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Mens Health Supplements

Mens Health Supplements

Increasingly more males are becoming health-conscious nowadays, with modern society placing a much higher premium on fitness and health, along with the increasing costs of healthcare in general.

This bigger value on fitness and well-being also stems from the truth that more and more artificial and chemical components are now being added to the food one consumes every single day, that makes it required for you to add natural supplements to compensate for the nutrients you need along with get an adequate amount of in the food you eat.

Here are some from the types of natural supplements you would do well to consider regularly:

1. Multivitamins
These are general supplements giving you regular doses of essential vitamins and minerals that the body requires everyday. Should you exercise, many trainers and training regimens recommend using multivitamins to augment the advantages of the exercise system.

2. Heart-friendly supplements.
The most typical illustration of this really is Omega 3 supplements, which plays a role in a healthier heart. With more people these days struggling with a variety of heart ailments, you have to take steps to ensure yours is kept healthy and strong. A strong heart will allow you to savor life even in heightened ages. Omega-3 also benefits women, which help them achieve much healthier pregnancies, which by association, alllow for healthier babies and youngsters too.

3. Anti-cholesterol supplements
With food becoming more and more oily and much more fat getting accumulated in your body, you will need supplements that eliminate excess cholesterol how the body doesn’t need. This can keep the arteries free from clogs and minimize the danger for heart ailments, cardiac arrest, stokes, aneurisms, and so on

Why Health Supplements are Good for you personally

Increasingly more men are becoming more health conscious these days, with good reason. Life spans are getting shorter, and more and more types of diseases are appearing, with many developing increased chances of contracting them. Lifestyles are becoming more hectic and you need more to maintain it. And in a world where studies have shown decreasing levels of nutritional value in the foods we eat every single day, it’s very understandable that lots of guys have taken it upon themselves to enhance their health insurance and be fit in spite of everything.

One of the most common ways to accomplish this is thru taking natural supplements. As the name suggests, these products supplement your diet and therefore are basically sources of added nutrition that you would have otherwise missed because of the kind of life many men live today. Here are some fundamental explanations why natural supplements are good for you personally.

1. They boost the quality of life generally.
Try to can remember the last time you got sick. You stayed during sex or indoors, or worse, got confined in the hospital. Aside from the expense you incur from medicine and treatment, think of the rest of the things you might have been doing if you weren’t below the elements. Being healthy allows you to take it easy many experience it to the full. Over time, it’s cheaper too.

2. Can help you regain lost nutrients.
Many food stuffs contain their very own vitamins and minerals, but a significant amount is lost during cooking and preparing food. The body also periodically consumes these vitamins and minerals to nourish itself. With heath supplements, you can get during these losses and supply the body with the nutrition it needs.

3. Perfect for vegetable haters.
Many people have an aversion to eating vegetables, making health supplements a much more pleasant way to gain minerals and vitamins you would have otherwise gotten from your green and leafy foods.

4. Helps enhance you immune system.
The immune system is the body’s defence against diseases and other bodily invaders. Natural supplements make them stronger and therefore much more equipped to deal with harmful elements that somehow make their distance to your body.

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Vitamins and Supplements for Prostate Health

Vitamins and Supplements for Prostate Health

Men over forty should always be concerned with prostate health and get regular check-ups.  Prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer related deaths in men.  It is the number one cause of cancer related deaths in men over seventy-five.  Even after over fifty years of research, there is no known cure for prostate cancer.  Still, studies have shown promise that early detection, diet, and proper vitamin and mineral intake, can help you keep your prostate healthy.

Prostate tumors are made of living tissues that actually leech vitamins and nutrients from your system, leaving you more vulnerable to the disease.  This is why it is so important for men of all ages to watch their diets carefully and make sure that they are getting their daily allowances of vitamins.  Since this task is sometimes impossible, supplementation is almost always recommended by physicians.

It is not known why, but prostate tumors can soak up just about all of the vitamin C that you have in your system.  Vitamin C is essential for collagen formation, healthy teeth and gums, bone health, defense against free radical damage, and a healthy immune system.  Our vitamin C requirements can increase as we age, if we smoke, exercise, drink alcohol, take medications, or have any health problems.  There are many genetic, physiological and environmental circumstances that can change your vitamin requirements, so you should talk to your doctor before you buy vitamins.


As men age, it becomes more and more important for them to focus on their prostate health.  A diet low in saturated fat is recommended.  When saturated fat is cooked, it releases free radicals that attack the nucleus and DNA of prostate cells, as well as many other cells in the body, resulting in cancer-causing mutations.  It is believed that a diet high in fat and other environmental factors that increase free radical production put men at high risk for developing prostate cancer.  Food additives, pollution, smoking and medications can cause oxidative stress in the body.  You can protect your prostate cells by taking a daily multivitamin supplemented with extra antioxidants that attack free radicals and combat oxidative stress.

