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Important Organic Herbs nessecary to greatly improve your Normal Herbs For Excess fat Loss

Important Organic Herbs nessecary to greatly improve your Normal Herbs For Excess fat Loss

Alantoin stimulates the healing of equally inner and exterior injuries as a outcome of it becoming a catalyst for cell division.


Flax – the seeds of this plant is most effective acknowledged for currently being high in normal omega three oils. In addition, when the seeds are ready as a poultice, it helps relieve rheumatoid arthritis and serves as an emollient.


Laurel (Bay) – at any time considering that we had been young children, my grandmother utilized to rub on bay rum anytime we had a fever. It turns out it also has anti-inflammatory attributes. The oil extracted from the fruit as properly as the leaves can be applied as an ointment to aid minimize rheumatoid arthritis.


Parsley – famous for its culinary makes use of in salads, soups, fish dishes to identify a number of. Parsley can also guide in relieving arthritis by an infusion of the complete plant, taken orally. It is not proposed for pregnant ladies, but pregnant women need to seek advice from their medical professionals earlier than taking something beyond regular meals.


Red Clover – an yearly plant that is also utilised to relieve arthritis. This is achieved as a result of an infusion of the whole plant.



All these herbs have numerous other makes use of, so utilizing just about every brings several other benefits. I prefer normal cures only since the prescription medications could have extensive term side results or lead to dependence right after a period of time of use. Normal remedies from herbs can even conclusion up remaining a remedy for your sickness or sickness. They include so numerous chemical compounds, one could just be the a single to end your issues.


Employing the herbs listed as arthritis therapy may give you the relief you need to have you may perhaps currently have them in your dwelling or garden so now you have uncovered an additional use for them. Just try to remember not to contemplate them a substitute for your doctor.


DISCLAIMER: Due to particular person conditions — these kinds of as age, well-being and individual tolerance, I have refrained from recommending recommended dosages in this post. When in doubt check with with your doctor. Earlier than acquiring and/or experimenting with these ‘so-called’ normal remedies for depression, please consider time to do your private suitable analysis and due diligence on the natural substance(s) of option.


See any show on television nowadays and you will possible see some business “pushing” the newest drug to treat virtually any psychological or physical ailment including depression. Experience it, most hospitals and drug firms do not want a wholesome universe. They want and rely on you to have a prescription filled in order to preserve themselves rich and their providers mega-financially rewarding. They’re typically not intrigued in curing your depression, only diagnosing and inserting a band-help on your signs or symptoms.


The excellent news is that there are rather a couple of verified all-natural alternative remedies for depression management. In truth research have demonstrated several of these ‘alternatives’ do operate as very well (or even superior) than their laboratory-manufactured cousins.


Although herbs and supplements finally experience from the exact criticism as medication — only capable to deal with the indicators and not the lead to of depression, they have many vital advantages.

Young Health Researcher, spent many years investigating how to live our lives optimally| and with vitality and longevity To learn more about solutions to many health issues, visit Superior Organic Herbs critical to greatly improve your What Are Good Medicinal Herbs For Skin Care Items?,

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Shilajit for Premature Ejaculation and All in One Herbs for Men Health

Shilajit for Premature Ejaculation and All in One Herbs for Men Health

Shilajit is called as herbal mineral as it oozes out of the rocks in Himalayan range, rich in minerals and nutrients to work as all in 1 natural herb for men health.

Shilajit is boon for good overall health and in the process it also works well in treating sexual weaknesses and low sex drive. If man posses good health, physical and mental, he will enjoy his sex life too for longer period in life.

Read effective Shilajit Herbs

Benefit of Shilajit Herbs

Premature ejaculation – it is one of the most commonly encountered problems these days. Shilajit is extremely helpful in pacifying this problem to rejuvenate your love life. It will also lead to enhance your confidence and encourages better relationship with your partner.

Erectile dysfunction – erectile dysfunction of more commonly known as impotence is a condition in which a male is not able to retain his erection for a desired amount of time rendering a dissatisfied partner. Shilajit help is in treating this problem. It helps in improving the blood circulation and is also helpful in maintaining the erection for longer duration.


