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Enlarged Prostate Benefits From Saw Palmetto to Promote Prostate Health

Enlarged Prostate Benefits From Saw Palmetto to Promote Prostate Health

Europe has been using Saw Palmetto to promote prostate health for years. Enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and the herb saw palmetto has been studied in European labs for it’s effectiveness in treating the disorder. American labs lag far behind in their research of enlarged prostate and herbs to treat it. Modern medicine in America frequently relies on pharmaceuticals sometimes to the detriment of natural herbal remedies. For instance, Doctors usually proscribe Proscar (T) and other prostate drugs which take time to become effective, unlike the Saw Palmetto herb which will kick in within 30 days.

The medicinal part of ‘Serenoa Repens’ or the Saw Palmetto is derived from the partially dried ripe fruit of the plant. The Saw Palmetto herb is indigenous to Southeastern United States but is most prevalent in Florida. It is the sterols and the fatty acids that are found in the berry that are the active ingredients. In Germany ninety percent of treatments for BPH use the saw palmetto herb, while in Italy it is fifty percent. Their successes have been many since BPH is nearly universal in the aging process of men.

A Study done in Russia tested 150 men with an enlarged prostate who had been diagnosed with BPH and other prostatic problems. Their findings concluded that Permixon, a European brand of standardized saw palmetto herb extract, had a long term efficacy and acceptability as therapy for BPH. The test was conducted over a period of 24 months and it was found that the quality of life from the base line study improved dramatically. The men had decreased prostate size, better urinary flow and increased sexual activity. The saw palmetto herb works by protecting the gland from irritating testosterone levels and will promote it to shrink.

Even better news about the herb saw palmetto, is that when used to combat enlarged prostate its side effects are almost none and it is non-toxic. Some men complained of gastrointestinal disorders but these were relieved when the herb was taken with food. There were some concerns in the early stages of study that the saw palmetto herb would mask prostate cancer by lowering the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels. After much more study this was found not to be true.

Many studies show that you must buy a brand that is ‘standardized with at least 85-95 percent fatty acids’ with 320 grams of the herb. In a few cases when large amounts where used it caused diarrhea in some patients. Studies have shown that the saw palmetto extract is effective in 90% of the men in clinical trials in over a four to six week period. Pharmaceutical drugs have been shown to need up to a year for significant improvement. Another benefit is that saw palmetto extracts are about one quarter of the price of pharmaceutical drugs.

There have been other herbs that have be cited as beneficial to enlarged prostate such as, stinging nettle, pumpkin seed, zinc, green tea, South African star grass and melatonin. None are as effective or show the promise of the saw palmetto herb.

In conclusion the benefits of the Saw Palmetto herb for an enlarged prostate are many. It will reduce symptoms of BPH, with occasional mild gastrointestinal distress but this is infrequent. The herbal remedy will not interfere with a prostate cancer diagnosis and it has no known drug interactions. The dosage has widely been agreed on by scientists as 320 grams per day and will cost you significantly less then a prescription drug.

If you have an enlarged prostate and you are looking for an herbal remedy speak to your Doctor about taking the saw palmetto herb to relieve your symptoms. Always speak to your Doctor before adding any medicines to your regime whether they are natural herbs, vitamins or supplements.

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The Health Benefits of Herbs

Many herbs can help you maintain good health. If you are healthy, you will feel better in all areas. Herbs are like vitamins. Herbs are all natural so they will not harm you. On the market, you will find herbs of all sorts.

How are herbs used and what do they do?

Herbs are used for many reasons. Herbal teas are used to cleanse the digestive system, or overall internal body. Herbs are used as medicines, vitamins, supplements, etc. It depends on what you want to use the herbs for which ones you get. You will find herbal teas used to treat common colds as well. Herbs are available to help reduce wrinkles, or other aging features.

Some of the popular herbs include Kava-Kava. Kava is used to reduce anxiety. Kava will help you relax and sleep well. Another herb is Plum Flower.

The herbs are used to treat people who suffer with various illnesses, including migraines, hypertension, cancers, heart disease, gastro intestine problems, common headaches and so on.

Emperor is great for the souls who feel restless often. GUI-PI supplements are great for workaholics. The herbs work to nourish the mind. ELEUTHERO- supports the system by providing you with improved blood circulation. Gingko Biloba is a great herb that increases blood circulation. The herbs will help the lungs function proper, while distributing or promoting oxygen flow, which in turns produces freedom of blood flowing to the brain.

If you have difficulty with joints and muscles, which may be caused by arthritis, bursitis, or some other type of joint, muscle, or spinal disease you may find benefit from tea pills. Inflamed joints cause pain and swelling. You will find Joint specific tea inflammation pills that assist with relieving you of these symptoms. During mid-age you may take delight in the rejuvenating teas. The teas will help you feel good. On the market, you will find many helpful herbs that promote healthy aging.

One of the better herbs for those suffering with memory loss or forgetfulness is Ginkgo Biloba herbs that support healthy brain functions. Gingko Biloba designed to enhance mental alertness is a great herb as well.

How do I find more information about the herbs?