Another problem with prostate disorders is inflammation.  Inflammation of the prostate causes it to swell up around the urethra causing problems with urination and the health of the prostate.  This is how many men discover that they have prostate issues.  Vitamins that reduce and prevent inflammation include vitamin C, A, B6, E, and D.

Vitamin C and E are powerful antioxidants that both attack and flush out free radicals, in addition to combating inflammation.  Additionally, they form a protective shield around cells, actually inhibiting the spread of cancer.  When combined with diet low in fat and high in fruits and vegetables, you can greatly improve your prostate’s health.  Vitamins and supplements can help you to protect yourself and boost your prostate’s defenses.  There may be other factors that determine your personal daily requirements for many vitamins, so it is and minerals, so it is advisable that you get some direction from your doctor before you buy vitamins.

About the Author: Phil Le Breton is owner at Wholesale Nutrition. He has a strong interest in helping people achieve greater brain and body health with vitamins and supplements. Wholesale Nutrition has the best vitamin C Powder on the market (C-Salts). Visit to buy vitamins or buy supplements of the highest quality.

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Treating Erectile Dysfunction With Herbal, Mineral, and Vitamin Supplements

Treating Erectile Dysfunction With Herbal, Mineral, and Vitamin Supplements

There are many different ways to treat erectile dysfunction. Some of the different types of treatments include prescription medicine, herbs, minerals, vitamins, and exercise. In this article we will be taking a look at some popular herbal, vitamin, and mineral supplements that have been shown to be effective erectile dysfunction treatments. The first supplement that we will be looking at is Horny Goat Weed.

Horny Goat Weed is a plant that is native to the Mediterranean and parts of Asia; Its scientific name is Epimedium. It has been used to treat low male sex drive for thousands of years in China, where it was discovered to significantly increase the sexual appetites of goats. In 2008, the University of Milan published research on the effects of horny goat weed, which showed that is has the potency and effectiveness to compete with many popular erectile dysfunction medications. Evidence suggests Horny Goat Weed may regulate levels of the hormones such as cortisol, testosterone, and thyroid hormone by bringing low levels back to normal. Animal studies indicate that Horny Goat Weed may work by boosting nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide irelaxes smooth muscle and lets more blood flow to the penis. Epimedium also inhibits an enzyme known as PDE5 (which is responsible for destroying nitric oxide), which is the same way that some very popular ED medications function.

Tribulus Terrestris is another popular herb that has been shown to be an effective when used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. The popularity of Tribulus Terrestris among competitive power-lifters led to two decades of government sponsored studies at the Chemical Pharmaceutical Research Institute in Bulgaria culminating in the 1980′s with a formula for improving physical and sexual performance. The most noted outcome of this research was the success of the Bulgarian weight lifting team which stunned the world in Olympic competition. Studies have shown significant increases in testosterone levels in individuals taking Tribulus Terrestris.

Another popular supplement that is used to treat erectile dysfunction is a combination of Zinc, Magnesium, and B6. Zinc is imperative to maintaining normal testosterone levels. Insufficient zinc levels prevent the pituitary gland from releasing the hormones that stimulate testosterone production. Zinc has been shown to increase testosterone levels when taken with the Vitamin B6. Zinc also stops the enzymes that are responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. Magnesium is also a very effective testosterone booster. Researchers from Selcuk University assessed how four weeks of magnesium supplementation affect total testosterone levels in 3 groups of men. Total testosterone levels increased in both athletes and sedentary control groups.

The last supplement that we will be discussing is an enzyme called L-Arginine. L-arginine is functionally similar to popular prescription ED medications. Like Horny Goat Weed, L-arginine is used for the production of nitric oxide. The way in which L-Arginine and prescription ED medications differ, is that prescription ED medicines block the enzyme PDE-5 which destroys nitric oxide and L-arginine makes nitric oxide. Basically, they destroy an enzyme that destroys nitric oxide, whereas L-arginine just makes more nitric oxide instead. In one study of fifty adult males who suffered from erectile dysfunction, subjects were divided into two separate groups; a placebo group, and an independent group which was given L-arginine supplements. After 6 weeks, more men in the L-arginine group showed significant improvements, compared to the group that was given placebos.

While the debate among the medical community about the effectiveness of herbs and minerals as an effective erectile dysfunction treatment continues, the web is loaded with thousands of testimonials from men across the world that attest to their effectiveness. I recommend Spartan Blend ( ), because it is a combination supplement that contains all of the aforementioned herbs, minerals, and vitamins in one gel-cap.

