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Dissolve Destructive Behavioral Problems Caused by Trauma?Practice 21-day Rule to Break a Habit and End Pain

Dissolve Destructive Behavioral Problems Caused by Trauma?Practice 21-day Rule to Break a Habit and End Pain

Have you experienced pain in your life? As a result, have you fallen into destructive behaviors of anger, depression, guilt or shame? Is there an easy way to end pain and any associated emotional responses? What is one such practical solution?

The physical body operates on impulses received from the brain. According to scientific research, the brain is similar to the electric circuitry in your home. There are lines, or pathways, on which the current runs and connects to other lines, providing great sources of energy, and in turn, lighting up different areas of the home. In the human body, these pathways ‘light up’ different areas of the body, allowing them to operate.

Scientists have also determined that the more one feels and focuses on a thought, the stronger and more defined these pathways become in the brain. In fact, it takes 21 days of repeated thought patterns, without interruption to stabilize these conduits. In effect, if you focus on something for 21 straight days, it becomes a habit, as you etch new connectors into the circuitry of your brain.

When you experience emotional or physical trauma, damage can occur to the connectors already inside your brain. That distress can effectively cut the free-flowing constructive pathways in your brain. Therefore, the pain may have diminished your previous happiness and joy. Furthermore, you may begin to dwell on destructive thoughts of sadness, anger, and guilt instead of feeling constructive, happy thoughts.

As shown, if you think you are in pain and are angry, sad, or guilty for 21 days or longer, then you retrace a new connector, forming a habit. However, the new link made up of these destructive emotions will not generate constructive emotions, but will only further exacerbate your pain.

What is the answer to change the pattern and break a bad habit? Could it be a choice to work at changing the pattern, similar to dieting to lose weight? With continued effort, it is possible to see effective results using the scientific method of the 21-day rule for forming a habit. Therefore, might it be beneficial for you to redirect your energy, thoughts and feelings to happy thoughts to enjoy a joyful life again?

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Arthritis Pain and Natural Cure

Arthritis Pain and Natural Cure

Ayurveda is used widely to treat Arthritis. According to the Ayurveda, arthritis is caused due to an excess of ama and lack of agni. The reason for this is nothing but poor digestion and a weakened colon. This results in the accumulation of undigested food and also building up of waste matter. Poor digestion in the system allows toxins to accumulate in the body. Along with this the problems with the colon let the toxins to reach the joints.

Therefore, the only way to treat arthritis is by stimulating the digestive fire which is the agni and to reduce the ama.

Ayurveda identifies and distinguishes three categories of arthritis. These categories are corresponding to vata, pitta, and kapha. For treating this condition properly, it is crucial to carefully diagnose which type of arthritis you have.

There are three types of Arthritis according to Ayurveda. These include:

- Vata

- Pitta

- Kapha


If arthritis is due to vata in your body, your joints will crack and pop. The joint then become dry. they are not swollen if excess vata is not the cause for arthritis.


The arthritis which is caused due to Pitta is characterized by inflammation. The joint becomes swollen. The joint also becomes painful even without having any kind of movement. The knee looks red and feels hot to the touch.


In kapha-type arthritis, the joint tends to become stiff and swollen. The joint also feels cold and clammy rather than being hot. A little movement in the joint tends to increase the pain than reducing it.

General Treatment of Arthritis

Depending on an individual’s lifestyle, his diet, and his emotional pattern, either vata, pitta, or kapha goes out of balance and this can lead to arthritis. After that, a particular dosha slows down agni which is the digestive fire. This results in the toxic, sticky by-product of insufficient digestion and this is known as ama.

Vata is the main active dosha. Vata brings the ama into the colon. After that, from there it travels through the system. Vata then gets in the bone tissue and in the joints. This gives rise to the stiffness and pain characteristic of arthritis.


Ayurveda tries to remove the ama from the joint. It also mainly attempts to bring it back to the colon and later eliminating it. For being able to do this, we need to keep the colon clean and the best way to determine the kind of arthritis. Once you determine that, you can start remedies which are recommended for the specific type of arthritis. If you do not know which kind of arthritis it is, whether vata, pitta, or kapha arthritis, you can safely take 1 teaspoon of triphala at night. You can take that along with 1/2 to 1 cup warm water.

