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Herbs For Diabetes, Control Diabetes With Herbs

Herbs For Diabetes, Control Diabetes With Herbs

Diabetes has almost become an epidemic in today’s world. Diabetes is a disorder that affects the way your body uses food for energy. Whatever sugar we take is generally broken down into simple sugar called ‘glucose’ in our body.

It is great to use natural herbs to improve the over all health and well being. And there are many herbs that can help with specific diseases. Diabetes is one of them. Herbs for diabetes are used more and more to complement or sometimes even replace conventional diabetes drugs. Here you will find tips on how to help diabetes without drugs.

Many herbs have always been used in the treatment of the disease. However, as is well known, herbs work but for them to do so effectively they have to be taken consistently. This should ot be a problem, because herbs are foods from mother nature and therefore as a proposed natural cure for diabetes, the positive results with be long term and sustained. Some herbs, such as ginkgo biloba, cinnamon, garlic, onion, barberry , burdock root are all effective as a natural diabetes treatment. Night time teas before bed with some of these herbs will promote regular sugar levels the next morning.

Asian ginseng is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine as a natural treatment for diabetes. It has been shown to enhance the release of insulin from the pancreas and to increase the number of insulin receptors. It also has a direct blood sugar-lowering effect. A recent study found that 200 mg of ginseng extract per day improved blood sugar control as well as energy levels in Type 2 diabetes (NIDDM).

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) leaves are used as a herb or Fenugreek seeds are used as a spice. They can be taken as a supplement or in cooking. In a limited clinical test on humans, Fenugreek was seen to stimulate insulin secretion from the pancreatic cells and could help to lower the blood sugar levels.

Gymnema Sylvestre (Gurmar or Cherukurinja) – Gymnema, an Ayurvedic herb helps the pancreas in the production of insulin in Type 2 diabetic patients, as well as improves the ability of insulin to lower blood sugar in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Jambolan – Helps reduce blood sugar levels quickly. The best part about this herb (that attracts a lot of people to use it) is that it virtually has zero side effects.

Bitter melon – This herb has the ability to lower blood sugar. This herb is nothing new, it has helped diabetics find relief for centuries. Charantin (a potent hypoglycemic agent) is one of the active ingredients in Bitter melon. This herb also contains momordica, which helps to further decrease blood glucose levels. This herb has very similar effects to many hypoglycemic drugs used in diabetes treatment

Read about Diabetes Treatment and Low Blood Sugar Levels at Natural Remedies

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Health Diets – Candida Diet for the Control of Yeast Infections

Health Diets – Candida Diet for the Control of Yeast Infections

Candida is a yeast like micro organism found in most human bodies and though not harmful to most of us this organism can infect up to 20% of the population by causing a variety of different infections.

Generally found in our mouth, throat, genital/urinary tract and intestines, candida is held in check by the other bacteria that abound in our system. If a overgrowth of candida occurs a person will generally end up with some infections like: vaginitis, conjunctivitis, jock itch, muscle/joint pain, kidney and/or bladder infections to name but a few.

Most of these infections can be controlled and managed with traditional medication but for the person who suffers repeated infections this candida diet will assist in lessening them if not stopping them completely. The candida diet is not designed to make you lose weight but more to control and manage the candida micro organism in your system, by using and sticking to this diet the infections you suffered will be a thing of the past.

There are for stages to this diet – detox, reduce, inoculate and improve – being the keys to a healthier infection free life.

The Basics of the Candida Diet

Here you will cleanse your body of the toxic byproducts caused by candida.

Examples of detoxing:
I could write pages of information here but feel that we have all detoxed at least once in our lives and probably have our own personal detox method, for those who have never detoxed before go to the web and surf your favorite search engine for the one that suits you.

Here we reduce and balance out the yeast population in our bodies by using antimicrobial herbs, this helps to keep the candida under control

Examples of antimicrobial herbs:
Golden-seal – contains berberine which exhibits a broad spectrum of antibiotic activity. [not recommended if pregnant]

Echinacea – most widely recommended herb for infections, the direct activity of Echinacea as an antibacterial is quite mild but it helps with the stimulation of the production of some important antiviral proteins produced by our cells like interferon and interleukin.[caution is recommended in patients with HIV]

St John’s Wort – a herbal anti-depressant, it is also effective as a anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent and has shown a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity.

