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Thyroid Q&a

Thyroid Q&a

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54yrs womanly of have olden history of Thyroid & psoriasis very soon suffering frm swelling,what is ayurvedic treament?
Hello there, For psoriasis I think that Champori cream and spray are base on Ayurvedic medicine. The herbs are noticeably from the East. Try it: it works on my plaque p. better…

6 months ago my tsh 3rd classmates thyroid results be majority 1.14 i have more blood work in a minute my tsh is 5.11?
I cant under stand why? what would make it transfer so drasticly i also had a sonogram and there are 2 smal nodes on my throid smaller number tha 1cm….

6/08 I have my thyroid removed. After three months on sythyoid I feel better after I have for years.?
In Oct. they said my TSH was low (don’t remember what) so they lowered my dose. In Nov it was 0.93. I be feeling better then I have for years. That lasted about a month…

60mg. armour thyroid translates to how abundant grain?
i was taking levothroid but still felt bleak so Dr. prescribed 30mg. armour thyroid and my last TSH was 51.8. i feel very bad so Dr. doubled my dosage to 60mg. armour. i’ve read that most general public start to feel better at about 4 grain. thanks…

7mm nodule on thyroid, surgery?
I had a physical three weeks ago at which time my primary doctor felt a lump contained by my neck. She scheduled me for a ultra-sound and call me the day after, Turns out I have a 7mm nodule right surrounded by the middle of my thyroid. …

8yrs put a bet on mom have thyroid operation & presently in attendance is a big mark which itches profusely & no drug help?
Any advice(s) Scar tissue can itch. If the doctor okay things then all I can suggest is cold compresses. hi,i also have 2 scar that itch,but have not…

A account of my friend’s symptoms, if a doctor or someone can answer… Possible thyroid problems?
Raynaud’s Disease, as well as extreme temperature sensitivity contained by general (almost passed out the other day from heat); in haste metabolism, but is still constipated, pale skin, irregular menstrual cycles that are very beefy, anxiety and depression. It…

A blood assessment can give a hand identify thyroid problems, right?
Also, you know how you can have MORE than one symptom for a disease? Well, what if you only own 1/10 symtoms? Can you still possibly have it? thank you =) Yes a blood test will inform if you have…

A bump on my throat? Is my thyroid gland swelling?
Is it to the side(s), under your jaw bone? You’re probably of late fighting off a small infection or a cold and those are your lymph nodes (or simply one of them) swelling in response. Usually nothing to verbs about….

A doctor specifically a thyroid specialist is call what?
I have graves disease and need to find a thyroid specialist. What is a thyroid specialist call? that would be an endocrinologist. They are “thyroid specialists” but you need to trade name sure you find one that really is a thyroid specialist. …


A examine for ancestors who own have their Thyroid removed?
I’m curious what your experiences are now that you’ve had your thyroid removed. What variety of dose of medication are you on and how long did it take to regulate it for you? Did anyone go Hypo thyroid earlier they got the right dose and…

A examine for associates who enjoy experienced thyroid problems?
So for the past few months or so I have be having a lot of change. At first I just thought that it had to do next to my body readjusting itself since I recently had a tot (5 months ago). So little things I have…

A friend have simply have his right thyroid lobe removed. It be the size of an red. Should I be concerned?
-Background:a thyroid scan revealed cold nodules (multinodular) – My friend does not have hypo- or hyperthyroidism. I want to refer you to the yahoo health groups for thyroid, thyroidectomy and thyca (thyroid cancer)…

A friend of mine requirements to run on birth control, but she’s on Levothroid (for her thyroid). Would it affect it?
She’s been on this medicine (Levothroid) ever since she be a little kid and now, she’s thinking nearly going on birth control. But she’s not sure if the birth control is going to affect…

A friend took an Ambien instead of her thyroid pill! What can negate the effects if anything?
Coffee? Anything else?? Not medical advise.Any type of medicine for ADD or ADHD will work and possibly NoDoz or caffeine pills but except that nothing will work. The best bet is to call it a loss…

A interrogate just about thyroid nodule?
During an ultrasound of my thyroid a small pea-sized “thyroid nodule” was found, but blood tests showed my thyroid is functioning fine. The doctor did not give an account me whether it appears to be a ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ nodule — though I read ultrasound can tell that….