If you kind of get to know which kind of arthritis it is, you can follow this. Along with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon with warm water, use the following for treatment:

Use Haritaki for vata-type arthritis Use Amalaki for pitta-type arthritis Use Bibbitaki for kapha-type arthritis

Ayurveda suggest general techniques to increase the intensity of the digestive fire which is agni. This is done to burn up the toxins which are posing threat to the body.

Natural Solution: Arthcare Oil – An Anti-inflammatory Herbal massage oil.

Arthcare is an anti-inflammatory herbal oil which not only gives a relief from joint pains but also strengthens the bone tissues, the skeletal and the neuromuscular systems, giving a comfortable movements of joints and muscles.

You can follow some diets, any of the below and start getting treated for arthritis

You can use selected foods and herbs

You can use detoxification diet

Normally, a three- to five-day detoxification diet is prescribed to people having this kind of problem. You can have plenty of vegetables, juices, spices and herbs. These are usually taken during the fast. This food habit lasts till the body shows signs that the digestive fire is really burning strong. Also importantly, these signs include a return of the appetite. These signs also create a feeling of lightness apart from creating a feeling of giving a clear coating to the tongue.

Use of Enemas/ Cleaning Colon

There are enemas and other means of cleaning the colon. These are used very often to help detoxification in the body.

Gemstone Therapy

Use of Ruby, garnet or other “hot” gems which are set in gold are also used for all three kinds of arthritis.

Also there is a use of herbal, medicinal or essential oils to treat arthritis.

Several oils could be applied to the skin. These oils help the body clear toxins. They also help you relieve pain and restore mobility in your legs.

There is an oil names Mahanarayan oil. This oil helps in improving flexibility, stiffness, and muscle fatigue. This oil also removes pain. The oil is mixed with sesame oil and applied to the places where there is pain. This oil also breaks up the blockages. After the oil application, you can take warm heat, yoga, and bath. You can also take a mild exercise as this can further improves this situation.

Narayan oil is another good oil if you have muscle and joint pain. This can also be used for lower body circulation apart from being used for reversing imbalances caused by aging.

Avipattikar churna is used to ingest for rheumatism.

Heat Therapy

In this kind of treatment, the patient will be asked to sit in a sauna. He may also be told to have steam applied directly to the affected areas.

Use of herbs, spices and bitters

There are various herbs, spices and bitters which are being used in Ayurveda. These herbs are often applied externally or they are ingested inside the body. These methods of treatment are believed to cleanse the body. They also do a great deal to relieve pain and stiffness. Some herbs which are used include Mint, ephedra, golden seal, gentian, nirgundi, eucalyptus leaves. Apart from that herbs like prasarini, quassia, coptis, scute, phellodendrom, aloe, guggul, du huo, ligusticum, Siberian ginseng, myrrh, and yucca are also used.

Using all the above methods of treatment, one can successfully treat arthritis. In most cases, the oil used tends to be every effective especially for people in the older age who will not be able to take specific kind of treatments like yoga or exercise to treat arthritis.

Read more on Arthritis Remedy through Ayurvedic Medicines, Exercise, and Massage oil. Also know how to get Arthritis Pain Relief through Herbal Treatments. Learn more on Ayurveda – through World’s Finest Portal on Ayurveda and Herbal Remedies.

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Herbs For Arthritis – Heal Arthritis Pain With Herbs

Herbs For Arthritis – Heal Arthritis Pain With Herbs

Arthritis is a condition which many people suffer from and sometimes they do not even know that they have it. If you are experiencing pain and stiffness in any of your joints then it is essential that you see a doctor as soon as possible. There are a number of different types of arthritis and so it is important to know exactly which type you actually have.

Many herbs have been utilized in the treatment of joint pains for centuries. Some of the very commonly used herbs for arthritis are alfalfa, angelica, black snakeroot, black rockweed, burdock, devil’s claw, feverfew, ginseng, hawthorn, licorice, meadowsweet, oregano, prickly ash, rosemary, stinging nettle, turmeric, water shamrock, wild cucumber bark, wild yam, willow, wintergreen, yarrow, and yucca.

Devil’s Claw native to parts of South Africa, where it is thought to have been used to treat arthritis for centuries, two active ingredients called Harpagoside and Beta sitosterol are found in devils claw which are thought to posses excellent anti-inflammatory properties.


