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Food Healing: Reversing Asthma, Diabetes and Many Other Diseases With Food

Food Healing: Reversing Asthma, Diabetes and Many Other Diseases With Food

Most diseases are reversible with food. However, just eating healthy is not enough. The real secret lies in using “specific foods for specific diseases”. For example, kiwi is quick to help reverse Asthma, which I’ve seen hundreds of my students reverse within 1 week of following my food protocol. Asthma is a completely unnecessary disease and is nutritionally caused in my opinion. Other diseases like Arthritis & Diabetes are also frequently reversed with common foods. This information can dramatically change medicine as we know it.

I am privileged to have a live seminar platform in which to test my protocols with over 20,000 people. After 5 years of testing, the protocols were published into a hardcover medical textbook entitled “Conquering Any Disease”. At its core, our program uses fruits & vegetables from the grocery store, medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs to reverse diseases.

Fruits, Vegetables, Tonic Herbs and Medicinal Mushrooms contain PHYTOCHEMICALS that unlock our body’s endocrine system, but people don’t get enough of them. Phytochemicals hide in the cellulose fibers of seeds, stems, skins and rinds of the fruits and vegetables we eat. Many eat the right foods, but throw away the parts with all the medicine! It is why smoothies from a 3-Horsepower blender have helped so many reverse such diseases as cancer. We need to break out or “micronize” phytochemicals from the seeds, stems, skins and rinds. Juicing fruits and vegetables is a waste of time. It throws the fiber away, for which God intended us to eat and is where phytochemicals dwell!

Type II Diabetes: An Unnecessary Disease

Many people with diabetes have testified on our stages about what it is like to LIVE FREE OF DIABETES after changing their diet and eating special foods. My protocol for reversing diabetes is supplement free and does not require anything outside of the grocery store. Certain foods like the bitter melon contain an insulin-like substance that, when eaten, naturally lowers blood sugar. Bitter melon helps the body naturally balance its blood sugar. In fact, my protocol has been tested successfully on 100′s of people who have reversed diabetes. There is no shortage of people; one in five have pre-diabetes.


Aside from eating the specific vegetables high in phytochemicals that lower blood sugar, we also have a protocol that avoids many of the foods that make diabetes impossible to overcome. Many with Diabetes are eating foods they think are healthy because of missing information. To begin with, nobody has told the diabetes community that the disease is completely reversible. Well, I am saying this; nearly everyone who follows our Diabetes protocol to the letter (based completely on food) gets the result. Monitoring the blood sugar proves it.

Asthma: Another Unnecessary Disease

I became Asthma free 12 years ago after learning Qigong. My healing of Asthma came from using advanced breathing exercises, but now I have seen people’s Asthma vanish in as little as a few days using Food-based protocols. Inhalers may work to stop an asthma attack, but contain harmful steroids that wreck havoc on the endocrine system.

Take the naturo-path!! Food can do the job!! I’ve recommend Kiwi for years because of its superior bioavailable Vitamin C content. The white center of kiwi holds a treasure trove of phytochemicals and is particularly effective in helping to reverse symptoms of asthma! Asthma is often caused by deficiency of Food-based Vitamin C. Tablets of Vitamin C will not reverse someone’s asthma, only Food-based vitamin C can do this.

Most nutritionists are surprised to see me blend a smoothie adding the avocado WITH THE BIG SEED. When a knowledgeable nutritionist hears that the Avocado Seed has tons of phytochemicals for phase-2 detoxification and more soluble fiber (which cleans plaque from the arteries) than any food on Earth, I usually have their attention. Some of what I say is controversial, but I have tested my protocols on real life people. Reishi mushroom is clinically shown to help heart disease patients with chest pain and is backed by research from the University of Tokyo. My grandfather had chest pains every day for years, and the DAY he began supplementing Reishi into his diet, they stopped. Along with ingesting the high soluble fiber foods like avocado (and its big seed), my Grandfather extended his life, astonishing the doctors with his lipid panel. Cholesterol can also be safely lowered with food, and what a relief. Doctors are saying it’s the #1 risk factor for heart disease.

We have the highest rates of success with the following diseases: asthma, arthritis, autism, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, kidney stones, osteoporosis and digestive problems. Anyone who follows our protocols will have big huge bowel movements for life. Digestive problems are actually my specialty and I say that anyone who stands within 50 feet of me will have B.H.B.M’s: Big Huge Bowel Movements.

In summary, you already knew eating fruits and vegetables was important. With a proven track record, Food-healing takes it deeper and recommends specific foods for specific problems. Don’t assume that medicine has to come from a pill or inside a bottle, often its just sitting in the produce department.


Jeff Primack has been an active student of Qigong since 1996. Since that time Jeff has shared Qigong (like Tai Chi), Breathing and Food Healing with tens of thousands of people from all over the world in live seminars.  Jeff is the founder of Supreme Science Qigong Center, author of Conquering ANY Disease, and produces the 4-day QI REVOLUTION, one of the nation’s largest Qigong gatherings of today.  For information on event dates, home study Qigong DVDs and Food Healing materials, visit his website at

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Men’s Health Supplements The crucial role in preventing and reversing many challenges to good health

Men’s Health Supplements The crucial role in preventing and reversing many challenges to good health

The health of a man is achieved through a combination of grants from Le Mans, health, healthy lifestyles and a healthy diet. At a time when human health is judged by his physical appearance is important to realize that ‘is in fact what should be and what you eat more than men, more worried.

Human health or the lack of health and work will start in his departure. For example, here are someexternal physical indicators that let you know that not everything is in pink, including:

• white, gray or silver, varicose veins (indicators of copper deficiency and an early warning system for heart disease and stroke may be).

• Dry skin and its voracious appetite (specify on fatty foods, lack of essential fatty acids is possible).