Spartan Blend is an all-in-one dietary supplement for men containing a special blend of Tribulus Terrestris, Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Zinc (oxide) Niacin, Tongkat Ali, Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, Cnidium Monieri, Mucuna Pruriens, Guarana Extract, DHEA, Panax Ginseng, Eleutherococcus, Avena Sativa, Saw Palmetto, Rhodiola Rosea, Wild Yam, Maca Root, and Muira Puama.

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Hair Loss Products More Effective When Minoxidil Combined with Natural Supplements

Hair Loss Products More Effective When Minoxidil Combined with Natural Supplements

Copyright (c) 2009 Peter Jamison

If you are losing hair or your hair is thinning and you do some research for the best hair loss products, you will undoubtedly come across Minoxidil. This key ingredient is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a treatment for pattern baldness. Originally developed and used as a treatment for high blood pressure, researchers noticed that it had a side effect unlike any other; it could regrow hair reversing balding. Minoxidil is well known in the medical community as a scientific breakthrough, and many researchers have looked for ways to make Minoxidil even more effective. It is through this research that hair loss supplements have been developed to help treat the loss of hair from the inside out.

While topical treatments containing Minoxidil treat hair loss from the outside with remarkable effect, hair loss supplements work by providing the body with the necessary vitamins, nutrients, and herbs that can improve physical health and regrow hair that is strong and healthy. Many different herbs and vitamins are included in these supplements, and they are tested and proven to help make a Minoxidil treatment more effective. When you are able to take a simple pill that can help make it easier for your body to produce thick, healthy hair, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.


We all know and understand that prevention is better than cure. Even if you have already started to lose your hair, a supplement that is formulated to work for you can prevent further hair loss while helping to regrow hair that has already been lost. There are supplement formulas available to help treat both men and women, each of which contain a number of vitamins and herbs designed to specifically work with the hormones associated with pattern baldness for that gender. In the case of men hair loss is generally caused by testosterone and androgen, but in the case of women it is more common with the onset of menopause. Hair loss causes are unique to each gender, so it is best to choose the appropriate supplements to treat the problem.

Provillus is one of the non prescription hair loss products available that is specifically formulated for either men and women, ensuring the right ingredients to treat hair loss appropriately. Provillus is a combination of a topical solution with Minoxidil and a supplement that contains essential vitamins and minerals. Numerous natural ingredients like zinc and magnesium, together with other natural herbs and vitamins are included in the formulation of these hair loss supplements that help achieve a healthy scalp and in addition a generally healthier body and hormone balance. Provillus contains Biotin, a vitamin that aids metabolism and plays an important part in the regeneration of cells by the body. Saw palmetto extracted from a herb has proved effective in stimulating the hair follicles when DHT is causing hair thinning and is another supplement in Provillus.

Time and again patients who have all but given up on restoring healthy, natural hair have found remarkable success using the combination Minoxidil and other natural supplements, as found in Provillus. By combining Minoxidil with essential vitamins and minerals, effective natural hair regrowth is achieved as experienced by thousands who have tried it, bolstering their self esteem. Hair loss supplements are a natural solution to a biological problem. When coupled with a proven hair regrowth ingredient like Minoxidil, they are certainly your best solution for stopping hair loss in its tracks and for reversing the balding symptoms naturally and safely.

Peter Jamison main interest is hair loss remedies and products for natural hair regrowth. Peter’s other articles on hair regrowth or for more information on Provillus and a two month free offer, or if you wish to contact Peter you are can be done at his website =>

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Male Enhancement | Treatment and Supplements for Erectile Dysfunction

Male Enhancement | Treatment and Supplements for Erectile Dysfunction

In situation, if your degree of aplomb tends to become low, all of the time, since your sexual performance isn’t in pace with your spouse, it is the correct time to mull more than some male performance enhancers. Should you seek advice from a doctor, he might prescribe you some chemical formula, which most likely will further improve your stress with varied dangerous outcomes. Instead, you can choose herbal virility supplement, which is produced with updated technology. The original or pure herbal virility supplement is eminent in supplying additional sexual wish and appetite. It also assists you to easily achieve stronger and harder erections which can be maintained for a longer period.

Each 1 of those results is possible using the right blend of organic ingredients, specialized in that particular purpose. Generally, herbal virility product works to perk up the circulation of blood, to ensure that it reaches like flood in the direction of penile area, to make it much more firm and erect. Some of these supplements consist of organic exercises or other devices to improve the length of the penis, along with virility. Several men don’t have fertile sperms within the semen.

Herbal male libido enhancement pills and supplements can also address physical issues like over weight, hyperthyroidism, low testosterone levels etc. as natural herbs used as ingredients in these supplements are trusted and effective cures for these issues. There can be many reasons for the low levels of testosterone in the body, herbal male libido enhancement pills and supplements contain herbs that can boost up the levels of this hormone to effectively raise libido.

