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Anyone know any good natural antidepressants-anti anxiety herbs?

Question by Canadian Mom: Anyone know any good natural antidepressants-anti anxiety herbs?
I suffered from post-partum depression with both of my daughters, I have been completely off any prescription antidepressants for a little over a month and I feel that I still have the depression (mostly anxiety) a bit, but can’t bear the though of going back on prescription meds because I can’t handle the side effect and don’t want to go through that withdrawal again, any advice?

I eat healthy and exercise 5 days a week. Exercise does help a lot.

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Answer by oldtimekid
The most popular things for general relaxation are Valerian, Chamomile, and Hops…. but some people actually wake up when they take these and are just very relaxed.

There are also some supplements that can help with stress and relaxation if you wanted natural help for that. There is St. John’s Wart, SAMe, some B-Vitamins, GABA, Ashwagandha, and L-Theanine

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Anxiety Management 101 – Successful Herbal Remedies
By Cochella Thermopalae Xavier on October 15, 2011 If stress is a problem for you, one possible answer may be herbal remedies. Herbs help reduce stress by helping with relaxation. If you are dealing with stress, learn about how herbs can help. …
Read more on Eva-News (press release)

NOW Foods True Calm Amino Relaxer, 90 Capsules

  • 90 Capsules
  • Serving Size: 1 Capsule
  • 90 Servings Per Container
  • Gluten Free
True CalmTM is an effective combination supplement that incorporates the latest amino acid and neurotransmitter research into one easy-to-use formula. True CalmTM includes cerebral nutrients like GABA, an amino acid that supports the down regulation of overstimulated nerve cells. It is synergistically blended with vitamins, herbs and other amino acids to support relaxation and a balanced mood.*

List Price: $ 19.97 Price: $ 6.13

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Does anybody know of any good herbs for depression?

herbs for depression
by Chris Devers

Question by Prince Cataan: Does anybody know of any good herbs for depression?
also for anxiety. Please no St. John’s Wort, that stuff really messed me up, sensitivity to light, pain in my eyes, etc. it’s poison for me. Anything else that is mild and can act on serotonin, or any other non-herbal remedy tips you can provide. Thanks!

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Answer by Graham
Walking for pleasure. It actually works, google it.

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Northville's garden clubs are in season
Guest lectures each month focus on topics such as planning what to plant where, distinguishing between weeds and wildflowers, and even more exotic topics like how to make teas from herbs and how to attract songbirds to your garden. …
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Q&A: What are some good natural supplements to take for cervical health? Herbs or vitamins are all welcome!?

Question by evilbatfangs: What are some good natural supplements to take for cervical health? Herbs or vitamins are all welcome!?
Also if you know of any foods that may be cancer preventative for women’s reproductive organs, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time to look at my question!

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Answer by Serengeti
Hey ! Emailed ya, take care.

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Posted by Herbs For Me - October 18, 2011 at 2:43 pm

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Prostacet Reviews- Is Prostacet A Good Supplement For Prostate Health?

Prostacet Reviews- Is Prostacet A Good Supplement For Prostate Health?

Prostacet is a natural supplement for prostate health that is supposed to help support the health of a prostate, help support bladder health, and help with normal urine flow.  Well, the question is, is it a good prostate supplement? To answer that question, I’m going to share some Prostacet reviews with you.

That way, you will know if Prostacet Prostate Health supplement is good and if you should consider using it.

There are many different natural supplements for prostate health that men can use when they are trying to improve the health and function of their prostates.  In those supplements, are ingredients that are designed to help with the health of the prostate and help with urine flow.

Well, in Prostacet, that’s exactly what it has in it.  A few of the ingredients that it contains are Saw Palmetto, Lypocene, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that helps with the prostate.  Now, at first glance this product seems like it could be like every other prostate supplement.

But after using it, I know that this is one of the best natural supplements for prostate health.  It’s truly a great supplement for any guy that’s looking to improve the health of their prostate and help support normal urine flow.  This is especially helpful for guys that are experiencing “dripping” after urinating.

