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Use Effective Herbs for Diabetes Natural Treatment

Diabetes mellitus or simply diabetes is a metabolic disorder. It is one of the most common non-infectious disease and frequent cause of the death in developed countries. Diabetes happens because a patient has a very high blood sugar. Usually there are two types of diabetes. First one occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin and the second one begins when cells do not respond to the produced insulin.

Heredity is a very important factor for the first type of diabetes. Virus infections, like measles or stress also may impel this disease. The second type of diabetes mostly fatigues people who are overweight or obese and not enough physically active.

Increased hunger and thirst, frequent urination, etc are the most usual signs of diabetes. These symptoms may develop in a few weeks or months (1st type) or opposite- very slowly (2nd type).

Other typical signs of this disease are weight loss, tiredness, general weakness, muscle spasms, also nausea and vomiting, stomach ache, itchy skin and others. When the first type of diabetes occurs, patient needs to be taken to the hospital as soon as possible otherwise he may lose consciousness (diabetic coma) and even die. Second type of this disease develops slowly; it is mostly diagnosed when complications of diabetes occur, such as fungous diseases and lesions of blood vessels.

Useful herbs: Since the ancient times herbs were widely used for diabetes treatment and were proven to be very effective. You can also try them, let’s take a look.

1. Indian Kino: It is also known as malabar kino, which is commonly used in India as a remedy from diabetes. It regenerates pancreatic cells, so it is very effective for patients who are sick with the second type of this disease.

2. Bitter Melon: Try to drink juice of this tropical vegetable; it is very beneficial and well known for its blood sugar lowering properties. Though be careful and do not use it in very big amounts.

3. Cinnamon: It has valuable insulin-like properties and also decreases glucose in the blood. Cinnamon also has the ability to block free radicals, and it is very useful.

4. Onion: Use onion in food, it has blood sugar lowering properties so it is highly recommended for people who are sick with diabetes.

5. Fenugreek: This plant is cultivated worldwide and helps to control weight so it is obviously useful. Fenugreek lowers blood sugar levels and cholesterol in the blood.

6. Blueberry Leaves: It has been used for a long time. A single dose can help a lot – patient may feel better for the whole week! Blueberry leaves lower blood sugar levels as well.

If you are at the risk to get ill with diabetes, you can help yourself and lower it. The main thing is that you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise at least once in a week; it effectively reduces the risk. Also, lose weight if you are overweight or obese, which is very important. Be sure your diet is low in calories, eat more fruit and vegetables. Better give up smoking and drink alcohol wisely.

Read more Home Remedies for Diabetes. Also know effective Home Remedies for Depression. Read useful Home Remedies for Anxiety.

Dr Andrew Napier

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Saw Palmetto: A Viable Hair Loss Treatment?

Saw Palmetto: A Viable Hair Loss Treatment?

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Saw Palmetto berries were ingested by Seminoles as a way to clear away mucous in their throats and it also prevented these native Americans from urinating while they were sleeping at night.

Saw Palmetto is procured from the fruit Serenoa Repens. Saw Palmetto is very rich in fatty acids and phytosterols. Saw Palmetto is considered by doctors to be an alternate medicine for different kinds of diagnoses, mostly for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Men who have been diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) have enlarged prostates (a naturally occuring condition as males age), so much so that urinating becomes a labored activity, sometimes requiring surgery.

In the hair restoration world, Saw Palmetto came out of left field and has become an astonishing remedy for hair loss. Its benefits have been well documented by top-of-the-line researchers. For lots of hair loss sufferers, Saw Palmetto, up to a certain point, can reverse the hair loss process or even delay hair loss. Saw Palmetto’s bioactive ingredients hinder the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

On the hair follicular level, Saw Palmetto is able to put a stop to the process of hair loss. In addition, Saw Palmetto promotes the increased thickness of miniaturized hair, helping them grow longer. From a scientific view, the results of Saw Palmetto is kind of similar to finasteride or other DHT blockers. Also available in oil extract, Saw Palmetto can be used topically on hair scalps.

Note: if you live in San Diego and are interested in a hair transplant, google Hair Transplant in San Diego.

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Could Herbal Remedies for Depression Be A Natural Treatment Option Worth Considering?