Provacyl is the best herbal male libido enhancement pill used as a supplement for recovering from the situation of lack of desire for love making due to any reason. It’s all round effects on the body can resurrect the fire for love which might be extinguishing slowly. Provacyl contains tested and trusted herbs which are free of side effects and effective. Herbs like muira puama bark extract is an excellent herb to promote virility and desire for love making, despite of these it also helps in curing erectile dysfunction and improve functioning of reproductive organs. Gingko biloba has been used as an herb for curing various diseases of the body for more than thousand years. In provacyl it is used to promote blood flow to the genitals for better, harder and longer erection.

Treatment and Supplements:

Herbs like tribulus terrestris, acai fruits, chaste berry and panax ginseng have been used as vital ingredients in provacyl to give the best male libido enhancement pill and supplement to the sufferers of low libido. These herbs are popular and effective in their own rights and when blended together they are capable of giving complete treatment to the problem.

Few other very famous and important herbs like Swedish flower pollen, long jack, and anterior pituitary also contribute in boosting the effects of provacyl as male libido enhancer pill and supplement. As it is easily understandable that provacyl has been designed by blending natural botanicals, herbs and other compounds to give good over all health along with special focus on the enhancement of the functioning of reproductive organs. It just does not have physical effects but also improve psyche of the person and promote strong and frequent desire for love making. It can also be helpful in treating the after effects of any treatment which may cause reduction in libido and fight side effects of any disease by promoting production of youthful hormones in the body.

So in order to ensure that the natural male enhancement products are safe to use and has the actual effects it claims on its advertising materials, it is important to choose only the FDA approved natural male enhancement products. The FDA approval seal is one of the most important aspects you need to consider when choosing the male erection product you need either for premature ejaculation treatment or any other sexual problems you need to solve. This is because the Food and Drug Administration ensures that every product sold in the market with their seal of approval has passed all the standard testing and regulations the department strictly implements in order to keep the public safe from any ill effects that can generally affect their health.

So if you are buying a natural male enhancement product that has the seal of approval of FDA, then you can guarantee that the natural male enhancement product you chose has underwent a rigorous testing to ensure its quality and safety. So if you are looking for a product to treat your premature ejaculation problem, then you better look out for the right product that has undergone and passed the standard testing of FDA.

Know how Premature Ejaculation Pills help control climax naturally or read more on herbalcureindia.

Among the most commonly sold natural male erection products include topical creams and lotions for harder erections and premature ejaculation treatment. This is also among the major male supplements that are sold in the market even without undergoing FDA regulation and approval so the next time you go shopping for these products, make sure that the natural male erection product you chose has been duly approved by the FDA so as to ensure you avoid various health risks associated to unregulated male enlargement products and always make your safety is your priority when you are purchasing these types of male enlargement products.

Find effective Herbal Male Enhancement Pills to perform longer. Find powerful herbal Erectile Dysfunction Pills to improve lovemaking performance or visit our website herbalcureindia.

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The Most Important Natural Supplements For Menopause Symptoms Help

The Most Important Natural Supplements For Menopause Symptoms Help

Picking out both the highest quality and most important natural supplements for menopause symptoms has always been an important topic for most ladies once they begin to move into this stage of their lives.

Natural supplements for menopause are really experiencing a very sharp increase in demand from ladies in the present day because the different risks connected to HRT therapy are now widely known and promoted.

The most important (and in my opinion) the best natural herbal remedies suitable for the symptoms of menopause are Red Clover, Dong Quai, Wild Yam, Chasteberry and last but certainly not least, the lesser known Damiana.

Red Clover is perhaps the most important of the natural supplements for menopause symptom help as it can minimize most of your discomforts connected with both menopause as well as premenstrual syndrome.

It provides important phytoestrogens which will react much like estrogen in the body.  It is actually even highly beneficial for dealing with the various discomforts associated with premenstrual syndrome alone.

Dong Quai is also a very well known natural herbal remedy with respect to the symptoms of menopause as well.

It’s lovingly referred to as a ‘woman’s ginseng’ by women all over the globe because it provides a harmonizing influence on the female hormonal system.  It has a gentle estrogenic influence and as such was chosen for hundreds of years by women of all ages as an important and effective overall health elixir.


Even in modern times, Dong Quai is still recognized due to its wide range of healthy effects.

Wild Yam is actually well recognized to be a natural solution known to help to regulate female hormones, especially throughout the time of peri-menopause and menopause.

Chasteberry is commonly used a good deal in natural menopause supplements because it has shown to contain valuable estrogen plus progesterone-like elements.

It may also have a function in regulating luteinizing hormone (much like black cohosh) and has long been recognized to be highly effective in reducing PMS symptoms.

Damiana is lesser known than the herbs above, however it’s no less important.

Damiana has soothing effects and therefore is especially good at being able to help to relieve emotional symptoms such as anxiety or moodiness.

