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How to Make Sure your Insomnia Herbal Remedy is Safe

How to Make Sure your Insomnia Herbal Remedy is Safe

Many herbs can be effectively and inexpensively used to ease the nerves and promote relaxation and sleep. Some people may not know though that the use of some herbs can result in side effects or that some herbs are less effective and safe than others. Here are some useful tips to ensure that you are using a safe insomnia herbal remedy.

Conduct Your Own Research

The internet, health practitioners and local support groups are perfect resources for your search for a safe insomnia herbal remedy. Take note of popular herbs used for insomnia herbal remedy products and research for the answer to specific questions like:

· How exactly can this insomnia herbal remedy promote sleep and relaxation?

· What are it effects on vital body functions?

· Are there any negative side effects and are any of the side effects long term and potentially life threatening?

· Are there people using the herb who have experienced positive results?

· What do studies and experts say about this popular insomnia herbal remedy?

· Are there warnings in the internet against this insomnia herbal remedy? Have there been controversial cases linked to the herb?

· Does this herb have the least negative side effects?

Look for a Reputable Brand

Aside from getting yourself personally informed, you should also consider buying an insomnia herbal remedy from a reputable company who has been in the business for some time. A reputable insomnia herbal remedy brand will be able to provide you with valuable information about the remedy. They will not just tell you that their product can provide relief from insomnia. They will also tell you exactly how their product can promote positive results. You will easily find ingredient descriptions and ingredient effects in a good product site. You can simply cross check the information provided by looking for unbiased medical journals or studies in the internet. A reputable manufacturer or distributor will also provide you free access to additional information about insomnia and other sleep disorders to help you understand your condition better.

Don’t Experiment with Herbs

Some sources may provide you with home remedies for insomnia. Some of these remedies may actually be safe to use and may even work. Your home remedy herbal instructions however should contain specific amount instructions. Not all herbs can be safely used in any experimental amount. Even herbs taken as instructed may still cause side effects. Hops, chamomile and lavender for example are herbs for insomnia that can cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

Use Your Common Sense

Because herbs have not been extensively studied, common sense would tell us not to use herbs under specific conditions unless cleared by a physician for safe use. Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, young children, people taking strong medications, people with allergies and people with serious ailments should refrain from taking any insomnia herbal remedy. An insomnia herbal remedy’s properties could have negative side effects in people with special conditions.

Ask Your Doctor’s Opinion

If you are already using a remedy or have switched from one remedy to another and you are still not experiencing any positive effects or have a worse condition, then you should immediately see your doctor. You could already be suffering from chronic insomnia that could lead to a more serious condition. You could also be suffering from a serious underlying condition that could be causing your insomnia.

Get more information on pregnancy insomnia symptoms and other sleep disorder remedies at

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Is buying mens health products is safe from the internet?

Is buying mens health products is safe from the internet?

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We are one of the best US online pharmacies offering a range of mens health products at the most cost effective rate. You can make a price comparison online and we can challenge that you will never get a better deal than that. Here you can buy cheap generic cialis, buy kamagra online to a wide range.

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Increase Female Libido – Safe and Natural Libido Increase With These Proven Herbs

Increase Female Libido – Safe and Natural Libido Increase With These Proven Herbs

If you want to increase female libido naturally you can and you can do it with a combination of time tested herbs that combat all the problems that cause low female libido. So here are the problems and the herbs that provide the solutions.

First let’s look at the causes of low female libido

Insufficient nitric oxide is a common cause of libido problems.

This is a chemical which is realized by the body which plays a key role in dilating the blood vessels and allowing strong, increased blood flow into the genitals. Strong blood flow means – better sensation, greater sexual pleasure and a more satisfying orgasm.
You not only have to have nitric oxide to let the blood in but also strong circulation of blood throughout the body
If you want to increase female libido naturally you can and you can do it with a combination of time tested herbs that combat all the problems that cause low female libido. So here are the problems and the herbs that provide the solutions.
Testosterone is seen as a male hormone, it is also important for women and not enough results in lower libido.

Estrogen also plays a critical role in a women’s sexuality.

Low estrogen levels are associated with lack of sexual desire, arousal, and also may cause intercourse to be uncomfortable.