You can find all sorts of herbs you want at most Wal-Mart stores. Herbs are sold in malls, herbal stores, drug stores and so on. You will herbs online as well. It is good to check out the herbs online, since you will have additional details that help you to learn what herbs are used for. Just remember to ask your family doctor before you take herbs. Some medications work against herbs despite that the herbs come from natural resources.

How do I know herbs are safe for me to take?

Herbs are natural, so in most cases herbs are very good to take. Herbs rarely cause side effects like many other drugs sold. In some instances however, people have experienced side effects, which is cause is not clear.

This is why you should visit your doctor first before taking any herbs, over-the-counter meds, or vitamins. For the most part if you find the FDA approved herbs you may not experience side effects. Keep in mind though the FDA, US Government, Pharmaceutics and so on keep some herbs out of this country, since they have proven to cure certain diseases. The US is backed by greed, which enforces particular people to focus on month, rather than healthy people. For this reason you should decide at your own risk. Most importantly however, you want to consider the herbs and its purpose first.

Paul Hata is active in various community and social programs aimed at providing access to health,education and jobs to all.Access 1000s of affordable Health,Fitness and Beauty Products here – and

Robin Falkov – Herbs, Health and Food Freedom & Radiation Defense May 8, 2011 Robin Falkov is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, has practiced Homeopathy for over 25 years, and is a Diplomat of the National Board of Homeopathic Examiners. Falkov, a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine, is fully trained in Traditional Chinese & Herbal Medicine. Her comprehensive consultations include nutritional therapies, diet and lifestyle review. She joins us to talk about food & health freedom, radiation and pollution defense and the medical system. We begin the interview talking about the herbal ban in the EU. Then, Robin discusses the HR1364 bill in America, to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act concerning the distribution of information on legitimate scientific research in connection with foods and dietary supplements, and for other purposes. It seems big pharma doesn’t want the public to know about plants that cure, especially since they cannot patent plants. Robin will also talk about the pros and cons of the medical system. Later, we get into the important topic of the effects of radiation, as well as other pollutants, and what we can do to help build a defense against it. Topics Discussed: herbal ban in EU, bureaucrats, HR 1364, freedom of speech and science, Australia banning plants, plants that cure cancer, children on medication, medical system, nutrition, chemicals, eating locally, eating in season, Japan, radiation, Gulf oil spill, hydroponic gardening, greenhouses

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Acupuncture benefits during pregnancy

Acupuncture benefits during pregnancy

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Acupuncture and phytotherapy help pregnant women get through their pregnancy more easily, but especially they help fetus develop harmoniously by revigorating mother’s body and metabolism and by improving her immune functions. They also treat pregnancy-related complications, such as: risk of miscarriage, gestational diabetes, toxemia of pregnancy , preecclampsia, respiratory viroses, urinary infections, iron-deficiency anemia, etc. There are no side effects or contraindications; the acupuncturist will merely avoid to stimulate certain acupoints.

It Cleanses and Detoxifies the Body

One of the benefits that may be derived from traditional therapies during pregnancy is cleansing and detoxification of the body. In its life, the human body accumulates cell residues (deposits of dead cells and toxins) in its tissues, a process impairing the organic activity and causing fatigue, immune deficiencies, metabolic disorders, etc. Acupuncture and phytotherapy improve mother’s health by eliminating these deposits; thus, they make it possible for a fetus to develop in a clean healthy body.

It Reinvigorates the Body and It Improves Mother’s Immunity

Hormonal changes and adjustment of the body to pregnancy cause general fatigue. Very many pregnant women hardly cope with their daily activities, especially if they have to carry on with their professional activity during pregnancy. These states of asthenia are treated by a combination of acupuncture sessions with reinvigorating effects and certain medicinal herbs with tonifying and revitalizing effects that improve the activity of the central nervous system and of the muscular system. At the same time, they improve the immune functions and protect the body against the action of the pathogen agents from the environment: viruses, bacteria, sun radiations, toxins and pollution.

It Ameliorates Pains and Sickness

In medical practice, acupuncture is often employed to relieve pains. Activation of certain acupoints stimulates the endorphin secretion, a neurotransmitter with strong analgesic action. In combination with certain herbs, the effects of the endorphins are directed to make human psychic relax and to soothe the pains in the backbone or in other areas of the body. Sickness sensations are reduced by equilibrating the energy centres that coordinate the activity of the digestive system.

It Treats Depression and Anxiety

As they tonify the nervous system, normalize the endocrine activity, equilibrate the psychic life and revitalize the body, acupuncture and phytotherapy fight depression and anxiety. The treatment also helps prevent post-partum depression, a disorder that occurs on the background of the hormonal changes in the body and of the body’s exhaustion following child delivery. The acupuncturist will also accelerate secretion of serotonin (the hormone of happiness), a neurotransmitter involved in the activity of the central nervous system, which plays a major part in maintaining the psycho-affective balance and in preventing depression and anxiety.

It Regulates Blood Pressure

The hormonal changes trigger blood pressure disorders. Therefore, during pregnancy, there may occur suffocation sensations, palpitations, arrhythmias and a raised blood pressure. Stabilization of blood pressure will prevent preecclampsia.

