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Q&A: Has anyone used an herbal supplement to clear up their breast milk?

by gracey4u

Question by .: Has anyone used an herbal supplement to clear up their breast milk?
I’m making the choice not to breast feed for private reasons. However, I would like to know: Did any moms out there use an herbal supplement to clear up their breast milk? After my son I used cabbage leaves and cold packs. I don’t want to use this method again. If you have any ideas about herbal or otc meds that help, I would greatly appreciate the information.
Please no answers regarding breast feeding or any rude answers. Thank you.

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Herbal Supplements May Cause Dangerous Drug Interactions in Orthopaedic
ROSEMONT, Ill., Oct. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Discontinuing use prior to surgery can help avoid adverse events Complementary and alternative medical (CAM) treatments such as herbal supplements have become increasingly popular in the United …
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Posted by Herbs For Me - October 25, 2011 at 8:48 pm

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Can Positive Thinking Help Clear Acne?

Can Positive Thinking Help Clear Acne?

One of the most distressing skin diseases which can bring along serious psychological effects is acne vulgaris. People who have acne are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, anger and even suicidal thoughts.

According to studies and researchers, both acne and the unpleasant psychological manifestations brought about by this skin disorder are caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the body. There are certain nutrients that are found to improve acne and can also improve one’s emotions. Continue reading to find out what these exact nutrients are.

It is stated in the book of Medical Hypotheses, 2007 edition, that some factors that are thought to increase the risk of psychological sequelae in a person with acne vulgaris are altered intestinal microflora, weakened antioxidant defense system, and certain nutritional factors.

Most ingredients that are found out to improve one’s mood are the exact same nutrients that are found to be effective in treating acne. These nutrients are the following:

* Zinc
* Chromium
* Folic Acid
* Selenium
* Omega-3 fatty acids (not just the regular fish oil but the actual DHA and EPA)


Zinc is a nutrient that can help boost the immune system. The body’s main defense mechanism, which is the immune system, helps prevent acne bacteria from thriving in the body and skin. When the immune system is weak, you are susceptible to acne breakouts.

Patients with mood disorders often show low levels of zinc in the body. But mood disorders, such as mood swings as well as fatigue are said to decrease when zinc supplements are taken.

Another nutrient that is needed by the human body is the chromium. They are known to maintain the body’s blood sugar levels within normal range. Studies have proven that people who are suffering from high blood sugar levels are more prone to acne breakouts. However, when chromium is administered, the skin will clear up.

Studies made at Duke University found that a significant decrease in atypical depression is observed in people who are taking chromium supplements. Folic acid works in the same manner as the chromium.

According to Acta Dermato-Venereologica (1990), in the case of acne vulgaris, the concentration of selenium in the plasma and in the whole blood is decreased. And according to the ARS Human Nutrition Research Center, taking selenium can help improve mood.

Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly the docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and the eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), are the two most powerful non-prescription anti inflammatory nutrients that are considered natural. Omega-3 fatty acids have a lot of health benefits aside from clearing the skin from acne.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center made a study of the effectiveness of omega-3 on 106 healthy volunteers. Those participants who had low omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid blood levels were more likely to suffer from mild or moderate depression, had a more negative outlook in life and tend to be more impulsive. On the other hand, those with high levels of omega-3 didn’t show these symptoms.

So can you really say that if you are depressed you are more likely to suffer from acne? Or could it be the other way around? Whatever the exact reasons for your acne may be, the best thing to do is to look for a high quality supplement that contains the nutrients specified above and for sure you’ll experience a clearer skin and a better mood!

To find out natural anti-acne nutrients dermatologists NEVER tell you about, visit

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Posted by Herbs For Me - September 23, 2011 at 5:00 am

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Fibroid Clear – A Herbal Remedy For Uterine Fibroids

Fibroid Clear – A Herbal Remedy For Uterine Fibroids

Fibroid Clear is a herbal remedy which has been designed specifically to help women to naturally shrink uterine fibroids.

Herbal remedies have been used for many hundreds of years by women who have wanted to both control the unbearable symptoms which fibroids can cause and, alongside other dietary and lifestyle adjustments, to help women to shrink fibroids naturally. There are many herbs which are widely recognized which have a very valuable part to play when it comes to treating fibroids. However, there has been one major problem-it can be very difficult for the ordinary person to get the exact, correct balance of these herbs in the right combinations and quantities for optimum effect. In addition, actually preparing each one in a way that it could be correctly absorbed by the body can be almost impossible. This is where Fibroid Clear comes in.

Fibroid Clear is a precise formulation of 9 herbs which are well known for their fibroid-fighting abilities. Together, the combination can naturally reduce estrogen, an excess of which is a known contributor to fibroids. The control of estrogen can also prevent the growth of existing fibroids. In addition, the formulation works to reduce muscle spasms and cramps which often occur around the time of menstruation as well as regulating general hormone levels which can help with PMT and fluid retention.

When using Fibroid Clear, most women will notice a reduction of the symptoms caused by fibroids within a couple of months, although the standard time for shrinkage to become apparent on ultrasound scans is 3-4 months. It has been shown to work for all fibroids, no matter how large they are, but if the fibroids are particularly large, it will need to be taken for a longer period of time.

Although it is an effective herbal remedy for uterine fibroids, it is likely that unless lifestyle and dietary changes are made as well as taking the formulation, the fibroids can regrow. If you would like to see a complete system which will show you effective treatments which can run alongside taking Fibroid Clear, please visit How to Shrink Fibroids. To discover more information about the herbal remedy for uterine fibroids, please see Fibroid Clear


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Posted by Herbs For Me - July 21, 2011 at 5:00 pm

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Using Energy for Spiritual Healing – A Holistic Approach to Clear Pain and Suffering

Using Energy for Spiritual Healing – A Holistic Approach to Clear Pain and Suffering

How many of you have gotten sick when your doctor’s office was closed? Do you not agree that many times our bodies need attention either late at night, on the weekend, or during a vacation—all times when your doctor may be off-call? When a doctor is not easily available, is there an effective and easy way to ease your pain? Could it be that using the energy within you is helpful for spiritual healing? Might a holistic approach be beneficial to clear pain and suffering? 

Although I do not advocate ignoring the expertise and advice of a medical physician, I have found that working a holistic approach can enhance the benefits of a medical doctor. It has been my observation that for minor, non life-threatening afflictions, I have been able to reduce my pain significantly by adding a holistic method to clear pain and suffering. Using energy for spiritual healing can indeed be very beneficial. 

Whenever I have pain in my body, I immediately go into meditation, listening to any messages from my spirit. Sometimes my spirit instructs me to call the doctor immediately, regardless of the hour of the day or night. However, other times I realize that I have the ability to improve my pain level and amount of suffering all by myself. 

How, you might ask, do I accomplish this task? I use a simple process of flooding my body with light. Yes, I visualize a beam of light entering my body. As I do so, I direct the light towards the part of my body that is giving me pain. I picture the pain leaving my body and the cells repairing themselves. This simple process has been effective in alleviating my pain. 

I invite you to work this same process the next time you are having pain—use the energy within for your spiritual healing. After all, light is energy—the same energy of God and the universe, invisible in the physical realm, but available to all. A holistic approach to clear pain and suffering can be very effective. It is easy and it does not cost you money—only a small investment of time. Sometimes the easiest methods can prove the most beneficial. Why not allow the spirit of God to work His magic within you.

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