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What are some antifungal herbs I can take to clear up my skin infection?

Question by Dd: What are some antifungal herbs I can take to clear up my skin infection?
I have tinea versicolor. I’ve tried several different things, but they haven’t worked for me. I can’t see a doctor right now, and I’ve heard of herbs that often do the trick, but I need a little guidance. Any help would be appreciated.

By the way, I understand that natural does not always equal safe, so I will be sure to do plenty of research before purchasing and trying any herbs or supplements. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Jaye
1. Have you tried applying tea tree oil. It is a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. Dilute it with olive oil if it is too strong for your skin. When you get out of the shower, pat you skin dry, leave it a little damp and rub the tea tree oil and olive oil mixture on the areas, like a moisturizer.
2. Olive oil and honey works as well, it may take longer but it will work, take a mixture of olive oil and maybe a couple tbl of warm honey, rub on area let sit like a mask for 10 minutes, rinse off in shower.
3. Use natural soaps, often times this condition is irritated by the drying sulfates in soap. Switch to a natural coconut oil soap or oatmeal based soap.
4. topical sulfur mud is another method, sulfur mud is very smelly (like bad eggs), however it works with many skin conditions like acne and will work.

good luck!

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Kidney Infection | Causes, Treatment and Herbs for Kidney Infection

F.E.G. Kidney Remedy, circa 1887
kidney herbs

Image by Caveman Chuck Coker
Title: F.E.G. kidney remedy. The newly discovered herb medicine. Sold everywhere / Van.

Date Created/Published: c1887.

Medium: 1 print : lithograph, color ; 61 x 47 cm.

Summary: Patent medicine poster showing “Paul and Virginia,” caricatures of an African American couple on a swing.

Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-ppmsca-09471 (digital file from original print)

Rights Advisory: No known restrictions on publication. No renewal in Copyright office.

Call Number: Unprocessed in PAGA 7, no. 218 (B size) [P&P]

Other Number: 2231

Repository: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

* 2231
U.S. Copyright Office.
* Caption: Paul and Virginia.
* Rochester Lith. Co., Rochester, N.Y.
* Title from item.

* African Americans–Social life–1880-1890.
* Couples–1880-1890.
* Swings–1880-1890.
* Patent medicines–1880-1890.

* Lithographs–Color–1880-1890.
* Posters–1880-1890.

* Miscellaneous Items in High Demand

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A human body cannot be imagined without kidneys. They are vital parts of our body which is responsible for flushing out the wastes and surplus liquids through urine. Although there are several types of kidney infection but Pyelonephritis is the most common among them.

The infection starts with the bladder – a part of urinary system that stores urine before being released. Kidney infections are of two types – acute and chronic. Chronic infection often leads kidney failure.


Bacteria can infect your kidneys by way of your bloodstream, or, by entering your urinary tract through the urethra and starting to multiply. Infections that come through your bloodstream usually have their origin at another infected area of your body.

Although the urinary system has properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria, there are factors that favor the bacteria to enter in the urinary tract, multiply and develop an infection.

Not always having bacteria in the urine means that you have an infection. There are cases of persons, especially older adults that have bacteria in the bladder that don’t cause any symptoms or harm, and there is no need for a treatment, fact called asymptomatic bacteriuria.


Diet and Nutrition

Drink several pints of water daily. Reduce your of calcium-rich foods such as dairy products. Avoid foods containing calcium oxalate  chocolate, strawberries, rhubarb, grapes, spinach, blueberries, and beets. Use a water filter to remove calcium in hard water areas. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, mixed with a bit of honey in a little warm water and taken every day, can also help.

Consult a qualified practitioner

Herbal Medicine Remedies include gravel root, stone root, and parsley piert. Homeopathy Remedies to relieve caused by kidney stones blocking the ureter include Berberis, magnesia Phos. and Calcarea. Acupuncture this can help reduces pain and infection.

Urinary incontinence

This condition can be caused by a weakness of the muscles controlling the bladder, injury (sometimes during childbirth), or disease. Drugs prescribed for some medical conditions – high blood pressure, for example – can also affect bladder control.

The symptom of this condition is inability to control urination. An early sign is involuntary micturation, a leakage of urine when laughing, coughing, or lifting. In men this can also be a symptom of prostate problems.


•  Gravel root

•  Cornsilk

•  Couch grass

•  Hydrangea

•  Madder

•  Rumex

•  Juniper Berries

•  Aloe Vera juice

Each of these has their own way of treating the condition. Each of these has their own ability to break down the kidney stone to assist in successfully removing it. The herbs often are able to break down the crystallization to allow the the stones to be safely passed through the urinary tract.

The most common kidney stone is one that has been linked to an improper diet. The calcium oxalate. Coincidentally, this type of stone is linked to the diet. It is considered to be typical in individuals that are on low fiber diets, consume a lot of refined cars, meats, dairy and alcohol.

Read more on Kidney Stones Supplement and Burning Urination and Urinary Tract Infections and also visit our website for more information from HerbalCureindia

Chinese and American ginseng brewed into herbal teas such as Six Flavor Tea, Yu Gui Wan or Golden Book tea can help people with kidney disorders. Learn about the different formulations and effects in thisfree video on herbal healing. Expert: ROBERT LINDE Bio: Acupuncture physician and registered herbalist Robert Linde has studied herbs since 1975 and has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than six years. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz Series Description: Herbal healing relies on substances with natural curative properties, offering safe and effective treatments for everything from depression and weight loss to bladder infections. Learn herbal healing techniques from a professional herbalist in this free video series.
Video Rating: 0 / 5

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  • Traditional Chinese medicine used as a diuretic and to maintain healthy kidney functions
  • Strengthens the kidney; 100% natural
  • Provide alisol A and B, B-sitosterol, saponin, flavonoid, biotin, and more
Diuretic, strengthen the kidney. 100% Natural. Kidney Fortifier Herb Tea is made of wild pyrrosia and alisma with other precious herbs. They provide alisol A and B, B-sitosterol, saponin, flavonoid, biotin, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine uses them as d

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Posted by Herbs For Me - November 18, 2011 at 7:21 pm

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Urinary Health, Herbs, Bladder infection

Earth Cuisine for Longevity
herbs for infections

Image by Barry Gourmet and Raw
My Personal Experience with my diet:
Writen by Barry Gourmet & Raw © copyright Aug. 24 2011

Having a new lease on life with my slimVegan body,and feeling good ,with tons of energy I continued to abstain from eating any kind of animal even though many Korean people love their barbecued beef but in much smaller portions compared to Americans.
However near the end of the 4th year of my 100 percent strict Vegan Cleansing Diet I felt that my energy should be much stronger than it was, and as usual I listened to my body and paid close attention to it.
I was living and working in Soul Korea at the time during the early 90s and I was burning a lot of calories at the time enjoying my new life by vigorously ice skating every evening at Lotte World Ice rink and on week ends mountain climbing and hiking with my friend Mr Park.
I will never forget my Friend Mr. Park and his gracious family for introducing me to many fine Traditional Korean foods to enjoy.
Even though we are the same age and had almost the same diet I noticed that Mr. Parks Stamina and endurance,climbing mountains was better than mine and his dieting was just only a little bit different than mine when we would eat out together . Back then I was working as an Animator Supervisor in Cartoon film production for Television,and having been trained to observe people and their movements and habits I made mental notes of every thing Mr. Park was eating doing ,and saying. I did not have enough time and money to make a double blind test study on 2 or 3 large groups of people so I just studied Mr. Park instead.