It Fights Migraines and Effects of Stress

Stress has a harmful effect upon the body, impairing mother’s and fetus’ organic activity, disrupting the metabolic changes, darkening the cognitive activities and overworking the nervous system. Together with the hormonal changes, these physiological processes frequently cause migraines during pregnancy. They may be treated by normalizing the oxygenation and the cerebral, organic and tissular vascularisation as well as by increasing the serotonin production (neurotransmitter that also coordinates dilation of capillaries and permeability of the small vessels).

It Prevents and Treats Edemas. It Controls Body Weight

In the last months of pregnancy, suddenly or within one or two weeks appears the edema – a painless swelling, caused by accumulation of serous liquid in organs and tissues. In most of the cases it appears in the lower limbs or in the hands. Adipose tissue deposits are a frequent characteristic with pregnancy manifestations. Depending on food regimes, hydration, physical activity and health condition, a woman will gain more or less kilograms. Edema is prevented and treated by improving lymphatic drainage, metabolic processes and renal functions. In order to control body weight, we shall act at energy level upon the centres regulating appetite, assimilation of food and use of the alimentary nutrients in the body so that mother’s body should assimilate the necessary amount of nutrients from food in the most efficient way possible.

In Post-Partum Period, It Helps Mother Recover

Acupuncture and phytotherapy speed up the processes of tissular and organic regeneration; they also make possible a quicker post-partum recovery, both in the case of natural births and in the case of caesarian section. There have also been very good results in lactation stimulation, mastitis prevention, diminishing the flow of post-partum metrorrhages; in stabilizing the hormonal secretions and normalization of menstruation.

Codrut Tutu MD
Acupuncture and
Apyphytotherapy Specialist

+4 021 619 11 17
+4 0745 430 351

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Organic Supplements Provide Numerous Health Benefits

Organic Supplements Provide Numerous Health Benefits

Having ideal overall health is something many of us shoot for. Exercising coupled with consuming a balanced eating routine are usually a vital component of obtaining this particular goal. The fact is that not all of the actual vitamins and minerals we want are absorbed via the foods many of us take in each and everyday. When this happens, organic supplements, including ingesting carlson fish oil for a supply of omega-3, enables you to normalize specifically what is absent.

Using organic supplements can provide the human body that extra charge it requires. They’re able to further support overcoming disease in addition to illness for the reason that many of these bacterial infections need greater dosages of specific multivitamins along with nutritional vitamins as a way for the infection to become eradicated. If anyone is living with lifetime sicknesses, consuming supplements like carlson fish oil can offer alleviation for many ailments as well as boost a person’s quality of life.

Omega-3 fatty acids are generally one of those things that are not usually at perfect levels inside our system. With the help of carlson fish oil on a regular basis you’ll be able to supply one’s body with this particular vital fatty acid as well as sustain the appropriate balance which the body needs to operate daily. Omega-3 essential fatty acids are necessary to take care of strong brain performance not to mention normal development and even growth. They can indeed be imperative when it comes to attaining all round well being.


Omega-3 essential fatty acids aren’t created normally in our system but they are really needed by all living cells to repair existing cells in addition to produce brand new ones. They are simply acquired via both plant in addition to animal sources and then we acquire them through the meals many of us consume, particularly sea food. If you can’t combine fish habitually into your diet plan you might want to give yourself the best supplement including carlson fish oil to have the sufficient amount of omega-3 essential fatty acids.

There are a number of remarkable benefits connected with omega-3 fatty acids. Research has revealed that individuals taking carlson fish oil daily maintain a much healthier mind and also have more desirable cognitive health. Research shows the fact that it may also help to keep your heart healthy. Several suggest that if you take fish oil it is possible to lower your possibility of Alzheimer’s disease even though this is actually not established to date. In youngsters that happen to be still developing, it can certainly help out with healthy brain development as well as strong eyesight.

The taste of carlson fish oil is agreeable but not fishy. It comes in either a lemon essence as well as an orange one. It does not have an aftertaste and belching rarely occurs using this brand. Even though the normal dose pertaining to men and women is just one tsp two tmes a day, boys and girls really should take the child formula at the highly recommended dosage. It should be consumed with your meals, ideally at mealtime, for the best possible results and to limit belly discomfort and flatulence. Lots of people put it on salads and also combine it in prepared foods however you are able to take it from the teaspoon.

Produced from a family owned and operated business that has been in operation for more than forty years, carlson fish oil is the subject of thorough examining to make sure it is contaminant free. Potency, freshness and purity will be analyzed and accounted for on a regular basis. Numerous elements are screened for during the screening including mercury, heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins as well as several other elements. The final product does not contain vitamin A or Vitamin D.

Taken out from deep, cold sea species of fish, carlson fish oil is bottled immediately inside a plant situated in Norway. This way it does not lose its strength as it is extracted in the same vicinity which the fish are caught from. The cold oceans contain among the best fish for obtaining the freshest fish oil. The final product comprises both DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) in addition to EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) which are both forms of omega -3 fatty acids that the body requires everyday to obtain over-all health and well-being.