Diabetes – Shilajit can be said as a boon for diabetes patients. It is very beneficial in patients who have diabetes problems. Shilajit helps in regulating the blood sugar levels and is also helpful in stimulating the pancreas for secreting the insulin that is important in glucose metabolism.

Urinary problems – Shilajit is one of the best herbal solution for treating all kinds of urinary problems. Shilajit helps in toning up of kidneys and urinary bladder thereby is very effective in eradicating any problems in pertaining to the excretory system. It is one of the best diuretic agent hand hence is helpful in expelling out the toxins from the body and also tones up the kidneys.

Early aging – Shilajit is extremely helpful in preventing early aging changes as it bears a strong attraction for free radicals. Shilajit gets stuck to these free radicals and then through them out of the body after destroying them. It is also beneficial for women. It helps in maintaining their natural beauty and avoids early aging changes like wrinkles and early graying of hairs.

Arthritis – Shilajit is also very beneficial in arthritic condition. It helps in treating cases like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout. It also works as the analgesic thereby helps in relieving from the agony of pain.

Kidney stones – Shilajit has the power to expel out the stones that gets formed in kidneys. It first breaks the stone into smaller pieces and then flushes it out through the urine. As it is a powerful diuretic agent thereby is also helpful in expelling out the toxins from the body. It has the potential to remove all kinds of stones from kidneys and urinary tract.

Detoxifies – Shilajit is an herb that is a good detoxifier and helps in elimination of the toxins from the body. Move over regular use of Shilajit does not let the production of toxins which other wise are harmful for our body.

Immunity – Shilajit is very helpful in improving the immunity of the body.. Hence one can become strong and healthy with the regular use of Shilajit.

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Using Herbs and Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure – the Benefits

Using Herbs and Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure – the Benefits

Do you have hypertension?  Herbs and other natural remedies for high blood pressure work extremely well, and are much better for your health than prescription drugs.  There are hundreds of things you can do to bring your blood pressure down to a normal level without resorting to expensive, synthetic drugs.

Other than diet change and stress reduction, there are so many things you can do to relieve hypertension that are really easy.  For example, using herbs for high blood pressure is proven to work and much better for your overall health. Here is something you may not know:  prescription drugs for hypertension can actually raise your bad cholesterol levels!

Herbs that are effective for high blood pressure include Hawthorn, Passion Flower and Ginkgo Biloba, to name a few.  These herbs work to strengthen your entire cardiac system and make your arteries more supple, thereby making blood flow more freely.

Other natural remedies for high blood pressure include deep breathing exercises, meditation, and the foods you eat.  There are many little secrets you probably don’t know about lowering hypertension.  There are even special little concoctions you can mix up in your own kitchen that can reduce your blood pressure by a huge margin in just a few days!

Here are a few other little secrets for lowering hypertension:

Eat a little dark chocolate every day
Add foods rich in Omega 3 fish oils to your diet
The RIGHT kind of alcohol in the proper amount can lower blood pressure

Of course, this is just a small sampling of the things you can do.  Controlling hypertension without medication is truly easy, and it really will improve your overall health.  Herbs and natural remedies for high blood pressure is a smart way to take control of your health and STOP putting pumped up medication into your system.

Are you ready to learn more about why you should not take prescription drugs, and why you SHOULD learn about herbs and natural remedies for high blood pressure?  You can add years to your life – learn more below.

Find out why YOU should consider using herbs for high blood pressure and other easy methods that will control hypertension without medication. More articles about natural remedies for high blood pressure

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The Role of Chinese Herbs in Chinese Cooking and Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Role of Chinese Herbs in Chinese Cooking and Traditional Chinese Medicine

When we speak of Chinese herbs, we are technically referring to herbs sourced straight from China. Chinese herbs are commonly employed for Chinese cooking but may also have medicinal properties that make them ideal to use in Traditional Chinese Medicine too. There are a mind-boggling number of the known Chinese herbs (more than three hundred, at last count) which have reputedly been used in various ways for around 2000 years or so.

