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Herbs for High Blood Pressure, Maintain Normal BP Naturally

Herbs for High Blood Pressure, Maintain Normal BP Naturally

High blood pressure also known as hypertension is a life threatening disease that has affected more than 40 million people. One out of three Americans suffer from this disease and very few people are aware of it unless one experiences frequent spells of dizziness, headaches and occasional nose bleed. High blood pressure is also known as silent killer and it can lead to strokes, heart attacks damaging the vital organs leading either to death or a paralyzed condition.

Apart from the drugs and medications prescribed by the doctors, one can opt for herbal treatments which the nature has provided us in bounties. Lots of scientific researches have proved the effectiveness of herbal treatment in controlling high blood pressure.

Following are the some Herbs useful in High Blood Pressure treatment:

Garlic – The most common herb used in every household is very effective in lowering blood cholesterol and helps in the free flow of blood through the blood vessels. It also acts as mild diuretic, aids in strengthening the heart and not to forget about its antibacterial properties. So by taking few cloves of raw garlic early morning the high blood pressure can be kept in check.

Turmeric – This herb is a compulsory additive in every Indian curries. Turmeric contains curcumin which is an anti oxidant and has inflammatory properties. It reduces the blood cholesterol improving the blood circulation, prevents formation of clots and strengthens the blood vessels. It also aids in liver metabolism. So addition of extra turmeric in curries and gravies can be beneficial in hypertension treatment!

Ginger root- Ginger is also another popular herb used in most Asian recipes. This herb is known to be a blood purifier since ages. It improves the blood circulation and relaxes the muscles around the blood vessels. It aids in digestion and assuages nausea and other uneasiness.

Gingko Biloba – It helps in the dilation of arteries at the same time improving the blood circulation which results in lowering of high blood pressure. Blood circulation in the brain increases due to this herb and it improves memory retention.

Hawthorn berry- Also known as mayflower this herb opens up the arteries and improves the blood circulation. Additionally it strengthens the heart muscles and reduces the hardening of artery walls thus making the blood circulation more effective which keeps the high blood pressure in control.

Olive leaf – Olive tree is widely found in the Mediterranean region and the extract of the olive leaves regularizes the heartbeat and lowers high blood pressure.

Maitake – It is a Chinese mushroom well known for its blood cholesterol reducing qualities and controlling the high blood pressure.

Though herbal medications have proven results still consultation with the experts is necessary before trying out these herbs.

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Herbs for Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension) – Maintain Normal BP

Herbs for Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension) – Maintain Normal BP

Low blood pressure or Hypotension, though not that common as high blood pressure can also lead to serious conditions as the patients suffering from it does not receive enough blood supply for the normal functioning of the brain and other parts of the body.

People suffering from hypotension may experience dizziness, burred vision, fatigue, low pulse rate, headache and poor concentration.

Low blood pressure condition generally arises due to some prolonged weakness, anemic conditions and under nourished body system. Malnutrition leads to the overstretching of the tissues of the blood vessels and so there is less oxygen supply to the tissues which ultimately lead to the hypotension.

Natural herbs for treating low blood pressure

In most cases drugs and pills are not required to treat low blood pressure conditions. It can be rectified by eating healthy and nutritious food rich in protein, Vitamin C and vitamin B. These vitamins play a very important role in maintaining normal blood pressure conditions. Naturally growing herbs also have wondrous effects in raising the blood pressure to desired levels.


1. Beet root- A cup of raw beet root juice if taken twice daily is good to treat this condition, improving the condition within one week.

2. Indian spikenard – Taking 30-40 grains mixed with pinch of camphor and cinnamon regularly raises the low blood pressure. Taking the extract of this herb also gives similar results.

3. Ginger – Most commonly used Asian herb it is equally useful in controlling high and low blood pressures.

4. Hawthorn – Though used in treating high blood pressure it functions mainly to stabilize the blood pressure and bring back to its normal state.

5. Rosemary – This herb in useful in treating low blood pressure. Taking 10 ml. of the extract daily stabilizes the blood pressure.

6. Motherwort – Extract of this herb, though bitter in taste helps in raising the blood pressure to desired levels.

7. Coffee – Coffee being a strong stimulant can create magic in case of mild low blood pressure conditions. Sipping a cup of this aromatic beverage early morning is enough to maintain the blood pressure at desired levels.

8. Ginseng – This herb is known to normalize all the functions of the body and that includes the normalizing of blood pressure too.

9. Siberian Ginseng – Though it is similar to the other ginseng herbs, studies revealed that this variety raises the blood pressure of only those who are suffering from low blood pressure.

10. Stinging nettle – This is a herb that nourishes and helps to build up blood cells and also raising the blood pressure in those suffering from hypotension. This herb can be taken as extract, tea or in capsule form.

External application of some herbs like Rosemary oil or inhaling the scent of Rose geranium can help in stabilizing the low blood pressure conditions.

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Xtreme No Supplement- Maintain Good Health and Build Muscles Faster

Xtreme No Supplement- Maintain Good Health and Build Muscles Faster

A man with a well built body can safely and rightly be said to be of good health. Acquiring a well built body involves regular exercises and this also helps to improve a person’s health. That means that one way to feel and look good and healthy is to work on building muscle mass.

There are a number of obstacles and problems that may hamper your efforts to gain muscles. You need to learn and understand your body type to make it easier to succeed. Various body types respond to exercises differently and understanding your type of body will help you decide the right steps to take.

William Herbert Sheldon who is a psychologist, categorized the various body types into three main categories. These are mesomorphs, endomorphs and ectomorphs. Ectomorphs are generally slim people with bodies that have a relatively low capacity to acquire or store muscle mass.

Mesomorphs on the other hand find it quite easy to gain or lose weight. Mesomorphs thus tend to achieve better and quicker muscle building results. Endomorphs find bodybuilding a bit difficult just like ectomorphs because endomorphs gain weight easily but find it quite hard to shed off weight. Knowing your body type will thus determine the extent and type of body training program you will need.

We all cannot be mesomorphs and many people fall under the other two body categories. These set of people will need help to make their body lose weight or gain muscles easier and faster. Ectomorphs and endomorphs thus require muscle mass supplements to achieve maximum results from their body building program. Xtreme No is thus popular among successful body builders because it an effective way to help lose fat and build muscles.

Xtreme No body building supplement works naturally and is safe because it does not contain hormones or steroids. Among other things, it helps to remove growth inhibitors found in pathways of Nitric Oxide in the body cells. Once these inhibitors are removed, your muscle cells will find it easier to grow and expand uninhibited.

Xtreme No supplement thus helps body builders to reach their maximum muscle growth potential. Using Xtreme No muscle mass supplement will thus helps endomorphs and ectomorphs to gain weight easily like mesomorphs. Now all men can feel and look good quite easily.<!– From http://www.buzzle.com/articles/xtreme-no-supplement-most-effective-way-to-grow-and-build-muscles.html –> <!– google_ad_section_end –>

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