We where eating a Korean style of Macrobiotic plant based raw foods and some cooked and some high enzyme raw fermented foods as well like Miso Soups, Kim chi, sour vegetables with herbal Green teas and some times a bit of Korean Rice Wine. Included with our meals was boiled brown rice with different legumes Tofu, sesame sauce and seed, asian pickles, with fruit plates as a snack. Some times I would share a Korean Vegetarian style fried pancake with Mr. Park.And sometimes Mr. Park would surprise me, and place an Acid forming Egg on his Bi Bem Bap!! Thats a popular Korean Style bowl of rice and vegetables. On occasion but not often enough I would sprout and grow wheat grass in my hotel room.

What I notice Mr. Park doing that was different from me was his love for Raw Honey , Bee Pollen and fresh Raw Korean Red and White Ginseng Root mixed together. Honey and Bee Pollen was animal so it was off my list.
And another thing that Mr. Park would do was sometimes on occasion he would add a bit of Fish to his vegetables or a bit of beef or pork. I would never touch the last 2 but I know especially pork is very popular in most Asian countries. Other than that we where on the same diet that lasted for at least 2 years before I finished my job with the Walt Disney Company and flew back to California USA for a check up with my Natural path Doctor ND and Nutritionalist.

When my lab blood work came back I was SHOCKED and surprised to discover the following results?

Even though I felt a 100 times better in the past after losing all my excess weight , I still did not feel at my optimum in energy levels.

My blood count looked good except for the following result:

I had Anemia with a low red cel blood count .
I was deficient in Vitamin B 12
And I was low in my Essential Omega 3 Fatty Acids

My Doctor gave me a Vitamin B -12 shot that I did not like because I have a thing about being poked with needles . My Doctor subscribed Sublingual B -12 liquid under my tongue and subscribed Iron supplements and told me to start eating fish for my essential Omega 3 fatty Acids.

I found out later that I was not alone , and that other people experienced the same thing.
Did you ever see the Movie or Video called “ Super Charge Me “ directed and acted by Jenna Norwood?
Well after only 30 days of strict raw vegan dieting and remember mine was almost 4 years straight, her Doctor after looking at her blood lab results informed Jenna that her red blood cell count was lower and borderline Anemic.

She called David Wolf who is an Expert Nutritionalist and Food Researcher about her findings.
David , advised her to take more green vegetable juices ,especially Parsley,Dandelion,and Spinach. And to eat more dark red cherries , and more dark red berries of every kind that is rich in the mineral iron. David is right of course as all the above mentioned foods ,will supply the body with dietary organic Iron to correct the Anemia. At the time I did not have David with me to consult with, and so I had to figure things out a lot on my own over the years ,and research a lot about how to best keep my vitamin B -12 at normal range and my Omega 3 Fatty Acids optimized.

Even if a person eats enough foods rich in Iron like , Beef, Fish, Poultry,and for Vegetarians ,Beans,and all kinds of fruits including dry fruits, and green leafy vegetables like Spinach things can still go wrong if you sway away from NATURE and nibble on that man made processed glue thats advertised in print and media.

Seliac Disease or condition,plus Gluten Intolerance, or people that are allergic to Gluten grains , like Wheat ,Rye,and Barley will have a hard time absorbing the mineral Iron even if they think they are on a good diet. Grains normally along with a few root vegetables like potatoes are very starchy foods and offer less bio available nutrition to the body as compared to vegetables growing above the ground.( Go for a lot of Dark Greens rich in Iron)
Crones Disease or condition, which is a chronic inflammatory auto immune disorder that affects the small intestine and other parts of the intestinal tract can cause Iron deficiency leading to Anemia as well.
Even parasitic infections can cause iron deficient anemia as some invading parasites are capable of feeding off of your blood supply.
Parasites live in all meats of every kind so my recommendation is to cook the meats well, and to eat the wild game meats as condiments and not as the main course at any meal.
It takes a lot longer to properly chew any meat until it becomes liquid in your mouth , and on top of this it even gets more challenging for us to digest the meat proteins in comparison to plant based proteins. The meat takes longer than any other food group out there for time of digestion, and transit time through your body,and if this isn’t enough, all meats are very Acid Forming inside our body and if eaten in excess could cause an imbalance with our intestinal friendly flora bacteria living in our gut, that would compromise our immune system .And I could say a whole lot more why we should not eat so much meat ,and I have to save it for another article because ,there would not be enough space left on this page to do so. So trust me on this , a lot can go wrong with eating to much land meat in our diet, including sea food that is farm raised.

Wild fish in moderation agreed with me ,such as Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines and Herring.
I personally do not eat any Beef or Pork and very rarely any poultry with their eggs.( And if I did it would be open free range and organic , chickens or ducks running around some villagers back yard living a free life like nature intended . I purchase my wild sea food from my local Sea GypsyVillage.
People living in the 5 Blue Zones noted for longevity live on a Plant Based Whole Food Diet that includes a little bit of wild free range protein as a condiment only. With their primarily vegetarian plant based meals with much of their diet RAW they eat small meals spaced out.

The founder of the Blue Zones ,Mr Dan Buettner with his Expert team of Scientists supported by the National Geographic Society Magazine, in 2004 made a discovery that in my opinion should, and must wake up every person living in our modern day society, to take notice and to act upon and learn about LIFE from the people living in the Blue Zones around the world.

The 5 Blue Zone locations around the world now famous for peoples Longevity ,Good Health, and Happiness are the islands of Okinawa Japan,the island of Sardinia Italy, Nicoya Peninsula Costa Rica,Loma Linda (Seventh Day Adventists), California USA, and the island of Ikaria, Greece.

I find it interesting that the 3 Blues zones that have a lot in common that contribute to the peoples longevity in Okinawa Japan, Sardinia Italy, and Lorma Linda California,are as follows.
The Family is priority and has great purpose in their lives.
Non Smokers, as Centenarians (People who live to be one hundred years or older)from the studies do not typically smoke.
A Plant Based Diet for life is primarily their choice for consumption of plants from nature.
Constant every day moderate physical activity with rest periods.
A strong sense of community and purpose ,with all people engaged in social activity.
Legumes or Beans are commonly consumed.