If you are interested in carlson fish oil or organic supplements then visit These great products help promote a health way of life. Many organic supplements are good for the health of those who take them and work in many ways to assist certain health conditions and problems.


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Discount Vitamins & Nutrition Supplements Offer Equal Health Benefits

Discount Vitamins & Nutrition Supplements Offer Equal Health Benefits

A good deal of marketing outlets and sites tout overpriced productions that promise the moon and don’t deliver.

Fat burners and weight prostration and loss aids: a good deal of companies that trade the most proficient fat burners charge premium prices, but there’s no reason for you to remunerate high marketing prices when you may buy the same productions at wide and deep discounts. naturally, prices aren’t everything. Found to affect the levels of serotonin in the brain, the herbal supplement may ameliorate mild solitude and depression, aid balance mood swings, and aid with sleep problems. the results you incur from high quality discount vitamins and nutrition productions are as sound as those you get from higher priced merchandise. Again, you may get a wide number and variety of high quality, brand name productions at the same place where you buy your discount vitamins.

insightful advice gleaned by trial and error is more worthful that the stale reiterations found on a good deal of health internet sites.. When you select your online source of discount vitamins, be sure that it likewise offers expert advice, possibly in the form of a free on a weekly basis newsletter. St john’s wort-everyone from ancient greeks to progressed-day medical pros have explored the gains of st john’s wort. Probiotics are microorganisms that aid the body’s own exhilarating and beneficial bacterium and yeasts.


every person’s capacity and capacity to absorb nutrients is distinctive, so multiple origins see to it that almost everyone may gain. likewise, you may find a carb blocker through an internet health and body source at a fraction of the price you would remunerate at a retailer. When choosing discount vitamins, search for those that offer multiple origins of nutrients and natural origins of trace solid homogeneous inorganic substances and micronutrients. Here are a small amount of examples:  multi-vitamins-though a good deal of people like taking an variety of personal and specific vitamins, a lot more prefer the comfortableness of a multiple vitamin supplement. in regards to discount vitamins and nutrition productions, the old adage, “you get what you remunerate for, ” merely doesn’t hold genuine.

Acidophilus powder and capsules/tablets are available in both regular formulations and those specialized for women, vegetarians, and so forth. a good deal of nutritional productions include complementary formulas(suchlike anti-oxidants)that may likewise heighten well-being. Hydroxycut, a accomplished and common weight prostration and loss supplement said to increment your energy, burn calories, and agitate and control appetite, is but one example of a brand name product that may be found online at a steep discount over marketing prices. A common multi-vitamin is fitting and appropriate for most adults, although peculiar formulations tailored to personal and specific groups of people are available for women, for men, for older adults, and for those who are engaged in sports or other very sinewy and active lifestyles. different brands of vitamins-and different multi-vitamins within a given brand-comprise different formulations, so it’s necessary to consider the labels instead of the price tags.

Said to stimulate the body’s capacity and capacity to metabolize fat, the most proficient fat burners contain no ephedrine. Acidophilus powder-acidophilus powder is a more or less generic term for a group of dietary supplements that are probiotics. As with discount vitamins, you may find online origins of acidophilus powder at steeply discounted prices. Sports nutrition: sports nutrition is large business, but that doesn’t mean that you must spend large bucks for protein powders, health shakes, muscle formulas, and nutrition bars. search for writing that reflects the cognition base of the site’s owners.

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Benefits Of Amla Herb

Benefits Of Amla Herb

Amla also know as amalaki, a natural, efficacious and safe herb. It is an antioxidant with the richest natural source of Vitamin C and other anti-oxidant polyphenols like Emblicanins. It helps in protecting cells against free radical damage and thereby helps in the management of premature aging. It provides effective resistance against many diseases especially of the respiratory tract.

It is the most widely used herb, it maintains balance amongst three Doshas of wind, bile and phelgm (Vayu, Pitta and Cough) and effectively controls digestive problems, strengthens heart, builds up and sustains defence mechanism, improves eye sight, imparts a natural glow to hair and body and a store house of Vitamin C.

Latin name:  Emblica officinalis, Gaertn
English name:  Indian Gooseberry
Sanskrit / Indian name:  Amalaki
Naturally rich in Vitamin Preparation C with antioxidant activity.
?    The fruit is refreshing, sedative, diuretic and Laxatives, antibacterial, kardiotonotiko, aphrodisiac, antipyretic, antidiabetic, diuretic, stimulant of gastricoLaxatives and intestinal system.


?    The dried fruit is useful in hemorrhage, diarrhea and dysentery.
?    Fruit amia is anabolic, antibacterial and reinforcing the body’s defense.
?    They apochremptikes, cardiac, antipyretic, antioxidant, antibiotic and anti-emetic actions.
Indian gooseberry denotes that it is indigenous to India. Though all parts of the tree have medicinal value, it is the fruit which constitutes the main drug. Charaka has specifically mentioned it as a great rasayana that helps protect people from disease and keeps away the manifestations of premature ageing.