-Nettle Leaves- Stinging nettle is believed to be the natural counterpart of NSAIDs. The anti-inflammatory components of this herb reduce arthritis swelling. The herb also has boron which is a recommended nutrient for those with arthritis. Nettle can be eaten or used for tea.

Cinnamon (Rou Gui) is a very effective Chinese herb for arthritis. The cinnamon bark is good for the flow of blood and it helps for a better spleen and kidney function. Improving the blood flow is important because it removes blockages and deposits that can be the cause of pain and inflammation in some arthritic conditions.

Alfalfa as herbs for arthritis contains an amino acid that can cause symptoms that are similar to systemic lupus. Systemic lupus is an autoimmune disease that can also cause joint pain. There have been some scientific studies that show that these symptoms can occur in both animals and humans as a result of eating alfalfa. There is not a significant amount of the amino acid in alfalfa tea.

Arthritis patients can safely use herbs and herbal preparations. Most of these not only give relief to manifested symptoms of arthritis but also produce effects on the whole body to root out the disease. Herbal preparations generally have a large safety margin and even if taken at a higher dose than what is recommended for therapeutic purposes, they have very few side effects. They can be used by patients and healthy persons in a similar way. In non-diseased individuals, these herbs and herbal preparations can prevent the occurrence of the disease and improve general health.

Alfalfa makes the food residues in the body alkaline, which helps in assimilating them easily into the blood. This is effective in reducing the rheumatoid pains. Tea is made from the seeds of the alfalfa for consumption.

Read about Arthritis Pain Relief and Joint Pain Relief at Herbal Supplements

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About Natural Joint Pain Relief

About Natural Joint Pain Relief

Herbs have been a part of medication from the ancient times. India as well as China has documented evidences of the usage of herbs for curing various ailments. Long before there were chemical medications, these herbs were used for natural joint pain relief (and even natural pain relief in general). With the changing times and researches, the concept of using herb has developed. The reasons for the ever growing popularity of the herbs are its various benefits.

The prescriptions that you follow usually require you to follow strict diet and some caution. Moreover, there may be various symptoms and side effects arising thereof. In herbal remedies, such complications are noticed very less especially when it acts as a natural joint pain relief or a natural pain relief. While most do not have side effects, they are also cheaper than the chemical drugs and equally effective. These herbal remedies not only help you get rid of the signs of the disease but also try to annihilate the cause or the root of the disease. These have a tremendous effect on the immune system.

Word of Caution: Herbs can be used to cure different types of diseases. It may be simple fever or chronic pain. Even though herbs do not have side effects, it is wise to take the advice of the knowledgeable expert herbalist before consuming any herbal medicine when treating chronic ailment especially regarding doses. If you are unable to find any such expert, seek information over the Internet. Most companies offering the herbal products will give you links to the websites of the manufacturers and fulfill the demand of requisite details. You can purchase these remedies online without any prescription. However, you will have to read the instructions carefully prior to usage.

Diseases: If you are suffering from any kind of joint pain including the arthritis, then herbal medicines are natural choices. It helps to reduce the pain and provide natural joint pain relief. Along with this, it will also help in strengthening your immunity and help the medications to work better. It is also widely used in curing headaches and other pains and improving the quality of life by providing natural pain relief.

Thus, the herbal remedies have immense effect on the various health problems and can be safely used as an alternative to the medications if they do not suit you.

Myself webmaster of, we provide information about natural herbs, Herbal remedies, headache remedies, natural joint pain relief, immune system remedies, natural pain relief and lots more.

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Natural Remedies for Back Pain

Natural Remedies for Back Pain

If you are struggling with back pain you may be pleased to learn you can use natural remedies and vitamins to help you to overcome it. Herbs have been used for many thousands of years for there medicinal value and if you find the right combination of herbs you will be surprised at how fast you will find relief from your back pain. Here are some popular treatments for back pain


Vitamin B12 – The first thing you need to do if you are suffering from any type of lower back pain is to supplement your vitamins. A vitamin deficiency can cause back pain especially if it is a B12 deficiency. If you have a B12 deficiency you can also suffer from a number of problems. These include panic attacks, depression, memory impairment and irritability. For this reason it is a good idea to supplement with vitamin B12, even if you are not suffering with a back pain problem. If you take this vitamin it will help with your overall natural good health.



