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Saw Palmetto Berries Tea

Saw Palmetto Berries Tea

Prostate enlargement issues are common among men as they age. Lots of men suffer from the symptoms that come along with having a swollen or overly filled prostate. Some of the symptoms may include trouble urinating, frequent urinating, the constant feeling of needing to urinate, burning or pain upon urinating, frequent night time urinating causing loss of sleep, anxiety, and erectile dysfunction.

The enlarged prostate can cause pressure on the urethra and the bladder which can create the feeling of a full bladder, block the urine passage and block the blood flow for a man to be able to achieve an erection. Frequently waking up at night can also have negative effects mentally because of the lack of sleep. Changes may happen in the brain causing anxiety and sometimes even depression. Prostate cancer can become an issue if not treated properly.

This tea is a natural alternative to harmful and dangerous prescription medications. Also, it is an alternative for men who do not feel comfortable enough to take pills and or other oral supplements.

Many men have problems with their prostate as they age. Once a man hits 40 years old professionals in the medical field may advise men to take care of their prostates by taking supplements and regularly getting checked up on by a doctor. Prostate issues usually start happening when men are older. Fifty years old and older are normally when signs start showing up. The reason men start seeing a doctor when they are 40 is because they are trying to help prevent, or catch problems before or as they start to happen.

The directions say to put a tea bag in 6 ounces of boiling water. The tea bag should steep in the water for three minutes. The tea bag should be squeezed out in to the cup upon removal.  The tea should be taken at least once a day.

The only ingredient in this tea is Saw Palmetto Berries. While this may seem a little minimalistic, it is a powerful and potent ingredient. It is enough to help when used along with other doctor recommended remedies.

Allergies may need to be taken into consideration as consumers may want to try it out before drinking it in full. It must be prepared and enjoyed at least once every day. It may take a while to start working so patience is an important thing to remember. As soon as it starts working and symptoms start to fade the tea drinking may be reduced.

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