To avoid any sort of uncomfortable unwanted effects, one thing to note when selecting natural supplements for menopause is to always ensure that the supplier creating these products utilizes ‘standardized extracts’.

Simply put, these types of health supplements are created with only the purest along with best quality natural herbs or botanical herb extracts.

Also, using this method likewise guarantees that you will get precisely the same amount of formulation in one tablet to another.

This is important as it also helps to eliminate the possibility of possible annoying adverse reactions, a very prevalent problem for those choosing drug store labels; mass produced health supplements that are for the most part, non-standardized.

Probably you’ve come across or even read or heard news reports on TV that a great many herbal supplements really do not actually contain what is declared on the ingredients label of the product.

You definitely would not like to be in this situation with any supplement you buy taking into consideration that too much can potentially bring about uncomfortable, unwanted side effects and not enough gives you basically no results at all.

Finally, when buying natural supplements for menopause symptoms search for a product that is comprised of tried and true natural herbs such as those mentioned and use solely standardized extracts to be sure you’re getting each herbs’ most important qualities and benefits.

Check out for more information on the most important natural supplements for menopause symptoms.

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Supplements That Men Need

Supplements That Men Need

There are many nutrition supplements at your local health food store. So many to choose from so confusing which ones are the right ones. How many should you take? Here you will learn what you need to take for the best health benefits. A word of warning here although these products are convenient getting some of your nutrition in liquid form or capsules is only recommended when you can’t eat properly or you feel you are not getting your proper daily nutrients. The companies that make the products themselves mostly fund the studies of meal replacements, and the manufactures usually test their supplements against similar supplements not the benefits of whole foods. BORON WILL AID IN THE DEFENSE OF PROSTATE CANCER A high level of this mineral will help reduce the chances of getting prostate cancer by 65%. US males have a one of the lowest boron levels compared to other countries.

Only 3 milligrams daily help fight cancer and studies show also improve memory and concentration.

Boron is not in stock at all health food stores. It is also naturally found in raisins and almonds.

CALCIUM FOR STRONG BONES AND WEIGHT LOSS Many men are not getting the daily allowance of 1,000 mg. A cup of milk has only 300 mg. It has been found that men with high calcium levels weigh less than men with low levels of calcium.

A dosage of 1,200 mg is preferred. Make sure you have calcium citrate it is the purist form. Take half dose in the morning and half at night. Avoid coral calcium it has some impurities.

If you get your 3 servings of calcium daily you won’t need any more. You could exceed your maximum daily intake 2,500 mg.

CHROMIUM HELPS FIGHT THE CAUSES OF DIABETES It is used to assist in muscle-building, but now research has revealed that chromium can help overweight people control insulin levels. Chromium helps the body’s response to insulin, this makes it better to keep the levels of blood-sugar in check.

The most effective form of this supplement is chromium picolinate. A 35-microgram dose daily is sufficient. Check with your doctor to see if you need to increase the dosage to 200 mcg, if you have a diabetic condition.

COENZYME Q10 FOR A SURE ENERGY SPIKE Coenzyme Q10 is produced in the body it assists the cells by directing your body’s energy supply. As men get older the production levels diminishes. One way to revitalize these levels is by taking this supplement. Current research proves coenzyme Q10 can possibly aid in the fight against cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and could help prevent heart disease by thinning the blood. Q10 also can be used as an antioxidant that helps slow the aging process by fighting free radicals.

A dose of 100mg daily is suggested. If you are taking statin drug for cholesterol or high blood pressure you can increase the dosage to 200mg.

CREATINE FOR THAT MUSCLE AND MEMORY SPIKE Studies from the University of Wisconsin have shown a boost in men’s bench press on the average of 15 lbs and also increase in the squat exercise weight by 21 lbs just by taking over a 2-3 month period. Aussie studies have also suggested that tests with memory and intelligence scores increased after 6 weeks of creatine use.

A recommended dosage of 5 mg daily mixed with a whey protein supplement to get highest possible advantage.

It is possible you won’t respond to creatine alone. You can mix in a sugar substitute a see if this will help get a response.

FOLIC ACID TO SLASH ALZHEIMER’S DANGERS This supplement will increase blood flow to the brain by preventing clotting of arteries. Folic acid will also lower the levels of an amino acid called (homocysteine) that can cause blood clots. A warning sign of Alzheimer’s is high homocysteine levels. Sweden studies have shown low levels of folic acid were found in Alzheimer’s patients.

A 500 mg dose if preferred daily. This dose should decrease homocysteine by almost 18% or more. You can get folic acid from these foods citrus fruit, beans, and breads and cereals that are fortified.