Capsaicin Cream – Extracted from chilli peppers this cream includes the ingredient that gives the chilli peppers their distinctive burn. The cream has the same affect on your back as it has in your mouth if it is applied directly to your back. Some studies show that the use of this cream is helping people with persistent back pains. This product is available at most drug stores. We recommend when applying it you use gloves and do not get it anywhere near your eyes.


Chamomile – One of the big causes of back pain is inflammation of tissue in that area. Anti-inflammatory herbal medication is a good choice for people with back problems. Chamomile will help to relax the muscles naturally. You could also try Saw Palmetto or bromelain these are two good choices for natural anti-inflammatory relief.


Willow Bark – Willow tree bark has pain relieving properties similar to aspirin. If you rub the bark or a product containing willow bark directly on the painful area, you should get some relieve from the inflammation and the pain you are suffering.


If you are suffering severe pain there are a various herbs that can help you overcome the pain. Wild Lettuce has been used to help people overcome pain for many thousands of years and it also has the extra benefit of helping you sleep better. Feverfew, Devils Claw and Burdock are all herbs that can help with your pain relief.


There are various herbal remedies that can help with back pain. You will need to experiment to find the right combination of herbs to help you. It could also take some time for the herbs to have an effect on your condition. An all natural regime will get to the root of the problem and cure it from within. Try it out yourself to see if it works for you and eases your pain.

For more information on natural remedies we have some great tips on Natural Remedies for Back Pain at For your Free 5 part ecourse visit

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Joint Pain Relief – Read This To Get Rid Of Joint Pain

Joint Pain Relief – Read This To Get Rid Of Joint Pain

None of the joint pain is pleasing experience but some joint pains really turn everything difficult including your routine and day-to-day schedule. Joint pain could be acute or chronic. Acute joint pain only remains for a shorter duration as compared to the chronic joint pain that could last for several days, months and even in some unfortunate cases, even for years.

Depending on the causative factor and what degree it has, joint pain relief is quite possible. Joint pain relief from injured and dislocated joint pain is quite difficult and may seek some modern science help such as plaster etc. This is often treated using some pain killers i.e. medications. But if the joint pain relief is sought for general or normal joint pains, one can obtain with some herbal medications, oil (external) application, sudation (steam bath) along with some internal medication that includes herbal extracts or some patent formula using herbs those are natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

Nowadays, there are many ways to get a joint pain relief and the use of over the counter or prescription medications is a commonest way for treating the knee joint pain. But this could be strictly as per the health care provider\’s instructions. Common herbs used as joint pain relief include shallaki, guggulu, ashwagandha, punarnava, shunthi, marich, pippali etc. One can go for single herb or can go for some formula that contains the blend of these herbs.


Other group of medical practitioners favors taking natural supplements such as chondroitin and glucosamine as joint pain relief therapy. Such supplements have gained quite popularity as a useful alternative medication to deal with any body joint pain. Chondroitin and glucosamine are natural components found in the body and they help to build the cartilages in the joint (chondroitin) and fight the cartilage degeneration (glucosamine).

Ayurvedic practitioners use herbs like turmeric, ginger extract, grape seeds\’ extract etc. those have also been reported to be effective as joint pain relief therapy.

Homemade remedies for treating joint pain can also be used. Let us learn some common remedies for joint pains:-

You can also go for the juice of a ginger and add some fine powdered vidanga (Embelia ribes, False Black Pepper) along with some rock salt. Mix them all and consume them in quantities of 3 gm a day preferably with honey. If possible, lick it thrice a day.

Ayurvedic scholars also believe that massaging the paining joints using oil extracted from the seeds of the Bishop’s weed or herb like Nirgundi can be used as joint pain relief therapy. For this, one should warm the oil a little before massaging as warm oil penetrates faster. A similar kind of joint pain relief is gained by massaging with the oil of Neem (Azadirachta indica, Indian Margosa).

In case of joint pains because of chilly or cold weather, it is advisable to add a fistful of Bishop’s weed seeds and 1 tsp of salt in 2 cups of water and then boiling it before using. Keep a sieve on this, and later keep a cloth on the sieve so that it gets moistened with the warm fumes coming from the medicated solution. Using the cloth to foment the paining joints helps in reducing pain and inflammation.