My Prostacet review isn’t the only one that’s good.  There are a lot of Prostacet reviews of guys that like this product.  They have used it and experienced great results from it.  And that’s something that you could experience too.

You just have to make sure you use it correctly.  All you have to do is follow the directions on the bottle.  Oh, and if you want, the company that makes Prostacet will let you try it for free.  That’s how I got started on it.  I’ll actually share my Prostacet review with you in a second.

I know how it feels to have to deal with prostate issues.  The dripping after urinating and frustration that you might be dealing with, I completely understand how that feels.  As a guy that’s been there, I know what it’s like.  And that’s why I want you to know that there are prostate supplements that you can use that are effective.

A prostate supplement like Prostacet can truly help you improve your prostate’s health and help you with the other symptoms that you might be having.  It’s one of the best natural supplements for prostate health that I’ve come across.

So, if Prostacet a good supplement for prostate health?  You bet.  It definitely gets my recommendation and many other guys as evident by their Prostacet reviews.

If you want to try Prostacet for free or if you want to see how I used it to improve my prostate health, click here


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Posted by Herbs For Me - September 11, 2011 at 11:31 pm

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Are Vitamins Necessary for Good Men’s Health?

Are Vitamins Necessary for Good Men’s Health?

Of course you need vitamins for good men’s health, actually for male and female wellbeing. The questions is do you need to take supplements to get your daily vitamin intake.

When it comes to taking vitamin supplements the topic is controversial and widely debated.  Ever increasing numbers of men take vitamin supplements specifically designed to address the health problems of male vitality, improved prostate care, fertility, muscle strengthening and support for building testosterone.

The number of Vitamins for men increase each year as numerous health problems facing men and women are proving to have at the cause nutrient deficiency.

What ingredients you can expect to find in vitamins for men differs according to the purpose of those supplements.  For example a male enhancer supplement could have zinc, ginseng and a combination or single men herbs that act as power amplifiers for virility and performance.

If you take prostate vitamins you will find a broad-based multi mineral, antioxidant s and herbs combination, not just vitamins for the prostate.

The best supplements to take are natural, contain no binders, allergens or inactive ingredients. Generally speaking capsules are better absorbed than tablets. Some high-tech supplements contain elements that make them easily absorbed.

As males we need to take vitamins for men because our soils have become depleted of nutrients from over modernization of farming practices. What grows in nutrient-poor soils will be nutrient poor.

A 1999 Canadian study revealed that levels of nutrients in broccoli had dropped sharply from 1951 levels to those levels in 1999. Three spears of broccoli in 1951 contained 130mcg calcium and 3500 IU of vitamin A. In 1999 only 48.30mcg calcium and only 1542 IU of vitamin A.

There are numerous studies now emerging from the EU and the U.S. over a variety of foods, each demonstrating a sharp decrease in nutritional levels in our food. These studies eliminate the myth once and for all that you can get all the nutrients you need for a balanced diet. If you want to get your daily need of nutrients, you can’t get them from your food then you do need take vitamins for men on a daily basis if you don’t want to get diseases associated with nutrient deficiency and have good men’s health.

Andy Thomas owns one of the largest health centers with over 21 natural health practitioners. You can find more information about supplements and nutrition at Men’s Health World.

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Xtreme No Supplement- Maintain Good Health and Build Muscles Faster

Xtreme No Supplement- Maintain Good Health and Build Muscles Faster

A man with a well built body can safely and rightly be said to be of good health. Acquiring a well built body involves regular exercises and this also helps to improve a person’s health. That means that one way to feel and look good and healthy is to work on building muscle mass.

There are a number of obstacles and problems that may hamper your efforts to gain muscles. You need to learn and understand your body type to make it easier to succeed. Various body types respond to exercises differently and understanding your type of body will help you decide the right steps to take.