From my own experience and observations starting over 35 years ago when I first visited Thailand, I was overwhelmed with curiosity as to why all the Thais that I observed where thin ,lean and in good shape. And I can remember at that time that I was self conscious of my own body being very overweight from consuming the processed Standard American Diet (SAD). Back then not previously having the experience of traveling overseas ,it really hit me because I thought that it was a normal thing in society to have a certain population segment to be overweight or even obese as I was just a young man looking for adventure in a new country.
The Thai people back then primarily ate a traditional Thai diet of Rice, Noodles,lots of Vegetables, Fruits and seafood that would delighted any persons taste buds. But what really got my tasted buds jumping around like Mexican Jumping beans on a hot stove, where the hot Thai Chili Peppers that every Foreign Tourist will experience sooner or later as Thais will serve it HOT unless you order it otherwise. (Always keep a big glass of cold ice water near by)

I also noticed in my travels to up country in Thailand even today that life is really simple and the Thai people continue to eat the traditional fare of Greens with Rice and fresh fruits with the usual spicy hot dishes that they are famous for especially in the North East of the country.On my last visit to the up country in Thailand’s North East I witnessed interesting bits of edible protein ,very popular with the villagers,such as Beatles,Grasshoppers,Ants,Lizards and Frogs.
I gave a pass on the first four, but I did try the Frog Soup and it was tasty and not bad at all.Remember that these people are still eating from nature, with their Fruits and lots of Vegetable Greens and less processed food from out of a box. My Thai wife name Am continues to practice her traditional Thai North East diet today but does get distracted now and then, and falls prey to temptation from processed fast foods , only because we now live on a tourist island with lots of out side influences, but that is another story.

Today after my first trip 35 years ago to Thailand I definitely see and notice a negative change of health in some of the Thai People in general in comparison of 3 decades ago ,that also affects other developing countries that I have travelled to as well. In Bangkok and Phuket I see much more Obesity and over weight problems in general in comparison to the past, and when I talk with western trained Thai Md’s ,they all agree with me, for this point of view. At one time , I read a report a few years back that Thailand was the country along time ago with the lowest rates of Cancer for any country , anywhere in the world ! Now today this disease is going up along with Diabetes and other chronic ailments as well. Last reported the Thai government wanted to crack down on all processed foods that contain Hydrogenated Fats to protect their people from Diabetes ,that I learned from in a radio announcement.

What I have learned from all of this is very simple. You may be surprised but Yes I later updated and adopted a diet from the 5 Blue Zones and tailored them to suite my own life style,to learn from the information and to implement what works for me .I guarantee that in time you will see and feel a positive difference in your own life and well being as well, with time and effort on your part. I know this because I have been practicing a type of my own tailored Blue Zone life style, by shear fate ,and good fortune, and discovered on my own, that a Blue Zone diet and life style, really does work!

From 1979 through 1990 living in Los Angeles California ,a close friend of mine influenced my eating habits and life style to help me to make a profound positive change to my unhealthy living and obesity. My friend was a Seventh Day Adventist follower ,and I still remember the day that we spent together on her older brothers family farm that grew and sold the very popular Apple Pears to the Asian market place.

Other positive influences that helped me where the teachings of Asian Macrobiotics, Mediterranean Diets, the Thai Cuisine with all its wonderful herbs and spices ,and the Raw California Cuisine diet , along with Anne Wigmores Wheat Grass movement .All of these Plant Based programs helped me to make a healthier change that required many steps for me to implement ,and to finally take back my health. Believe me I know that it was not so easy to do this,with all the every day food temptations out there,such as the advertising, the peer pressures, the sounds , visuals, smells and addictions of processed foods .It was literally overwhelming to me, for a long time during those days. But with good planning ,persistence, and acquired knowledge I eventually beat the odds that where stacked against me and you can too.

The 5 Basic Blue Zone Diet Models at a Glance:

Island of Okinawa Japan Diet:

Their diet is heavy on grains of all kinds , with fish and vegetables,but light on land meat and dairy products. The Okinawans consume fermented foods such as Tofu,Miso Soup,and Seaweeds. They eat many different herbs and greens including Bitter Mellon.
Many small servings of Green and Yellow vegetables,including Sweet Potatoes,with a small amount of fish less than half a serving at one sitting per day maybe 2 or 3 times per week.
The Okinawans consume more than the general population of Japan in the way of Soy including fermented Soy such as Miso Soup, and other legumes plus sprouts green onions and Green Tea ,and Mugwort Tea beverages including a strong distilled Rice Wine called Awamori.
Pork may be consumed, but very rarely would eggs or any dairy or the last two could be completely omitted from their diet.
They also enjoy Mushrooms such as Shiitake ,Turmeric Root , Peppers and Fennel.
This diet looks and sounds like the Macrobiotic diet along with my Seventh Day Adventist program, that I followed more than 30 years ago to lose all my excess weight .I can say that it does work. An important note is the Okinawans never overeat at one sitting, compared to many other cultures.To recap ,the Plant Based diet is very heavy on Leafy Greens ,Assortment of other vegetables and fruits, and whole grains, with some fish, fermented soy, green tea , and a natural Rice Wine in moderation. Okinawa Japan has more Centenarians of people living over one hundred years of age, per capita than any other country in the world today.
Okinawans know how to live right, for proven Longevity.

Island of Sardinia Italy Diet:

Sardinia is located in the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy and is reported to have the longest living Men in the world today. Sardinians enjoy high fiber whole grain sour breads that contain probiotic live bacteria that support their intestinal health. Their Cheeses are grass fed from sheep that would supply Omega 3 fatty acids, that would not be found from live stock that is grain or corn fed that we find in the USA and other countries around the world.
Sardinia is famous for their rich dark wines , organic and unique to their island ,referred to as the black wine boasting the highest anti oxidants of any known wine today.The fermentation process is longer than most other wines explaining the high anti oxidant protection. The important thing to remember is that they drink their wine with their meals and not separately.
The islanders enjoy seafood of squid,tuna,lobster,and sardines in moderation. They also enjoy lots of Leafy Greens ,Beans ,and an assortment of different vegetables, with tomatoes, and herbs such as Mint,Myrtle,Basil,Oregano,and of course the King of Herbs Garlic.
Nuts are enjoyed often. The Mediterranean Diet is well documented for good health and longevity, not to mention how delicious many of the recipes are as well.

Loma Linda California USA Diet:

The Seventh Day Adventists of Loma Linda California enjoy exceptional health and longevity that is part of their living standards with their faith and strong community support. The people of Loma Linda are primarily Vegetarian and enjoy a Plant Based whole food diet rich in various Fruits and Vegetables. Their diet is rich in nuts and beans. And they may eat meat very little and sparingly. The interesting part is what they do not eat. They will not eat pork, shellfish,drink no alcohol, and smoke no tobacco. They avoid coffee ,tea, and all soft drink beverages containing caffeine. We can all learn something good from the healthy life style and diet of Loma Linda California.