Last but not least we need to have the right state of mind to enjoy sex.

Stress, tiredness and anxiety can all affect libido, making you feel not in the mood. It is crucial that the mind is properly nourished, receives well oxygenated blood, and has correct hormonal balance for you to feel in the mood for sex.


Now let’s look at a proven mix of herbs, to help with all of the above problems which you can get in the best herbal sex pills.

Damiana Extract (Turnera Aphrodisiaca)

Damiana is renowned for its libido enhancing qualities. Damiana produces a feeling of mild euphoria which relaxes the body and calms the mind; the herb also helps to balance female hormone levels and helps to control hot flushes. It’s the ultimate herb, to put you in the mood for sex.

Avena Sativa

Another relaxing herb which calms the mind and relaxes the body, which leads to enhanced sensitivity in the vagina.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo increases blood flow within the body and to the brain and increases metabolism efficiency, regulates neurotransmitters and is believed to help with nitric oxide realize in the blood vessels which feed the sex organs.

Methika Extract

Contains estrogen-like saponins, which assist in the reduction of cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides.

Satavri Extract (Asparargus Recemosus)

Shatavri moistens dry tissues of the female sexual organs, kidneys and increases overall body strength and muscle tone. Shatavri also helps to enhance and increase levels of testosterone.

Ashwagandha – Extract

Ashwagandha rejuvenates the body as a whole and improves mood. It helps reduce the stress, enhances vitality, and promotes sexual and reproductive balance.


Schisandra increases blood flow to the female pelvic region including the vagina.

Dong Quai

This herb is considered the best herb for women and has many benefits of which the major benefits to increase female libido are outlined below

It is used to restore balance hormones and cycles, assisting with menstrual regularity, and aids many conditions of the reproductive system.

The herb helps to prevent blood clotting, and relaxes peripheral blood vessels and has a balancing effect on estrogen levels. It also helps to combat and relieve menopausal conditions such as vaginal dryness and hot flushes.

Finally, plays an important role in nourishing the blood and helps promote healthy blood circulation throughout the body and to the extremities, such as the vagina.

Get them All in Super Strength Herbal Sex Pills

Today you can get all the above herbs in convenient pills and get a dose of goodness, to improve – your health sexual health, increase energy and lift the spirit so; you recover your libido and get more out of life.



For more information on Increasing female Libido Naturally and comprehensive info on everything to do with Female Sexual Health visit our website.

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Herbs For Menopause Can be Safe and Effective

Herbs For Menopause Can be Safe and Effective

Are you wondering if herbs for menopause are safe and effective? A lot of women in menopause are looking for a way to avoid HRT because they are concerned about the risks and side effects. Fortunately, there are many herbs for menopause symptoms, including hot flashes, bloating, high blood pressure, insomnia and more.

Herbs for menopause will affect you differently than drugs. If you are used to drugs, you will find herbs to have more subtle effects. Some herbs will give you relief immediately, while some can take two to three months to notice a change.

Herbs for menopause can be used to balance your hormones, support your liver in doing all the extra work it has to do during the Change, recalibrate your stress response, and boost your nutritional intake.

Here are just a few examples of some symptoms of menopause and some herbs that can help:

Bloating, digestive problems – Gentian is a very bitter herb. It will help get your stomach juices flowing if you take it ten to fifteen minutes before eating. This can help with bloating and indigestion. You have to taste it for it to work, so you need to take it in tincture form. Ginger is an excellent herb for digestion. You can drink a decoction made from simmering a few slices of root in water for about twenty minutes, or use the tincture. Blue vervain and scullcap are two herbs that are relaxing and will help your digestive system to relax, which is when it works best. It shuts down under stress, so if you are under stress, these are a couple of good herbs to try.

Heart health – Heart health becomes very important during this time. If you have been exercising regularly and eating a heart-healthy diet (it may not be what you think – see for more info), you’re ahead of the game. If not, there is no better time to start. Some herbs that can help with heart health are lemon balm, motherwort, and hawthorn.

High blood pressure – High blood pressure often arrives along with menopause. I had blood pressure ov 120 over 80 for years, but once I it menopause, it went sky high. Blue vervain, dandelion, garlic, ginseng, hawthorn, motherwort, nettles, and passionflower can all help with blood pressure. Blue vervain, motherwort and passionflower help by relaxing you. Dandelion supports your liver. Hawthorn is an excellent herb for overall heart health. Ginseng helps your body adapt to stress. Nettles is full of heart-nourishing minerals.

