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Menopause Herbs and Food Pattern for Change of Life

Menopause Herbs and Food Pattern for Change of Life

Menopause means the cessation of female monthly menstruation [period]. Menopause is an intermediary stage that takes place when a woman’s reproductive organs fail to produce eggs, causing her menstrual cycle to stop.

Menopause is medically defined as “no period [menstruation] for at least 12 months that is not due to any underlying medical condition”. Typically, menopause begins after the age of 40. There are exceptions with some women commencing menopause earlier in life. More info visits our website

Herbs for Menopause

Black cohosh:

This estrogenic herb (dried roots and rhizome) acts on the uterus and helps in reducing cramps and congestion, as well as relieving hot flushes.

Chaste tree:

The part used for medication is the dried fruit. This herb helps alleviate depression caused during the menopause and is a hormone balancer.


Dried leaves of Damiana are used which are pituitary regulators and anti-depressants. It acts as an aphrodisiac, helping in sexual difficulties. But it shouldn’t be taken frequently as it may aggravate irritation in your urinary tract.

Dong quai:

High in phytosterols, this herb helps reduce symptoms of estrogen deficiency.

False unicorn root:

Dried roots and rhizomes are used from this plant and it has a corrective action on the uterus and ovaries. This herb is also used in treating ovarian cysts.

Ginkgo biloba:

Leaves of this herb have properties which improve circulation and oxygenation of body cells. It alleviates depression and improves memory.


This herb improves immune function, enhances your energy levels and strengthens your adrenal glands. But it should be avoided if you suffer from high BP.


Hesperidin is found in citrus fruits and is taken to boost blood circulation it is also taken to also taken treat hemorrhoids, fibroid tumors in the uterus, endometriosis, and also helps to relieve the symptoms of the menopause.

Sage Leaf

In terms of menopause, lifts mood, helps to control hot flushes and also regulates the menstrual cycle.

Black Cohosh

One of the most popular herbs to help relieve menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes.

St Johns Wort

St John’s Wort has a physiological affect in terms of lifting mood and spirit in relation to menopausal symptoms.

Vitamin E

A powerful anti oxidant which helps to reduce stress and also helps to control hot flushes and keeps cell membranes healthy.

Food Pattern

It is advised that vegetables have to be strictly incorporated in your diet at this point of time. In addition, you could benefit from consuming fresh fruits rather than just drinking their juice. The idea here is that fresh fruits are composed of natural fibres that aid in improving your bowel movement and thus menopause bloating is taken care of. It is a good idea to go for starch rich food in the night.

Consuming the right food at this period will get rid of symptoms such as menopause spotting, vaginal dryness etc. However, menopause bleeding is something that needs immediate medical care. This menopause bleeding may sometimes indicate cancer.
Certain menopause herbs rich in dissolved minerals are good substitutes to regular tea, which can be used to provide menopause symptom relief.

A huge lot of proteins is also a must too. However, an enzyme supplement, Beano has to be taken which aids in the digestion of proteins. Milk is very important. Soy helps you a great deal. Avoid alcohol and sugar rich products. This avoids menopause bloating.

Read more useful Menopause Pain Relief. Also know effective Home Remedies for Menopause and Womens Sexual Health

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Sensaslim Mercy Mission to Save Obese Child from Life Threatening Disorder

Beijing, China (PRWEB) November 05, 2011

At 155 kilograms, 10 year old Le Le weighs almost four times more than other boys his age. He has been diagnosed with a compulsive eating disorder, has already developed a fatty liver, runs a high risk of heart disease and high blood pressure and is gorging himself to an early death.

However a Swiss slimming company has thrown him a lifeline by having their scientists prepare a special formulation of their successful SENSASLIM slimming spray that is safe for children and had it rushed to China.

Le Le is being treated at Beijing Huakang Hospital. Like most 10-year-olds, Le Le at first pulled every trick in the book to get out of the treatments — crying, screaming for his mother or fidgeting so much that the nurses had to give up.

Wang Chunrong, a hospital psychologist, who read a newspaper report of Chinese models using SENSASLIM to spray away their hunger at Beijing Fashion Week, brought Le Les plight to the attention of Fashion Week organizers.