GLOUCOSAMINE WILL LUBRACATE THOSE JOINTS As men grow older the cartilage in the joints decreases. You can turn back the hands of time by using gloucosamine to repair and rebuild any harm to the cartilage you may have received over time. Crab and lobster shells are the main ingredients in gloucosamine. Lancet published a 3-year research study that showed 200 people that had joint conditions had reduced stiffness and pain by 25% by using gloucosamine. A12 week treatment program by The British Journal of Sports Medicine reported an 88% reduction of joint related problems by using gloucosamine on patients. A 1,500 dose daily is sufficient for a good response. A combination of gloucosamine with chondroitin will bring that cartilage right back to those early days. A study from Australia showed that spreading a gloucosamine cream of painful joints could relieve some pain.

OMEGA-3S YOUR HEART HEALER This supplement will aid in keeping high blood pressure and low triglycerides in check. Omega-3 fatty acids make the blood flow better, thus lower the chances of blood clots that could block the arteries. A high omega-3 count has shown to lower the some conditions related to heart disease.

If you in good health a dose of 1,000 mg is fine. For those in the high-risk heart disease group you may need 2,000-4,000 mg. A doctor will know what dosage is best. A side effect of to much omega-3 is a greater chance of catching a cold.

A 500 mg gelcap twice daily with meals will keep that ticker beating too the right tune.

SELENIUM YOUR ALL OUT CANCER DEFENDER This could be the your best choice for the fight against cancer. This nutrient has caused most cancer cells to tear down by them selves. Some studies have shown that selenium has lower some risk of cancers related to the colon, lungs, and prostate.

A dose of 200 mg daily is recommended. If you’re sick taking more possibly will reduce the length of your sickness. Some research has shown that deceased levels of selenium have made some virus change, making symptoms worse for the flu and for colds.

In nature certain nuts like The Brazil nut, contain as much as 100 mcg per nut.

VITAMIN E TO BRING THE EFFECT OF AGING TO A CRAWL Said to be the best antioxidant around today. This vitamin has been linked to lower cases of heart disease, some eye conditions, and some cancers. Some research has lead nutrition specialists to recommend Vitamin E after exercise because of its ability to lower muscle problems related to exercising. A dose of at least 400 IU is preferred daily. Most people only receive a portion of this dose about 45 IU by way of a multivitamin. To get more Vitamin E in your diet increase your intake of nuts and oils.

Try to get natural Vitamin E called (d-alpha tocopherol) this is easier for the body to absorb.

If you are confused about which type of multivitamin to buy here are some pointers. A multivitamin helps lower heart disease, possible stroke, and reduces risks of diabetes. There are several on the market. Look for multivitamin that has 100% of daily allowances of the 16 core nutrients. With extra dose of illness busters -like lutein, lycopene, and selenium. Try and avoid extra iron this could lead a higher risk of heart conditions.

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How does Weight Loss Detox Supplements for Men works?

How does Weight Loss Detox Supplements for Men works?

When it comes to losing weight, most men focus on exercise rather than supplements and dieting. However, men should also be concerned with what they eat as well as their nutrition. As a society as a whole, we simply do not get all of the nutrients that we need out of our diets, even a healthy one. Because of this, it’s important to utilize weight loss detox supplements in addition to exercise and a good diet. They are essential to a well rounded weight loss program.

As men begin to hit middle age, their diet tends to become more of a concern. Calorie needs have tapered off about 2-4% with each passing decade past their mid-20s. When men were eating 2500 calories a day, they now only need about 2200. Many men are unaware of the need to drastically reduce their intake of calories and may need assistance with that. One weight loss detox supplement that can assist men with this challenge is Weight Science. This supplement is designed for all natural weight management. It supports fitness and weight loss by curbing hunger and increasing the burning of carbs and calories without using harmful stimulants.

At the same time, there are several physiological changes taking place as well. This means that weight loss detox supplements are also going to be needed. One area of change is in the thyroid and other glands. These glands slow down as we age and become less active and efficient. The adrenal gland I another area where glandular reduction takes place and also causes biological aging.

Additionally, as men age they begin to lose their muscle tone, have low energy and a low libido. There are several weight loss detox supplements that can help to turn around these effects. Men’s FX is a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutraceuticals. This product includes amino acids and plant extracts that assist the body in enhancing muscle tone, promotes energy and exercise performance as well as a healthy libido. Men are also able to use Men’s FX to maintain the health of their heart, which also suffers affects as men age.

Finally, all men need a good cleansing weight loss detox supplement. The many years of eating beer and potato chips while watching football on Sunday can cause toxins to build up in the liver and colon. There are two supplements that are ideal for men who suffer from toxin build-up including Colon Cleanse and Liver Detox.