Hormone balancing – Pre menopause and menopause are times when you can easily lose your hormone balance. Hormones affected are adrenal, thyroid, progesterone and estrogen. Dong quai, ginseng, wild yam and vitex (chasteberry) are helpful for these conditions.

Hot flashes, night sweats – Often herbs in combination work best for hot flashes. You can try a combination of black cohosh, dong quai and wild yam. Maca root has worked for many women. Other herbs that work for hot flashes include chasteberry, and motherwort.

Insomnia – Blue vervain, chamomile, hops, motherwort, passionflower, and valerian are all helpful for getting you to sleep and helping you to stay asleep. Chamomile can be infused (pour boiling hot water over the dried leaves, cover and let steep for 2-4 hours) and drunk throughout the day. The other herbs can be used in tincture form.

The best way to take herbs is by drinking infusions (like a tea, only much stronger) or a few drops of tincture or extract several times a day. You can take them with or without food. Capsules are okay if you just can’t stand the taste of a tincture, but you won’t get the benefits of an infusion in a capsule.

If you’re looking for a way to avoid hormone replacement therapy, or even just looking for some natural ways to work with your symptoms, herbs for menopause can be safe and effective.

Candice Hughes studied herbal medicine at the Pacific School of Herbal Medicine in Oakland, CA. Do you want to learn more about which herbs to use and when? Find out more here:
Herbs for Menopause

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Is Pineapple Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Pineapple Safe During Pregnancy?

Eating pineapple or drinking

pineapple juice is said to be an old wive’s tale to bring on labour for woman past their due date. Large amounts of pineapple juice can in fact cause uterine contractions. It’s for this reason that in early pregnancy, it’s often suggested that you don’t drink pineapple juice in excess amounts.

Why pineapple can cause contractions

Fresh pineapple contains Bromelain which can also soften the cervix but it is said that it takes large quantities to have any effect which can also result in diarrhea. Some women say that they’ve had zero problems having plenty of pineapple and pineapple juice during pregnancy and others claim it brought on labour. The verdict on pineapple during pregnancy? Some would say that you should eat it in moderation and watch for any signs of problems before your due date. If you’re at or past your due date, it might help you.

Natural ways to bring on labour: a guide

For the past 40 weeks you have been waiting for this moment. Your birth plan is written, your bag is packed, your belly feels like it is about to burst and you are sure that any minute now you will feel your first contraction. And then… nothing. Not even a twinge.

Now there is something to be said for being patient. Your baby will come out when he is good and ready and some just like to take their time. But if an induction date is looming, you might feel like you want to give him a gentle nudge. Here are some of the alternative methods of bringing on labour.

Before you proceed, we should warn you that there is very little hard scientific evidence relating to either the effectiveness, or the safety, of any of these methods. The studies that have been done tend to be small and evidence is difficult to verify: if labour is due anyway, how do you know whether it was the curry you ate last night that actually brought it on?

On the safety side, talk to your doctor or midwife at your next check-up before you try any of these methods. This is particularly important if there are any complications in your pregnancy, as there is even less evidence about the safety of these methods in a high-risk pregnancy.

Nipple stimulation

Nipple stimulation is the gentle rubbing or rolling of the nipple to encourage the start of contractions. The theory is that oxytocin, a hormone that causes contractions, is released in the body when the breasts are stimulated.

Is it safe?
A review of studies found that contractions after nipple stimulation did not over-stimulate the uterus, which could be dangerous for the baby (Kavanagh et al 2005). There is a lack of research on the safety of this technique in high-risk pregnancy, so currently it is only recommended in normal pregnancies.

Does it work?
The review mentioned above showed a significant benefit from nipple stimulation in women whose cervix had already started to soften, thin and open ready for labour. 37 per cent women who had tried it went into labour within 72 hours as compared to just 6 per cent of those who had not.