Could Herbal Remedies for Depression Be A Natural Treatment Option Worth Considering?

When exploring the possibility of implementing a herbal depression treatment what we are really trying to do is find a side effect free way to reduce the severity of depression until an undetermined amount of time passes. To put this in context keep in mind the average case of untreated depression lasts from eight to nine months. So the action you take during this sensitive time will either shorten and soften depression symptoms or intensify and lengthen their existence, perhaps leading to a severe case of depression lasting many years.

Causes – What are we dealing with here?

Surprisingly the exact cause of depression is unknown but their are enough clues to a least point us in the right direction. One factor seems to be a family history of depression, along with genetics. Research shows that when one identical twin has a mood disorder the unaffected twin has a 50 percent chance of developing the disorder at some point. Perhaps more relevant to our topic of herbal remedies for depression is that depressed people tend to respond similarly to treatment along family lines. For instance if a first degree relative (parent, sibling, or child) has had success with a specific type of herbal remedy for depression the chances are pretty good that a close relative would respond favorably as well.


Once again no one really knows why this is the case but most believe that it may have to do with how three neurotransmitter chemicals (serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine) interact with each other in certain areas of the brain.

One other interesting guidepost for women worth mentioning is a shortage of vitamin B12. In one study involving 700 women who were deficient in this important vitamin were twice as likely to be severely depressed.

Zeroing in on supplements and herbal remedies for depression

Since the cause of depression is unknown it is possible that one of a number of supplements and herbal remedies for depression might actually help. Obviously vitamin B12 should be considered. Others worth mentioning are SAM-e, omega 3 fish oil, krill oil, basil, black hellebore, clove, ginger, passion flower, rosemary, sage, St. John’s wort, and thyme. Of the herbs there seem to be two that produce better results than the others, especially when combined with moderate exercise and relaxation techniques; St. John’s wort and passion flower.

*St. John’s wort contains the active ingredients glycosides, flavonoids, volatile oils, tannins, and resins.

*Passion flower contains the active ingredients cyanogenic glycosides, flavonoids,  alkaloids, and saparin.

If you have been searching for herbal remedies for depression one could do a lot worse than to embark on the shortened and less severe road to recovery with a herbal depression treatment containing these two herbs.

Rob Hawkins is an enthusiastic advocate for the use of natural health products and natural living with over 10 years experience in the field.
Learn more about natural remedies and natural health at purchase remedies.com

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Male Impotence Treatment and Increase Male Libido

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Male Impotence Treatment and Increase Male Libido

Erectile Dysfunction is a type of sexual dysfunction that is considered as one of the most common causes of sexual impotence in males. It is characterized by a consistent inability to get or sustain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse.

Read more on Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Male impotence. Also visit on Increase Sperm Count

Though, Erectile Dysfunction can take place at any age, still older males above the age of 65 are more likely to develop this problem. The severity of the disease usually varies from one individual to another.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction involves the use of various types of conventional medicines, vacuum devices, psychosexual therapies and a number of herbal home remedies for Erectile Dysfunction.

Causes and Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a vascular disease that can be caused by several other vascular or circulation related diseases. Some such diseases that may contribute in causing Erectile Dysfunction are Diabetes, Hypertension, Coronary Heart Diseases and other related diseases.

Certain neurological factors like neurological disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, trauma to the pelvic area, spinal cord or brain injuries, prostate surgeries etc may also cause the same.

Apart from these certain other diseases such as hormone disorders, kidney diseases, atherosclerosis and side effects of certain medicines (for instance, antidepressants, appetite suppressers, blood pressure medicines etc) may also be held responsible for causing Erectile Dysfunction.

Moreover, psychological problems like Stress, Depression, Anxiety and other related issues are also some of the commonly known factors resulting in this disease. Aging and lifestyle factors like engaging in the habit of Alcoholism, smoking or tobacco abuse tend to increase the risk of developing this disease.
The main symptom of Erectile Dysfunction is a consistent inability to develop or sustain adequate erection sufficient for sexual activity.