Licorice root – This herb also shows antimicrobial activity and can directly inhibit the growth of several viruses eg: vaccinia, herpes simplex and vesicular stomatitis etc.

There are other herbs around but they have shown limited antimicrobial activity.

Using probiotics [these are a helpful bacteria] you can help balance the candida in your body.

Examples of probiotics:
Lactobacilli – normally present in the mouth, intestinal tract and vagina. this bacteria produces lactic acid and can prevent vaginitis by inhibiting the growth of yeast.

Acidophilus – This term is used to describe a numerous amount of bacteria which help with our digestion. This bacteria has many health benefits and found naturally throughout our bodies, man has learned how to duplicate this bacteria artificially and many of our foods have this as a additive.

Bifidobacteria – a natural bacterial flora found in the human body, they promote good digestion, help boost the immune system, and help produce lactic and acetic acid. This bacteria also inhibits the growth of Candida.

Please remember to visit your local health store for these probiotics.

By improving your diet you will continue keeping the candida at bay, so up your intake of the following:

fresh vegetables
foods high in protein
live yogurt cultures
and grains such as rice, millet and bran

Avoid the following:

glutinous grains
and foods that contain yeast such as breads, baked goods, cheese and muffins.

Remember this is a diet to control candida and not a weight loss program.

Candice is a full time author and loves to write about her interests. These include a variety of diets, be it for weight loss or for the benefit of ones health she puts pen to paper. She also loves shopping, bowling, beading, dabbles in the forex market and enjoys internet marketing. You can visit her at Tan Leather Handbag to find the perfect leather handbag you have always wanted.

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SensaSlim Success as Yale University Study Links Obesity to Lack of Brain Control

New York (PRWEB) September 29, 2011

The Swiss pharmaceutical company that develops the slimming spray SENSASLIM is excited by a Yale University study published this week in the Journal of Clinical Investigation describing it as a major breakthrough in supporting their products science that obesity is affected by how well a control system in your brain is working.

US researchers have found the brains of normal-weight and obese people react differently to pictures of energy-rich foods, with obese people having less activation in a brain area that can inhibit cravings.

SENSASLIM Research Director Dr Sommerville said this may prove to be an important clue to understanding obesity and supports their research that the more effective ways to curb weight gain is by beginning not on the plate but in the brain.

The study – carried out by Dr Kathleen Page and Dr Dongju Seo from Yale University along with researchers from the University of Southern California – investigates which areas of people’s brains are most active when blood glucose levels are either normal or slightly low.

As party of the study, 14 people (nine non-obese and five obese) ate a meal. Two hours later, they lay in a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) machine that scanned their brains as they looked at pictures of either food- or non-food-related objects.

While they were undergoing the experiment their blood sugar levels were altered from normal to slightly low levels. Although the participants knew their blood sugar might be altered, they did not know when or in what direction.

A further seven volunteers underwent the same experiment, but with constant normal glucose levels to act as a control. When the blood glucose was lowered, and the participants looked at pictures of foods, they showed more activity in the limbic and striatal regions deep in the primitive part of the brain – regions important in reward and motivation.

When the volunteers’ glucose levels were normal, though, two regions of brain cortex became active – but only in the non-obese subjects. These two areas – the anterior cingulate and prefrontal cortex – act as the executive control centre of the brain, and they have a role in inhibiting desires.

“What happens in lean people, when their blood sugar is not dropping, is that their executive function lights up the area involved in making decisions,” explains Robert Sherwin, professor medicine at Yale and senior author of the paper, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

“This executive function controls the reward system, which is much less activated. But in obese people, that executive control is not activated when their blood sugar isn’t falling. So they have continued activation of their reward system and that system dominates even if they’re not hungry.”

The implication, he says is that there is a biological driver that pushes obese people to continue to eat, even when they’re full. They may not “see” food the same way as lean people do, because their reward and desire signals are consistently signaling that they want to eat, and that they want to eat high-calorie foods in particular.

“We don’t know why, and we don’t know if it’s reversible, but these results imply that there may be a biological difference that when people become obese, their motivation for eating when they see an ad or picture may not be under the same control systems as those of lean people,” says Sherwin.