For more useful information visit Natural Cures for Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief at

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Natural Arthritis Treatment and Pain Relief

Natural Arthritis Treatment and Pain Relief

Arthritis is a disease may cause painful swelling and inflammation of the joints and are experienced my millions of people around the world. In the Medical researches suggest that there are more than 100 forms of arthritis but the most familiar form is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis takes place when the cartilage that supports the joints ear out, a process that occurs over a long period and is common among older people. Most people affected by this condition may experience pain, swelling, and stiffness, in the hip, knee, or hand.

To use herbs such as angelica arthritis, place one tablespoon of the cut roots of either species of Angelica in one liter of water and bring it to a boil. Cover up and simmer for two minutes. Remove the herbs for arthritis from heat and let stand, covered, until the water cools to room temperature. Strain and drink the tea in three doses during the day, two to three weeks at a time. So take a break of seven to ten days and start the treatment again if desired.

Other research indicates that fruits and other foods containing vitamin C could also be useful in preventing the development of arthritis. Studies reported in the Annals of Rheumatic Disease journal indicated that the research participants who consumed the least vitamin C were roughly three times more likely to develop arthritis than those who consumed the most.

Natural Methods for Arthritis Treatments: -

Heat and Cold: – Since heat and/or cold is not recommended to alleviate symptoms associated with all types of arthritis, the decision whether to use it or not should be discussed with your doctor or physical therapist. If appropriate for use on your arthritis pain, it must be determined which kind of temperature treatment should be used. Moist heat such as a warm bath or shower or dry heat such as a heating pad and placed on affected joint for about 15 minutes may relieve the pain.

Removing the following nightshades from your diet results in pain free joints: -

• Tomato

• Eggplant

• Tomatillo

• White potato

• Cucumber

• Peppers (all forms)

• Nicotine

• Cape gooseberry

• Garden huckleberry

• Thorn apple

• Belladonna

• Bittersweet

• Henbane

Joint Protection: – A splint or brace can be used to allow joints to rest and keep them from being used, which can exacerbate the condition and may lead to additional injury. As with many other treatments, your physician or physical therapist can make recommendations and possibly provide you with the brace.

Massage: Try massaging your fingers or other affected joints with coconut oil twice a day. Some foods and beverages to avoid that are inflammatory are: caffeine, salt, sugar, meat, dairy products, additives, soft drinks, white flour, white rice, alcoholic beverages, fast food, processed vegetable oils, refined, packaged and processed food.

Exercise/Weight Reduction: – Stretching exercises, swimming, walking, low-impact aerobic exercise, and range-of-motion exercises may reduce joint pain and stiffness while increasing joint mobility. In addition to alleviating some symptoms, the weight loss associated with an exercise program is beneficial in relieving the stress of extra weight on weight-bearing joints, especially the hips and knees.

Read more on Herbal Remedies for Arthritis Pain and Natural Arthritis Treatment and Also Visit

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Natural herbal remedy for arthritis pain relief

Natural herbal remedy for arthritis pain relief

Natural herbal remedy for arthritis pain relief

Effective help is available for people to proactively manage arthritis and enjoy life to the fullest. But the actual prevention of arthritis itself is yet another story.

Rheumatoid arthritis, the membranes or tissues lining the joints become inflamed. There is no known way to prevent any form of this disease, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and adult-onset juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. The exact causes of all these conditions are unknown.

It is very important for people who fear they are at risk of rheumatoid arthritis to realize that now there are no medicines to take life or to make changes that can completely prevent this crippling disease. However, to make changes to your weight and diet and exercise of moderate exercise, you may be able to slow or even halt the onset and progression.

There are many varieties of natural herbs and conventional medicines that have the same effect with natural herbal medicines. There may be a natural herbal remedy for arthritis that will help relieve your pain and other symptoms that are due for their arthritis. Always be careful with what you are taking together to avoid future problems.

Supplements for Arthritis:

There is no single natural herbal remedy for arthritis pain relief, but there are some different options that you can look.


1. A natural herbal remedy of ginger and willow bark extract will be able to relieve your pain. People who have problems with blood clotting and fluid retention should be under supervision of a doctor if they want to take natural herbal remedy.

2. Natural herbal medicine plays an important role in relieving pain and inflammation, however it should not be used for a long time that this herb can cause weakening of the bones and the immune system when used continuously. Along with the advantages it offers, it is advisable to refrain from using this herb or when used, should be occasionally.

3. You can also find many over the counter supplements that use information from a natural herbal remedy to get the right balance of vitamins and minerals that can help decrease your symptoms. Be sure to consult your doctor before taking substances like this.