Naturally extracted Amla has been prepared using only the finest quality of fruits grown in the pristine environment of the lower Himalayan range of mountains, a potential land for any herb. Morpheme Amala is free from color, yeast, gluten, wheat, corn, dairy products or any other artificial additives. Morpheme is global leader in scientifically validated herbal supplements.

Overall benefits of Amla in the body:
* Enhances food absorption
* Enhances fertility and memory
* One of the best herbs for diabetes
* Powerful skin and hair rejuvenator
* Eye and liver toner
* Restores stomach and intestinal digestive enzymes
* Supports heart and lungs
* Reduces body heat and/or weight naturally

Amla C herb – Natural Vitamin C, KEY BENEFITS OF AMLA:
* Amla contains the highest amount of Vitamin C in natural form.
* Amla is referred to in historic texts as an herb that promotes longevity and induces nourishment.
* Amla’s reputation is supported by scientific studies confirming its immunity-boosting properties.
* Amla has been a very important herb in Ayurveda.

Read more on amalaki, Powerful skin and hair rejuvenator. And also get benefits of Amla to boost immune system


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Using Herbs and Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure – the Benefits

Using Herbs and Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure – the Benefits

Do you have hypertension?  Herbs and other natural remedies for high blood pressure work extremely well, and are much better for your health than prescription drugs.  There are hundreds of things you can do to bring your blood pressure down to a normal level without resorting to expensive, synthetic drugs.

Other than diet change and stress reduction, there are so many things you can do to relieve hypertension that are really easy.  For example, using herbs for high blood pressure is proven to work and much better for your overall health. Here is something you may not know:  prescription drugs for hypertension can actually raise your bad cholesterol levels!

Herbs that are effective for high blood pressure include Hawthorn, Passion Flower and Ginkgo Biloba, to name a few.  These herbs work to strengthen your entire cardiac system and make your arteries more supple, thereby making blood flow more freely.

Other natural remedies for high blood pressure include deep breathing exercises, meditation, and the foods you eat.  There are many little secrets you probably don’t know about lowering hypertension.  There are even special little concoctions you can mix up in your own kitchen that can reduce your blood pressure by a huge margin in just a few days!

Here are a few other little secrets for lowering hypertension:

Eat a little dark chocolate every day
Add foods rich in Omega 3 fish oils to your diet
The RIGHT kind of alcohol in the proper amount can lower blood pressure

Of course, this is just a small sampling of the things you can do.  Controlling hypertension without medication is truly easy, and it really will improve your overall health.  Herbs and natural remedies for high blood pressure is a smart way to take control of your health and STOP putting pumped up medication into your system.

Are you ready to learn more about why you should not take prescription drugs, and why you SHOULD learn about herbs and natural remedies for high blood pressure?  You can add years to your life – learn more below.

Find out why YOU should consider using herbs for high blood pressure and other easy methods that will control hypertension without medication. More articles about natural remedies for high blood pressure

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Holy Basil (Tulsi) Herb – Medicine and It’s Benefits

Holy Basil (Tulsi) Herb – Medicine and It’s Benefits

Known as the queen of herbs, Holy Basil is renowned for its spiritual and religious significance and has at the same time carved a niche for itself in the traditional Indian system of medicine. Regarded as the ‘Elixir of Life’, Tulsi is known to promote longevity and sound health.

An ancient herb with diverse healing properties, Holy Basil is believed to be an adaptogen which balances and tones the energetic ‘Chakra’ system of the human body. Primarily used in herbal medicines to treat bronchial trouble, the herb is believed to promote the well-being of the lungs, throat and chest. Known to be a skin rasayana, herb is replete with vitamin C, carotene, calcium and phosphorus and keeps the skin glowing and supple.

Tulsi is also known to have analgesic properties, due to a high concentration of Eugenol. Research suggests that Holy Basil has certain anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and pain. It supports detoxification and provides relief in cases of respiratory disorders. Holy Basil leaves are beneficial for people suffering from immunological disorders, allergies and asthma. It also improves the blood circulation of the body. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of the herb help the body to fight off damaging free radicals which are believed to cause aging and disease.


Known to be a powerful immunity booster, this queen of the Orient has the capacity to keep ageing and debilitating health at bay. A medicinal plant with diverse properties, Tulsi is a safe remedy for cough and cold, bacterial and viral infections, radiation poisoning and high blood sugar levels.

Found in the lowlands of India and other countries like Pakistan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, Holy Basil or Tulsi is considered the Queen of Herbs and is one of the most cherished herbs of the orient. Not only is Tulsi renowned for its religious and spiritual significance, it also plays a predominant role in the traditional Indian system of medicine.

Tulsi is also believed to have analgesic properties, due to a high concentration of Eugenol.  Practitioners of traditional Indian medicine and experts think highly of the natural herb, found in the lowlands of India and other countries like Pakistan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.  The herb is often used in medical preparations for Asthma and bronchial trouble. Holy Basil also improves the blood circulation of the body.

Research suggests that Holy Basil has certain anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling. It supports detoxification and provides relief in respiratory disorders. It’s leaves are beneficial for people suffering from immunological disorders, allergies and asthma. It is also believed to be helpful in the regulation of blood sugar levels in the body.