How do I try it?
The idea is to simulate the suckling of a baby so you need to massage the whole areola (the dark area around the nipple), not just tweak the nipple. Place your palm over the areola and move in a circular motion, applying a firm but gentle pressure. This may need to be continued for some time. The usual recommendation is to stimulate the breasts for an hour, three times a day, spending 15 minutes continually stimulating one breast and then alternating to the other breast for 15 minutes until the hour is up.

Castor oil

There are reports of castor oil being used to bring on labour as far back as the Egyptians, though how it works is poorly understood. The most commonly given explanation is that it acts as a powerful laxative, and when it stimulates the gut it also stimulates the uterus and so “kick starts” labour.

Is it safe?
Nausea is likely to be the immediate effect, followed by a bad case of diarrhoea and there is a risk that you will become dehydrated. For this reason, we would NOT recommend taking castor oil.

Does it work?
A study of 100 overdue women found that 57.7 per cent began active labour after a single dose of 60ml of castor oil, as opposed to 4.2 per cent who received no treatment (Garry et al 2000). A review of this study reported no adverse affects on mother or baby but that all the women who took it felt nauseous (Kelly et al 2001). The study was not large enough to be conclusive.

How do I try it?
This is one we would NOT recommend but, according to a survey of midwives, 4 fl oz of castor oil mixed with orange juice is the usual dose. It is revolting (very oily) to drink though some suggest that making it fizzy by adding half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda helps. A second dose can be given 12 hours later.


Sex as a means of getting labour started is thought to work in three ways: firstly orgasm may help to stimulate the uterus into action; secondly, sex can trigger the release of oxytocin, the “contraction” hormone; thirdly, semen contains a high concentration of prostaglandins which may help to ripen, or soften, the neck of the womb (cervix) ready for it to dilate when labour starts.

Is it safe?
Sex is safe as long as your waters have not broken. Once this has happened, making love may increase the risk of infection. You should also avoid sex if you have a low-lying placenta (placenta praevia) or have had vaginal bleeding (von Sydow 1999; Aston 1997 cited by Jackson 2004: 106). Men often feel uncomfortable making love to their partners with a baby so obviously present but the baby will not know what is happening and will not be harmed.

Does it work?
There’s not much evidence that it does work. Of the small studies that have been carried out all but one (Tan et al 2006) suggest that sex neither helps to ripen the cervix nor to start labour earlier (Kavanagh et al 2001; Tan et al 2007; Schaffir 2006). If nothing else, it will take your mind off the waiting!

How do I try it?
At this stage in your pregnancy sex is easier said than done. Try spoons, with your partner entering from behind or use the bed as a prop: your bulge isn’t an obstacle if you lie on your back at the side or foot of the bed with your knees bent, and your bottom and feet perched at the edge of the mattress. Your partner can either kneel or stand in front of you. Alternatively, giving your partner oral sex may work better. It is thought that prostaglandins are absorbed more efficiently through the gut than through the vagina. (Note: you may prefer to keep this piece of information to yourself!)

Eating pineapple

Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which is thought to help to soften the cervix and so bring on labour.

Is it safe?
There is no evidence to say whether it is safe or not. Each pineapple contains only very small amounts of bromelain so you would need to eat as many as seven to have any effect. The most likely side-effect of eating large amounts of pineapple would be a severe case of the runs.

Does it work?
Some cultures swear by it but there is a lack of research into whether it really works. Regardless of this, eating large quantities of pineapple is likely to stimulate the gut and bowel and, as with castor oil, could kick-start the uterus into action by that means.

How do I try it?
The pineapple must be fresh: bromelain is destroyed by the process of canning or juicing.


Homoeopathic remedies use highly diluted versions of more potent substances to treat the body. Pulsatilla and Caulophyllum are two commonly used homeopathic remedies used to stimulate labour.

Is it safe?
Homeopathic remedies appear to be safe. The Faculty of Homeopathy have researched their use in labour and not found any incidents of damage caused by them (Dantas and Rampes 2000). The worst damage homeopathy can do is nothing.

Does it work?
There is plenty of anecdotal evidence from patients who found that homeopathy is helpful, but this has not been researched in a systematic way. One trial into caulophyllum found no difference between the women who took it and those who didn’t, but the method of the trial was not thought to be reliable (Smith 2003).