Colon Cleanse is a two week cleansing program that is designed to support your digestive system. This is a vegetarian formula that cleans out pollution and environmental toxins. It also helps the liver by cleansing the body of poisons caused by alcohol, fat, cholesterol and drugs. Additionally, it replaces the goof flora in the colon to keep your digestive system working at an optimum pace.
Liver Detox is a plant based formula consisting of milk thistle, hepatoprotective amino acids and liver targeted herbs to help remove daily toxins and maintain liver health. This supplement keeps you feeling refreshed and energized while also restoring your natural balance.


Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that the body is not able to digest. Therefore, it becomes a bulking agent in the digestive track, to push waste material through the body. The Harvard School of Public Health suggests getting adequate fiber intake can support lowering your risk of diabetes, heart disease, diverticulitis, and constipation.


Fiber that is consumed in a tablet form, can be a powerful support tool for successful weight loss, and has been shown to play a crucial role in treating conditions such as hemorrhoids, heart disease, diabetes, constipation and gastrointestinal disease, suggests the University of Maryland Medical Center. It is thought that the majority of Americans don’ t get anywhere near the amount of fiber they need to support optimal health and weight, which should be roughly 25 to 30g per day, again suggested by the University of Maryland Medical Center.


Take time to consider the different types of fiber tablets, and which one is right for you. The most common type of fiber is psyllium, which is a soluble plant fiber found in products like Metamucil and Konsyl. Some people do experience problems with psyllium fiber, as it might create cramping and stomach pain. Other brands use methylcellulose, which is a plant fiber, calcium polycarbophil, which is a synthetic fiber and guar gum which is another plant fiber. All of these fiber supplements contain soluble fiber, which means the fiber absorbs water and forms a gel when mixed with liquid. This bulking process pushes waste through the body in a timely way. Guar Gum is a very common fiber supplement used in weight loss products.


Clinical studies and human case reports suggest that soluble fiber, such as psyllium and guar gum, may make you feel full and less hungry, so that you eat less and lose weight, suggests the University of Maryland Medical Center. Supplementing your daily diet with more fiber may help lower heart disease risk, may help protect against various types of cancer, from prostate and breast cancer, to the lining of the uterus, but further studies are needed to be sure, however, Fiber also relieves constipation by adding bulk to stool and helping it move faster through the intestines, which can also support healthy weight loss.


When using any dietary supplement, even a natural plant based fiber supplement, discuss it with your doctor. As a bulking compound, fiber tablets must be taken with ample water, to ensure the fiber does not create a worsening of blockage in the gut. Most clinicians recommend taking fiber supplements with at least eight ounces of water and consuming a total of at least 64 oz of fluid daily, suggest experts with the Linus Pauling Institute. Fiber can also decrease the absorption and efficacy of certain antidepressants and medications, as well as iron, zinc, calcium, and magnesium, and may even create an allergic reaction to certain individuals, suggests the Linus Pauling Institute.

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What Supplements Promote Bone Health?

What Supplements Promote Bone Health?

With baby boomers now reaching their late 50s and early 60s, the bone health supplements industry has never been hotter. Specifically, bone health supplements are reported to be the biggest seller in the United States dietary supplement industry. According to the Nutrition Business Journal, sale of calcium supplements in 2004 reached 3 million.

Loss of bone density begins in adulthood but the condition becomes more commonplace once men and women reach their 50s, which is why bone health supplements are popular amongst aging baby boomers and the elderly. At this age, the body loses more bone mass than it can produce. This natural and normal process of aging leads to loss of bone mineral density and bone tissue structural deterioration. When this happens the risk factors for fracture and debilitating bone disease are much higher.

The National Institutes of Health Osteoporosis and Related Bone Disease National Resource Center, Washington D.C. states that osteoporosis, and its associated complications, are a major national health threat. Those at higher risk include women, those above 50, and those who have a family history of osteoporosis. Other risk factors include:

Nutritional status – The absorption of calcium depends on the presence of other factors like certain vitamins, minerals and hormones. Calcium absorption by the body also depends on a slightly acidic pH environment in the digestive tract. In spite of being in good physical condition, a deficiency in any of these areas may impair the absorption of calcium by the body.
Hormone levels
Medications that deplete calcium levels.
Excessive intake of alcoholic beverages.

Baby Boomers

Every day there are about 8,000 baby boomers turning sixty. This demographic cannot be neglected as it represents 25 percent of America’s population. That’s about 77 million Americans with depleting levels of bone loss. Calcium supplementation can offset this natural bone loss by compensating the body with calcium and other nutrients required for supporting bone health.

Calcium supplements are available as tablets or capsules. The elderly often prefer a more easy-to-swallow delivery form, like calcium supplements in liquid or chewable form. These mediums are also easy for the body to digest since the nutrients have already been broken down.