Nicoya Peninsula Costa Rica:

It seems to me that the diet of Nicoya is more fatty than the other 4 Blue Zones but other than that , other factors could play in their good fortune of Longevity,such as being the closest of the Blue Zones ,to our earths equator and having fresh air and vitamin D tropical sunshine all year round. They enjoy Rice,Fried Plantain,Onions,and meat of chicken or beef.Also Eggs ,Beans, and Cabbage or Lettuce salad sprinkled with Lemon Juice or Salt.
Squash,Corn ,Rice ,Beans, and Leafy Greens are all very high in fiber and they eat lightly and enjoy their community and out door gardens and social community life.

Island of Ikaria Greece Diet:

A wonderful Mediterranean diet of Leafy Greens ,Grapes,Figs,Pumpkin and Squashes with herbs of Fennel,Oregano and St. Johns Wort to just name a few. Olive Oil is big on the island that is used on many of their meals that would include wild mushrooms,Bean Soups,Chestnuts ,Almonds, Apples, Pears,all eaten in season and locally produced from gardens on the island.
Locally made Organic Red Wine is enjoyed with meals with Whole grains and potatoes in moderation .The islanders of Ikaria Greece enjoy a big assortment of whole food vegetables and fruits.Fish from the sea is prominent in their diet taken on occasion.
Raw Goat milk yogurt with raw honey is part of their diet as well.
I find it interesting that 2 out of the 5 Blue Zones are Mediterranean Diets.

To recap the 5 Blue Zone Diets: They are all Primarily Vegetarian and Whole Food,Plant Based in Nature.Their diet consists of complex carbohydrates directly from NATURE and not the simple carbohydrates found in processed foods so prevalent in our modern day society. Their foods are in season and locally grown Organically and they eat nutrient dense calories that are very high in fiber,and rich with natures anti oxidants. With food like this their top soil would have to be properly amended organically and their crops would be well diversified. A lot of them have their own garden plots and therefore they are connected with NATURE. Dark Leafy Greens and Fruits are eaten by all 5 Blue Zones locations.
And many of them incorporate some kind of fermented probiotic natural food into their diet plan as well. Their diets are richer in the minerals Magnesium and essential Omega 3 Fatty Acids plus trace minerals and vitamins that are officiant in a modern fast food society that we know of today.
The people of the 5 Blue Zones truly are living Earth Friendly as nature intended.
“Would the Breakfast with Barry Gourmet & Raw Photo qualify as a Blue Zone Breakfast?”

The Blue Zone Diet plan for longevity is just part of the picture ,although a very important one.
Dan Buettner with his team of researchers discovered 9 more important factors to complete the picture for the secret of Longevity as follows.

1- Make natural movements with your body every day . Examples are gardening,walking, swimming in nature,bicycling,dancing,having social fun playing , hiking, and stretching.

2- Having a Purpose in Life. Enjoying the work that you do. Optimistic about your daily activities.

3- Not working to hard , slowing down , and taking things in stride.

4- Not eating to much at one sitting. Eating only enough to be satisfied but not to full.

5- Eating lots of various vegetables but not to much meat.Eating often socially together.

6- Having the occasional glass of natural organic Red Wine or some home made Rice Wine that supplies high antioxidants and cultures.

7- Belonging to a community,or having a social network.

8- Sharing personal Beliefs or Spirituality.

9- Making Family a priority .(Strong Family connections through out)

Barrys Health and Weight Loss Tip:

The reason that I chose the 5 Blue Zones to study as a relevant topic for health and weight loss is very simple. The people of Okinawa Japan,Sardinia Italy, Ikaria Greece, Linda Loma California,and Nicoya Peninsula Costa Rica have been living and eating their natural diet for years , decades, and generations long before fad diets became fashionable. I believe lessons can be learned here from these people that truly live well past 100 years of their life ,and they are living testaments of Real Health Happiness and Longevity.

I believe when Dan Buettner wrote his 2 books , entitled “Thrive” finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way and the second book “ And the Blue Zones” lessons for Living Longer from the people who’ve Lived the Longest was his way of sounding the alarm.I believe Dan wanted to help many people living in the modern world to look and think about their own personal diet choices that may not be working so well for health and longevity?

It really dose not matter where you live. You actually do not have to live in a Blue Zone to achieve Happiness and Vibrant Good Health in your life. In fact you can adopt a Blue Zone way of life right where you are living right now today. It can be in steps or stages , like replacing processed packaged goods with real food from nature like fruits and vegetables, and using the internet for recipe ideas as there are thousands of them out there on line.It just takes a little of your time and effort ,and discovery ,to embrace the journey, to better lasting disease free health and desired weight loss and longevity.

“ If it grows out of the ground or on a tree,and occasionally swims wildly out at sea,then I will take 1,and 2 and occasionally 3.”

Barry Gourmet & Raw

Is the island of Phuket Thailand a Blue Zone ?

Phuket island is the largest island in the Kingdom of Thailand located in the south facing the Andaman Sea on the east side of the country. The weather is good all year round with scattered rains during the green season and bright Vitamin D sunshine through out the tourist high season. November to April for six months of the year is the time when the sea is calm and clear with good visibility for swimming and looking at coral marine life,but accommodation pricing is a bit higher at this time of year.But September 27 to the 5th of October offers a very special event on the island. The Phuket Vegetarian Festival is not to be missed. How did it all start? About 150 years ago ,a large community of Chinese Tin Mine workers ,became very ill from some kind of epidemic disease, and many died. Realizing that they forgot to practice their belief of paying homage to their Gods they decided to sent one of their own to China for help .An entourage of a High Chinese religious committee returned to Phuket island to bring back the missing Chinese culture of respect to their nine Empire Gods.They practiced vegetarianism with out any disease fatalities and soon adopted a yearly festival known today as the Phuket Vegetarian Festival.
So since then they have celebrated every year the Vegetarian Festival on Phuket island with the possessions starting at all the prominent Chinese Temples in Phuket Town.

The commitments of the Phuket people are as follows for this Festival.

1- Cleanliness of the body during the Vegetarian Festival.
2- Wear white during the Festival includes shirt and trousers.
3-Behave proper physically and mentally with out any conflicts.
4-Clean kitchen utensils not to used by others who do not participate in the Festival.
5- Avoid eating any meat of any kind.
6-Avoid having Sex.
7-Avoid any Alcohol
8-People in morning should not participate in the Festival, it is discouraged.
9-Pregnant women and menstruating women should not attend ceremonies.

Yes the Chinese Thais can be very superstitious in their beliefs,but this sense of community is what keeps their culture alive and well, and I have to admit that I do see a lot of very old people walking around at this time of year.