William Herbert Sheldon who is a psychologist, categorized the various body types into three main categories. These are mesomorphs, endomorphs and ectomorphs. Ectomorphs are generally slim people with bodies that have a relatively low capacity to acquire or store muscle mass.

Mesomorphs on the other hand find it quite easy to gain or lose weight. Mesomorphs thus tend to achieve better and quicker muscle building results. Endomorphs find bodybuilding a bit difficult just like ectomorphs because endomorphs gain weight easily but find it quite hard to shed off weight. Knowing your body type will thus determine the extent and type of body training program you will need.

We all cannot be mesomorphs and many people fall under the other two body categories. These set of people will need help to make their body lose weight or gain muscles easier and faster. Ectomorphs and endomorphs thus require muscle mass supplements to achieve maximum results from their body building program. Xtreme No is thus popular among successful body builders because it an effective way to help lose fat and build muscles.

Xtreme No body building supplement works naturally and is safe because it does not contain hormones or steroids. Among other things, it helps to remove growth inhibitors found in pathways of Nitric Oxide in the body cells. Once these inhibitors are removed, your muscle cells will find it easier to grow and expand uninhibited.

Xtreme No supplement thus helps body builders to reach their maximum muscle growth potential. Using Xtreme No muscle mass supplement will thus helps endomorphs and ectomorphs to gain weight easily like mesomorphs. Now all men can feel and look good quite easily.<!– From http://www.buzzle.com/articles/xtreme-no-supplement-most-effective-way-to-grow-and-build-muscles.html –> <!– google_ad_section_end –>

Get original and effective Xtreme No Muscle building supplements here and turn fat into muscles with Acai Berry Select Cut

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Benign Prostate Hyperplasia ? The Good Thing About Saw Palmetto

Benign Prostate Hyperplasia ? The Good Thing About Saw Palmetto

People with benign prostate hyperplasia must have heard of Saw Palmetto, an essential natural ingredient for prostate supplements purchased by a lot of people with prostate problems.  It has an all natural ingredients that alleviate the most common symptoms of prostate problems like an enlarged prostate.

As men grow older, they start to face more health problems and more serious issues in life.  One example is their enlarged prostate issue. Prostate gland is becoming larger as men age. This is due to the accumulation of males’ hormones in the gland that make it swell and inflamed. Thus narrowing the core and increasing the pressure on the urethra.

Increased pressure in the urethra may result in urinary stasis. Bacteria will be accumulated inside the bladder and may result to infection. Sometimes it may result in more serious problems like urinary tract infection and kidney failure.

There are a lot of remedies available for the relief of prostate enlargement. Medicines, herbals and supplements are now out in the market. One example of an herbal remedy is Saw Palmetto.

It may not be proven to cure the disease, but it is a supplement which is made for the overall maintenance of prostate health. It is made especially for those with prostate problems. Patients with enlarged prostate can benefit from it as well as decreasing the risk of prostate cancer.

It helps shrinks the prostate thus helping you in passing your urine more easily. This product will facilitate in alleviating the symptoms significantly. But you must take this product for a longer period so that symptoms won’t reoccur. You must also maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

Asking your doctor about this will help you decide if the product will be able to suite your needs. Doing your own research on alternative treatments for prostate enlargement is also a good idea. Trying products which are absolutely safe to use won’t harm you either. A saw palmetto ingredient may be, is worth a try.

If you’re looking for a natural solution to prostate enlargement, then check out Vigarexx today. Vigarexx is a dual function prostate supplement that not only shrink you enlarged prostate and relieve your enlarged prostate symptoms within days, it also turbo charge your libido into overdrive too.


Click here to visit Vigarexx now


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Men’s Health Supplements The crucial role in preventing and reversing many challenges to good health

Men’s Health Supplements The crucial role in preventing and reversing many challenges to good health

The health of a man is achieved through a combination of grants from Le Mans, health, healthy lifestyles and a healthy diet. At a time when human health is judged by his physical appearance is important to realize that ‘is in fact what should be and what you eat more than men, more worried.

