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Marins Massage Therapy Clinic, Marin Ayurveda is Offering Discounts on All Holiday Gift Certificates

Larkspur, CA (PRWEB) November 03, 2011

Give the gift of health this coming holiday season. Marins massage therapy clinic, Marin Ayurveda, a company specializing in Ayurvedic massage therapies and consultation, hot oil treatments, yoga therapy and more, is offering 20% off all holiday gift certificates this November and December. The offer includes Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies and massage, holistic consultations and other services, except retreats and panchakarma.

In addition to their extensive offerings of Ayurvedic massage therapies, Marin Ayurveda offers a wide range of holistic treatment therapies, based in Ayurveda, a form of holistic medicine from ancient India. They help clients achieve a healthy body and a healthy mind through personalized Holistic Health Consultations. They use informal conversations, questions, pulse and tongue reading to identify a persons energetic body type and current level of imbalance. Based on that information, they create a personal program, including lifestyle, diet, herbs and meditation, yoga and rejuvenation therapies to guide their clients towards a balanced life.

Ayurvedic sessions at Marin Ayurveda are nurturing retreats combining warm essential oils with loving care and skilled touch. The rejuvenating and relaxing massage of the ayurvedic marma points always brings me back to a balanced natural state of wholeness. My body and spirit always feel deeply renewed, comments Ella from Olema.

For more information on Marins holistic treatments and other services at Marin Ayurveda, call (415) 847-3780 or visit them online at Marin Ayurveda is located in Larkspur, CA 94939.

About Marin Ayurveda

Marin Ayurveda is inspired by the ancient science of Ayurveda, developed thousands of years ago through the insight of Indian seers. Located in Marin County, Marin Ayurveda works from a healing system focused on enhancing inner balance and wholeness. It employs various diagnostic methods, such as conversation, examination, pulse, and tongue diagnosis, and therapeutic measures like diet, lifestyle, herbology, massage and rejuvenation therapies. It offers alternative medicine services such as massage therapy, hot oil treatments, holistic treatments, Ayurvedic massage, yoga therapy and more.


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Relieve Muscle Pain with Muscle Massage Essential Oil Blend

Relieve Muscle Pain with Muscle Massage Essential Oil Blend

Everyone experiences the pain associated with sore muscles from time to time. Whether it’s an injury or just a strenuous workout, it used to be that the only cure was time. But now Moriah Herbs has formulated a unique essential oil blend, which can help dramatically reduce the aches and pains of sore muscles.
This unique essential oil blend is an all natural product that is one hundred percent organic, it is very beneficial to use this massage oil for sports injuries, generalized sore muscles and therapeutic massage applications, this light oil blend is fast absorbing and opens the pores to absorb deep into the muscle tissues to provide quick relief of aches, pains, and muscle fatigue. It is also very beneficial to improving circulation to the affected area, and it is also very useful in try to reduce inflammation and thereby any minor swelling that may occur.
In addition to using this product as a means of pain management through therapeutic massage as a means of deliver but it is also quite effective and soothing when mixed with unscented bubble bath, bath oil or even Epsom salt, which can also be quite useful for muscle pain and inflammation, as a means of promoting muscle relaxation and a restful night sleep as well.
Muscle Massage is a very strong essential oil blend, so a mere few drops goes a very long way, for a therapeutic massage application massage a scant 20 drops (or less) into the affected area up to three times a day until pain and inflammation are diminished. For a therapeutic bath application only 5 drops of the essential oil blend should be used in you proffered delivery method is it bath bubbles, bath oil, or Epsom salt.
Aromatherapy has been studied for years and has been proven to be effective at treating a variety of conditions. It works by absorbing through the skin and thereby providing quick relief when applied at the site of pain. Muscle massage has a unique blend of the essential oils of lavender, basil, rosemary, cardamom, camphorated peppermint, and wintergreen oils. While basil, rosemary, and cardamom, oils are all stimulating to increase circulation to the area affected, they also poses a unique herbaceous quality that is cooling and soothing to muscle tissues that when combined with the camphorated peppermint and winter green oils is also cooling and soothing to help with inflammation and swelling. Lavender is also cooling and soothing to the skin it is also a very powerful nervine that helps to ease the pain associated with many muscle problems, like pain, swelling, inflammation and general fatigue.
These essential oils are combined in a carrier blend of almond oil which is fine high quality carrier oil for most skin types that is naturally high in vitamin a, which is vital for healthy skin cell production, and arnica oil. Arnica oil , is useful in any injury, blow fall and even surgery to help heal tissues, It is important to mention however that arnica is for external use only and should not be used on any injury in which there is broken skin or bleeding.
As with any healthcare product natural or otherwise, be sure to consult a physician or physical therapist  prior to use to insure safe usage for your own health and personal medical situation. You don’t have to live with the pain of sore muscles any longer.

In 1995, Deborah Gez created Moriah Herbs, and brought more than 30 years of experience to the field of herbal medicine. Moriah Herbs is a leader in aromatherapy, essential oils and herbal healing.
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