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What are the Precautions During Pregnancy?

What are the Precautions During Pregnancy?

Pregnant travelers should be extra cautious about food and water consumed while traveling. Travelers should boil any suspect drinking water rather than using water purifiers that contain iodine.

Dehydration from travelers’ diarrhea can lead to increased risk for premature labor. Pregnant travelers should eat only well-cooked meats and pasteurized dairy products and avoid pre-prepared salads. This will help them avoid diarrheal disease as well as infections such as toxoplasmosis and Listeria, which can have serious consequences in pregnancy.

Most of these herbs are known for their ability to stimulate the uterus, which might lead to premature contractions or miscarriage. That said, midwives have used some herbs in the last trimester to help restart a stalled labor or initiate an overdue labor. It is essential that you not try to use any of these herbs however without first consulting a qualified healthcare provider. The consequences could be devastating.

Avoid Other Harmful Substances-Evens small amounts of drugs such as cocaine or heroine can be harmful to you and your baby, so do not use them. Don’t breathe fumes from paint, spray cans or insecticides. Even some common substances like caffeine and artificial sweeteners should be avoided whenever possible during pregnancy. If you use prescription medication, be sure to check with you physician about its safety during pregnancy.

Live viral vaccines should be avoided during pregnancy because of the theoretical risk to the developing fetus. These would include measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccines. Yellow fever and oral polio vaccine can be used if there is a substantial risk of infection but should be delayed until after the first trimester if possible. If the risk of yellow fever is low, but a vaccination certificate is required for entrance into a country, a physician can issue you a waiver letter to excuse you from this requirement.

Use mosquito repellents, taking care not to exceed the recommended dose. Do not apply these repellents on the hands of children who may wipe their hands on their eyes or put their hands in their mouths. When using repellents with DEET (N,N-diethyl m-toluamide), you should always follow the label directions. It should only be used outdoors and should be washed off when coming indoors.
Do not inhale or swallow the repellent, or allow it to get in the eyes. The repellent should also not be applied to wounds or broken skin. There are some reports of safety concerns regarding the use of DEET during pregnancy.

Alcohol goes through the placenta and enters your baby’s system. Drinking can cause fetal alcohol syndrome, a lifelong condition that can include problems in vision, hearing, learning and behavior. No one knows how much alcohol is safe, so doctors advise that women not drink at all during pregnancy. If you can, stop drinking when you are trying to become pregnant because the greatest damage from alcohol occurs early in pregnancy.

Take no medications (including over-the-counter preparations) unless suggested by your doctor or nurse midwife. If you are currently taking a medication for a health problem, discuss it with doctor or nurse midwife.

A limited intake of caffeine (up to two cups of coffee per day) seems to present no special risk during pregnancy. Eating or drinking larger amounts may be a problem for your growing baby. It is probably best to limit the amount of foods and drinks containing caffeine such as coffee, tea, cola and chocolate.

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