Human health or the lack of health and work will start in his departure. For example, here are someexternal physical indicators that let you know that not everything is in pink, including:

• white, gray or silver, varicose veins (indicators of copper deficiency and an early warning system for heart disease and stroke may be).

• Dry skin and its voracious appetite (specify on fatty foods, lack of essential fatty acids is possible).

(• Hair loss can be a sign of a lack of minerals such as tin).

(• The age and liver spots can indicate a seleniumDisability, which means that your body is attacked by free radicals, which damage cells – that can increase the risk of cancer and heart disease).

(Noise •, cracks, grinding in the joints and blood pressure may be a lack of calcium and minerals to give) and is an early warning sign of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

And young people and offers no protection if you change your lifestyle, eating healthy foods and the use of dietary supplements.

Thegood news is that most health problems can be avoided with a man, and vice versa in many cases, from simple and inexpensive nutritional supplements such as vitamins and minerals, and some changes in our lifestyle and regulations.

For example, did you know that lycopene, a compound “may be invoked found in raw tomatoes to significantly reduce the risk of prostate cancer and a host of other cancers and do you know that simply by eating more omega-3 fatty acids (eg fishOils and food supplements) is clear, the arteries and reduce the risk of heart disease by over 50%? And essential fatty acids are also the skin look better and healthier? Did you know that the health and supplements can prevent, reverse arthritis and osteoporosis, as well as manage your pain for the reconstruction of bone structure?

In terms of general health, the majority of scientists agree that multi-vitamins (and) The mineral supplement is useful for the prevention of chronic diseases. Recently, the magazine of the American Medical Association (JAMA), an article linking inadequate intake of vitamins for chronic diseases.

Your goal should be to maximize the intake of nutrients to minimize losses of nutrients and reduce energy consumption, which is bad for you.

Here’s a summary of some major health problems for the health of people is completeSupport

• Prostate – Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death among men suffering with more than 80% of men over 50, some kind of prostate problem. In support of the prostate is usually in search of food supplements containing Mans: zinc (found in pumpkin seeds), essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6-9), vitamin A, vitamin C, amino acids, and also played without blueberry sugar, selenium and herbs such as Saw Palmetto. Recent studies on the nutrient lycopene,found in tomatoes, show that you can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

• Cancer – a combination of all major nutrients (minerals, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids) and antioxidants such as selenium and vitamins C and E. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene and to provide protection against various types of cancer – particularly prostate cancer.

• High cholesterol – High cholesterol itself does not cause any known disease, but deficiencies in cholesterolcan eliminate a number of diseases and health problems. lower cholesterol, the bad fats consumed in the diet and essential fatty acids (good fat). An EFA supplement that is rich in omega-3, is particularly effective in reducing cholesterol. Antioxidant supplements) (selenium and vitamins A and C and colloidal minerals from plants are also useful.

• Fatigue – More human health are all essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, The amino acids and essential fatty acids – to make sure it does help fatigue and malnutrition. Supplements of chromium and vanadium, may help to regulate low blood sugar, you may feel tired.

• High blood pressure – the complement of all essential nutrients, including calcium-colloid from plants and minerals, liquid calcium, coenzyme Q-10, derived essential fatty acids and lecithin. European facilities also contribute to men like the hawthorn> Health.

• Heart Disease – all the essential nutrients, with particular emphasis on a good source of essential fatty acids (flax oil or fish oil), selenium and vitamin E.

• Macular degeneration – Supplement of 90 important nutrients, including showing the plant-derived colloidal minerals, selenium, vitamin E. Recent research has shown that the antioxidant lutein – found in green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale – have a role in reducingMacular degeneration and vision better.

• Weight Loss – Supplements play an important role as a regular dietary habits change, as a rule, if you follow a diet. It must be ensured in 90 important nutrients to protect your body all the nutrients they needed. Integrated with a plant derived colloidal minerals and supplements of chromium and vanadium can help cravings execution control.