How do I try it?
Contact a registered homeopath (The Society of Homeopaths has a list). A Homeopathic Birth Kit is available from Helios Pharmacy which includes 18 remedies and a mini-guide.

Herbal: blue cohosh and black cohosh

Blue cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides) and black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosus) are herbs which should not be used in early pregnancy but are often cited as useful in bringing on labour.

Are they safe?
Two Canadian reviews of studies on their use have concluded that they should be used with caution in the case of black cohosh and extreme caution in the case of blue cohosh (Dugoua et al 2008; Dugoua et al 2006). Blue cohosh in particular has been linked with severe complications for the baby at birth. In either case, there is not enough evidence that they are safe to use. Herbals are much stronger than homeopathic remedies and so should always be used under professional guidance. Given that there is a question mark hanging over them, you may decide that it is better to avoid these herbs entirely.

Do they work?
Anecdotal evidence suggests that they do, but there are no scientific studies to back this up.

How do I try them?
The National Institute of Medical Herbalists can help you to locate a qualified, registered herbalist near you.

Eating curry

Spicy food is often suggested as a means of bringing on labour. There are no scientific theories relating to this, but it may be that it stimulates the gut and bowel and so encourages the uterus to get going by that means.

Is it safe?
Spicy foods can cause heartburn (CKS 2008) and, if you are not used to them, irritate the bowel. For this reason you should probably not order a vindaloo if you are usually more of a korma girl.

Does it work?
There is no evidence either way though many women swear by it.

How do I try it?
Order a takeaway. This is not the time to be slaving over a hot stove.


Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine needles into specific points of the body. According to traditional Chinese philosophy, this stimulates the energy within the body to act on a specific organ function or system.

Is it safe?
Studies into this are limited but none have shown any ill-effects from the use of acupuncture for mother and baby. Acupuncture is generally considered safe at this stage of pregnancy (Harper et al 2006; Smith and Crowther 2004).

Does it work?
The limited studies that have been carried out so far suggest that acupuncture may be effective (Smith and Crowther 2004).

How do I try it?
You need to find a qualified practitioner. The British Acupuncture Council has a searchable list. You will probably need treatment daily until you give birth.

Red raspberry leaf

Raspberry leaf can be taken as a tea or in tablet form. It is often mentioned alongside other methods for bringing on labour. This is a myth.

Is it safe?
It is very important not to use raspberry leaves until the last two months of pregnancy because of their stimulating effect on the uterus.

Does it work?
There is no evidence to show that red raspberry leaf will encourage labour to begin. However, an Australian study has shown that it speeded up the second stage of labour and reduced the need for a forceps delivery (Simpson et al 2001).

How do I try it?
If you want to help to prepare the uterine muscles for labour start with one cup of tea a day or one tablet and build up gradually to a maximum of four cups of tea or tablets daily. The tea can be sipped freely during labour, too. The tea and tablets are available from health food stores or from herbal suppliers.


The explanation appears to be that the pressure of your baby’s head pressing down on the cervix from the inside stimulates the release of oxytocin, hopefully bringing on labour. Also, just being upright gets the forces of gravity working for you, encouraging the baby to move down onto the cervix.

Is it safe?
Yes, but you should be careful not to wear yourself out. Labour can be exhausting and you don’t want to use up all your energy before you have begun.

Does it work?
There is, as yet, no evidence. If your baby has not “dropped” or is still high in the pelvis, walking is thought to encourage your baby into a better position so that labour is more likely to start on its own.

How do I try it?
This is not the moment to take up power walking, particularly if you have not done much exercise earlier on in your pregnancy. A gentle stroll is probably the best you will be able to manage.

And finally:

Here is a selection of other methods (some of them a little bizarre) that other mums are said to have found helpful. There is no evidence for any of these and frankly we are not convinced!

• Blowing up balloons: the theory is that the build up of abdominal pressure encourages labour to start.

• Bouncing on your birth ball or driving your car down a bumpy road would seem to put the same faith in shaking things up a little

• Get a weepy video and have a good cry

• Wear your best knickers (sod’s law will ensure that your waters break in them).

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Best Treatment for Hot Flashes and Safe Menopause Hot Flashes Remedies

Best Treatment for Hot Flashes and Safe Menopause Hot Flashes Remedies

A hot flash (is a feeling of warmth that spreads over the body that begins, and is most strongly felt, in the head and neck regions.