Dr Sommerville says it is as if normal weight people are saying to themselves “Hmmm, I’ve had enough I think” – but obese people do not have that inhibition.

The discovery that obese people are not getting the inhibition from their executive control centres is exciting, he said.

The SensaSlim slimming spray is administered three times a day, by two sprays onto the tongue, ten minutes before meals. The effect of the formulation is felt immediately and suppression of appetite is swift.

SensaSlim removes the call of action to eat, by fooling the brain into believing that you are full. In simple terms, if you dont think of food, you dont crave food, you dont eat food. The weight just drops off, Dr Sommerville said.

The potent active ingredients enter the blood stream and naturally suppress the appetite. Simultaneously, the taste buds are pleasantly desensitised by a natural herb. This sends a message to the brain that suppresses the appetite, without affecting the central nervous system, he said.

At the surface of the tongue, each taste receptor cell has a chemically sensitive tip that responds to taste stimuli in the mouth. These cells may “talk” back and forth, before passing their environmentally derived message on to cells at the bottom of the taste bud, which may also talk back and forth with the receptor cells. Once the final message has been ironed out, cells convey it to sensory nerve endings that carry the signal, which eventually is interpreted by the brain.


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Appetite Control Herb Pill

by turtlemom4bacon

Hoodia diet pills are made by Paradise Herbs and Essential Hoodia Hoodia diet pills. These pills can be used as diet pills for weight loss and also for curbing appetite.

Hoddia was introduced into the U.S. market in early 2004. The way it works is Hoodia has a molecule similar to glucose that tricks the brain nerve cells that sense glucose sugar, into feeling full and satisfied.

The various forms of Hoodia available from Paradise Herbs are:

Paraside Herbs South African Hoodia 60 and 180 Vegetarian capsules are made from 100% Hoodia Gordoni which is an authentic government licensed product and the proceeds are given to SAN uplift man ventures and projects.

Hoodia is a unique vegetarian herbal food and dietary supplement which is safe; a stimulant-free product found in the dessert plants and nature of Madagascar and South Africa.  1-2 capsules to be taken before lunch or dinner for the first two weeks to cut down on appetite.

For many years and in fact for generations the Kalahari Bushmen always use Hoodia on their long hunting trips to curb their appetite and make them feel satisfied, and now this is available for those people who want to diet and eat less.

Some competitive Hoodia products made by other companies include:

King Hoodia – 1000mg by Desert Burn which originate from South Africa Independently Lab Tested.
Desert Burn Hoodia spray by Desert Burn with 250mg of Hoodia in the bottle.
San Hoodia – 500mg by Merazon Health Products
Hoodia Xtra 1000mg and Hoodia SRT 1000mg by Integra Labs

Paradise Herbs and Essentials Hoodia diet pills give you the willpower, determination and feeling of well-being, assist you in avoid snacking between meals and help you feel full longer after having eaten a meal. Make sure you purchase your brand of Paradise Herbs and Essential Hoodia Hoodia diet pills from a reputable herbal company online or in a well established drug store.

Written by ewriter9

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High Blood Pressure and Hypertension, remedies to control it

High Blood Pressure and Hypertension, remedies to control it

Hypertension is one of the health problems more common and is an important risk factor in cardiovascular disease. Although there are several medications to lower blood pressure, many people prefer to take herbs for high blood pressure instead. This is because the herbs are easily absorbed by the body and have little or no chemical content, reducing the risk of side effects.

Hypertension can be controlled if you follow a strict regimen that includes diet, exercise, and taking the herbs for high blood pressure. The most common advice you will have to doctors is to lose weight and to watch the food you’re eating. Foods that are high in sodium (salt), cholesterol and saturated fat can raise blood pressure.

In short, the herbs for high blood pressure actually work to dilate blood vessels allowing blood to flow easily, reducing high blood pressure. Some herbs for high blood pressure – because of its soothing agents – Work to relax the cardiovascular system, thereby reducing blood pressure.

Learning to deal with high blood pressure can be a scary thing to deal with it. Especially when the typical solution is to take drugs in bulk. Using all natural remedies, high blood pressure can be a challenge. But to use them, change your diet, and adjust your lifestyle, you can reverse years of damage causes this silent killer.