Causes of Arthritis

Joint injuries caused by accidents or abuse increase the occurrence of some types of arthritis. You can also inherit certain genes that may increase the risk. More research is needed to discover how to reduce the appearance of the disease from these factors.

Some people have an inborn tendency to degenerative joint disease, because changes in the structure of proteins important building blocks of cartilage, which covers the surface of their joints. These seemingly small but significant abnormalities predispose their joints to wear and degeneration.

No food was definitely shown to cause or exacerbate arthritis in most individuals. A variety of diets and information exists about certain foods and arthritis, in particular the night shade plants, but none of that has been proven.

There are things you can do to reduce the risk for certain types of arthritis or to reduce disability, if you already have arthritis. Overweight and obese have a higher frequency of arthritis. Excess weight increases the risk for developing osteoarthritis in the knees and possibly in the hips and hands. Women are at particular risk. In men, excess weight increases the risk for developing gout. It is important to maintain the recommended weight, especially as you get older.

Because a healthy person reduces the risk of becoming overweight, good nutrition plays an important role in the prevention of osteoarthritis of the knee. In addition, moderate physical activity is essential for the maintenance of joint health.

You can treat Arthritis naturally! See how Shallaki or Boswellia has anti-inflammatory properties helps in joint inflammation relief, arthritis pain relief, natural treatment for arthritis. It gently cares for joints.

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Home Remedies for Arthritis and Joint Pain and Arthritis Treatment

Home Remedies for Arthritis and Joint Pain and Arthritis Treatment


Arthritis – is the inflammation of the lining membrane, or synovium,of the involved joint; hence this is not, strictly speaking, the same as Arthritis. The main feature of arthritis is Inflammation, which is a reaction of the joint tissues to some form of injury or damage. The consequences of this kind of reaction were known even in ancient times. Arthritis assumes various forms, the most frequent being osteroarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Inflammation is the main feature of arthritis, which is a reaction of the joint tissues to some form of damage or injury.

Read more on Home Remedies for Arthritis and Home Remedies for Joint Pain. Also visit on Arthritis Rheumatoid

Causes of Arthritis

The causes of arthritis depend on the form of arthritis. Causes include injury (leading to degenerative arthritis), abnormal metabolism (such as gout and pseudogout), inheritance (such as in osteoarthritis), infections (such as in the arthritis of Lyme disease), and an overactive immune system (such as rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus). Treatment programs, when possible, are often directed toward the precise cause of the arthritis.

Symptoms of Arthritis


The main symptoms of osteoarthritis are pain and stiffness in the joints. The pain usually increases after exercise. Rheumatoid arthritis is often called the ‘cooked food disease’. lt usually develops gradually over several months, with persistent pain and stiffness in one or more joints. Ultimately the whole body is affected. Symptoms include anaemia, colitis, constipation, deformed hands and feet.

Home Remedies for Arthritis

1.    Guggulu (a herb) is very helpful in curing arthritis. If available, eat half a teaspoon twice a day after meals with warm water. •Paste of 1 teaspoon red chilies and fresh ginger mixed in half a cup of sesame oil and strain. Gently rub this oil on the affected joints. •Camphor, wintergreen and cinnamon oils are also beneficial for external application.

2.    Warm coconut oil or mustard oil, mixed with camphor, should be massaged in case of stiff and aching joints. It will increase blood supply and reduce inflammation and stiffness on account of gentle warmth produced while massaging. Camphorrated oil is an ancient rebefacient used for the purpose.

3.    Bogbean is an aquatic herb, very powerful herb special for rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis, anti-inflammatory. Since this herb cleans the urinary tract, drink lots of water.

4.    Get plenty of rest, have the right kind of posture mattress, cover with warm comfortable blankets, get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Take deep breathing exercises and walk often for exercise and good health.

Joint Pain

One or more joints are affects by the joint pain. Joint means these are connected to two bones. Joint pain is also called as arthralgia because from greek arthro(joint) and algos(pain). In the United states suffer from one or the other type of joint pain about 50 million people and it is the condition that affects the health of the bone joints in the body as well as more common than cancer and heart problems.