Natural Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Herbs like She Chuang Zi, Palmetto, Tribulus Terristris, Damiana etc are excellent natural home remedies for Erectile Dysfunction.
She Chuang Zi (Cnidium Monnier), in particular is highly beneficial in the natural treatment of Erectile Dysfunction as it helps to relax muscles, increases blood flow and increases the level of hormones thereby improving erection and preventing premature ejaculation.

Asian Ginseng and Ginko Biloba are also popular Erectile Dysfunction natural remedies. These herbs cure Erectile Dysfunction by increasing metabolism and relieving psychological problems like depression and anxiety.
Prepare a mixture by mixing walnuts and honey in equal proportions. Consume this mixture thrice a day half an hour after having meals and drink a glass of milk right after having this therapeutic home remedy. Continue this remdial home treatment for about one month to heal this problem naturally at home.
Seeds of Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa are considered one of the most effective Erectile Dysfunction home remedies as this herb helps to increase and sustain erection.

Add two teaspoons of grounded carrots in a glass of milk and boil this mixture for about 10 minutes. Finally, take about 100 ml of the resultant mixture three times per day for about one week. This is one of the simplest and equally effective natural home remedies for Erectile Dysfunction natural treatment.

Chickweed, safflower and plantain serve as highly beneficial natural cures for Erectile Dysfunction by improving hormonal imbalance.

Nowadays, Acupuncture therapy is also gaining popularity as a successful natural remedy for this disease.

Diet for Erectile Dysfunction

The diet for dealing with Erectile Dysfunction should focus on the inclusion of foods rich in fiber, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.

Papaya, watermelon, ginger, onion, garlic, coconut water, spinach, carrots and a variety of other fruits and vegetables are highly recommended in this regard. Besides, restrict the consumption of foods high in carbohydrates.

Foods with high amounts of sodium and sugar should also be avoided as much as possible. Needless to add, quit unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcoholism and tobacco abuse. Instead, adopt healthy habits like drinking adequate amount of water throughout the day and engaging in regular physical activities.
Yoga and aromatherapy are also considered beneficial in maintaining a healthy mind and body. These natural therapies help in relaxing the mind and help in curing Erectile Dysfunction caused by tension and stress.

Read more on Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Male impotence. Also visit on Increase Sperm Count

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Kidney Infection | Causes, Treatment and Herbs for Kidney Infection

F.E.G. Kidney Remedy, circa 1887
kidney herbs

Image by Caveman Chuck Coker
Title: F.E.G. kidney remedy. The newly discovered herb medicine. Sold everywhere / Van.

Date Created/Published: c1887.

Medium: 1 print : lithograph, color ; 61 x 47 cm.

Summary: Patent medicine poster showing “Paul and Virginia,” caricatures of an African American couple on a swing.

Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-ppmsca-09471 (digital file from original print)

Rights Advisory: No known restrictions on publication. No renewal in Copyright office.

Call Number: Unprocessed in PAGA 7, no. 218 (B size) [P&P]

Other Number: 2231

Repository: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

* 2231
U.S. Copyright Office.
* Caption: Paul and Virginia.
* Rochester Lith. Co., Rochester, N.Y.
* Title from item.

* African Americans–Social life–1880-1890.
* Couples–1880-1890.
* Swings–1880-1890.
* Patent medicines–1880-1890.

* Lithographs–Color–1880-1890.
* Posters–1880-1890.

* Miscellaneous Items in High Demand

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A human body cannot be imagined without kidneys. They are vital parts of our body which is responsible for flushing out the wastes and surplus liquids through urine. Although there are several types of kidney infection but Pyelonephritis is the most common among them.

The infection starts with the bladder – a part of urinary system that stores urine before being released. Kidney infections are of two types – acute and chronic. Chronic infection often leads kidney failure.


Bacteria can infect your kidneys by way of your bloodstream, or, by entering your urinary tract through the urethra and starting to multiply. Infections that come through your bloodstream usually have their origin at another infected area of your body.

Although the urinary system has properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria, there are factors that favor the bacteria to enter in the urinary tract, multiply and develop an infection.

Not always having bacteria in the urine means that you have an infection. There are cases of persons, especially older adults that have bacteria in the bladder that don’t cause any symptoms or harm, and there is no need for a treatment, fact called asymptomatic bacteriuria.