The nice thing is at any time of the year here on Phuket island it is not hard to find a VeganVegetarian Restaurant that even serves brown rice with lots of leafy greens and other treats. Some of their plant based dishes are world famous like the spicy Papaya Salad (Som Dum) Suki Yaki which is a sort of do it your self heated vegetables in water with your choice of fish and land meats with salads on the side.Then there is a dish called “Can-om Jeen” which is noodles with your choice of different curry sauces and served with a big plate of different vegetables for you to choose from.
Every where you can see in certain sections of the island loads of Plant Garden Nurseries that sell organically grown edibles and ornamentals. One time I saw an elderly Phuket Man siting at a park bench with his bicycle looking at the monkeys playing in a tropical marine mangrove.I stopped to greet him. You know the feeling when you see a person and it just seems right to be sociable ,even if that person is a perfect stranger. His name was Mr. Lee and he could not speak any English so I spoke to him in my best pigeon Thai language and it turned out that he was 72 years old and looking very fit and lean despite his weathered face. We both rode our mountain bikes to my place for Tea and Fruit, and then all around the southern end of the island. I was so impressed with Mr. Lees endurance climbing the hills and his easy and happy disposition with everything in his life.

When you look closer at the Thai Traditional Diet ingredients ,it is not hard to see why many of the Thai people can be so healthy and look so good in their advanced years if they stay on such a diet.

Where I live there are many Thai Temples in my area and in particular there is one temple that is very well known,respected and famous among the Thai People.This place is home to a senior Thai Buddhist Monk named Lung Pu Supha and his birthday is at 115 years old and he could very well be the oldest man living today in the world.He is so respected and revered by the Thai people for his long life and his good deeds and cultural wisdom for the people.

Even if Phuket Thailand is not a Blue Zone , or where you live is not listed as a Blue Zone the important thing is that we can make personal choices in our life to learn from elders that do live very long and healthy lives .We can learn from them.

“Food appeals to all our sences , taste ,smell, touch, visual,feeling of anticipation, and the sound of hearing ourselves eat”

Barry Gourmet & Raw

Urinary infection and bladder weakness ailments are known quite at early times. The early Egyptians  as described in the papyri documents, recommended  herbal treatments to alleviate urinary symptoms, though no detailed description of the ailment itself is given. Both the Roman and Greek medicine applied rather meagre and non-invasive techniques such good diet, bed rest and use of narcotic herbs. The Greeks went further of advocating lithotomy  for  gallstones, abscesses, retention and catheterization.

In the Middle Ages however, there was no major advances in the clinical and scientific knowledge of the cause(s) of the disease The therapies included bed rest, blood letting, cupping, leeches and non-anaesthetic surgery.

 To day, many recent synthesised as well natural herbal therapies are made available in the market. In this context we describe herewith but a few of the natural herbal extracts which are used for the treatment of urinary infections which may be of diverse origin. Some of the best selling marketed products are obtained from the herbs, Cranberry, Goldenrod, Juniuper, Marshmallow, Oregon grape roots, Ursi, and the lichen Usnea.

:Cranberry is a low-growing shrub of the heath family with leathery leaves and astringent red berries their juice is used treatments for urinary infections. It is claimed that the juice extracts prevent adhesion of E. coli bacteria to linings of the bladder and the gut, thereby inhibiting their ability to colonize and cause infection, i.e. it has a preventative, rather than curative effect on urinary tract infections.

 Goldenrod, Goldenrod is used to treat urinary tract inflammation. It prevents the development of kidney stones, and has an quadratic effects combined with both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

 Juniper, Marshmallow is shrubby herb (Althaea officinalis), the soft pith of which is used for gelatine production. It is also described to alleviate urinary infection.

 Usnea is a lichen species (family, Parmeliaceae) and Uvia, Ursi (Uva ursi (Arctostaphylos uva ursi) have diuretic, astringent and antiseptic properties.

 The best selling products of these herbs as sponsored by “ “are marketed under the trade names:   

Doctor’s Best, Best Saw Palmetto Standardised Extract

New Food Cranberry concentrate

Now Foods, saw palmetto berries

Now Foods, Prostate support,

Dynamic Health, 100% Pure, Cranberry concentrate,

Country Life, Biochem Saw Palmetto& Pygeum Extract,

 Though there is an ever growing demand and use of these herbal products versus synthetic medications, care and caution have to be exercised, particularly of the adverse side effects, which are not fully investigated. Renal failure may be at risk for further kidney damage as well as complications related to interactions.

Borne 194, Education: BSC(Chemistry), MSc, PhD,FRCS(CChem), MACs,MSCS

Using a Neti pot is a great way to flush out your sinuses. Learn how to make a garlic sinus wash to use with your Neti pot with thehelpful advice from an expert herbalist in this free video on herbal remedy for a sinus infection. Expert: ROBERT LINDE Contact: Bio: Robert Linde is an acupuncture physician and registered herbalist. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz Series Description: Many herbs can be used to treat common ailments and conditions. Understand how you can incorporate these herbs into your daily diet with the helpful advice from an expert herbalist in this free video series on herbal remedies.

Herbal Remedies for a Yeast Infection: Herbs to Treat and Prevent Yeast Infections

This straightforward guide offers information on different herbal remedies that can be used to both treat, and prevent, yeast infections.This straightforward guide offers information on different herbal remedies that can be used to both treat, and prevent, yeast infections.

List Price: $ 0.99 Price:

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Fast Cure for Bladder Infection

Fast Cure for Bladder Infection

There are many people who are facing many health problems these days. Bladder infection is also a common problem that is reported highly in these days. This is a one among the major health concerns that is increasing day by day. There are many people who are suffering because of this problem and most of them are looking for an option to cure it. Even tough there are many treatments and products available in the market, most of them are not able to deliver proper results.

This infection can also can ale be the symptoms of the low function of immune system. You will be able to get rid of this problem by undergoing the normal antibiotic treatment for some time, but this treatment will not help you to strengthen the immune system. Therefore, it is very important that you have to find a Fast Cure for Bladder Infection.

Even tough there are different types of treatments available in the market; it is always advisable to go for natural treatments like Herbal and homeopathic treatments. Herbal and homeopathic bladder infection cures will address the basic cause of the infection and help you to prevent the chances of recurrence. The infection in the bladder is caused by the bacteria that will enter that bladder and cause symptoms like disturbance in the sleep patterns because of the urinating urge. This may also result in breaking up of the relationship as the sexual intercourse will become more painful. This health concern will also become a problem in your life as it will interfere in your work life.

The health of the urinary system can be supported in various ways. Adequate water intake will also help you to flush the harmful bacteria which are present in the bladder and in the urinary tract. It is also advisable to wear the cotton underwear as it will help you to maintain the bladder hygiene. Additionally, there are also many natural remedies that have been successfully used from many years to support a healthy PH balance and also the overall health of the bladder and urinary system. The homeopathic remedies will work to support the creation of the holistic balance, systemic health and also provide the ailment relief. By using this remedy you will be able to prevent the disease to a great extends. If you use the pharmaceutical drugs for the treatment, it will suppress the symptoms and the overuse of the antibiotics may also result in recurring of the infection.