Generally, Chinese herbs might either be boiled as a hot tea for at least an hour for the patient to sip, or the Chinese herbs could be incorporated into honey bound pills. The most common purpose for using Chinese herbs is for their health benefits, since these Chinese herbs can reportedly make the human body stronger when the herbs are consumed. Chinese herbs which have developed a strong following are Ginseng, salvia, rhubarb, rehmannia, peony, ephedra sinica, licorice, hoelen, ginger, coptis, cinnamon bark, cinnamon, bupleurum, atractylodes, astragalus, and Dong Quai. Among this list of commonly used Chinese herbs, the one which many might be very familiar with is Ginseng (because of the many commercial products that claim to use this herb as an ingredient.) Much of the Ginseng being used for these commercial products would be made up of the Red Panax ginseng variety which is more affordable than the more highly prized Wild Ginseng variety.

Though not technically part of the Chinese herbs category, there is what is known as American ginseng too, which was employed by Native Americans for their own type of health care treatments.

Are Chinese herbs safe to use? Those who strongly believe in Traditional Chinese Medicine would probably be very convinced that Chinese herbs are very effective, but anyone who is trying out Chinese herbs for the first time (as part of Chinese cuisine or as part of a Traditional Chinese Medicine program of treatment) should always practice caution before ingesting any Chinese herbs. This is because the Chinese herbs that might work for one person might not necessarily work for another. More alarming is the prospect that certain Chinese herbs might even be dangerous for some individuals to use, especially if they happen to be allergic to those Chinese herbs, or if the person is on some commercial drug preparation that might contraindicate with some Chinese herbs. If you are planning to use Traditional Chinese Medicine to complement your conventional medical treatment program, you should always consult your physician first before taking any Chinese herbs on your own. This is for your own protection. Though admittedly various Chinese herbs (like ginger which even Westerners are very familiar with in these modern times) are probably safe to consume on a regular basis, many Chinese herbs are unfamiliar to Western medical practitioners so it is prudent to incorporate such Chinese herbs into your diet and medical treatment slowly – maybe even one at a time – to observe the effects on your body.

For more details about Traditional Chinese medicine choose our website Chinese herbs and browse our various products. Visit our blog for more information about Traditional Chinese Herbs

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Herbs for High Blood Pressure, Hypertension Herbal Remedies

Herbs for High Blood Pressure, Hypertension Herbal Remedies

Hypertension or better known as “high blood pressure” is a disease acquired from a person’s way of living. It can be obtained from the foods eaten, vices like smoking and heavy alcohol drinking, obesity and lack of exercise. Hypertension can also be acquired if there is a history of the disease in the family because hypertension is hereditary. Hypertension is a “silent” dangerous disease if not treated or controlled immediately. If it gets worse, it may lead to stroke or heart attack.

Siberian ginseng is an adaptogen – it helps the body adapt to physical, chemical, and biologica stress. It also increases blood oxygen without raising it to toxic levels, as some medications tend to do. Take three to 15 grams of ginseng powder or 10 to 50 drops of tincture daily. Note that Chinese ginseng is only half as effective as Siberian, and tends to promote hypertension.
Herbs for blood pressure include dandelion, hawthorne berry, and garlic. Dandelion is a powerful natural diuretic that reduces the amount of salt in the kidneys. Hawthorne berry has been shown to maximize a person’s ability to exercise while keeping heart and pulse rates at a safe level. And there are dozens of studies that have conclusively proved garlic’s ability to effectively regulate the heart and circulatory systems.

Dandelion: This unwanted weed is actually an incredibly useful medicinal herb, containing more vitamins and minerals than most vegetables. Dandelion is a natural diuretic that is great for eliminating salt from the body. One of the main reasons people develop hypertension is because of a super-sensitivity to salt. Dandelion not only gets rid of excess salt, but it does so without draining the body of potassium. Even pharmaceutical diuretics can’t do that.