Holy Basil (Tulsi) benefits a life in different way, which I have already explained. As a expert with Herbal products and its benefits I am on my voyage to learn more about Ayurveda and its implementation of life and helping community to understand what herbal products and supplements can bring change in health.

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Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss, Saw Palmetto Benefits

Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss, Saw Palmetto Benefits

Saw palmetto benefits are numerous and diverse, which is why saw palmetto is considered one of the most versatile herbal medicines available. Here we explore just some of them, so you can decide if you should consider taking saw palmetto supplements.

It is a naturally occurring plant that grows in North America. The plant has been harvested for use in men who are experiencing prostate or urinary tract inflammations in men, but has also been noted to reduce the production of DHT in men who are experiencing hair loss.

By far the most common type of baldness (alopecia) in males is called male-pattern baldness or androgenic (androgenetic) alopecia. When this condition develops, the hair is lost in a well-defined “M” pattern (hence the name.) Women also suffer from androgenic alopecia; in females this condition is known as female-pattern baldness.

Saw palmetto baldness treatment is said to work by interrupting hormonal signals and therefore reducing the uptake by the hair follicles of a damaging chemical called dyhydrotestosterone (DHT). There are both topical and oral preparations and these can complement each other by reducing DHT locally on the scalp and throughout the body so promoting healthy hair growth.

Saw palmetto is a natural herb which effectively combats hair loss. The medical term for the herb Saw palmetto is Serenoa repens. A small palm which grows in warm climates such as the Southeastern part of United States produces a red fruit. This herb is very popular in Germany. Saw Palmetto lowers the DHT level in our body by obstructing 5 alpha-reductose, thus reducing the development of DHT, which causes hair loss.

Chances are you have heard of saw palmetto. Hair loss is probably the last thing that you expected saw palmetto to be associated with, but as of late there have been many treatments out there that have been designed to alleviate the symptoms of losing hair and help re grow hair and this is just one of them.

When using saw palmetto for hair loss one option is using it as an external treatment by massaging it into the scalp and hair. You can purchase saw palmetto as an oil extract or as an ointment. One of the reasons saw palmetto has been so successful in the treatment of hair loss, particularly when used externally, is that its components are lipophilic in nature. This means they are well extracted into the oil base typically used, and are easily absorbed by the skin, therefore providing a more productive treatment.

It thus helps revive hair follicles, improve hair strength, body and shine, make scalp less sensitive to stress and irritation. So if you are looking for safe products for hair loss Saw Palmetto is one option you should consider first. Although it is not known to help sudden hair shedding but if taken over a period of time it certainly would help prevent alopecia and atleast prolong a condition where a lot of people may go for surgical option such as transplant for restoration of their crown. Taking it alongside some essential vitamins and minerals would help further.

Read about Herbal Remedies. Also read about Saw Palmetto Supplements and Saw Palmetto

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Epazote most potent herb serving several benefits for human: a review

Epazote most potent herb serving several benefits for human: a review

Dysphania ambrosioides or Chenopodium ambrosioides

Epazote is an herb that is native to South and Central America. It has traditionally been used as an herbal remedy since the time of the Aztecs, and it is also an important herb in Mexican cooking. The flavor and scent of epazote are acquired tastes, however, and can be off-putting to people who are not used to them.

In the US, epazote is sometimes called skunk weed because the odor is considered to be repellent, but in Latin America, many people enjoy both the scent and the taste of this plant. The current scientific name for epazote is Dysphania ambrosioides, but it used to be classified as Chenopodium ambrosioides. It is also known as Mexican tea, wormseed, paico, Jesuit’s tea and Herba Sancti Mariae.

Annual Plant

Epazote is an annual plant that is often found growing on waste ground, in flowerbeds and in dry lakes and rivers. It is native to the South and Central Americas, but is also found as an invasive species in the temperate and tropical regions of the world, in Europe and the southern US.

Characteristics & Texture

Epazote has long, toothed aromatic leaves that can be up to about three inches in length, with the leaves becoming smaller the higher up the stem they are growing.

The plant can reach heights of several feet under optimum growing conditions. Adult plants produce a number of irregular branches that are held vertically, or near vertically.

The plants have small, green flowers that appear as loose, branching spikes or panicles, which grow out from the reddish colored stem. Epazote usually flowers between July and September, after which it will produce small, round green fruits, each containing a tiny black seed.

Epazote Scent

The scent of an epazote plant is unique and very strong. It is often the easiest way of identifying or locating the plant. In the US, epazote is sometimes referred to as skunk weed because the odor is often considered very objectionable, but in other times and places the scent has been thought of as very attractive.

Some indigenous people wore pieces of epazote for its scent. The odor of the plant bears some similarities to the scents of citrus, camphor, mint, savory and petroleum. Epazote is one of the strongest smelling herbs. The scent of epazote is matched with an equally strong flavor, which is employed in many dishes from Latin America.