Diet and Nutrition

Drink several pints of water daily. Reduce your of calcium-rich foods such as dairy products. Avoid foods containing calcium oxalate  chocolate, strawberries, rhubarb, grapes, spinach, blueberries, and beets. Use a water filter to remove calcium in hard water areas. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, mixed with a bit of honey in a little warm water and taken every day, can also help.

Consult a qualified practitioner

Herbal Medicine Remedies include gravel root, stone root, and parsley piert. Homeopathy Remedies to relieve caused by kidney stones blocking the ureter include Berberis, magnesia Phos. and Calcarea. Acupuncture this can help reduces pain and infection.

Urinary incontinence

This condition can be caused by a weakness of the muscles controlling the bladder, injury (sometimes during childbirth), or disease. Drugs prescribed for some medical conditions – high blood pressure, for example – can also affect bladder control.

The symptom of this condition is inability to control urination. An early sign is involuntary micturation, a leakage of urine when laughing, coughing, or lifting. In men this can also be a symptom of prostate problems.


•  Gravel root

•  Cornsilk

•  Couch grass

•  Hydrangea

•  Madder

•  Rumex

•  Juniper Berries

•  Aloe Vera juice

Each of these has their own way of treating the condition. Each of these has their own ability to break down the kidney stone to assist in successfully removing it. The herbs often are able to break down the crystallization to allow the the stones to be safely passed through the urinary tract.

The most common kidney stone is one that has been linked to an improper diet. The calcium oxalate. Coincidentally, this type of stone is linked to the diet. It is considered to be typical in individuals that are on low fiber diets, consume a lot of refined cars, meats, dairy and alcohol.

Read more on Kidney Stones Supplement and Burning Urination and Urinary Tract Infections and also visit our website for more information from HerbalCureindia

Chinese and American ginseng brewed into herbal teas such as Six Flavor Tea, Yu Gui Wan or Golden Book tea can help people with kidney disorders. Learn about the different formulations and effects in thisfree video on herbal healing. Expert: ROBERT LINDE Bio: Acupuncture physician and registered herbalist Robert Linde has studied herbs since 1975 and has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than six years. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz Series Description: Herbal healing relies on substances with natural curative properties, offering safe and effective treatments for everything from depression and weight loss to bladder infections. Learn herbal healing techniques from a professional herbalist in this free video series.
Video Rating: 0 / 5

Health King Kidney Fortifier Herb Tea, Teabags, 20-Count Box (Pack of 4)

  • Made of wild pyrrosia and alisma with other precious herbs
  • Traditional Chinese medicine used as a diuretic and to maintain healthy kidney functions
  • Strengthens the kidney; 100% natural
  • Provide alisol A and B, B-sitosterol, saponin, flavonoid, biotin, and more
Diuretic, strengthen the kidney. 100% Natural. Kidney Fortifier Herb Tea is made of wild pyrrosia and alisma with other precious herbs. They provide alisol A and B, B-sitosterol, saponin, flavonoid, biotin, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine uses them as d

List Price: $ 22.55 Price: $ 21.81

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Herbal Alternatives in Menopause Treatment

Herbal Alternatives in Menopause Treatment

Many over the counter products available to women experiencing the symptoms of menopause and peri-menopause do not seem to give relief from symptoms they need. This is because often the products do not address the very important role of the adrenal glands in maintaining hormonal balance. Around the time a woman begins to cease ovulating, her adrenal glands secrete androgens, which are converted biochemically into oestrone, as the ovaries have stopped producing oestrogen. If the adrenal glands are not functioning appropriately, the individual’s experience of menopause will inevitably be worsened.

Exhaustion and hot flushes are two of the major signs of what we as naturopaths call ‘adrenal fatigue’. These symptoms in menopause are sometimes so debilitating that a woman has to change her bedclothes during the night from the severity of the hot flushes she is experiencing. Stress and emotional upset can further trigger hot flushing. What should be a regular healthy response to stress can become a severe and constant feeling in many women. This is very unfortunate as; if the nervous system is functioning at its optimum level of wellbeing then females at this stage of life can experience some of the most dynamic and positive living.

