Effective Herbs

Some Useful and Effective Herbs

It is always beneficial to use chemical free treatment. The treatments from organic herbs have no side effects and don’t contain any chemicals. The cost of ayurvedic treatment is less as compared to the chemically manufactured medicines. They are readily available for use. Nowadays, many ayurvedic practitioner, recommend this to relief you from medicines. People now understand the importance of herb seeds and take it as a medicine. In eradicating illness, these medicinal and natural herbs are very helpful. Many countries prefer to take nature friendly medicines. It is preferable for younger and older ones. These herbs not only improve your internal system, but also make your outer body good. In the collection of herbs, you will get suitable treatment for simple care to cure any major disease. The organic herbs such as Angelica, Dahlias and many more can effectively treat you for any major disease. Angelica, gives immense amount of power over a women’s reproductive system. To promote menstruation, it helps a lot. The big and beautiful Dahlias flowers look attractive due to its colors, sizes and shapes. Hence, they are just perfect for gardening purpose. Ginseng is known as a traditional Chinese medicine. It is use for healing and curing respiratory tracks disorders and fevers. The Asian variety of this plant has much heat to boost circulation. But these type of herb to avoid during pregnancy. For diabetic patients, its better to choose herbal supplements. To get distress, these herbs are the most favorable option. Herb seeds are also equally advantageous for treatment. Fenugreek seeds release you from terrible, expensive and painful enlargement surgeries. It helps to enlarge your breasts naturally. Instead of this use, it is useful for the treatment of Anemia. It produce sufficient amount of red blood cells. It definitely does not have any negative impacts on your body. It is require for maintaining your health by producing hemoglobin. Oregano is one of the very helpful organic herbs. It reduces the traces of parasites from human system. Milk Thistle, is most famous herb and helps to maintain the health of your liver. It protects the liver cells from any damage caused by toxin absorption. Turmeric is a very familiar herb which is suitable for health benefits. With the use of this, you can completely remove all your skin problems or skin ailments. In treating ring worms or for soothing burns, cuts and other injuries, it is beneficial. Before taking any herbs, try to collect proper knowledge about that particular herb. Like, Use of Angelica is the herb to avoid during pregnancy. It has strength to terminate pregnancy. So, if you are planning to take any herb for treatment, make sure that it suits your health. Culinary herbs are not safe if you take it in high quantity. If you have any query, then consult expert or specialist. Because taking these herbs in small or in large quantity may badly affect your human system. If you search online, you will definitely get all information and then only take these organic herbs.

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These are the Most Useful Herbs for Menopause Treatment

These are the Most Useful Herbs for Menopause Treatment

There are many useful herbs that help in the treatment of menopause. Regular usage of such herbs will provide more protection against menopause problems. The dried roots of black cohosh help to reduce uterus problems. They are very effective against hot flashes and can control cholesterol.

Dried fruit of chasta tree is also a wonderful medicine, one for balancing hormone levels which in turn can reduce the stress and depression during menopause period.

Again dandelion is an excellent herb that can be used to regulate the function of liver.

There are many herbs that help to regulate estrogen deficiency. Dong quai and false unicorn root are the most important among them. You can take them daily. They are also available in tablet form.

Licorice is another wonderful herb that controls estrogenic problems. But over dosage is restricted. You can take with tea and it will add some extra flavor to your tea. But it may increase the blood pressure. If you have high BP avoid this herb.

Raspberry fruits and leaves provide excellent source of estrogen. They help to relieve the pressure of uterus. It helps to tighten the muscles in the uterus and so you will feel more comfortable.

True unicorn root and wild yam are estrogenic herbs. True unicorn is bitter in taste and it helps to get a sound sleep and thus reduces the stress and depression during menopause. Wild yam helps to control heavy bleeding.

All these herbs are proved effective in fighting against menopause problems. Yet the most important herb is Dong quai which is an Asian herb. This herb is referred to as female tonic. It not helps to prevent menopause problems but also ensures in easy and smooth delivery. In Asia it is mainly used to provide relief from hot flashes that occur in menopause time.

Wild lettuce, lime flower and passion flower can help to relax you and to get a sound sleep. Disturbed sleep is the main problem faced by many women all over the world. These herbs are sedative in nature and provide sound sleep.