The herbs such as the buchu, lemon balm, yarrow and bearberry leaf are some of the effective herbal remedies that can be used for the bladder and UTI infection. Most of these herbs are backed by the modern clinical research studies. These herbs are also used in from centuries as the natural medicines for the bladder infections. These herbs with the homeopathic remedies are inexpensive, simple bladder infection cures that will also help you to keep the bladder and urinary tract healthy.

Are you ready to learn everything you need to know about fast cure for bladder infection? VISIT

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Herbal Yeast Infection Cure – Sure Shot Way to Get Rid of the Problem Once and For All

Herbal Yeast Infection Cure – Sure Shot Way to Get Rid of the Problem Once and For All

There are a number of yeast infection cures that you can try. However before spending loads of money on doctor visits and expensive medicines it would be worthwhile to try treating your infection with the help of herbs. A number of herbs with potent anti-fungal properties are very useful to treat this problem permanently. Peppermint oil, rosemary, goldenseal, and barberry are all incredibly good for treating the fungus that causes yeast infections. Try using an aloe vera juice also.

The advantage of herbal yeast infection cure is the lasting relief that they provide. Further these do not cause any harmful side effects unlike modern medicines. Combined with a few dietary changes this kind of treatment for candida infection gives permanent relief from the problem

Aloe vera juice actually helps in killing yeast cells that are contained within the body. It also boosts our body’s natural immunity against yeast cells. Echinacea is also a good herb that helps in killing yeast cells the same way aloe vera juice helps. Pau d’ arco is another popular herb used for treating this infection. It strengthens our immune system so that the body is strong enough to fight off the yeast cells.


For sure shot relief from the infection combine herbal candida infection treatment with certain dietary changes. By following these changes you will be able to get rid of the infection very fast. Stay away from high carb foods such as cheese, chocolate, oats, raw mushrooms, vinegar, and particularly alcohol. Sugar actually feeds yeast because of which you should keep away sugary foods so you will not produce even more yeast for the yeast infection to thrive on

Why put up with harmful side effects of conventional medicines which can interfere with your overall health and well being? To be honest with you, I got relief from candida infection by following treatment plan provided in an in depth and all-embracing guide which I bought on the internet. It gave me clear instructions for yeast infection cure and also provided preventive measure to keep the infection away for good.

Are you serious about finding a natural cure to treat your condition? Do you want to know how to treat yeast infection once and for all? What you need is a home remedy which will not only eliminate your infection in matter of hours but will also get rid of all the symptoms of the yeast infection in a systematic manner. Discover how to naturally treat yeast infection by – Clicking Here

Hey, Lucy here. I’ve struggled with yeast infection for over six months. After doing a lot of research , I’ve found out how to use home remedies to cure it. And now I would like to share what I’ve learned with you. I sincerely hope I can be of help to you in getting rid of this horrible infection once and for all.

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Urinary Tract Infection Remedy – How Effective is your UTI Remedy?

Urinary Tract Infection Remedy – How Effective is your UTI Remedy?

There is so much that has been said about goldenseal as an effective urinary tract infection remedy, but there is so little that we know about it. It is one of the most recommended natural treatments for UTI, and knowing what makes it effective can help us discern its potentials as alternative cure for UTI.

Goldenseal is also known for its botanical name of hydrastis canandensis. In case you encounter other recommendations for herbs that go by the following names, ground raspberry, indian dye, eye root,orange root, yellow root, yellow puccoon, and jaundice root, look no further. These are the other names by which goldenseal is known by.

However, you may still have to look further in case you decide to make it as your urinary tract infection remedy. Unknown to many, goldenseal was declared as an endangered species as early as 1991. It was proposed and accepted for listing as such in a 1997 Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

Goldenseal is described as a woodland herb with underground yellow roots and a perculiarly wrinkled leaf and hairy stems. It used to grow abundantly in Ohio Valley but soon dwindled into near non-existence when the valley suffered deforestation due to modern developments.In fact, in New York goldenseal supply has been depleted in the earlier part of this century.


The first American settlers learned of this medicinal plant from the native Cherokee Indians. One of the early European settlers was impressed with the versatility of the plant to treat several diseases, as insect repellent and even as stain and dye. The said settler decided to bring a sample back to Europe for cultivation.

At first it had no appeal to others particularly to home gardeners; but it later gained popularity as a powerful healing herb by 1798. The demand for the plant both in America and in Europe, transformed the plant into an important object of trade during that era. According to records, the demand for this herb reached 200,000 up to 300,000 pounds per year.

The overwhelming demand,and the deforestation of woodlands saw the abundance of this medicinal herb dwindle, until attempts to save it in 1991 seemed too late. It was only in 1997 that trade restrictions came to effect, albeit belated. Hence, if you are to consider this plant as your urinary tract infection remedy, make sure you are buying the real herb.

You might have some difficulty in discerning this because the dried roots are that part of the plant that posseses healing compounds. The compounds are berberine, canadine, and hydrastine.

The main healing compound of goldenseal as urinary tract infection remedy is the berberine. It has the most potent charateristics that can combat parasites, bacterial and viral infections, including fungal and yeast disorders. The combination of berberine with the two other ingredients made the plant a good preventive medication against diseases because of its ability to boost immunity through improvement of blood circulation.

There are available goldenseal extract supplements being sold as UTI medication, with a recommended dosage of two to four times a day to be taken for as long as you need to eradicate the symptoms of urinary tract infection. However, in case you have been taking this medication for quite some time, you should probably consider other options. Godenseal medications of long ago were in demand because it was highly effective despite of its lack of refinement as a capsule or tablet form.

Consult your doctor for other urinary tract infection remedies you would like to take as you alternative cure for UTI. They are the best source of information about the effectiveness of your intended medication.

Alvin Hopkinson is a leading researcher in the area of natural remedies and urinary tract infection treatment. Discover how you can get rid of your UTI for good using proven home remedies, all without using harmful medications or drugs. Visit his site now for more useful articles such as: Urinary Tract Infections Home Remedies

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Natural Remedies and Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

Natural Remedies and Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

What is a Yeast Infection?

A vaginal yeast infection is usually caused by a fungus called Candida albicans which is normally found in small amounts in the vagina.

It’s estimated that three out of four women will have a yeast infection in their lifetime. Factors that contribute to vaginal yeast infection include pregnancy, diabetes, and the use oral contraceptives, steroids, and antibiotics. Yeast infection is also more common after menopause due to declining estrogen levels, which thin the vaginal walls.

Natural Remedies and Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

Here are some natural remedies and home remedies that are used for yeast infection.

