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Increase Women’s Libido and Your Overall Health With These Herbs

Increase Women’s Libido and Your Overall Health With These Herbs

If you suffer from low libido, the good news is you can increase it naturally and safely and at the same time, you can relieve symptoms of PMS, the menopause and increase overall wellness levels. Let’s look at how to do this with some proven herbal cures.

The herbs will quite simply give you the nutrition you need, to increase wellness and heal you libido at the same time – you will simply get nutrients that you won’t normally get in everyday foods. Let’s look at the major causes of low libido and some herbs which can solve the problems.

Low levels of estrogen can cause low libido but you can boost levels by taking Dong Quai. This famous Chinese herb will not only increase libido it will boost blood circulation, nourish the blood and fight the side affects of PMS and the menopause.

Dong Quai boosts blood circulation and sluggish blood circulation , is major cause of lack of sexual desire. When your heart starts to beat faster in response to sexual thoughts, the sex organs must fill with an increased amount of blood. Dong Quai helps but you should add in another couple of herbs which are – Ginkgo Biloba which in addition to increasing blood flow around the body also keeps the blood vessels healthy and Ginger, this herb increases blood flow and also acts as a heart tonic.


Testosterone is another chemical women need for a strong libido and contrary to believe its not just men who need it; a lack of it in women causes sexual desire to plummet but you can get it from the herb Satavri which boosts testosterone and in addition, strengthens muscle tone and moistens the dry tissues of the sexual organs.

The female spirit and your overall state of mind also play a role in sex drive and hormonal changes such as the Menopause, PMS and childbirth can impact on your sex drive. In Addition, stress anxiety and general low mood can see you lose interest in sex. Good herbs to lift mood and the spirit are:


Damiana also produces a feeling of mild euphoria by relaxing the body and calming the mind as well as helping to balance female hormone levels and controlling hot flushes.


One of the best tonic herbs you can take which relieves stress, increases body energy and lifts the spirit on a mental level and on a physical level it helps to improve blood flow around the body and assists in testosterone production

Ashwagandha – Extract “Indian Ginseng”

Ashwagandha is one of the best tonic herbs to improve overall health in women and is packed with nutrients which minimize stress, promote deep vitality, increase sex drive.

Get them ALL in the Best Women’ Sex Pills

You can find all the above herbs and others to help you increase libido and general wellness levels safely and naturally so you simply get more from sex and life.


For more information on how to Rejuvenate Libido and more about the best female libido enhancers and comprehensive info on everything to do with Women’s Sexual Wellness visit our website.

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Female Sexual Wellness – Increase Libido and Overall Wellness With These Herbs

Female Sexual Wellness – Increase Libido and Overall Wellness With These Herbs

If you want to achieve peak female sexual wellness there are number of natural herbs that can help and not only will your libido increase your overall feeling of wellbeing will to…

Female sexual desire is much less physical based than a man’s and is a unique combination of mind, body and spirit.

Here we will look at some herbs to do this safely and naturally but let’s first look at the mental and physical problems that cause low libido

Physical Problems

Testosterone levels are important for women and a lack of this hormone leads to diminished sex drive. Another key chemical is nitric oxide which promotes blood flow into the sexual organs and again if levels are low sex drive and libido drops.

Estrogen plays a critical role in women’s sexuality. Low estrogen levels are associated with lack of desire, arousal, and issues that may cause intercourse to be painful.

Mind & Spirit

Stress, tiredness, fatigue and anxiety can all affect sexual health as our bodies divert depleted energy levels to areas it considers more important even if you do not!

All the above simply make you feel not in the mood of sex. It is important for the mind to be properly nourished, with sufficient oxygenated blood, and has correct hormonal balance. With a mind that is calm
and well nourished and energy levels increased libido and sexual desire return.

Let’s look at some herbs which can help physically and mentally and were going to start with the herb which has been nicknamed the ultimate herb for women:

Dong Quai

It is used to restore balance to hormones and cycles, and helps restore menstrual cycle regularity, and helps keep the reproductive system healthy and is frequently taken to combat PMS

This herb provides antispasmodic and vasodilatory effects. Antispasmodics provide relief from menstrual cramps, they also help prevent spasms, as well as reducing blood clotting, and finally, relax peripheral
blood vessels.

Medical testing has showen that Dong Quai produces a balancing effect on estrogen activity within the body.

It also has an affect on the central nervous system which can alleviate feelings of weakness and headaches which can accompany menstrual disorders. It strengthens reproductive organs and helps relieve conditions such as vaginal dryness and hot flushes.

Strong blood circulation in the body is vital for peak wellness and sexual health and the herb helps nourish the blood and helping promote healthy circulation. It is also high in iron which prevents anemia. The nutrients in the herb help regulate blood sugar levels and keep blood pressure from rising.


Has positive effects on the reproductive organs generally and enhances libido.

In the “Handbook on Medicinal Herbs”, Damiana is said to achieve the following:

“Make every nerve tingle with sexual sensation, whetting the appetite of lustful desire”.

Damiana also promotes a feeling of relaxation, reducing, stress and anxiety and calming the mind and increases energy and feelings of wellbeing Finally, Damiana helps to balance female hormone levels and control hot flushes.


Shatavri moistens dry tissues of the female sexual organs, and increases overall body strength and muscle tone. Shatavri also helps increase levels of testosterone in the body.

The two well known Chinese herbs of Ginseng Ginkgo Biloba are also great tonic herbs to take a whole most of benefits of which perhaps the most important in terms of female sexual desire is there ability to enhance strong blood circulation, nitric oxide production and oxygenates the brain. They lift energy levels, decrease stress and simply make you feel better.

We have outlined 5 herbs and there benefits and there are many more but the above is a great combination. If they are taken in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet not only will you have peak sexual wellness but you will feel better and be healthier.

Try these herbs for peak female sexual wellness and you maybe glad you did.



For more information on Increasing female Libido and comprehensive info on everything to do with Female Sexual Wellness visit our website.

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