Most women face the problem of irritation while passing urine. Agrimony and shepherd’s purse are good herbs that will help to reduce the irritation. You can take them as tea in the evenings. Oats is another natural product that can help to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. You can take them as porridge instead of your breakfast. Oats will prevent uterine disorders.

Alfalfa can be taken as tea and it is good source of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. Fenugreek helps to control heavy bleeding during menopause. You can take the seeds or leaves. It also helps to prevent iron deficiency.

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Useful Herbs for Low Blood Pressure or Hypotension

Useful Herbs for Low Blood Pressure or Hypotension

This condition is also known as hypotension, when a person has abnormally low blood pressure. Because of that, activity of blood-vessels decreases, blood-circulation becomes slower and general tonicity of the whole body becomes very low. If signs of hypotension are very slight, usually no need of serious treatment arises. Though the patient should be very careful and heedful as low blood pressure can cause other heart and neural disorders. Severe hypotension is a very dangerous condition and must be treated at once.

Low blood pressure may be caused by heart-diseases or by medicines, such as anaesthetics, diuretics, antidepressants or others. Sometimes it occurs during pregnancy (the first and second trimesters). BP may also drop because of hormone problems. It can even happen for those, who are sick with anemia or diabetes.

Archetypal symptoms of hypotension are general weakness, fatigue, dizziness, and fainting. Face of the patient becomes very pale. Eyesight gets blurred. One feels sleepy and confused.

Useful herbs: People who are ill with cardiovascular diseases usually are more willing to take medicines. You should consider the fact, that your body may not tolerate it, so be careful. Pregnant women should not use even herbal remedies without asking a doctor. However, herbal remedies are one of the best solutions while treating hypotension. They help a lot and rarely have side effects –


1. Indian spikenard: It is a good stimulant for heart and in such a way it helps to increase blood pressure and thus is obviously useful for people who are suffering from hypotension.

2. Cinnamon: This natural herb is well known for its warming effect. Indeed, cinnamon stimulates all the body. It regulates blood pressure, also improves digestion and relieves spasms too.

3. Ginger: Root of this herb also has many valuable properties. It normalizes both high and low blood pressures and cures heart diseases.

4. Coffee: Cup of this drink can help you a lot, make your BP higher and maintain it for some time. It is a really strong stimulant for the whole body.

5. Tumeric: Try using turmeric, it also maintains normal BP. Tumeric being an appetizer; improves digestive functions as well metabolism and is really beneficial.

6. Hawthorn berry: You also may know it as the mayflower. It increases the blood flow, extends the blood-vessels, strengthens the heart muscle.

Other herbs as stinging nettle, cardamom, pepper, ginseng, beet root, etc raises blood pressure and can make you feel better naturally. They also have many other useful properties, so choosing natural treatments is a very good solution hypotension patient. Though these herbs do not or rarely have side effects; be sure you are not allergic to any of these herbs. Pregnant women or breast-feeding mothers as well little children’s should be more careful.

In addition to the above herbal remedies, one should also maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoid smoking as well alcoholic beverages. If your blood pressure gets lower then drink lots of fluids, do not make sudden moves and avoid standing for a long time. These all precaution will help you in this condition.

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Natural Healing Herbs – 8 Useful Herbs with Amazing Therapeutic Properties

Natural Healing Herbs – 8 Useful Herbs with Amazing Therapeutic Properties

The healing power of the herbs was not considered to be effective enough by the medical personnel in treating various diseases even few decades back. But the advanced scientific researches duly supported by statistics have come out with amazing results regarding the healing power of the herbs. Herbs cure the root cause of the disease, improves the body immunity system involving lesser cost and almost without any side effects. From the commonly used kitchen-garden herbs to the rare species; every herb is singular in their healing properties.

Few are the names of the commonly available herbs having wondrous therapeutic power.

1. Basil, the commonly available herb generally used for culinary purpose improves appetite and reduces fatigue. This herb from the mint family acts as carminative aiding in digestion. It is also used as an aphrodisiac and treating depression.

2. Cinnamon widely used as spice, is used in treating a number of diseases starting from indigestion to diabetes. Regular intake of cinnamon powder reduces blood sugar level to a great extent. It is also helpful in treating Candida yeast infection.


3. Clove is another common herb used as spice in various dishes. Clove oil is beneficial in treating bacterial and fungal infections, a good pain killer in reducing toothache and treating other gum diseases.