Herbs are very useful as a natural way to treat high blood pressure. For those who are averse to the thought of taking chemically-produced drugs, the existence of alternative remedies is heaven sent.

Mix 4 drops of clary sage, or lavender, or lemon, or marjoram or melissa essential oil into some carrier oil in the palm of your hand and massage over your entire body. Three to four mixes will be required. The carrier oil can be almond, grape seed, jojoba or sunflower.

Hawthorne Berry: This herb is hugely popular in Europe as a heart tonic. It has a reputation for strengthening the heart’s pumping ability. It does this by removing plaque from the arterial walls. This allows more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the heart.  Many studies have confirmed the health benefits of hawthorne.

Ginger Root, commonly used in Asian cooking, acts to improve blood circulation and relaxes muscles surrounding the blood vessels. Ginger is also a powerful digestive herb that helps alleviate uneasiness and nausea.

Olive Leaf, from the olive tree native to the Mediterranean region, helps in lowering blood pressure and combats arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat.

Capsicum Pepper Many herbalists consider this pepper to be one of the most powerful and beneficial high blood pressure herbs. There have been reports that it can stop a heart attack in 30 seconds! Whether true of not, there’s no doubt that capsicum pepper has an immediately stimulating effect upon the heart and circulatory system. It reduces inflammation and allows blood to pump freely throughout the body.

Read about Natural Treatment for High Blood Pressure and Natural Cures for High Blood Pressure at Natural Supplements

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Pre Menstrual Syndrome 102-Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) – Herbs for Hormone Imbalance

Pre Menstrual Syndrome 102-Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) – Herbs for Hormone Imbalance

As we mentioned in previous article, Premenstrual syndrome effects over 70% to 90% of women before menopause in the US and less for women in Southeast Asia because of their difference in living style and social structure. The occurrence of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) have more than doubled over the past 50 years due to the acceptance of it as a medical condition that is caused by unhealthy diet with high in saturated food. Premenstrual syndrome is defined as faulty function of the ovaries related to the women’s menstrual cycle, it effects a women’s physical and emotional state, and sometimes interferes with daily activities as a result of hormone fluctuation. The syndrome occurs one to two weeks before menstruation and then declines when the period starts. In this article, we will discuss Herbs for hormone imbalance helps to treat PMS.

Most herbs used to treat hormone imbalance for women with premenstrual syndrome either containing phytoestrogen or non-estrogen including the following


1. Chaste berry tree
Chaste berry is consider the queen herb in treating hormone imbalance which causes syndrome of PMS. It is phytoestrogenic which helps to raise levels of estrogen if it is too low and reduce it when it is too high.

2. Black cohosh
Black cohosh is not phytoestrogenic plant, it has a nervine-relaxing properties. By helping to reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, mood swing and other nervous tension, it restores the hormone imbalance in the body for women with PMS.

3. Skullcap
Skullcap also is nervous tonic herb. Besides helps to increases liver function in fat and protein metabolism, it also helps to treat hormone imbalance causing symptoms anxiety, depression and headache.

4. Chinese angelica root
Chinese angelica root is women exclusive herb which has been used to treat all kinds of women reproductive problem, it has a unique property which helps to restore the hormone imbalance for women during menstrual cycle by raising either estrogen and progesterone when it low and reduce them when it is high thereby, reducing symptoms of PMS.

5. Macafem
Macafem is non estrogen herb, it helps to stimulate the production of hormone by nourishing the pituitary and endocrine glands thereby, reducing the risk of hormone imbalance for women with PMS.
To read the series of PMS article, visit
For other health articles visit

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I have been studying natural remedies for disease prevention for over 20 years and working as a financial consultant since 1990. Master degree in Mathematics, teaching and tutoring math at colleges and universities before joining insurance industries. Part time Health and entertainment Article Writer.

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Increase Women’s Libido and Your Overall Health With These Herbs

Increase Women’s Libido and Your Overall Health With These Herbs

If you suffer from low libido, the good news is you can increase it naturally and safely and at the same time, you can relieve symptoms of PMS, the menopause and increase overall wellness levels. Let’s look at how to do this with some proven herbal cures.