Adaptogens support the individual by “normalising the physiological processes in times of increased stress”. The adaptogens as a group of herbs help the body to adjust and have a ‘sparing effect’ on the adrenal glands and often normalise the activities of other organs. (Trickey, 1998:365) In effect, this means that the usual draining effects that come from stress are lessened and the body is both supported and assisted.

Adrenal tonics have been used for centuries in medicine especially in India and China where much of our knowledge of the traditional use of these herbs we call ‘adaptogens’ comes from. Many beautiful synonyms have been passed down through the ages that belong to each herb used in this class. One example is the herb Withania somnifera that is also known as ‘Indian ginseng’. In Ayurvedic medicine, Withania is said to give the person who takes it the strength of a horse. Intriguingly, Withania also increases sexual desire, is said to boost memory and increase energy, all of which are important at this stage of life. Both Siberian ginseng and Panax ginseng support the function of the adrenal glands. Maca is traditionally used for the symptoms of menopause, via its action of the hypothalamic pituitary gland and can also increase energy. Maca is also known as Peruvian ginseng! Many of our customers report feeling more balanced from this form of Ginseng.

The product Estro Balance by Totally Natural products contains the adaptogens Withania, Panax ginseng and Siberian ginseng. It also contains other herbs involved in hormonal regulation and the herb Motherwort, which is especially indicated for women who experience palpations, anxiety and insomnia and Sage has been traditionally used for night sweats and as a tonic for the nervous system.

AustralianVitamins.com stock the wonderful range of organic herbal teas by Southern Light herbs. Many of the herbs in this range may be of benefit. Herbal teas to try are Hops, Valerian, Vervain, Passionflower, Scullcap, Chamomile, Sage, and Motherwort. Most of these teas taste delicious and should be consumed 3 times a day for maximum benefit.

Finally, many women are not aware of the role Vitamin E can play in reducing the symptoms of menopause, especially hot flushes, as it has a role in hormonal balancing. Vitamin E also has the added advantage of being cardio protective, which is further indicated for postmenopausal women, as the regulatory heart protective effects of oestrogen are no longer occurring naturally at this stage of life. Vitamin E is also antioxidant and retards the aging process.

References: Trickey, R. (1998) Women, Hormones & the Menstrual Cycle: Herbal & Medical Solutions from Adolescence to Menopause, Allen & Unwin: St Leonards.

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Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss – 5 Big Reasons to Include it in Your Treatment Program

Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss – 5 Big Reasons to Include it in Your Treatment Program

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll understand why you need to use Saw Palmetto for hair loss. And, by way of an introduction to this article, did you know that 95% of all causes of thinning hair or pattern baldness in men are attributable to DHT in the scalp.

So, what is DHT and why is it such a nasty?

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a hormonal byproduct of testosterone released into the bloodstream that has been shown to shorten the growth phase of hair by retarding follicle growth so they become less and less and eventually die — leaving the bald patches we have come to fear.

Why then, is Saw Palmetto such an important natural ingredient to be included in your treatment program?

The 5 reasons for inclusion:

Saw Palmetto, an extract from a small palm which grows in Florida and other south eastern states of the USA, has recently been proven to effectively inhibit the enzyme 5 alpha reductase from producing this nasty hormone DHT, thus preventing an early thinning of the scalp and over time, a possible serious hair loss.
For extra potency, it combines well with extract of Nettle root, another effective blocker of DHT and which also provides excellent support of natural prostate health.
It also combines well with Biotin, a constituent of Vitamin B complex which is a major component in the natural hair manufacturing process. This has been a popular re-growth supplementation for patients for some years.
It combines very well with other essential and beneficial minerals and herbs such as Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Horsetail, Pumpkin Seed and others to strengthen a natural treatment to provide the active nutrients necessary to promote successful re-growth and healthy maintenance of the blood and scalp.
There are no known internal or external side effects to the use of this ingredient at all.

Let’s not forget a very important bonus to including this fine herb in any current scalp re-growth treatment — it has for many years been recognized as a major supplement in the nutritional support of good prostate health in men.

Is there a solution that works?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a product readily available that combines these great benefits into one simple hair loss remedy with all the ingredients that work together for both men and women?