·         Probiotics

Probiotics are a popular natural remedy for yeast infection. They are live microbial organisms that are naturally present in the digestive tract and vagina. Probiotics, sometimes referred to as “friendly” bacteria, suppress the growth of potentially harmful organisms such as Candida, which is why probiotic supplements have been explored as a natural remedy for yeast infection.

The type of probiotic being studied for yeast infections is Lactobacillus, especially Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1, and Lactobacillus fermentum RC-14. In some studies, low levels of Lactobacilli in the vagina have been associated with yeast infection.

Preliminary lab studies have found that Lactobacilli can block the growth of Candida albicans in the vagina. Some clinical trials support these finding, however, the quality of these studies has generally been poor, making it difficult to draw definite conclusions.

Probiotics are available as oral supplements. Probiotic vaginal supposities are also available, although they are more difficult to find. To learn more about probiotics, read my article on acidophilus and probiotics.

·         Boric Acid Suppositories

Another natural remedy for yeast infection is boric acid. Boric acid is a chemical substance with mild antiseptic and antifungal properties. A small Italian study examined the effectiveness of a topical treatment with boric acid compared to oral treamtment with the antifungal drug itraconazole (Sporanox) in 22 women with recurrent yeast infection. The topical boric acid was found to be as effective as itraconazole.

A large study looked at a single 150 milligram dose of the oral medication fluconazole (Diflucan) or boric acid vaginal suppositories (600 milligrams a day for 14 days) in 112 diabetic patients with recurrent vaginal yeast infection. At the end of the study, boric acid vaginal suppositories resulted in a higher cure rate (63.6%) compared to fluconazole (28.8%).

In another study, the charts of all patients seen at a vaginitis clinic between 1989 and 1994 were reviewed. The charts of people who had been treated with boric acid suppositories (600 miligrams per day for 14 days) for a particular type of candida yeast infection caused by Candida glabrata were examined. Of the 26 cases, 81 percent had a clinical improvement or cure, and the fungus was eradicated in 77% of people. Boric acid suppositories were more successful than therapy with topical and oral antifungal medications, which had success rates of less than 50%.

Boric acid suppositories are available from some compounding pharmacies. A boric acid suppository product called Yeast Arrest is manufactured by a supplement company based in Oregon called Vitanica. Yeast Arrest contains boric acid and the herbs oregon grape root and calendula.

There are safety concerns, however, with boric acid. Boric acid is toxic and should never be taken internally (by mouth) or placed on cuts or open wounds. It shouldn’t be used for a prolonged period of time, or in amounts greater than what’s recommended. It should not be used by pregnant women or applied to the skin of infants or children. Side effects of the suppositories may include vaginal burning and irritation.

·         Tea Tree Oil

The essential oil tea tree oil, diluted and applied topically to the vaginal area, has shown some potential as a natural home remedy for yeast infection. A compound called terpinen-4-ol in tea tree oil appears to be responsible.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any clinical studies in humans showing that tea tree oil is effective or safe for yeast infection. Until we have more evidence, it should not be recommended. Tea tree oil must be diluted before applying it to the body. Full strength tea tree oil should never be applied to the vaginal area.

Symptoms of Yeast Infection
Itching and burning around the vagina
White vaginal discharge that may look like cottage cheese
Pain during sexual intercourse
Burning with urination
Getting a Yeast Infection Diagnosed

Although there are many over-the-counter remedies and natural home remedies, you should see a doctor to get properly diagnosed and evaluated, especially if:

This is your first yeast infection.
You’ve had other types of vaginal or urinary tract infection.
You’ve already tried treating yourself and symptoms persist.
You have a weakened immune system due to cancer treatments or diseases such as AIDS.
You have a fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, abdominal or back pain, bloody discharge, or difficult or increased urination. Go to the hospital immediately, as it may be a serious condition such as kidney infection, appendicitis, or pelvic inflammatory disease.
You’re with a new sex partner or have had multiple sex partners. It’s important to make sure you don’t have a sexually transmitted disease, since the symptoms can be similar.

Vaginal yeast infection can be confused with other conditions, such as:

Bacterial vaginosis – this common condition occurs when there is an imbalance between beneficial and harmful bacteria in the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis can spread through sexual intercourse, but it can also occur in women who douche or use an intrauterine birth control device (IUD). It is also common in pregnancy. Symptoms include a gray, foul-smelling discharge with a fishy odor. The odor is often more noticeable after sexual intercourse.


Noninfectious vaginitis – Douches, perfumed soaps, spermicides, bubble baths and feminine hygiene sprays can irritate the skin around the vagina. Symptoms include itching, burning, and pain. One type, atrophic vaginitis, is caused by lowered estrogen after menopause.
Trichomoniasis – Common sexually transmitted disease caused by the parasite trichomonas vaginalis. In men, it usually infects the urinary tract but often produces no symptoms. In women, symptoms can include greenish-yellow discharge that is sometimes frothy. People with trichomoniasis have a higher risk of other sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and HIV.

It’s important to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis is that if it’s not actually a yeast infection, the delay in getting treated can cause complications.

In pregnant women, vaginal yeast infection can result in premature delivery and low birth weight.

Untreated vaginal yeast infection can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, a condition which can scar the fallopian tubes and cause infertility.

Trichomoniasis and bacterial vaginosis have also been linked to an increased risk of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Prevention Tips
Don’t douche.
Use a condom.
Wear cotton instead of synthetic underwear.
Avoid baths, hot tubs, or whirlpools.
Avoid scented products, including tampons and feminine hygiene sprays.


Learn more about Yeast Infection; and how you can treat it naturally in the “Yeast Infection No More Book”. Click Here to discover what the doctors may not want you to know about Yeast Infection.

This author writes about Yeast Infection at Candida-Cures

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Natural Yeast Infection Remedies|Candida Herbs

Natural Yeast Infection Remedies|Candida Herbs

Yeast Infections are being quite common as we are eating bad choices of food such as a high sugar diet and also consume high amounts of carbohydrates.It has also been found that taking high amounts of antibiotics and also taking birth control pills can cause yeast infections in the body.

Yeast is found naturally in our bodies but when there is too much it can effect our immune system and make us feel very unwell.We may experience symptoms such as itching of the skin,bloating,gas,white tongue,food and chemical sensitivity,allergies and headaches.
A good way of knowing if you may have a yeast infection is by doing a spit test, which can be done at home. First thing in the morning when you wake up spit into a glass of water.If you see strings coming down from your saliva, or the water becomes cloudy you may have a yeast infection.

Their are many Yeast Infection Remedies that can be done to remove an overload of yeast in your body. The best way to do this is to starve the yeast where you must follow a strict diet, depending on how many symptoms you may have it is usually done between 1 – 3 months maybe longer.While on a candida diet it is important not to eat any forms of sugar,yeast,dairy,moulds,high sugar fruits and white flour as these foods actually feed the yeast and multiply.Die off symptoms may be present when you first go on this diet as the candida organisms will release toxins when they die. Remember to drink plenty of water to flush these toxins out of the body.

