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How to Stop Facial Sweating In 3 Easy Steps

How to Stop Facial Sweating In 3 Easy Steps

Facial sweating happens due to a rush of blood to the cheeks due to anxiety or embarrassment or other physiological symptoms because these activate the sympathetic nervous system. When it comes to the medical conditions underlying it, they could be- cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, imbalances of hormones etc.

Facial sweating is very much related to facial blushing. Facial sweating either comes along with it follows closely. Facial blushing can occur due two reasons

• Psychological- people often feel awkward or embarrassed in certain social situations- if someone criticized them or spilled out a secret etc. then they get facial blushing.

• Physiological- vasodilatation could happen all of a sudden, resulting in excess of blood flow in regions where there is no immediate need of extra blood. This results in reddening of the face, when blood rushes there. It could happen with the ears, neck etc too.

Medications and drugs for beta blocking etc are available as a cure to facial sweating but they are suggested to be used only when prescribed by a doctor since they generally have some undesirable negative side effects.


In case of the injections like Botox, it can be very painful a process and the ETS surgery review indicates that if the sweat glands of the head are suppressed the other sweat glands of the body would start sweating more profusely.

There are some easy home remedies that could be promptly availed-

• Water- this element is the best cure of many diseases so is it for hyperhidrosis, the medical name for facial sweating. Drinking plenty of water can help the facial sweating by keeping our body hydrated and detoxified, which will in turn reduce sweating.8 to 12 glasses of water or roughly at least 2-3 liters of water in a day should be of some relief.

• Food- changes in eating pattern may bring about changes in the excessive head sweating. Certain foods are meant to increase sweating. Coffee and tea contain caffeine which triggers the sympathetic nervous system to increase volumes of sweat. This should be replaced by herbal tea, fruit juices, fresh tomato juice, buttermilk etc. Vegetarian food keeps the body temperatures cool. Meat intake increases body temperature leading to more sweat. Vegetables like onions, asparagus, broccoli etc should also be avoided since they make your sweat smellier.

• Herbs- some herbs can be helpful in shooting up body heat and metabolism rate like- yohimbe, ginseng and ephedra etc. Some herbs serve as natural cure to excessive sweating. A right combination of different herbs can help reduce sweating substantially. Osha herb is one of the, it is believed to discard toxins from the body, relax muscles and helps in respiration. And this leads to reduction in sweating. Astragalus is an herb that is responsible for maintaining a balance in the sweat response. Rehmannia is the herb that cools your body. Schizonepeta lowers body temperature during fever and brings down sweating. Tea tree oil helps reduce sweating too.

The answer to how to stop facial sweating has been tried to be enumerated in the above paragraphs.

These tips are obviously only the tip of the iceberg. Find more tips on how to make some easy lifestyle changes at http://www.facialhyperhidrosis.net so you can stop your facial sweating naturally in no time!

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