Hot flashes are a common symptom experienced by women prior to, and during the early stages of the menopausal transition. However, not all women approaching the menopause will develop hot flashes.

For more information please visit

Women frequently ask what symptoms they can anticipate during menopause. In reality, each woman experiences menopause differently. While one woman is certain that insomnia is a symptom of menopause for her, another is certain that joint aches are her primary symptom of menopause.

Hot flashes, also called “hot flushes,” are a vasomotor symptom of menopause. This means that hot flashes can disrupt the usual functioning of the vascular and motor systems of the body, causing intense heat, perspiration, and other symptoms ranging from mild to severe.

The duration and frequency of hot flashes varies from woman to woman. Hot flashes can occur at any time of the day or night, though they are often called night sweats when they happen during sleep.

Women with menopause-related hot flashes will usually experience a consistent and unique pattern of symptoms. Some women experience mild symptoms of hot flashes infrequently, while others have more severe symptoms more than once daily.

Hot flashes are the most unpleasant symptoms that menopausal women experience and undergo. Although conventional medical treatment suggests the use of estrogen replacement therapy, this form of treatment is not curative.

Hot flashes remedies for women who undergo night sweats and hot flashes include the use of specific herbs as treatments.

Cooling herbs such as elder, violet and chickweed are useful as remedies for hot flashes and night sweats. Hot flashes cause the body to deplete its reserves of vitamin B, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium.

Herbs have been used for centuries by women to prevent and relieve hot flashes. Cool herbal teas can be sipped throughout the day to keep your body well-hydrated.

Try fragrant herbs such as chamomile, linden flower, and mint, which make delicious teas and have a calming and soothing effect on the mind and body.

Many herbs, such as black cohosh and the Chinese herb dong quai, are rich in phytoestrogens, plant estrogens which help to normalize hormone levels. Taking these herbs regularly helps to balance hormones and prevent hot flashes.

Home Remedies for Hot Flashes

More and more women are looking for natural hot flash relief or “home remedies” for hot flashes. For many years the treatment of choice was hormone replacement therapy (HRT), but the medical community has now identified the risks associated with long-term use of HRT.

Since some women begin to suffer from hot flashes, bed sweats and other menopausal symptoms five or six years before their menstrual cycles end and then may continue to have them for several years afterwards, it is not unusual for a woman to need relief or treatment for ten years.

The longer she uses HRT, the greater her risk of developing serious medical conditions including cancer, heart disease, blood clots and stroke.

There are several types of home remedies for hot flashes. There are the things that you avoid, because they may trigger hot flashes or worsen their severity. There are the things that you can do to relieve or possibly prevent the frequency of them.

And then there are herbs, botanicals and even some foods that may provide hot flash relief. First, we’ll look at the things that typically trigger hot flashes; those things to be avoided.

Read more on Hot Flashes and Menopause and Women Health Supplements

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Natural And Safe Thyroid Herb Supplements That Can Help

Natural And Safe Thyroid Herb Supplements That Can Help

Copyright (c) 2010 George Plaza

It’s true that thyroid herb supplements can help relieve many of the symptoms you get if you got either an underactive or overactive thyroid gland. Supplements can help, and certainly, taking them will help you see improvements, but you want to make sure that the supplements you take are both safe and effective.

Hypothyroidism especially can cause a lack of energy and easy weight gain, and you can utilize a natural metabolism booster with green tea concentrate, for example, as well as other supplements with iodine, magnesium and selenium to help boost energy and metabolism.

When you look at what thyroid herb supplements can do, first make sure the active ingredients of a product you’re checking out are actually valuable. If you can’t find out what’s in a particular supplement, it’s probably a good idea to leave it alone. You’ll need to know exactly what you’re taking.

Do your own research when it comes to ingredients within a particular formulation. Look each of the ingredients up and make sure they’ve been shown to work so that they’ll improve your thyroid function. Thyroid herb products should naturally increase your metabolism and help your thyroid function more efficiently, so that any ingredients you see in a supplement should be proven to do that.