The models felt so concerned about Le Le they contacted Sensaslim direct to ask for help and to see if they could get him a supply sent into China, Chunrong said.

Sensaslim Asia CEO, Mr. Stephen Kao said that SENSASLIM wouldnt be available in China until next year, but Le Le became a special emergency case.

We also dont have a product designed for children, Mr Kao said. However Le Les plight is so disturbing that we have had our scientists prepare a special formulation that will be safe for him to use.

SENSASLIM is an oral spray that is administered three times daily onto the tongue, ten minutes before meals. Its natural active ingredients enter the blood stream and naturally suppress the appetite. Simultaneously, the taste buds are pleasantly desensitized by a natural herb. This sends a message to the satiety center in the brain removing the desire to eat.

SENSASLIM has been described as a models miracle, after being discovered at New York Fashion Week, and Sensaslims success soon spread with the supermodels as they travelled to London, Paris, Milan and Beijing.

Le Les parents, who were becoming increasingly concerned about their son’s health, explained that he started gaining weight when he was one year old. “Everything we did to try and help him lose weight either had no effect or was too expensive to keep up or the boy refused to do it,” Le Les mother said.

Not only has Le Le’s childhood obesity seriously harmed his health, it has also caused problems in and out of the classroom.

For school bullies, the child is an obvious target: He is 1.6 meters tall, weighs almost four times more than other boys his age, and he has been forced to wear the same stained and faded trousers for years because his mother struggles to find him clothes that fit.

“We just hope the treatment will allow our son to live and have a normal life,” added Le Le’s mother.


More Chinese Herbs Press Releases

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Living With Hypothyroidism – Essential Tips To Live A Normal Life In A Crazy World

Living With Hypothyroidism – Essential Tips To Live A Normal Life In A Crazy World

Living with and controlling hypothyroidism can be a life long commitment. Living with any chronic disease is alike a marriage; sometimes things are good, and sometimes things are rocky. The good news is you can enjoy your life, live a full life, and not have to sacrifice your life just because you have a diagnosis of thyroid disease. In fact, many patients with thyroid disease go on to live full and productive lives despite their diagnosis of hypothyroidism.

If you want to succeed in living a full life you first have to recognize your disease must be cared for, much like a newborn baby. You must learn to love your life and learn everything you can about hypothyroidism so you know how to care for your body in the best way possible.

Caring For Hypothyroidism To Make The Best Life Possible

Hypothyroid disease is a disease your healthcare provider can work with you, to treat easily and without much expense in most cases. Typically a healthcare provider can diagnose hypothyroidism by using a simple blood test which will measure the levels of thyroid hormones in the blood. This will provide your health provider with information about levels of TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone and other circulating thyroid hormones in the blood.

Some other thyroid hormones your doctor or healthcare provider may want to monitor may include thyroid antibodies, free T3, free T3, reverse T3 and related hormones.

Often if one or more of these hormones is elevated or decreased, your health provider will recommend supplementation with a synthetic or natural thyroid hormone. In other cases your health provider will recommend that you make changes to your lifestyle and to your diet.

These changes may include supplementation with iodine for example. Some people have thyroid disease because of an iodine deficiency. While this is not as common in first world countries, it is seen more often in third world countries or for people that have other underlying conditions that cause hypothyroidism, including malabsorption syndromes.


Your doctor will often recommend daily treatment that continues over the course of your life, which is why if you choose the orthodox approach, thyroid treatment takes permanent commitment.

Should You Stop Therapy When You Feel Better?

Many patients realize that symptoms of hypothyroidism begin to diminish shortly after therapy begins. They may feel the need to continue therapy decreases with time. Some symptoms may disappear completely. You should not discontinue taking any pharmaceutical treatments recommended by your health provider just because your symptoms disappear, because your disease may return.

Remember thyroid hormones are a replacement for hormones that your body is no longer able to produce. If your thyroid is damaged for example, you will need supplementation for a lifetime.

Over time the dose of therapy you require may change, so your doctor may need to monitor your symptoms and test results and then change your therapy or dosage accordingly.