Epazote’s Leaves

The leaves of the plant are commonly used as flavoring or are eaten as a vegetable, but an oil may also be derived from epazote and used for medicinal purposes. This oil can be produced from the whole plant, or just from the leaves, the seeds or the fruit alone. Epazote tea is also produced from the leaves. Many traditional herbal remedies require the preparation of a decoction of the leaves of the epazote plant. The leaves are mashed and then boiled in water in order to extract the useful oils.


The name Epazote is derived from the word epazotl, which comes from the Nahuatl language. This is an Aztecan language that is found in Central Mexico. The Aztecs used epazote as a natural remedy and as an herb for flavoring food. Many other indigenous American peoples have also used this plant.

Epazote used to be scientifically classified within the genus Chenopodium, along with approximately 150 other species that are commonly known as goosefoots. Epazote has since been reclassified in the closely related genus Dysphania, but there are still many similarities between the plants in these two groups. Members are often used as leaf vegetables or are grown in order to extract oils from them.

Quinoa Oil

Quinoa oil, for example, comes from a plant within the Chenopodium genus. The oil that is derived from epazote or D. ambrosioides is often called oil of chenopodium. This name comes from the old classification of the plant, and is still used today although the plant is technically no longer in the Chenopodium genus.

The goosefoots have been used for food since at least 4000 BC, when different species of this plant were being grown by the ancient peoples of Europe and North America. Epazote also has a long history of use as both a food and a medicine.

Digestive Benefits

Epazote has traditionally been used as a cure for intestinal parasites. This is reflected in some of the names that have been given to the plant, such as wormseed.

Eating the leaves can eliminate worms in the digestive system. It has also been used as an herbal remedy to treat spasms of the muscles, and in order to induce abortion, among other things. Epazote is widespread as a native plant across both South and Central America, and it has been exploited by many different groups of people living in different parts of this region.

Many groups of indigenous people in the Americas have used epazote as an herbal remedy, particularly as a cure for intestinal worms. In the Yucatan, epazote has been traditionally used to get rid of worms, and to treat chorea, asthma and excessive mucus production.

Cultural Uses

In the Amazon, the Tikuna Indians have used epazote to treat worms and for its laxative properties. In South America, the Kofan and Siona Indians have used epazote to kill parasitic worms, by dosing patients with a cup of epazote leaf decoction taken every morning for three days, and the Kofan Indians have worn bracelets made from the plant in order to provide a perfume. The Creoles have used epazote to treat worms in children and to cure colds in adults.


The Wayapi have used a decoction of epazote leaves as a treatment for stomach upsets and internal bleeding caused by falls. In Piura, Peru, people have used an epazote leaf decoction to treat intestinal gas, worms and parasites, gout, cramps, hemorrhoids, and nervous disorders, as well as using it as a laxative and an insecticide. Some tribes treat fevers by bathing in epazote decoction and burn fresh epazote plants to repel insects, including mosquitoes.

Latin America Influence

Many of the traditional uses of epazote remain current in modern Latin America. Epazote is particularly common as an herbal remedy for the treatment of intestinal worms and other parasites of the digestive system, such as amebas. Both the leaves and the seeds are used to treat worms. In Brazil, epazote is also used as a cure for coughs and colds, asthma and other respiratory disorders and infections.

It is also used to treat angina, to improve the digestion, reduce intestinal gas and to encourage healthy sweating. Epazote is put to similar uses in Peru, but in the Peruvian Amazon, the plant is also used as a remedy for arthritis. It is socked for several days in water and then applied to the skin around the affected joints. Some people in South America also use epazote as an herbal remedy for menstrual problems, and apply it to the skin to treat bruises and wounds.


Epazote is used as a flavoring for food and as an herbal remedy and health food. The most frequent reasons for using epazote are as an ingredient in Mexican cookery, usually with beans, and as an herbal remedy that can get rid of parasitic intestinal worms.

The leaves of the epazote herb are used as an herb and eaten as a leaf vegetable. The strong flavor is comparable to fennel, tarragon or anise, in its pungent, medicinal taste. It can be too strong for some people, and it may take some time to get used to the flavor.

As an herb, epazote is commonly used to add some extra taste to black beans. In addition to its flavor, it is also prized for its ability to reduce the formation of gas in the digestive system that is usually common after a meal of beans. This property is also known as a carminative effect.

Mexican Recipes

The epazote herb is also used in a number of other Mexican recipes. It can be added to soups, tamales, mole de olla, enchiladas, chilaquiles, sopes and quesadillas. Epazote is sometimes also used in some Caribbean cookery.

Eating the leaves of the epazote plant is also considered to be very healthy. In addition to reducing flatulence after eating beans, it is believed to be able to treat a number of conditions. Epazote has been used as an herbal remedy for malaria, chorea, catarrh, asthma, hysteria, dysmenorrheal (severe pain during menstruation) and amenorrhea (lack of menstruation in a woman who is of childbearing age).

Essential Oil

In addition to the leaves, an essential oil derived from the epazote plant may also be used. This oil of chenopodium can be used to kill intestinal worms. It is a great deal stronger than the fresh or dried leaves, or a tea made from them. Epazote oil is not usually taken internally now, although it was once a very common treatment.