(• Hair loss can be a sign of a lack of minerals such as tin).

(• The age and liver spots can indicate a seleniumDisability, which means that your body is attacked by free radicals, which damage cells – that can increase the risk of cancer and heart disease).

(Noise •, cracks, grinding in the joints and blood pressure may be a lack of calcium and minerals to give) and is an early warning sign of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

And young people and offers no protection if you change your lifestyle, eating healthy foods and the use of dietary supplements.

Thegood news is that most health problems can be avoided with a man, and vice versa in many cases, from simple and inexpensive nutritional supplements such as vitamins and minerals, and some changes in our lifestyle and regulations.

For example, did you know that lycopene, a compound “may be invoked found in raw tomatoes to significantly reduce the risk of prostate cancer and a host of other cancers and do you know that simply by eating more omega-3 fatty acids (eg fishOils and food supplements) is clear, the arteries and reduce the risk of heart disease by over 50%? And essential fatty acids are also the skin look better and healthier? Did you know that the health and supplements can prevent, reverse arthritis and osteoporosis, as well as manage your pain for the reconstruction of bone structure?

In terms of general health, the majority of scientists agree that multi-vitamins (and) The mineral supplement is useful for the prevention of chronic diseases. Recently, the magazine of the American Medical Association (JAMA), an article linking inadequate intake of vitamins for chronic diseases.

Your goal should be to maximize the intake of nutrients to minimize losses of nutrients and reduce energy consumption, which is bad for you.

Here’s a summary of some major health problems for the health of people is completeSupport

• Prostate – Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death among men suffering with more than 80% of men over 50, some kind of prostate problem. In support of the prostate is usually in search of food supplements containing Mans: zinc (found in pumpkin seeds), essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6-9), vitamin A, vitamin C, amino acids, and also played without blueberry sugar, selenium and herbs such as Saw Palmetto. Recent studies on the nutrient lycopene,found in tomatoes, show that you can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

• Cancer – a combination of all major nutrients (minerals, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids) and antioxidants such as selenium and vitamins C and E. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene and to provide protection against various types of cancer – particularly prostate cancer.

• High cholesterol – High cholesterol itself does not cause any known disease, but deficiencies in cholesterolcan eliminate a number of diseases and health problems. lower cholesterol, the bad fats consumed in the diet and essential fatty acids (good fat). An EFA supplement that is rich in omega-3, is particularly effective in reducing cholesterol. Antioxidant supplements) (selenium and vitamins A and C and colloidal minerals from plants are also useful.

• Fatigue – More human health are all essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, The amino acids and essential fatty acids – to make sure it does help fatigue and malnutrition. Supplements of chromium and vanadium, may help to regulate low blood sugar, you may feel tired.

• High blood pressure – the complement of all essential nutrients, including calcium-colloid from plants and minerals, liquid calcium, coenzyme Q-10, derived essential fatty acids and lecithin. European facilities also contribute to men like the hawthorn> Health.

• Heart Disease – all the essential nutrients, with particular emphasis on a good source of essential fatty acids (flax oil or fish oil), selenium and vitamin E.

• Macular degeneration – Supplement of 90 important nutrients, including showing the plant-derived colloidal minerals, selenium, vitamin E. Recent research has shown that the antioxidant lutein – found in green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale – have a role in reducingMacular degeneration and vision better.

• Weight Loss – Supplements play an important role as a regular dietary habits change, as a rule, if you follow a diet. It must be ensured in 90 important nutrients to protect your body all the nutrients they needed. Integrated with a plant derived colloidal minerals and supplements of chromium and vanadium can help cravings execution control.

Taking digestive enzymes before meals will help your body absorb moreNutrients.

The form of whey protein shakes and power bars with vitamins and minerals can fill a good way, no carbohydrates, and provides the necessary nourishment.

• Athletes – If you regularly attend training or work and sweat, you should replace a good multivitamin mineral liquid and track everything you sweat. If you have not even put into serious health problems like heart – The disease common disease, low energy and chronic pain. You must replace these vital minerals, you sweat during exercise. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 100,000 men, women and children die each year (U.S. only), during and immediately after exercise. Almost certainly, because they never replaced all the minerals, trace elements, vitamins and electrolytes in great activity is lost.

• The health of bones and joints – Men’s> Calcium and other minerals (plant derived colloidal minerals and liquid calcium is best), vitamins and essential fatty acids (omega for example) are important for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, arthritis and disability. In other words, all 90 essential nutrients. Even with dietary supplements glucosamine and chondroitin and cetyl myristoleate, a newly discovered compounds essential fatty acids, which is scientifically proven to alleviate, toThe pain and improve mobility – can help relieve pain, reduce inflammation and help to rebuild the bones and joints.

• hair healthy, full of zinc, copper and tin with a high absorption of colloidal complex derivatives may help some men to reject and return the hair color.

• Illness – to keep skin in its best condition, health supplements, the use of vitamin A (beta carotene), zinc (colloidal minerals) and essential fatty acids.Taking digestive enzymes will help to take before eating the nutrients the body needs the skin and all.

Lifestyle and diet

Apply common sense – 20 to 30 minutes of exercise every other day is enough to stay healthy and help your weight under control. With age, weight, exercise more and to mitigate the harsh aerobics.

Lots of fresh vegetables (about 5 servings a day) and fruit (2 to 3 servings a day – lessVegetables) because of the sugar content of fruit, carbohydrates, protein and less refined (in the form of sugar, cakes, cookies, etc.) and avoid fried foods and margarine. At least 8 to 10 glasses of freshly filtered water per day (more if you practice and lives in one), hot and humid to help your liver and kidneys in good condition and the body to eliminate waste and convert fat into energy for maintain.

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