4. Garlic one of the most inexpensive herbs must be used liberally either in dishes or eaten raw. It helps in reducing blood cholesterol and high blood pressure as it helps as blood thinner. It is also used in treating various viral and fungal infections.

5. Neem is the native of India and its oil is rich in Vitamin E and has essential fatty acids. So it is used to treat a various number of skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, scabies, acne, ordinary scars and athletes foot.

6. Tea tree oil is used in a number of antibacterial treatments. Treating Candida yeast infections, herpes, abscess and boils tea tree oil finds extensive use. Moreover it helps in boosting the immunity system of the body.

7. Cedar wood oil is used for treating skin problems and reducing respiratory complaints. It reduces itching and treats severe skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.

8. Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential acids. Apart from skin tonic it helps in digestion, treats chronic ulcers and good for kidney, gall bladder.

There are numerous such herbs with their unique healing properties. Those under medication of chronic diseases must be cautious enough while taking the herbal concoctions or supplements as these may interfere with some drugs. In that case it is advisable to consult an expert before starting herbal therapy.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Useful Herbs and Homeopathic Remedies for Juvenile Chronic Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis Useful Herbs and Homeopathic Remedies for Juvenile Chronic Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a serious and often crippling condition. While it usually strikes in middle age this disease can also attack young people and leads to stiff, aching or damaged joints. Natural supplements for rheumatoid arthritis can alleviate many of the symptoms of arthritis and even help the body repair damage done to joints.

A condition referred to as a systemic inflammatory disorder Rheumatoid arthritis can affect any part of the body, but usually attacks the joints destroying cartilage. Supplements containing specific vitamins, minerals, and herbs can restore cartilage, reduce inflammation, and increase the flexibility of joints.

Useful Herbs


From time immemorial, turmeric has been value in Asia, especially India, for its medicinal properties. The curcumin, the yellow compound so as to give turmeric its quality color, is known to be helpful in treat rheumatoid arthritis. Turmeric has antibacterial property and aids in plummeting the irritation of the joints.


This herb is known to be an anti-spasmodic and helps to alleviate the pain. It can be also used by people suffering from osteoarthritis.



This herb is utilized a lot in homeopathic treatments. It helps to alleviate soreness and reduce inflammation and swelling. The paste of the herb has to be applied topically to the affected joint. It should not be consumed without checking with an alternative medicine doctor.

Green Tea:

This has been tout world more than for its physical condition settlement. Where rheumatoid arthritis is concerned, green tea acts as a mild painkiller.

Wild Yam:

This is a tuber that grows in tropical climates. It contains compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, wild yam also helps to reduce the gap between joints that occurs due to the disease.

Homeopathic Remedies


Stiffness of the joint that is so severe, it feels as if the joint is paralyzed. Generally worse from cold, dry weather. Better in rainy weather. Affects the fingers predominantly.

Rhus Toxicodendron:

The main homeopathic remedy considered from rheumatism with pain and stiffness. The pain and stiffness causes the person to shift and stretch. Worse in the morning upon rising; in the cold, damp, rainy weather; storms; and sitting for long periods of time (such as in a movie or a car ride). They feel better from heat, hot bathing, or showers; and continued, gentle motion.


Great soreness all over. Even the bed feels too hard. They feel bruised or beaten. Worse from being jarred or touched; they fear being touched. Pains are usually symmetrical.

Aurum Metallicum:

Rheumatism with stiffness or spasms of the chest wall. This is an important remedy to consider for people who also have ankylosing spondylitis. Generally worse at night.


Swelling, coldness and pallor (sometimes blueness) in the affected joint. Worse from heat. In general, the pains ascend during the course of the illness to more proximal joints.


Wandering arthritis; changeable symptoms and pains. Worse in the evening and with heat. Better from the cold; uncovering the joint; cold applications; and in the open air.

Homeopathic treatment will best assist people experiencing RA from constitutional, long-term care and, as mentioned, in the earlier stages of the illness.

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Useful Natural Remedies and Herbs for Menopause Relief

Useful Natural Remedies and Herbs for Menopause Relief

Menopause or the end of menstruation is experienced by every woman in her late forties or in the early fifties. The woman loses her fertility as the production of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone get reduced drastically. Many other physiological problems start pouring in at the onset of menopause like hot flushes, sweating at night, depression, low sex drive, irritability, frequent mood swings, vaginal dryness and low bone density. Some women find it difficult to cope up with these while in some the effects of menopause are not much pronounced. The female hormones play an important role in maintaining a good cardio-vascular health, which degenerate due to the low hormonal levels exposing the women to the risks of cardio-vascular diseases.