Taking probiotics and anti-fungals such as olive leave extract will also help you when you have a yeast infection. By taking these you will be strengthening your immune system and helping your body to function much better.

Candida Herbs – Yeast Infection Remedy.
Candida Cure.

There are many herbs that can help you when you have a yeast infection. Each herb has there own healing properties and target different areas of the body.They also help your body in the healing process.

Garlic would be the most popular herb to be taken for this type of yeast infection.It has anti – fungal properties and will help with symptoms such as gas,bloating and digestion problems. Try adding garlic to your meals as much as possible or even taking garlic tablets can also be effective. Start with a low dose and work your way up.

Golden Seal and Barberry are powerful herbs as they kill candida organisms found in the body.But remember not to take too much. Go on these herbs for a couple of weeks then a couple of weeks off.They will help your digestion and urinary tract infections.

Licorice root is also a anti – fungal and will soothe inflammation found in the intestines.It also helps if you have sugar cravings and to level your glucose levels in the body.Licorice root is great in relieving constipation,sore throat and coughs.

Tea Tree Oil is also very powerful against candida. By using this on your skin you can heal and relieve itchy skin.It can also be used as a gargle but make sure you check the label to see it does NOT say “external use only”.

Oxygen is also important as candida organisms can not live in an oxygen environment.You can buy oxygen in a liquid form and used in your drinking water or tea.It also has anti -fungal properties.

Free report shows you a simple, easy, proven way to solve your Yeast Infection problems – guaranteed! Get it here: , Click Here

Free report shows you a simple, easy, proven way to solve your yeast infection problems – guaranteed! Get it here: yeast infection remedies

.Now free for my readers: Discover the easy way to cure yeast infection and get results fast here: natural yeast infection remedy

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7 Yeast Infection Fighting Herbs

7 Yeast Infection Fighting Herbs

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When faced with a yeast infection the first place most people turn to is the medicine cabinet or their family Doctor. However, medication can have some side effects and doctors can be expensive often as well as the fact that the underlying causes of the yeast infection aren’t being addressed.



There are 7 herbs that can be incorporated into a yeast infection eliminating diet that can help you say good-bye to yeast infections forever. What’s even better, these herbs aren’t from some secret, rare plant in the deep parts of the rain forest, but they are easily attainable from any natural food store or supplement company.


1. Garlic

Garlic has so many amazing health properties including anti-microbial. You can take the extract a 3 to 4 times a day and don’t forget to use fresh garlic in your cooking. If you’re worried about smelling like garlic, you can easily find odorless varieties.



2. Cayenne Pepper

These spicy little dynamos have amazing immune strengthening and antibiotic properties.  You can place 1/2 teaspoon in a glass of water and drink twice a day. Also, fresh cayenne’s can be put in your favorite recipes. If you don’t like the spice, you can buy cayenne capsules and drink a glass of water after swallowing them.



3. Oregano Oil

Just one drop a day needs to be incorporated into your diet to see the yeast fighting properties.



4. Coconut Oil

The health benefits of coconut oil are being understood more everyday and coconut oil has shown Candida yeast fighting properties. Use 100% virgin coconut oil in you cooking or take 3 to 5 tablespoons a day. The deodorized version is the best.



5. Olive Leaf

You can start treating your yeast infection by taking 21 capsules and then followed by 9 capsules daily. Once the Candida yeast infection clears up, you can take a few capsules a day as a preventative. Make sure the supplement is made from whole dried leaves.



6. Spirulina

This herb or actually algae doesn’t have anti-fungal properties but it is full of nutrients and antioxidants that strengthen the immune system. Which is your number one defense against Candida yeast infections. Take 1 teaspoon a day or a couple capsules.



7. Pau d’Archo Tea

This tea is made from a tree that has natural anti-fungal properties and has been shown to help eliminate fungus such as Candida yeast when consumed. Drink a couple cups of Pau d’Archo tea daily to gain the yeast infection curing properties.


These 7 easily to find herbs can help cure yeast infections naturally along with the dietary recommendations for a Candida diet. Note that when these remedies are taken in high doses the user can experience Candida yeast die off symptoms that can be uncomfortable. It’s better to start taking these herbs in small doses and work your way up to the full dose gradually with the exception of the olive leaf supplement when undergoing natural treatments for yeast infections.

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For more information about Yeast Infection Remedy please visit

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Sinus Infection – Herbal Remedies is Available

Sinus Infection – Herbal Remedies is Available

Who knew that taking certain herbs could help relieve sinus infection? Believe it or not, a lot of civilizations have been using it for years. We just got caught up with the western philosophy of how we approach medical science. The best thing about using herbs is that there are no known side effects compared to conventional drugs and here are a few you can take.

First is Eucalyptus. It’s a fragrant herb that is nice to smell and is known to soothe throat. What makes this herb so unique is that it has antiseptic properties that can help shrink swollen tissues like your nasal passages. You can buy the leaf and mix this with warm water and drink it. If it is still too hot, go close and inhale the steam. You may also take it orally as this is also available in lozenge form.

Next is Echinacea which is an herb that can kill certain viruses in the respiratory system. It is also available in capsule form and you can increase the dosage when needed then reduced when things get better. People who are allergic to ragweed should not try this herb.

One effective herb that is recommended by the World Health Organization to treat sinus infection is the herb known as Ephedra. It is also used to treat other problems like hay fever and the common cold and because there are some risks taking it, this should only be taken under the strict guidance of a doctor.

Most people know ginger as an herb that fights headaches. Since it has anti-inflammatory properties, it can also be used to treat sinus infections. This is also available in capsule form and before taking it, you are advised to read the directions.

Goldenseal is another herb that you can use to treat sinus infection. Studies have shown it improves overall congestion so it improves your overall health. What is even better is that it has antimicrobial properties that can eliminate bacteria. The herb also contains compounds similar to steroids which reduces inflammation.

Peppermint smells very good which is why it can calm the mucus membranes. Like the others, you can mix this in hot water and inhale it and drink it as tea.

Lemon balm is often used to fight bad breath. But did you also know that it can fight sinus infections since it is helpful in fighting off bacteria and viruses? You just have to buy the leaves and then mix this in hot water for about ten minutes. After straining, you can pour a cup and drink as you please.

Then there is licorice. You don’t mix the leaves of this herb to relieve sinus infection but rather use its root. There are two types of licorice products around so you can also opt for the capsule version which also boosts your immune system.

There are other herbs you can use to fight a sinus infection aside from the seven mentioned. In fact, most of these herbs can be mixed together. You can buy this in capsule form or pluck it out from your garden.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter where you got it because it is designed to do one thing and that is to relieve you from sinus infection.

Dannicash is the blogs’ owner of teeth whitening strips and hcg injections

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