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Himalaya Tentex Forte ? Alternative Medicine for Male Menopause

Himalaya Tentex Forte ? Alternative Medicine for Male Menopause

Male menopause is also known as Andropause or Viropause. In the middle ages, men as well as women experience the menopause phase. The main reason behind this is hormonal changes; decrease in gonadal steroids affects the reproductive as well as physical health.

Men Menopause

“It is phase in middle age in which man experience hormonal, physiological changes that affects his reproductive life and causes emotional upsets.”

Generally it is in between the age of 40 to 55, the production of male hormone ‘testosterone’ declines due to aging which affect individuals in different extent. Apart from increased age, disease like diabetes is responsible for causing menopause in men. The menopause period is commonly found in women but recent studies reported that it is in men as well in less extent.


The menopause affects men mentally, physically and causes libido issues also,

Mental Issues

In the phase of menopause male can suffer from feeling of loneliness, high depression, disorders like anxiety, poor concentration, low self-esteem and irritability.

Physical Issues

Physical disorders like, weight gain, hair loss, night sweats, osteoporosis (bone loss), fatigue and sleep loss.

Reproductive Issues

And reproductive malfunctioning causing lack of libido, erectile dysfunction and urinary problems.

All the above symptoms affect the mood, libido and temperament in men. Here the person in menopause experience above symptoms in more or less extent and varies from person to person.

Apart from the testosterone replacement therapy, one can try natural herbal remedies to treat menopause in men, there are list of herbs found to be effective in such condition.

Natural Remedies

A good diet and healthy exercise can be very useful in such cases as it helps one to keep away from diseases like diabetes, hypertension or hypotension which can be major reason for menopause in men,

Fennel – It is commonly used vegetable in Italian food, slightly sweet in taste. Found to be very beneficial to treat menopause symptoms in men. It has antioxidant and health promoting effects.
Ginseng – A Chinese herbal medicine used from ancient time as tonic to increase energy, reduce stress and fatigue. Enhances stamina and endurance, most commonly used to increase the reproduction in male.
Red Clover – This herb is useful to increase the blood circulation in body, especially in genital organs and enhances libido and reduces chances of hot flashes in men. The different vitamins and minerals in Red Clover supports normal functioning of blood circulation, strengthens bones and reproductive organs.
Epimedium – It is known for its libido boosting power. The key ingredient in this herb is Icariin, used widely in the erectile dysfunction disorder. Horny Goat Weed is allows proper blood circulation in genital organs of male. Few studies have reported its usefulness as alternative to Viagra.
Black Cohosh – Both in mental and physical symptoms of male menopause, it is good to use Black Cohosh as it improves menopausal symptoms and gives relief from irritability, sleep loss and night sweats.
Tomatoes – Tomato is best herbal remedy in case of prevention of prostate gland cancer. It is also useful in erectile dysfunction and cures the symptoms of male menopause.
Ginkgo – Gingko or Gingko bilboa helps in genital erection in male by increasing the quantity of blood flow. Also increases libido in male. Useful in the treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure which are the main causes of libido disabilities and menopause disorders in male.

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OnlineHerbs is an online mail order herbal pharmacy. We provide natural herbal remedies and natural herbal health supplements for healing various diseases.


Himalaya Tentex Forte herbal medicine for Men brings about overall support of reproductive function, helps overcome age-related loss of libido and generally improves performance.

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