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Hypothyroidism – Nature’s Amplitude Can Help you

Hypothyroidism – Nature’s Amplitude Can Help you

Hypothyroidism falls under the hormonal disorder. The condition occurs when the thyroid gland (which is located in the neck region) secrets the thyroxin hormone below the normal secretion level. It is very important to cure the disease as early as possible because it is thyroxin that regulates and controls other hormones of the body. Thyroxin plays an important role in body metabolism process. Any abnormality or alteration in this hormone will disturb metabolism of the body too.

To prevent the disease and its adverse effects, it is quite important to first get the problem diagnosed properly. When the symptoms like weight gain, lethargy, numbness, blurring of vision appear, one has to check the thyroid function because early detection will be very helpful controlling the forthcoming disease. Fatigue, hair loss, intolerance towards the cold, hearing and sensation problem, distorted speech etc are never to be ignored. One should consult the doctor immediately.

Apart from supplementation of thyroid hormone as pills, there are many natural ways to aid the treatment for betterment of the health. One can live healthy with hypothyroidism by combating it with the shield of different herbs. Some of the useful herbs are described below.

Bladder wrack – this is also called as Fucus vesiculosus. It is great stimulant and a good source of iodine. The herb is generally taken in the form of capsules or simply as drink (tea).

Coleus – this is another useful herbs treating hypothyroidism. This helps in restoring the proper functioning of the thyroid gland so that thyroxin is easily released at the normal level.

Lobelia – this is however not been researched properly for the role in hypothyroidism, but it is very useful for the overall health. It rejuvenates the body and therefore, useful in metabolism.

Irish Moss – this herb is used to boost the immune system of the body. It helps the body system to overcome chronic disease.

Kelp – kelp is said to be one of the best sources of iodine that is much needed in the condition of hypothyroidism. There is lack of iodine supply in majority of the cases of hypothyroidism.

Mullein leaves – these leaves are excellent healers. They help in reducing the inflammation that is occurred due to the hypothyroidism. This also help in reducing the general swelling of the body and numbness in the extremities.

These are the herbs, which are very useful in the condition of hypothyroidism These herbs can be taken in many ways. some of them are available as ‘tea’ or energy drink form. Some of them can be taken as powdered form and mixing with other herbs so that the combination becomes formula that will bring the quick results.

Along with these herbs, one has to take precaution that is advised by a doctor. Hypothyroidism alters the metabolism and therefore, one has to be very careful in diet, exercises and daily routine. Small things will make big changes and your alertness will bring the results at satisfactory levels.

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