Well, there is — I have been successfully using this natural approach, which includes Saw Palmetto for hair loss, for over 5 months now with excellent results. Why not check it out for yourself?

Alan Wheeler is a dedicated researcher of current hair loss issues affecting both men and women. To learn about this new, highly effective natural hair loss remedy that Alan recently discovered and is now using daily, check out his web site at http://hair-loss.achievebetterhealth.com/ and see how it stacks up against other common hair loss treatment options.

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Information About Herbs for Asthma Treatment

Information About Herbs for Asthma Treatment

Asthma is an abnormal lung condition characterized by difficulty in breathing. People with asthma have an extra sensitive or hyper responsive airways. The airways react by narrowing or obstructing when they become irritated. This makes it difficult for the air to move in and out. This narrowing or obstruction can cause one or a combination of the following symptoms like wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath and chest tightness.

Overall, there are many treatments for asthma, and herbal methods are becoming more and more popular. If nothing else is helping your asthma, you will want to look into some of the herbs listed above. You may be surprised to find out that these can do a lot for you and your breathing problems.

While certain herbs, home remedies or natural medication may help in relieving the condition, it is imperative to listen to your health practitioner. If you are on medication, natural medication can assist, but should not be taken as a complete substitute. Believe it or not, research has shown that coffee, tea, caffeinated drinks, cocoa and choco.

One of the oldest herbs in use today, ginkgo has a broad range of indications. For asthma sufferers, ginkgo works to inhibit PAF (platelet activating factor), a powerful inducer of platelet aggregator and anaphylactic reactions. Natural Herbs that stimulate anti-PAF activity are known to assist in the treatment of asthma, allergic reactions, thrombosis and shock. One study showed that a 600mg standardized dose of ginkgo reduced airway hypersensitivity in patients with asthma.

Use Immunity plus Immune System Booster regularly to attain optimal immune functioning. Keep an ‘asthma diary’ to help you to identify triggers. Avoid tobacco smoke and keep your home free from dust, pollen, air fresheners.

Coltsfoot acts as an antispasmodic and sedative. It is an herb for asthma that soothes and calms the patient. Coltsfoot can be consumed directly by chewing or through the preparation of a medicinal tea made from the dried coltsfoot to ease cough and relieve chest pain in chest colds. This tea is also beneficial in the cure of whooping cough and viral pneumonia.

Herbs like elecampane, garlic, mustard, ginger, skullcap and valerian easily available naturally and these herbs are highly recommended for the treatment of asthma. There are herbal chocolate and tea, which can be used for the treatment to control asthma. There are tonic, based on herbs to strengthen the immune system and respiratory system. Food powders are made of herbs and fruits to fight asthmatic attacks. Corticosteroids block the inflammatory response and reduce the asthma symptoms. Systemic corticosteroids (such as prednisone) may be used to treat acute asthma attack and inhalation of corticosteroids (such as Azmacort) may reduce the likelihood of asthma attack through desensitization to allergens. Though effective, long-term use of corticosteroids has a wide range of side-effects including but not limited to poor wound healing, decreased immunity, retarded growth in children, GI bleeding, hunger and weight gain.

Garlic cloves contain chemicals that can improve your blood circulation and decrease inflammation. Garlic can be taken in capsule or liquid form. The strong odor of garlic helps you to take deeper breaths. It is one of the most effective herbs for asthma. Try proven herbal remedies: Supplements containing boswellia extract (900 mg a day), ivy leaf extract (50 drops a day), or tylophora leaf (200 to 400 mg a day) may improve breathing symptoms; children should be given one-half of these amounts or less, depending on body weight.

Read about Breast Enlargement Products. Also read about Home Remedies and Beauty Tips

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Arthritis Treatment Using Ayurvedic Herb Guggul

by Dancing Lemur

If you have any form of arthritis, I’m sure you’ve considered using lots of different options to ease your arthritis pain. Ayurveda is an ancient healing art that has been practiced in India for centuries and has naturally also been used for arthritis treatment.

Mukul Myrrh is a small, thorny plant which is common in India and guggul comes from the yellow-colored resin produced by the stem of the plant. Guggul is one of the most used herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. It is because it has amazing properties – it is anti-inflammatory, analgesic and is an immune enhancer. It is used for joint pain, arthritis and sciatica, among others.