A medical defence excluding my thyroid why i can not loss solidity even next to diet and exercise?
That is one symptom of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Other PCOS symptoms are excess facial mane, thinning scalp hair, acne, menstrual problems and a few others. More info at Source(s): I…

A put somebody through the mill roughly levythyroxine for thyroid trouble?
My friend was told she had an underactive thyroid and so be put on 50micrograms a day for 3months, she then get her blood tested again to show her thyroid was still very exceedingly low, does this mean the treatment isnt responding to her…

A right diet for Hypo Thyroid?
I’ve been hypo for a little over a year and it have been a rough ride. Every month when I get bloodwork my medication is increased. I shift through periods of being really tired and sickly consciousness to feeling down because it seems I’m never going to discern better…

A severe condition due to absence of protein” A less symptom due to enlargement of the thyroid glands”
Your best bet,is to check out Mary Shomon`s yahoo group called thyroid.Check out a book by David Brownstein M.D. called Overcoming Thyroid Disorders.Iodine defiency is connected to thyroid problems.There is an iodine yahoo group…

A sound out for anyone outstandingly general public who know something like thyroid problems?
i think i have a thyroid problem but factor of me keep saying that i’m making my symptoms out to be more than they are. Basically i other feel a bit under the weather and not long i’ve been…

A thyroid gland problem can anybody relieve?
I had my thyroid hormones checked. TSH and T4 results are in common parameters while my T3 result is below normal(low). What does it mean? Does it have it in mind I have hypothyroid or hyperthyroid? I’d be very glad if you could give support to.Thanks… Do you…

A thyroid gland problem?
Hiya folks For the last while i have be having a few problems with the thyroid gland. I own a low thyroid gland and i have been taking extrolin. Now the article is i have had a few faint spells just mainly at home but i am really terrified to go…

A thyroid goiter beside nodules?
i have a goiter with nodules. my tsh other comes back in usual range. for 2 years my doc says examine it. i am tired all the time. my weight go up and down. i have palpitaions sometimes, my hair is falling out. i hardley sleep which is strange to…

A thyroid problem quiz?
i asked a question earlier something like my weight seeing as how im 18 6 foot and only 158 pounds and someone said it could enjoy something to do with thyroids and my sister had a thyroid problem but she is somewhat bigger. so looked up some of the symptoms and…

A thyroid puzzle !?
Why would my husband’s thyroid bloodwork come back with nothing TSH and high Free T-4, and then when a scan be done (after an iodine pill was taken 24 hours before), the thyroid did NOT show up? Wouldn’t the bloodwork indicate an overactive thyroid? Why would it not show…

A woman next to thyroid cancer undergo surgery and directed radiotherapy. The radiotherapy cause some somatic?
cell mutation. The woman later gives birth to a toddler girl who has a genetic disorder. Which of the following would be the most likely explaniation for the occurance of the genetic disorder? A. The thyroid cancer…

Abnormal thyroid condition..?
i am interested in learning more something like anyone whom have this condition is there a cure or do you hold to be under medication to control its afflictions…is it true its in the genes and is it possible you…

Abnormal thyroid at 12 week prenatal appt.- anxious plz hep?
Hello. I went to my 12 week prenatal appt. today, and they said my blood work came subsidise with abnormal thyroid- 0.31 tsh? i imagine she said? Anyways, I am scared. I have a 18 month ripened also and what does all this entail?…

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Symptoms Of Thyroid Problems

Symptoms Of Thyroid Problems

The not so familiar term, Hypothyroidism is basically characterized by bouts of depression, a very depressing powerlessness to free oneself from weight issues, very sweet urges and the most common symptom called fatigue. One other very important factor that currently largely contributes to the above mentioned symptoms is your thyroid. And this could be necessitated once your doctor overlooked testing your thyroid for what’s called autoimmune thyroid disease.


This would be the prudent thing to do taking into consideration that the Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroid is the major cause of Hypothyroidism. The way the autoimmune thyroid works is to generate destructive antibodies that particularly kill the thyroid glands cells, consequently leading to Hypothyroidism.


Now above the Hashimoto thyroiditis we also have a further cause of Hypothyroidism which pegged on the many “treatments.” The moment you go to a surgeon to help you with your thyroid menace, the surgeons will be forced to get rid of some parts of the thyroid glands which by extension, you may be left with very few cells in your thyroid glands to protect you in case of further attacks. For those who really get lucky the doctor may just get rid of a nodule at the glands and everything will be well, but sooner than later, as the problems persist the glands may never keep up with expectations.


The number of treatments available has always met with success and in almost equal measure, failure. Natural remedies by use of herbs are some treatments being bandied about especially among herbalists.  The other common treatment is via radioactive iodine therapy which apart from preventing any signs of goiter also keeps at bay hyperthyroid disease.