Usefulness of herbs –

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is the most conventional treatment in reducing the symptoms of menopause. But it is expensive and according to some experts HRT poses some risk of breast cancer if continued for long time. Moreover HRT must be done with extreme care to women suffering from chronic hypertension.

Herbs in that case have been used to treat menopause since ages and millions of present day women have benefited from it. But these herbs must also be administered with utmost care and with due consultation with the health care service provider.

1. Beans and Soya beans are rich in phytoestrogen and isoflavones. So regular intake of these in moderate amounts have some effects similar to HRT in treating menopausal symptoms. It also has good effects on the bones and cholesterol. But excessive intake must be avoided as these may be harmful to women having past history of breast cancer.

2. Black cohosh helps in relieving hot flushes and sweating at night and is extremely safe to use.

3. St John’s Wort is another reputed herb that is very effective in treating depression in women during menopause.

4. Any type of Ginseng herb is useful in relieving stress and acts as a mood elevator for the women.

5. Valerian root is used as a tranquilizer, and if taken in moderate amounts can reduce sleeplessness in women in her menopause.

6. Indian spikenard is another useful herb that soothes the nerves reducing the nervousness and helps to calm the mind.

7. Liquorice contains estrogen and so it can restore its level to some extent and minimize the symptoms of menopause.

8. Regular intake of carrot seeds boiled in cow’s milk has wondrous effect in reducing the tensions during menopause.

Symptoms of menopause can be alleviated by altering the diet like reducing the intake of high sugar and carbohydrate rich food, avoiding refined and processed food items and following some suitable physical workouts.

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Useful Natural Remedies and Herbs for Arthritis Pain Relief

Useful Natural Remedies and Herbs for Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis is one of the most commonly known degenerative diseases of bones that occur with the advancement of age. Arthritis means the inflammation of the joints in any part of the body. Among the different types of arthritis, osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis are the two common types by which people are affected most, the rheumatoid arthritis leading to much more serious complications.

Symptoms of Arthritis include the inflammation and swelling of the joints accompanied by acute pain. If not treated at an early stage it may render the affected person crippled for life. Generally the pressure bearing joints like the knees, spine and shoulders are affected by arthritis. In many cases the finger joints and elbows are also affected.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a much more serious condition as the pain and the inflammation affects the whole body including the muscles and tendons and the stiffness and the pain persists for several months.


There can be many reasons for a person to develop arthritis apart from aging.
1. Strenuous physical activities that puts excessive pressure on the joints.
2. Deposition of toxins in the joints.
3. Obesity, severe and recurrent injuries in the joints.
4. Women after menopause get arthritis due to low estrogen levels.
5. Too much stressed life disturbs the hormonal balance of the body weakening the body immunity system.
6. Body deficient in nutrients like calcium, magnesium, essential fatty acid and protein.

Herbal Remedies

Naturally occurring herbs can create wonders in curing arthritis when compared to the pain killer and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), as the herbs go to the root of the treatment rather than suppressing and treating it superficially.

1. Roots of Ashwagandha are very effective in treating chronic rheumatoid arthritis.
2. Ginger roots lower the production of prostaglandins and leukotrienes those are responsible for the pain and inflammation in arthritis.
3. Extracts of the herb Boswelia reduces the inflammation and pain. It eases out the stiffness in joints and helps in improving the blood circulation to the joints.
4. Massaging properly a mixture of essential oils of Juniper, Lavender, sage, Rosemary, Thyme, garlic with olive oil in the proportion of 1:10 provides quick relief from the joint pains.
5. Drinking Alfalfa tea is beneficial in treating arthritis.
6. Rubbing a mixture of sandalwood and vinegar also reduces the pain.
7. Juice of the herb Guduchi helps in the relief from joint pains.
8. Taking a mixture of dry Indian Gooseberry with jaggery daily twice is very effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis.
9. The anti inflammatory property of Garlic makes it very useful in treating arthritis.

It must be given due consideration that a person suffering from arthritis must not sit idle. On the contrary light physical work outs and yoga should be carried out with religious regularity to get fully cured from this disease.

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