The herbs will quite simply give you the nutrition you need, to increase wellness and heal you libido at the same time – you will simply get nutrients that you won’t normally get in everyday foods. Let’s look at the major causes of low libido and some herbs which can solve the problems.

Low levels of estrogen can cause low libido but you can boost levels by taking Dong Quai. This famous Chinese herb will not only increase libido it will boost blood circulation, nourish the blood and fight the side affects of PMS and the menopause.

Dong Quai boosts blood circulation and sluggish blood circulation , is major cause of lack of sexual desire. When your heart starts to beat faster in response to sexual thoughts, the sex organs must fill with an increased amount of blood. Dong Quai helps but you should add in another couple of herbs which are – Ginkgo Biloba which in addition to increasing blood flow around the body also keeps the blood vessels healthy and Ginger, this herb increases blood flow and also acts as a heart tonic.


Testosterone is another chemical women need for a strong libido and contrary to believe its not just men who need it; a lack of it in women causes sexual desire to plummet but you can get it from the herb Satavri which boosts testosterone and in addition, strengthens muscle tone and moistens the dry tissues of the sexual organs.

The female spirit and your overall state of mind also play a role in sex drive and hormonal changes such as the Menopause, PMS and childbirth can impact on your sex drive. In Addition, stress anxiety and general low mood can see you lose interest in sex. Good herbs to lift mood and the spirit are:


Damiana also produces a feeling of mild euphoria by relaxing the body and calming the mind as well as helping to balance female hormone levels and controlling hot flushes.


One of the best tonic herbs you can take which relieves stress, increases body energy and lifts the spirit on a mental level and on a physical level it helps to improve blood flow around the body and assists in testosterone production

Ashwagandha – Extract “Indian Ginseng”

Ashwagandha is one of the best tonic herbs to improve overall health in women and is packed with nutrients which minimize stress, promote deep vitality, increase sex drive.

Get them ALL in the Best Women’ Sex Pills

You can find all the above herbs and others to help you increase libido and general wellness levels safely and naturally so you simply get more from sex and life.


For more information on how to Rejuvenate Libido and more about the best female libido enhancers and comprehensive info on everything to do with Women’s Sexual Wellness visit our website.

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Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Medicines and Important Herbs

Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Medicines and Important Herbs

What is Ayurveda and Its Importance?

Ayurveda is a traditional holistic healing. Translated from Sanskrit, Ayurveda means ‘the science of life’. ayur means “life” and veda means “science. India system which largely depends on plant support to form major Chunk of its medicine. Most of the herbs, spices, seeds, roots, leaves, stems, petals and flowers are deeply ingrained in all Indian homes where ‘home remedies’ are popular. Even certain family members in some family are adept in curing even intricate disorders by simple and cost effective formulations which, at times, have shown marvelous and astounding results.

All over the world today we are looking for a natural system of healing that is comprehensive and complete, that is not merely some curious form of folk healing but a real and rational system of medicine that is sensitive to both nature and the Earth. This is exactly what Ayurveda has to offer, for it has a many thousand year-old clinical tradition and a comprehensive natural method of treatment ranging from diet, herbs and massage.

With Ayurveda we learn the right diet for our individual type, how to improve our immune system, he keys to right use of sexual energy and rejuvenation,a nd a conscious way of life that can lift us to a new level of awareness in all our endeavors.

Without such natural wisdom as Ayurveda, we may find ourselves not only unhealthy, but unhappy and spiritually confused.

Ayurveda Principles and Theory

Ayurveda system is the prominent user of herbs and its basic theory revolves round imbalance and vitiation of three humors (Doshas).

Ether (Akash), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Jal) and Earth (Prithvi) are the great five elements which underline all living systems. these elements are constantly changing and interacting and can be simplified into three Vitiations (Doshas). When these doshas remain under harmony and balance, health of body does not get disturbed but, when their balance gets disturbed, a diseased state sets in.