Many natural remedies high blood pressure will slowly change your lifestyle to provide proven results. You may find that switching to a natural diet or perform a specific exercise routine can change the way you used to live a lifestyle that promotes blood pressure. A change in your lifestyle can take longer to achieve a high level of results, such as medication, but is a remedy which affects last a lifetime

There are lots of remedies for high blood pressure that can be used to reduce blood pressure. Its a matter of really making an effort to do so.

When diagnosed with high blood pressure, you will be informed about what remedies are available to you, depending on your condition, age and lifestyle. In most cases, there are some simple steps you will be advised to take and the choices of doctors can be discussed if necessary. You will also be invited to assess your lifestyle and the causes of stress in your daily life. Whatever the causes and concerns, your doctor and clinical team are best placed to help reduce the symptoms.

Eating red grapefruit is one of the best remedies for high blood pressure that exists. Eat a few days if possible. And when they are not in season, eat grapefruit white. And grapefruit juice if it is difficult, drink. However, avoid canned grapefruit, if possible, but it’s better than nothing, and make sure that the grapefruit juice you drink is as pure as possible

Eating raw garlic is the best option, because cooking reduces its effectiveness. You can try the capsule form if you do not like the taste and following the breath that comes with eating raw garlic. This capsule is a product of a patented process that allows the garlic to keep the entire component medicines while producing no tell tale breath.

Get Medicine for high blood pressure and blood pressure treatment. Get useful remedies for hypertension treatment


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Tips to Control High Blood Pressure Part IV – With Herbs

Tips to Control High Blood Pressure Part IV – With Herbs

In the last three articles we learned that blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps out blood. High blood pressure means raising pressure in your heart and staying high over time, damaging the body in many ways. Beside general approaches, supplements, and foods we can also control it with herbs.

1. Cayenne
Cayenne contains an active ingredient capsaicin. It has multiple functions including the ability to lower high blood pressure, cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease and strokes.

2. Bugleweed
Bugleweed can help alleviate heart palpitation.

3. Ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo biloba can help to support peripheral circulation, and aids small vessel circulation therefore reducing high blood pressure.


4. Tansy
Tansy is a herb for heart palpitation and also helps to regulating blood circulation. Tansy can be consumed as a tea.

5. Garlic
Garlic shines as a cardiovascular disease preventive. It contributes to the lowering of cholesterol levels and elevated blood pressure,.It also helps prevent blog clots in the arterial wall when taken with vitamin E.

6. Arjuna
Arjuna is an Ayurvedic herb for improving circulation to the heart and normalizing high blood pressure. It also helps to reverse soft tissue damage to internal organs and muscles.

7. Mistletoe
Mistletoe extract helps to relive heart strain, stimulate circulation and lower blood pressure. Do not eat mistletoe berries because it is poisonous.

There are many more herbs such as bilberry, wild yam, mother wort, alfalfa, etc. They also have
sources of nutrition that help to lower blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels, increasing circulation of blood and preventing blood clots in the arterial walls therefore they also can assist in treating and preventing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

For more information, please visit:

Kyle J. Norton

I have been studying natural remedies for disease prevention for over 20 years and working as a financial consultant since 1990

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Herbs for Diabetes – Remedies to Control Blood Sugar Level

Herbs for Diabetes – Remedies to Control Blood Sugar Level

Do you suffer from this chronic disease and whether I seriously thought in the treatment of it??? Are you who use the grain to reduce sugar and whether you want to get rid of least mitigating the use of diabetes? Did you ever think that there is a combination of herbs may be addressed diabetes?? Do you try to use them?? Why not try these herbs!! Before mentioning these herbs I would like to give you some information on this disease.

Complications of diabetes

In addition to urinary symptoms, weight loss, there is a bug in many of the chemicals in the body which.

Require hospitalization, as the high sugar by as much may be dangerous to the life of the patient’s wrist if the blood sugar level is high by a slight, diabetes causes complications for each body after several years, the disease is high blood pressure, kidney failure, heart attacks, heart failure of common diseases in patients with diabetes, has been shown that diabetes is one of the most causes of blindness. So it must be borne in mind that diabetes of dangerous diseases, and should be given to treat and non-negligent treatment in order to avoid duplicate many.