Causes for joint pain

1.    Inflammation of the bursae

2.    Straining of the joint

3.    Injury to joint

4.    Inflammation of the joint

5.    Inflammation of the tendons supporting to the joint

6.    Disorder to nervous system

7.    Infection like viral

Home Remedies for Joint Pain

1.    The best way to heal the joint pains is to massage the joints with any oil.

2.    Having lukewarm bat will also give you desirable comfort from joint pains.

3.    Fry garlic cloves in butter and eat them, it will help in reducing the joint pains.

4.    Make a paste with papaya seeds and boil it in water. Drink one cup of this drink for about two to three weeks.

5.    Roast gram flour and make chapatti from it. Apply butter over this chapatti and eat it. This is also one of the very effective home remedies for joint pain .

6.    Take a glass of hot milk and add turmeric powder to it and drink it before going to bed in the night.

7.    Add half tsp of turmeric powder in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it three times in a day. This remedy also works well over arthritis.

8.    To give strength to the ligaments of the legs, drink carrot juice.

9.    Banana is also very helpful fruit in treating joint pains.

Read more on Home Remedies for Arthritis and Home Remedies for Joint Pain. Also visit on Arthritis Rheumatoid

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Natural Dog arthritis treatment – Dog arthritis pain relief medicine

Natural Dog arthritis treatment – Dog arthritis pain relief medicine

Lіke humans, dogs can suffer from the paіns of arthritis . Іf you’re a dog owner reluctant to put your loved companіon through a Dog arthritis treatment, we totally understand your concerns. Many dogs don’t respond posіtіvely to medіcatіons and end up feelіng worse.To solve your dog’s problem, you mіght resort to natural methods of treatment. Let us begіn by defіnіng arthritis  and іts causes іn the canіne world.

Arthritis іs the іnflammatіon of joіnts and muscles usually affectіng older, іnactіve, or overweіght dogs. Unlіke humans, your dog cannot defіne hіs paіn but you can tell іf your dog has arthritis  by hіs level of actіvіty and responsіveness when you call hіs/her name. The most common type of arthritis  affectіng dogs іs osteoarthritis  assocіated wіth overuse of cartіlages. You can help your dog battle arthritis naturally usіng the followіng herbs and supplements…

Vіtamіn C іs one of the best supplements to protect agaіnst joіnt deterіoratіon. Dependіng on your dog’s sіze, you can add up to 4,000 mg of powdered Vіtamіn C to theіr meals to allevіate arthritis  symptoms. You must avoіd powdered Vіtamіn C that’s hіghly acіdіc, іnstead use a less acіdіc form — Ask your pharmacіst for more detaіls.


Mussels are essentіal to repaіrіng damaged tіssues. Greenlіp mussels and Perna mussels are most effectіve іn dog arthritis  treatment. Іf you can’t fіnd fresh mussels, you can easіly fіnd a suіtable shellfіsh extract at your local pet store.

Vegetables are one of the top dog arthritis fіghters. Your dog may not lіke eatіng vegetables, but try to mіx them wіth hіs/her food for best results. Vegetables are rіch іn mіnerals and vіtamіns that help allevіate arthritis  aches.

Alfalfa and Yucca are great іn reducіng arthritis paіns for dogs. These herbs can be easіly brewed іnto a tea that your dog drіnks on a daіly basіs. The dosage depends on your dog’s sіze and age. For best results, try to brew the tea early mornіng as your dog’s joіnts are the stіffest then.

Stіngіng nettles are yet another herb that can lower your dog’s arthrіtіc paіn.You can easіly make your dog a stіngіng nettles tea usіng the powdered extract. For best results, add the stіngіng nettles to the Alfalfa and Yucca herbal tea.

A mіx of comfrey leaves, chopped rosemary, and parsley lubrіcate your pet’s joіnts. Whіle many dogs won’t lіke the mіx, they stіll love eatіng comfrey leaves.

Usіng these natural methods, you can reduce the symptoms of dog arthritis. One obstacle іs that dogs can be fіckle wіth theіr eatіng patterns. Another obstacle іs the cost and avaіlabіlіty of these natural herbs. As a solutіon, you can use natural arthritis  relіef oral drops. Such homeopathіc remedіes are easy to admіnіster and have no negatіve sіde effects on your dog’s health.

All pets suffer from the pain and swelling of arthritis just like we do - but you can help them with homeopathic ingredients which have historically been used to help treat the symptoms of joint pain – - Pet Bounce™ Homeopathic Oral Drops for Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief.

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