The three doshas are vata (Wind), Pitta (Bile) and Kapha (Phlegm) and due to predominance of the one dosha, a person’s personality is determined that is ‘ Vata-Prakriti’, ‘Pitta- Prakriti’ or ‘Kapha Prakriti’

Vata formed from ether and air, governs all movement in the mind and body and must be kept in good balance.

Pitta formed from fire and water, governs “all heat, metabolism and transformation in the mind and body

Kapha formed from earth and water, cements the elements in the body, providing the material for physical structure

Each person has an individual blend of the three doshas, with one or sometimes two doshas predominating.

Common Herbs used in Ayurvedic Medicines

Amalaki (Amla or Indian Gooseberry or Emblica officinalis) – The fruit is reputed to have the highest content of vitamin C of any natural occuring substance in nature. It maintains balance amongst three doshas and effectively controls digestive problems, strengthens heart, normalises cholesterol, prevents cancer, builds up and sustain defence mechanism, improves eye-sight and detoxifies the body.

Amla is said to have 20 times more vitamin C than orange. The vitamin C content of amla is between 625mg – 1814mg per 100gms. Other studies show that amla increases red blood cell count and hemoglobin. A research tem discovered that when Amla is taken regularly as a dietary supplement, it counteracts the toxic effects of prolonged exposure to environmental heavy metals, such as lead, aluminium and nickel.


Ashwagandha (Winter Cherry or Withania Somnifera) – Ashwagandha is one of the main herbs for promoting ojas and rejuvenating the body in Ayurveda. It is a well known semen promoter and it treats impotency and infertility.

Clinical studies show that Ashwagandha has antibacterial, antitumor, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating properties. The strong anti-stress actions, increases memory and learning capabilities. It has also found to be useful in Rheumatic and Arthritic disorders like pain, swelling etc

Summing up, it is a strong Aphrodisiac and has Immunomodulating, anti- inflammatory, anti tumor and anti stress properties which clearly shows why Ayurveda has such a high opinion of this herb as a general tonic.

Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna) – It is a cardiac tonic of high quality. Terminalia arjuna, is known to be beneficial for the treatment of heart ailments since 500 BC. Clinical research has indicated its usefulness in relieving anginal pain, and in the treatment of coronary artery disease, heart failure, and possibly hypercholesterolemia.

“Terminalia arjuna bark extract, 500 mg 8 hourly, given to patients with stable angina with provocable ischemia on treadmill exercise, led to improvement in clinical and treadmill exercise parameters as compared to placebo therapy.” Result on Clinical Research Conducted.

Improvement of cardiac muscle function and subsequent improved pumping activity of the heart seem to be the primary benefits of Terminalia Arjuna.

Brahmi (Bacopa, Gotu Kola) – Brahmi is known as “the food for brain”. Traditionally Brahmi is used as a mental tonic, to rejuvenate the body, as a promoter of memory and as a nerve tonic. It promotes a calm, clear mind, and improves mental function.

Modern Research claims that brahmi improves memory and helps overcome the negative effects of stress. Brahmi is especially suitable for students as it enhances the minds ability to learn and to focus and for an elderly person hoping to regain their memory. It is unique in its ability to invigorate mental processes whilst reducing the effects of stress and nervous anxiety.

As a nervine tonic, Brahmi has been used to help those affected by stroke, nervous breakdown or exhaustion and Attention Deficit Disorder. The best Ayurvedic brain and memory formulas contain brahmi, as do many of the long life promoting compounds.

Guggulu (Shuddha Guggulu, Guggul, Commiphora Mukul) – Modern Research shows that it is the prime Ayurvedic herb for treating obesity and high cholesterol. Studies shows that guggulu lowers serum cholesterol and phospholipids, and that it also protects against cholesterol- induced atherosclerosis. Guggulu were seen to lower body weight in these clinical studies.

Guggulu also as anti-inflammatory properties and is effective in treating arthritis and other joint pains.