Aid Hypoglycemia

When you notice symptoms of decline in sugar on the person you aid first the following quickly: the patient is given with Tin with water or several teaspoons of sugar out of solution in water, or cup of fruit juice, or half a cup of ships or father-Cola, or several pieces of chocolate or candy, will equal the patient to normal between 10 and 15 minutes, God willing.

The herbs used in the treatment and diet

• Olive leaf lettuce Tut
• Option diskette – burner guava
• Nettle juice (burner) linden nut
• Cabbage mint olive oil
• Lemon Garlic beans
• Alfalfa artichokes parsley

Proved that eating green clover helps to reduce blood sugar significantly

Which is useful to diabetics, to convert glucose into energy, maintaining the level of blood sugar within the scope normal, useful cinnamon prevent the formation of free radicals harmful to the blood, which protects the body from the risk of complications of diabetes, and the effect drink cinnamon in reducing blood pressure, which protects diabetic patients from exposure to high pressure.

That reduce the level of blood sugar effect of components of effective Coumadin, and physic acid, and nicotinic acid, and component gum arena is located in the seeds, which helps to reduce the rate of digestion of food, which slows down thus high blood sugar that accompanies usually a meal, may also work some components of other effective to increase the effectiveness of insulin in the body, working the circuit as well, to reduce levels of blood fats (triglycerides), and cholesterol, thus achieving health protection for the heart of diabetic patients, and eaten the ring after germination in the image of NAPT ring, or eaten seeds in the soft drink arena hot .

You may be interested Diabetes Treatment and Causes of Diabetes. Also visit more on Natural Remedies for Diabetes

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Herbs for Diabetes – Herbal Remedies to Control Blood Sugar Level

Herbs for Diabetes – Herbal Remedies to Control Blood Sugar Level

Diabetes is one such chronic disease that a large number of people are coming under its clutches with each passing day almost assuming an epidemic proportion. It can be said that the incidence of this disease is directly proportional to the modernization of the life style where most of the physical activities are effortless. This is saving time but at the cost of one’s health.

Diabetes is a condition where the blood sugar level rises abnormally due to the underproduction of insulin or malfunctioning of the pancreas. This can lead to serious damages of vital organs leading to stroke, kidney failure and paralysis if not controlled.

Sedentary life style, obesity, stress are the main causes of this disease; sometimes genetic factors also play a major role. Increase in hunger, thirst, frequent urination, fatigue is observed initially following with an abrupt loss in body weight.

Herbs can control diabetes

Diabetes if detected in a person cannot be cured but can be controlled by proper medication and natural herbs can be the best medicine if they are administered regularly along with a healthy lifestyle. But it is important to check the blood sugar levels often to test the effectiveness of any treatment.

1. Cinnamon has insulin like properties. It also reduces blood cholesterol and triglycerides which are also important factors for Type 2 Diabetes. A half teaspoon of cinnamon powder daily in diet can reduce the blood glucose level.

2. Bitter gourd has some compounds that help in lowering blood sugar levels. Taking its juice early morning in empty stomach can give desired results.

3. Onion has a compound that is capable of blocking the breakdown of insulin and also stimulates the pancreas in insulin production. It gives good results whether eaten in raw or boiled form.

4. Fenugreek seeds widely used as spice in different Indian recipes can lower the blood sugar levels. A teaspoonful of the powdered seeds if taken with a glass of water daily helps in the treatment.

5. Asian ginseng is traditionally used by the Chinese to treat Diabetes. This herb stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin and increase the number of insulin receptors. These help in lowering the blood glucose levels.

6. Blueberry leaves has given remarkable results in ridding the body of excess blood glucose. Soaking few leaves in hot water and drinking 3 cups a day can produce good results.

7. Gingko biloba is a popular herb to treat various diseases. Extract of its leaves may have good results in treating diabetes at the early stage.

Herbal medications are useful in treating diabetes, as it is devoid of any additional chemical constituents producing no side effects, but also treat other disorders at the same time. Along with medicine diabetes needs enough physical workouts and a healthy nutritious diet which must be given due importance.

Find Diabetes Natural Supplement that helps in lowering sugar level. Read information on Bitter Melon Supplement Benefits. Also find Amla Supplement Benefits to regulate blood glucose and improve immunity.

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