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Herbal Treatments for Arthritis

Herbal Treatments for Arthritis

Herbal treatment for Arthritis is gradually replacing the conventional medications.  Chronic pain and swelling can be treated efficiently with the help of herbs as compared to medications, which may cause side effects. The main reason of pain in arthritis is the protective layer that gets damaged forcing bones to rub against each other, resulting in severe pain. Both Swelling which is the next resultant after pain in arthritis can be treated with herbs that produce new cartilage.  The use of natural herbs will make sure that the body is free of radicals and restoration of health is attained very quickly.

The choice to go herbal should also be discussed with the doctor. Antioxidants and natural elements are harmless, but still consultation should be taken before reaching a conclusion. Primarily, acidic diets should be avoided and healthy food items must be consumed to ensure that basic requirements to fight arthritis are met. Herbs like alfalfa, black cohosh, boswellia, sarsaparilla and wild yam are very effective. A mixture of these herbs, taken in a calculated proportion can heal arthritis. For proper dosage, you need to consult an herbalist or holistic practitioners.

Experts also suggest trying one herb at a time to track changes. Try rotating the herbs you are consuming so that body does not get used to a particular kind of herb. Market is full of poor quality herbal products; care should be taken to avoid these products as they can add to complications. There are people who buy products online and become victim of fraud selling. A proper check regarding the ingredients of the product, posted online is advised. In case, marketers do not post the ingredients of the product, then it is better to avoid online buying. Keep away from herbs like white willow, feverfew and cayenne if you are on blood thinners.

Herbs take considerable amount of time as compared to conventional medication. This stands to be a major reason behind some patients hesitating from opting herbal medication. Herbal treatment is time consuming but certain, as it remove inflammation, swelling and stiffness. Few cases have been registered, where herbal treatment has protected and restored joints with enhanced mobility. Natural supplements strengthen cartilages and joints. Natural products must not be taken as an alternative treatment, rather, it should be considered as primary cure.

Herbs like alfalfa are very good for arthritis cure, especially if taken in the form of liquid. Some do not like the taste of alfalfa powder, instead they prefer alfalfa tea which has a good taste and cures arthritis rapidly. Black cohosh which is popularly known as an American Indian treatment for this disease helps in curing inflammation. The dosage is simple, simmer the black cohosh root in water and leave it for twenty minutes and then drink the tea. Repeat the process on daily basis. Devil’s claw is also an anti inflammatory herb and dosage start from 1,000 milligrams daily. Wild cucumber bark is also a very effective herb for curing arthritis as suggested by many herbalists.

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