Karela (Bitter Melon, Bitter Gourd, Momordica Charantia) – At least three different groups of constituents have been reported to have blood sugar lowering actions in bitter Mellon. These include a mixture of steroidal saponins known as charantin, insulin-like peptides, and alkaloids. Scientific studies have consistently shown that bitter melon lowers blood sugar level of Type 2 Diabetes.

It could probably reduce the patients intake of antidiabetic drugs. Also Bitter Melon has two proteins which are thought to repress the AIDS virus.

Recently, the Department of Health in the Philippines has recommended bitter melon as one of the best herbal medicines for diabetic management.

Neem (Azadirachta Indica) – Neem is an extraordinary blood purifier, good for al skin diseases like acne, eczema, psoriasis and teeth and gums. Neem is included in most Ayurvedic Skin products because it is as effective on an external application as through internal indigestion.

In Ayurveda it has been safely used for over five thousand years and are a good immunity booster to prevent colds, fevers, infections and various skin diseases.

Shilajit (Mineral Pitch, Asphaltum) – Shilajit is one of the prime Ayurvedic compounds for rejuvenating the body. it is an aphrodisiac, anti-aging herb and to treat diabetes and debilitating urinary problems.

The Charaka Samhita states that a person must use shilajit for a minimum of one month before starting to realize he regenerating effects. It is also used to treat impotency and infertility. it is well known that Shilajit would return the libido of people to level of teenagers.

There is a folk saying by the indigenous people who live in the Himalayan region that Shilajit makes the body strong as a rock. It is an adaptogen, (Rasayna), that helps to combat immune disorders, urinary tract disorders, nervous disorders and sexual dissatisfaction.

Shallaki (Boswellia Serrata, Salai Guggul) – Modern Research indicate that the Boswellia herb may assist in treating joint mobility, pain, and may be a useful remedy for a variety of inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. A recent clinical trial suggests positive effects of Boswellia serrata extract in knee osteoarthritis.

Boswellia has also been found to be useful for a number of other disorders and best for treating Back Pain, Knee Pain, Joint Pain and Arthritis. This herb has also been proposed as a possible therapy for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Triphala (Amalaki, Bibhitaki, Haritaki) – Triphala has got the properties of three famous nutrients: amla, haritaki and bibhitaki. The advantage of this formula is that it is milder in action and more balanced than any of the three alone.

It has cleansing and detoxifying action. Used regularly it is good for gentle, slow detoxification of the digestive tract and then the deep tissues. It also has the ability to normalize all three humors with continued use.

As a daily supplement triphala is hard to beat; that’ s why in India they say “even if your mother leaves you, every thing will be fine if you have triphala”

Tulsi (Holy Basil, Ocimum Sanctum) – Its very name Holy Basil certifies to its sacred nature. It is a sacred plant worshipped in many Indian homes and is a must in every Hindu’s house.

Holy basil is also a major ingredient of many Ayurvedic cough syrups. it is a good stress reliever, and modern research has found it to be good for Respiratory problems, Cold, Fever and all types of Cough.

Know more details about ayurveda, ayurvedic medicines here. Also read informative Health Discussion Forum to discuss your health problems, share your own experience and get the most relevent Health Care knowledge here.

Dr John Anne

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Types Of Menopause Herbs And What Symptoms They Help Reduce?

Types Of Menopause Herbs And What Symptoms They Help Reduce?

Menopause herbs are used by many women to help them reduce the symptoms of menopause that they experience. These herbs have show to be effective for reducing and sometimes treating symptoms that are related to the dreaded menopause that every woman experiences.

There are many different types of herbs that can be used to help reduce symptoms. Understanding what some of these herbs are and what symptoms they are useful for will give you some idea of which ones you need to try to help you relieve the particular symptoms you are dealing with.

Some of the different herbs that are used for menopause symptom relief include:

1. Black cohosh – This herb is used to help relieve congestion and cramps that many women experience during menopause. It has also been known to relieve hot flashes and to help relieve pain that you may be experiencing in your muscles.


2. Chaste tree – This is used to effectively balance hormones and is used for relieving or preventing depression during menopause. The part of this tree that is used is the fruit and when it is dried it works for effectively for many women.