This is not all, this wonder herb can reduce existing plaque in arteries and improve the body’s metabolic rate (therefore the fat burning activity) and improves the function of the thyroid. It also helps lower cholesterol.

It decreases the platelet ‘stickiness’ in the blood, thus reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. This is why it is one of the best herbs used in Ayurveda to treat obesity and related disorders. This herb, however, should not be used during pregnancy as it promotes menstrual discharge and is a uterine stimulant.

Another Ayurvedic herb (well it’s a combination of 3) is Triphala and this is a good thing to take as well when you are using guggul as this supports the herb gugul and also helps to detox your body.

As arthritis thrives in an acid environment (which is why acid forming nutrition is counter-productive – coffee, for example), it is important to rid your body of unwanted toxins and then add foods to your diet that are alkaline forming. This includes lots of vegetables and most fruit.

Cut down on meat, coffee and alcohol. Smoking is very acid forming and should also be avoided.

You can also do research online to find out more information why Ayurveda can be a great help with arthritis treatment.

If you want to know how to find more relief from your arthritis, this is an healing system that has been used in India for centuries. Arthritis Treatment with Ayurveda can give you relief. For more resources go to Sandra’s website at arthritisreviews.com

Discover the benefits of ayurvedic herbs and ayurvedic herbal products such as Ashwagandha, pure Triphala or Trifala, and Manjistha. Free info from Dr. John Douillard. www.LifeSpa.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Herbs For Endometriosis Treatment – 3 Herbal Remedies To Try

There are a number of herbs for endometriosis treatment but it is fair to say that their effectiveness varies widely from woman to woman. Indeed, many alternative practitioners believe that they are best used in a supporting role to complement other natural remedies although some women do find that they can be helpful used in isolation, especially for milder conditions.

Three of the most effective herbs for endometriosis are Dandelion, Vitex Agnus Castus and Colic Roots. Lets have a look at why they might work.

1. Dandelion

This herbal plant is probably best know for making Dandelion Tea. This is thought to be effective for reducing many types of inflammations and bodily swellings. Indeed, it is often also recommended as a complementary treatment for fibroids. Dandelion herbs are also believed to help with pelvic congestion, which is usually a problem for those suffering with endometriosis.

Out of all the possible herbal treatments for this condition, dandelion is probably then best known and thought to have the most effect.

2. Vitex Agnus Castus

This is another of the popular herbs for endometriosis treatment. Vitex Agnus Castus is often used to treat all manner of reproductive disorders in women and there is historical evidence to suggest it was used by Hippocrates over 2500 years ago for this very purpose! One of its properties is its ability to help rebalance the hormones within the body and can help to reduce cramping pains associated with endometriosis.

3. Colic Roots

Colic Roots are widely known to have a relaxing and calming effect on the muscles within the abdomen. This can help give relief from pains originating not only from bowel movements but also from the painful cramps which often accompany menstruation, particularly in women with endometriosis.

As well as these herbs for endometriosis, you should always ensure that you have a proper intake of other vitamins and minerals which are essential for overall good health. The following are those to consider taking in supplement form (possibly in the form of one multivitamin) Vitamins B and C, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Biotin, choline, folic acid, pyridoxine, riboflavin inositol, niacin, cobalamin and panthothenic acid.

Also, never forget that although herbs are “natural” in origin, this does not mean that they are always safe. Potent medicines such as aspirin-based products and some string barbiturates have natural origins but can be deadly when taken incorrectly. You should always ensure that you are taking products which have come from reputable practitioners and in the correct dosages. Also, you should always consult your own doctor, particularly if you are taking other medication.

If you would like to discover more about herbs for endometriosis, including the common causes, symptoms and your treatment options for this condition, please visit Endometriosis Natural Treatment


Gail advocates using natural treatments for fibroids rather than using conventional medication or surgery as this is a workable long term solution.  Conventional medication only treats the symptoms and fibroids are likely to regrow, whereas natural treatments, when used properly can eliminate the root cause by rebalancing the body and restoring overall health.

Endometriosis and Infertility and Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Laywoman's Guide

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