The production of new bone cells in the body depends on calcium, various nutrients and hormones. Women, therefore, are at more risk for bone density loss because of hormonal changes that occur during menopause. With the loss of estrogen levels during menopause, the bones become brittle and the risk of fracture, especially of the hips, spine and wrists, is higher. According to a study reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a regular intake of calcium and Vitamin D supplements can significantly reduce this risk (Am J Clin Nutr. 2003 Feb;77(2):504-11). According to the National Institutes of Health, some studies suggest that magnesium deficiencies, common in post-menopausal women, may alter calcium metabolism. Bone health supplementation for women should also include magnesium.


Bone loss density begins to occur in adulthood. Savvy health enthusiasts take bone supplements in order to proactively support bone health. This demographic usually opts for simple formulations with ingredients that are easily bio-available. Examples include calcium citrate which is efficiently absorbed by the body when it is taken with or without food. The bioavailability of calcium carbonate is best when it is taken with food. Some preliminary studies show that the bioavailability of calcium formate is far superior to both the citrate and carbonate forms of calcium. This was reported in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics ( Age also affects bioavailability of calcium supplements. As age advances, the body’s ability to absorb calcium decreases. More supplementation is required for the aged.

While women may be at more risk for loss of bone mineral density, aging men are also susceptible and require calcium supplementation. Supplementation is recommended for men over 55.

Popular Bone Health Supplements

The most popular supplements for baby boomers are:

Calcium – Although many of the foods we eat daily are fortified with calcium, experts say that those approaching their 40s need more. The most common supplements available in the market are calcium carbonate and calcium citrate.

Vitamin D – It must be noted that Vitamin D is essential for the synthesis of calcium in the body. Without this, calcium would be excreted through the kidneys and intestines without being absorbed by the body.

According to the Bone Health and Osteoporosis: A Report of the Surgeon General, bone health depends on a broad spectrum of nutrients and other components in our diet. These include a healthy dose of boron, copper, fluoride, iron, isoflavones, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, protein, Vitamin K, and zinc.

Research on Strontium indicates its use in increasing bone mineral density and bone strength. Studies show that silica is beneficial for bone and connective tissue health.

New research shows that certain components of nutrition such as caretenoids, particularly lycopene show a protective influence against bone density loss at the hip in men and at the lumbar spine in women, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

No Bones to Pick – the Bone Health Supplement Industry is Booming!

Bone density loss is generally preventable and the use of bone health supplements is widely accepted both by the general public and the medical profession.

While standard bone supplements are still popular, those who want to manufacture a superior-quality bone health supplement can talk to a leading supplement manufacturer, like Nutricap Labs. In addition to being quality private label supplement manufacturers, they are experienced contract manufacturers of dietary supplements. Incorporate the latest reliable research on nutrients to produce a bone health supplement that has safe, scientifically-supported ingredients and high efficacy for results.

Nutricap Labs is a full service private label supplement manufacturers. We primarily manufacture nutritional tablets, capsules, powders, liquids and creams, but we also offer label and packaging design services and order fulfillment services to our customers.

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Saw Palmetto Capsules – Natural Supplements to Improve Men?s Health

Saw Palmetto Capsules – Natural Supplements to Improve Men?s Health

Saw Palmetto palm, a native tree of North America, is now found in Florida, South Carolina, and Southern California. Saw palmetto berries have been used as libido enhancers for centuries. Saw Palmetto benefits men who are may be suffering from symptoms of an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia,) low libido, and night time urination. These berries could also be used by people who have high blood pressure and severe hair loss.

Saw Palmetto benefits men who have sexual problems. Though Saw Palmetto capsule is commonly considered for use for urological problems, it is also promoted as possibly bringing an enlarged prostate back to regular size. However, most studies indicate that long term use (12 months or more) of Saw Palmetto supplements could also ease urination and increase sexual function possibly significantly. Many men prefer using Saw Palmetto capsule because it usually is much cheaper than its synthetic medication counterparts, and generally acts faster.

Saw Palmetto supplements, formulated with Saw Palmetto berries are believed to be nature’s most effective anti-androgens. Some say it may help a male to female transsexual develop feminine breasts without the risk of surgery or synthetic hormone.

The active ingredients in Saw Palmetto berries are thought to be beta-sitosterols, which seem to help regulate a person’s hormone levels. It is believed that this compound can reduce the risk of stress, or at least help one cope with a stressful situation. This, in turn reduces the risk of high blood pressure. Saw Palmetto supplements also put off hair loss by lowering the Di Hydro Testosterone (DHT) level that causes hair loss in the body.

The Saw Palmetto capsule available at RippleCreek contains 580mg of American Powdered Saw Palmetto berries. Saw Palmetto capsules can be taken twice daily with meals or as directed by health care professionals to enjoy Saw Palmetto’s benefits. Since, these capsules are formulated from natural products; they are believed to be safe on the body and to not have many side effects.


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