3. Dandelion – The leaves, tops and roots are used for treating different symptoms for menopause. This herb has been shown to treat the liver and help with hormonal imbalances.

4. Damiana – This herb is what is known as a pituitary regulator and is also used as an antidepressant. This is used for women that are having difficulties in sex.

5. St. John’s Wort – This will help with mild forms of anxiety or depression.

6. Vitamins – Your body needs vitamins to stay healthy and this is especially true during menopause. You can get vitamins through different foods such as fruits and vegetables or you can take them in pill form.

The key is to take the right vitamins for the symptoms that you are dealing with. You can talk to your doctor about which vitamins you need and you can do some research to help you determine which vitamins will help reduce the particular symptoms you experience.

7. Soy – This herb can be found in a lot of foods these days and is very healthy for anyone to eat. It is used to help women reduce hot flashes.

These are just some of the menopause herbs that are used by women everywhere to help them relieve their symptoms. You need to take time to figure out all the symptoms that you deal with and then find the herbs that will be beneficial to you. Every woman is different so be sure you choose the herbs you need carefully so you can find the most relief possible.

Please visit our menopause symptoms website today if you enjoyed this article by Jeff Schuman. You will find helpful menopause information and tips so you will have an easier time dealing with it.

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Female Libido – The Best Herbs to Boost Libido Naturally!

Female Libido – The Best Herbs to Boost Libido Naturally!

Low libido can hit women at any age and it causes frustration and misery but the good news is is you can boost libido by taking some proven herbs which can give you the nutrients you need, to boost your libido and also improve your overall health at the same time.

Before we look at the herbs, lets quickly review why women who appear in normally good health, suffer libido loss and the reasons, can be both mental and physical.

On a physical level, one of the major causes of low libido is poor blood circulation; for a strong libido and sexual satisfaction, the sex organs must fill with blood quickly. The majority of women who suffer from low libido, have sluggish blood flow.

For a strong libido, women also need the chemicals testosterone and estrogen; if you lack either of them low libido, diminished sexual satisfaction and even painful sex can be the result.

On a mental level, women are subject to hormonal changes related to childbirth, PMS and the menopause and all of these hormonal changes, can cause sexual desire to fall. Other mental inputs which cause problems with libido are stress, anxiety, depression and worry.


The good news is all the above problems can be solved, by taking natural sex pills for women which contain proven libido enhancing herbs which will give you the nutrients, you simply don’t get in your everyday diet. Let’s take a look at a few of the best ones.

Satavri Extract (Asparargus Recemosus)

Shatavri helps to increase levels of testosterone, strengthens muscles and toneS them and finally, moistens the dry tissues of the female sexual organs.

Dong Quai

This herb will help to boost blood circulation to the sex organs, increase levels of estrogen, keep blood sugar levels steady and contains nutrients which help fight the symptoms of PMS and the menopause; this is a a herb which all women should take for general health and sexual wellness.


Schisandra increases blood flow to the sex organs and helps them to fill with blood quickly; recent research has also showen that extracts of Schisanda fruit acts as a phytoestrogen.

Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa helps to increase testosterone levels, helps to relieve mental stress and anxiety and increases sensitivity in the vagina area.


Helps to improve blood flow all around the body and to the brain; the herb is known to improve mood, increase energy and reduce stress which helps to put you in the mood for sex.

Damiana Extract (Turnera Aphrodisiaca)

Damiana relaxes the body and calms the mind. The herb is known to bring on a feeling of mild euphoria which increases libido and heightens sexual pleasure. The herb also plays a key role in helping to balance female hormone levels and is frequently taken, to fight the symptoms of PMS and the menopause.

Get them all and More Libido enhancing herbs!

You can get the above libido enhancing herbs and others, in the best female libido pills; not only will these natural herbal sex pills improve your sex drive, they will also improve your general wellness at the same time.


For more information on how to Women’s Libido Enhancement and more about the best female libido enhancers and comprehensive info on everything to do with Womens Sexual Health visit our website.

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