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Men Hair Loss Product: Don’t Despair

Men Hair Loss Product: Don’t Despair

The male pattern baldness has become the most common cause of hair loss in men. The men who start losing hair at an early age tend to develop more extensive baldness. In some males, the hair loss can start as early as the mid-teen years.

How it Develops

Male-pattern baldness develops differently in different men. Men usually lose hair on the front hairline and forehead and on top of the head. Moreover, hair thinning and baldness increase the risk of sunburn and skin cancer on the scalp because there’s no enough protection on the scalp. However, there is a men hair loss product available that can counter this but more on that later, first let me tell you what we’re dealing with.

Men lose approximately hundred individual hair strands per day, which is considered normal. Usually, these hairs are replaced within the normal hair growth cycle. One has to be cautious when lost hairs are not re-grown or when daily hair loss exceeds hundred hairs.

The main causes for the hair loss in men can be due to the following reasons:

Skin disorders and diseases.

Anemia or low blood count and thyroid irregularity.

Certain disorders of the immune system.

Nutritional deficiencies or side effects of certain medications.

Surgeries, severe illnesses and rapid weight change.

Emotional and physical stress.


Men who take steroids like testosterone to build their bodies.

Bad scalp due to inflammation, itching, and flaking.

Hormonal causes like the high levels of testosterone.

Research shows that about 25% of men begin to bald by the time they are thirty years old, and about two-thirds are either bald or have a balding pattern by age of sixty. The process of balding takes years to occur, and it’s true that the longer you wait to stop it, the harder it can be to do.

The Good News

Lost hair will usually grow back once you start using a men hair loss product you like. So, it’s advisable not to remain ignorant and to take early medications to prevent the ‘male pattern baldness.’

After trying many hair loss remedies Timothy Garth finally found one that worked for him and would like to share his hair loss treatments with you so you don’t have to take the long road in looking for something that works.

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Which Is The Best Herbal Product for Erectile Dysfunction?

Which Is The Best Herbal Product for Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a very unpleasant disorder that can ruin one’s life. It can have a multitude of causes and once it affects you it can rapidly lower your level of self esteem and end your relationship with your partner. The most important thing that you should keep in mind if you have erectile problems is the fact that you should not allow them to put you down. Don’t get discouraged, because ED is treatable and you can restore sexual health if you use the correct product. It is important not to let the stress get to you and to make an informed decision in what concerns the best treatment option available.

There are many products on the market for curing erectile dysfunction, but don’t just go and buy one because many of them are made out of artificial substances that have nasty side effects. After all, you don’t want to cure erectile dysfunction and to pay with other health aspects for it. It is best to choose an herbal product for erectile dysfunction because this keeps you safe from side effects and only has positive impact on your body.

Shilajit is a very powerful herb in curing erectile dysfunction so herbal products based on it are very efficient. In fact, Shilajit is used in a wide variety of medical conditions and it is a renowned anti-aging agent. Due to the fact that it is very rich in minerals, it has been used for toning the entire body for ages. Not only that it cures erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders, but it provides endless other benefits for your health condition. Shilajit strengthens the nervous system, the muscles, and the bones, keeps blood pressure under control, cures hemorrhoids, purifies the blood, detoxifies the body, has good effects in people affected by stress anxiety or depression and the list can still go on.

Other herbs effective in curing erectile dysfunction are safed musli, saffron, shatavar and moti bhasma. Safed musli increases libido and restores lost sexual power. Saffron is a powerful aphrodisiac and a tonic for the nervous system, helping you face multiple sex episodes. Shatavar nourishes and rejuvenates the reproductive system and also increases the quality of sperm. Moti bhasma is an excellent toner and aphrodisiac which increases libido and sexual power.

The best herbal product for ED will thus be a product that contains all these extremely efficient herbs. Shilajit ES is made of these exact herbs, in the right proportion, so it will help you enjoy excellent sex again and forget about erectile problems.

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