The hyperthyroid condition is characterized by too much hormone in the thyroid glands as opposed to the Hypothyroid where it is too little hormones produced. The problems with the natural remedies have also bee pegged on the fact that they are yet to be fully and comprehensively scientifically proven and most doctors would not prescribe them to treat the thyroid dysfunction.


The pituitary glands also play a major role in the Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroid menace because it is biologically charged with the task of giving the body enough thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH); any lack or excess of this cause the low metabolism higher metabolism.


To help curb all the Hypothyroidism symptoms another way to excel in thyroid health is by the means of Thyromine. The remedy is simply a natural supplement geared towards enacting and in fact reversing all the Hypothyroidism symptoms. Many people suffering from the thyroid dysfunction in their ardent seeking of a remedy somehow always end up on Thyromine.


Undoubtedly, therefore, from the medical field and the larger scientific realms, the means to curb Hypothyroidism have always seemed far yet so near. But with all the remedies to get the best treatment still, the task ahead appears difficult and will demand astute medical research attention.   Getting rid of depression, fatigue, low libido among the other known symptoms will be the ultimate challenge for the medics to control once and for all Hypothyroidism.


Find more about Hyperthyroid
and Treatment.

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Alternative Treatments for Hypothyroidism

Alternative Treatments for Hypothyroidism


Butterfly-shaped small glands below the Adam’s apple in front of the neck are called thyroid glands. They influence metabolism of body to a great extent.  Thyroid glands produce various hormones like T-3, T-4 and Calcitonin which have a vital role in controlling the body temperature, rate of heart beat, production of proteins, consumption of fats and carbohydrates as well as level of calcium in blood.

When thyroid glands become incapable of producing sufficient quantity of hormones it will lead to a number of complications. This is called Hypothyroidism.

Though women above the age of fifty are more prone to hypothyroidism, pregnant women, children and teenagers can also get affected by this ailment.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism may not be noticeable in the initial stages. Over a number of years symptoms will get more obvious and severe.

General symptoms are fatigue and sluggishness, constipation, getting more sensitive to cold, pale and dry skin, hoarse voice, puffy face, high blood cholesterol level, obesity, paining of muscles and joints, swollen joints, stiff muscles as well as joints, tender and weak muscles, abnormal menstrual periods, hair and finger nails getting brittle and mental depression.

Lack of proper treatment may cause enlargement of thyroid glands which is called Goiter.

Hypothyroidism in its most advanced stage is known as Myxederma which will cause low blood pressure, decreases breathing, low body temperature and coma. Myxederma can be fatal also.

Children and teenagers affected by hypothyroidism will have all the above symptoms and also they will suffer from jaundice, frequent choking, poor mental and physical growth, delayed formation of permanent teeth and delayed puberty.

Women will have swollen faces with dull expressions, thin eyebrows and droopy eyelids. Their skin will be hard, dry and brittle and skin on the palms will have an orange hue.

Causes of hyperthyroidism include auto immune disease, treatment for hyperthyroidism itself, certain other medications, radiation therapy for cancer and surgery to remove thyroids. Rarely, children are born with an inherited form of thyroid disorder. Tumor of pituitary gland also causes hypothyroidism.

Women may develop hyperthyroidism during or after pregnancy. If left untreated it will lead to miscarriage or premature delivery. Also it will increase blood pressure of the mother which will affect the growing fetus.

Iodine deficiency can cause hyperthyroidism. This is prevented by addition of iodine to table salt.

Hypothyroidism can be diagnosed through thyroid function tests and treated using synthetic thyroid hormones.

Home remedies are very effective in curing hypothyroidism. They are made from natural herbs and are available in the form of pills. Natural therapy not only cures the thyroid problem they also enable the whole body to heal itself.

Kelp Sea Weed is an anti oxidant which will help normal functioning of the thyroids.

An amino acid called L-Tyrosine is effective in increasing plasma levels and reducing body weight.

Bladderwrack is rich in iodine content and hence can cure thyroid problems.

Another herb called Irish Moss is very effective in protecting the thyroid glands.

Consumption of calcium, iron, manganese, neodymium, terbium, thulium and copper can prevent thyroid problems. Taking low calorie foods, performing simple exercises and eating fresh fruits and vegetable also prevent thyroid problems.

Best Option

Home remedies can cure thyroid problems. Professionally designed natural therapy is another proven method of treatment for hypothyroidism and those who are in search of a quick remedy for hypothyroidism can opt for it.

Author ,an expert in Natural Hypothyroidism treatments using home remedies shares his experience & resources on Hypothyroidism .

You can also read testimonials from ex-Hypothyroidism sufferers who had cured Hypothyroidism by adopting home remedies & natural methods from ” Hypothyroidism Solution E-book”.

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