Taking digestive enzymes before meals will help your body absorb moreNutrients.

The form of whey protein shakes and power bars with vitamins and minerals can fill a good way, no carbohydrates, and provides the necessary nourishment.

• Athletes – If you regularly attend training or work and sweat, you should replace a good multivitamin mineral liquid and track everything you sweat. If you have not even put into serious health problems like heart – The disease common disease, low energy and chronic pain. You must replace these vital minerals, you sweat during exercise. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 100,000 men, women and children die each year (U.S. only), during and immediately after exercise. Almost certainly, because they never replaced all the minerals, trace elements, vitamins and electrolytes in great activity is lost.

• The health of bones and joints – Men’s> Calcium and other minerals (plant derived colloidal minerals and liquid calcium is best), vitamins and essential fatty acids (omega for example) are important for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, arthritis and disability. In other words, all 90 essential nutrients. Even with dietary supplements glucosamine and chondroitin and cetyl myristoleate, a newly discovered compounds essential fatty acids, which is scientifically proven to alleviate, toThe pain and improve mobility – can help relieve pain, reduce inflammation and help to rebuild the bones and joints.

• hair healthy, full of zinc, copper and tin with a high absorption of colloidal complex derivatives may help some men to reject and return the hair color.

• Illness – to keep skin in its best condition, health supplements, the use of vitamin A (beta carotene), zinc (colloidal minerals) and essential fatty acids.Taking digestive enzymes will help to take before eating the nutrients the body needs the skin and all.

Lifestyle and diet

Apply common sense – 20 to 30 minutes of exercise every other day is enough to stay healthy and help your weight under control. With age, weight, exercise more and to mitigate the harsh aerobics.

Lots of fresh vegetables (about 5 servings a day) and fruit (2 to 3 servings a day – lessVegetables) because of the sugar content of fruit, carbohydrates, protein and less refined (in the form of sugar, cakes, cookies, etc.) and avoid fried foods and margarine. At least 8 to 10 glasses of freshly filtered water per day (more if you practice and lives in one), hot and humid to help your liver and kidneys in good condition and the body to eliminate waste and convert fat into energy for maintain.


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Is The Herb “False Unicorn Root” Good For Infertility? Will It Help Get Your Cycle Back On Track?

Is The Herb “False Unicorn Root” Good For Infertility? Will It Help Get Your Cycle Back On Track?

Herbs have been used for quite a long time to enhance fertility. There are so many of them out there which you can use to increase your chances of getting pregnant but you should always make sure you get as much information as you can on a given herb before trying it out since some of them could be toxic especially if wrongly used.

False Unicorn Root is a great herb which can actually help you with so many things leading to pregnancy. I was on false unicorn root for a couple of months to sort out my ovulation. I used to ovulate day 9 or 10 and now its day 15 always (I stopped taking it two months ago). False unicorn root can be used to normalize the luteal phase in women, assisting with infertility which is associated with failure to ovulate and is a uterine tonic. It is best not to take it while pregnant though.

Though there are so many herbs which can actually help with fertility, it is best to understand how to use them before using them. The fact that these herbs do not have precise dosage also makes it difficult for people to know exactly the quantity they need to take to solve a given problem. It is advisable to also seek a Doctor’s advice if you want to try out herbs for treating infertility. Though most of them might not like the idea, it is worth the try.

A good way of actually increasing your chances of conceiving is by tackling your infertility from all possible angles. There is a 5 step holistic infertility cure system in this guide called: The Pregnancy Miracle book that actually helped me a lot when I was trying to get pregnant, and I would recommend it to any women who wants to increase her chances of naturally conceiving. You can read more about this guide by clicking on the link below.

Click here ==> Pregnancy Miracle, to read more about this natural infertility cure guide and discover how it has been helping women all over the world to naturally reverse their infertility no matter how what was causing it or how chronic it was.

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