Once you have found thyroid herb supplements that are indeed valuable, do some more research before you take them. That is, look up customer reviews and see whether or not customers really like them and find them effective. Well known name brands that have gotten lots of positive feedback from consumers are among the choices you’ll find effective.

When you have thoroughly researched every herbs supplements, you’ll find that good ones do indeed help you function better if you’ve got a thyroid that’s not quite functioning well. Thyroid hormone levels, too, will likely change when you start taking high quality thyroid herb supplements.

Once you feel better, you can start or restart an exercise program; you should include 45 minutes to an hour of some kind of exercise, such as steady walking. If you can, lightly jog. You’ll help reset your metabolism and acquire more energy, too, when you exercise regularly.

In addition to the right thyroid herb supplements, a proper diet is going to help you, as will staying active. Check and see what recommended daily allowances of different vitamins and minerals are, to make sure you’re getting the right adjunct help with your new program.

The best results will come to you, if you combine thyroid herbs supplements with a well-balanced diet that is nutritionally optimal and low in fat. Your body should be well hydrated, too, because water is among the best metabolism boosters. Shoot for drinking at least eight glasses a day.

George Plaza has been a Gourmet Chef for over 15 years and has written a very useful course to lose weight and improve your health while eating delicious meals. Get tips about Thyroid Herb Supplements a Natural Treatment. For a limited period you can get it free. The How to Increase Metabolism mini-course.

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most common disorder in men Erectile dysfunction | Organic herbal ayurveda supplements safe

most common disorder in men Erectile dysfunction | Organic herbal ayurveda supplements safe

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex. Erectile dysfunction, or ED, can be a total inability to achieve erection, an inconsistent ability to do so, or a tendency to sustain only brief erections. These variations make defining Erectile Dysfunction and estimating its incidence difficult.

Having erection trouble from time to time isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. But if erectile dysfunction is an ongoing problem, it may cause stress, cause relationship problems or affect your self-confidence.

Earlier in older men, Erectile Dysfunction usually had a physical cause, such as disease, injury, or side effects of drugs. But now a day even younger men are being diagnosed with physical causes due to bad life styles, sitting jobs, bad dietary habits and dug addictions etc.

In addition to this any disorder that causes injury to the nerves or impairs blood flow in the penis has the potential to cause Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction can be attributed to various reasons like diabetes, age factor, medical condition, side effects of illicit drugs, stress, performance anxiety, cardiac problems, psychological factors etc.

Between 35 and 50 percent of men with diabetes experience ED Lifestyle choices that contribute to heart disease and vascular problems also raise the risk of Erectile Dysfunction.
The main causes include:

Diabetes (high blood sugar)
Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)
Stress, anxiety or depression
Alcohol, smoking and tobacco use
Some prescription medications, such as antidepressants, pain medicine and medicine for high blood pressure
Brain or spinal-cord injuries
Some types of prostate or bladder surgery

Erectile dysfunction can occur at any age, but it is more common in men older than 75. Erection begins with sexual stimulation. Sexual stimulation can be tactile (for example, by touching the penis), or mental (for example, by having sexual fantasies).

Sexual stimulation generates electrical impulses along the nerves going to the penis and causes the nerves to release nitric oxide, which in turn increases the production of cyclic GMP (cGMP) in the smooth muscle cells of the corpora cavernosa.

The cGMP causes the smooth muscles of the corpora cavernosa to relax, and allow rapid blood flow into the penis. The in-coming blood fills the corpora cavernosa, making the penis expand.


Herbal remedies made from pure organically cultivated herbs with no side effects are very useful in curing erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunctions.

· Ginkgo Biloba and Asian Ginseng are good herbs for erectile dysfunction but consult your physician before taking them.
· Flaxseed, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E enhance erectile function.
· Acupuncture is a very effective method to cure the dysfunction as it stimulates the body and the senses.


A healthier lifestyle can often be beneficial and can help prevent any further deterioration caused by underlying medical conditions.
Aim to reduce stresses in your life by looking at the balance between your work and your home/leisure time.
Practice yoga and meditation regularly to keep stress level low.
If you smoke, make a plan to stop.
Take moderate intensity exercise (brisk walking for instance) – for half an hour on most days of the week.
Eat a balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables and low in fat.
Drink alcohol in moderation.
Relaxation techniques may be helpful.

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