Here are some things you can do to improve your relationship with your body and your health provider or therapist:

- Pay attention to how you feel. Keep a daily journal and make note of any recurring symptoms. For example, symptoms of thyroid disease may occur if your need for thyroid hormone increases. Sometimes a dose of thyroid hormone becomes insufficient with time. That means some symptoms that went away may return. Make note of them.

- Look for changes in symptoms including fatigue, a slowing heart beat, inability to tolerate cold, or symptoms like constipation. If these return or become worse, write them down and bring your journal to your doctor or health provider to discuss at your next appointment.

- If you notice other symptoms including irritability or an increase heart rate, or an intolerance to heat, you may be taking too much medicine, and your health provider may need to lower your dose. Make sure you notice this as well.

- Make a note of any exercise you are undertaking, as this is part of your total body health plan as well. You can also make note of your sleep patterns and how many total hours of sleep you get each night.

- Don’t forget to note when you feel well too, because your health provider will want to know that you are succeeding at living a fulfilling life!

Remember to make a note of any other medications you may be taking so your health provider can look for possible interactions and protect you from any possible unnecessary side effects. Health is a total body process.

If you do not like the idea of taking pharmaceutical medication for the rest of your life you will be relieved to know that hypothyroidism can also be treated with natural therapies. There are a variety of herbs and nutrients that not only improve your thyroid hormones but also help improve thyroid function. Unlike pharmaceutical medication it may not be necessary to take natural remedies for long periods of time. When combined with exercise and the appropriate diet it is possible to permanently heal your thyroid.

For more information on living with hypothyroidism, or how you can boost your thyroid function naturally, please visit where you can grab a FREE copy of Duncan Capicchiano’s hypothyroidism secrets mini-course. Duncan Capicchiano N.D. is a fully qualified Naturopath, Author, and Medical researcher specializing in hypothyroidism.

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Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss ? Information You Need to Make an Informed Decision to Improve Your Life

Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss ? Information You Need to Make an Informed Decision to Improve Your Life

Are you frustrated with today’s supplement market, there are so many supplement products and it makes it really hard to choose one.  There are so many hyped up products that promise miracles, when all you should be searching for are solutions.  You ever heard the saying, “People like to buy, but they don’t like to be sold.”  Why don’t we like to be sold?  It is because we have been sold so many useless creations that promise us the world and they almost always fall short.  This causes us to feel like we were scammed and that we wasted our money.  It is not our fault though because supplement products do not need to be approved by the FDA.  What does this mean?  It means that anyone can throw a concoction together, make some claims on what it can do and sell it to anyone.  So, what can you do to avoid buying one of these hyped up products.  My suggestion is that you do your research so that you can make an informed decision on what to try.  In my research I have found an herb which is called saw palmetto that is a known solution.  In this article I will provide you with information about this herb, so you see why you should use saw palmetto for hair loss.

The first thing I would like to do is tell you what saw palmetto is.  It is an herb that is taken from the berries of small palm called Serenoa Repens.  It has been used for many years by Native Americans to treat urinary problems for men and breast problems for women.  It has also recently become a popular natural remedy for hair loss.  We are not sure how it works, but it is believed to block the enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.  Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is considered a key factor in causing the most common form of hair loss known as androgenic alopecia.  Although it is not known to grow your hair back, it is known to slow the process which is an important step.

Since saw palmetto is known to slow the hair loss process and not for re-growing hair, you need to supplement it with something that will.  So the supplement you are looking for should be able to do both.  I recommend a product that contains the only ingredient that is FDA approved which is Minoxidil.

Now get out there and start improving your life.  You now have some information that can help you make an informed decision that could improve your life.  I hope this information has shown you that saw palmetto for hair loss is a viable solution for you.  I also suggest that you search for a product that has both saw palmetto and Minoxidil, so that you can slow the process and begin to re-grow your hair.

You are free to reprint this article as long as it remains intact and the resource box below is included.

Darryl Delatorre is an avid researcher of health issues that both men and women face. He is also a dedicated researcher of natural remedies that could be a solution to those issues. If you found this article informative and helpful, please check out his website at for more information on this important issue. He also invites you to take a look at the natural remedy he has discovered for both men and women with hair loss.

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