The essential oil obtained from epazote plants is composed of up to 70 percent ascaridole. This is an unusual chemical to find in an herb or spice, and it is largely responsible for the pungent scent of the plant, as well as its medicinal activities.

Epazote oil also contains limonene, which produces a citrus scent and can repel insects and p-cymene, as well as a selection of other chemicals that are present in lower concentrations: alpha pinene, terpinene, myrcene, camphor, trans isocarveol and thymol).

Many of the chemicals that are present in epazote oil, including ascaridole, belong to a group called monoterpenes. It is often suggested that epazote plants grown in Asia and Europe have lower concentrations of ascaridole than those that are grown in Mexico, but this has never been proven.

Fighting Intestinal Worms

It is the oil of the epazote plant that is believed to be able to kill intestinal worms. This traditional American remedy spread worldwide and was used for several centuries by people around the world. It was brought to Europe from the Americas during the 17th Century, and was then used as an herbal remedy until the 20th Century.

Oil of chenopodium was even listed as a recommended treatment for roundworms, hookworms and amebas in the US Pharmacopoeia, which is the physician’s guide to all of the standard therapeutic drugs and treatments. It was also commonly used to treat domestic animals and livestock suffering from worms. The potential side effects associated with this treatment meant that it was replaced by safer options, however, during the 1940s and it is no longer recommended by doctors.

Epazote is still used in some parts of the world to treat intestinal worm infections in both humans and animals. This use is particularly prevalent in Latin American countries such as Honduras. The treatment is usually prepared by grinding the leaves or the entire epazote plant and adding it to water, rather than extracting the oil, which can be too strong to be safe for the patient.

Scientific Evidence

A number of uses of epazote have been investigated scientifically and found to have some degree of efficacy. Studies have tested the use of epazote against insects, parasites and bacteria, and as a treatment for malaria and cancer. Epazote has traditionally been used as a remedy for many other problems, however, which have not yet been scientifically tested.

These include its use for disorders of the digestive system, in pain relief, and as a treatment for menstrual conditions. The strongest scientific evidence for the efficacy of epazote as an herbal remedy comes from studies of its use as a treatment for intestinal parasites.

There are some reliable investigations that have found fairly strong evidence that it is an effective treatment, both in the lab and in human patients.

Main Ingredient of Epazote

The main active ingredient of epazote oil, ascaridole, was isolated for the first time in 1895 by a scientist living in Brazil. It was the first known naturally occurring organic peroxide, and is the main active ingredient of epazote treatments.

Ascaridole is believed to be responsible for the ability of epazote to kill intestinal worms, and a number of other medicinal properties have also been attributed to it, including the ability to relieve pain and to act as a sedative. It may also be able to work as an antifungal agent.

Evidence from animal and in vitro studies has suggested that ascaridole is effective against intestinal worms and parasites. It has also been demonstrated to work as an insecticide and to have anti malarial properties.

Human Clinical Trials

Clinical trials have also taken place in humans. As recently as 1996, a trial was conducted to test the efficacy of epazote leaf extracts against intestinal worms. The treatment was successful in 56 percent of cases. 72 patients, both children and adults, were included in the study.

The epazote extract was found to be 100 percent effective against two common intestinal parasites, Trichuris and Ancilostoma, but only 50 percent effective against the parasite Ascaris. In 2001, another study was carried out to investigate the use of epazote extract as a treatment for roundworm in children.

Thirty patients were included in this study. It was found that epazote was 100 percent effective against tapeworms, and was able to eliminate the eggs of Ascaris parasites with an efficacy of 86.7 percent, and to decrease parasitic burden by 59.5 percent.

Studies for Fighting Cancer

Studies have also been conducted to evaluate other potential uses of epazote, including possible activity against cancerous cells, inhibition of stomach ulcer formation, and elimination of antibiotic resistant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria that causes tuberculosis.

Some evidence has been found to support these possible uses, but there have not as yet been any clinical trials in humans, and there is no definitive proof that epazote is an effective and practical choice for treatment of any of these conditions.


The recommended dose of epazote leaf decoction for the treatment of intestinal parasites is a half cup of standard decoction, to be drunk before breakfast, over three consecutive mornings.

This is generally followed by a dose of a mild laxative on the fourth day, which will help to expel the parasites and their eggs, once they are dead or dying. The treatment is usually repeated after a fortnight in order to get rid of any worms that may have hatched from eggs that were not killed by the first round of treatment.

A decoction of the leaves is also used as an herbal remedy to treat digestive, respiratory and menstrual problems. These conditions are usually treated with half cup doses that are taken as necessary.

Buying and Storage

Epazote leaves can be bought from most Mexican grocery or food stores, in both its fresh and air dried forms. In cookery, a teaspoonful of the dried leaves should be treated as equivalent to approximately seven fresh epazote leaves, or one branch of the fresh plant.

It is possible to leave the fresh leaves to sir dry in order to store them for longer, but when placed inside a plastic bag, the fresh leaves will last for up to a week.

Side Effects

A 10 milligram dose of epazote oil can cause vomiting, sleepiness, weakness, convulsions, and respiratory and cardiac problems. It may even be fatal. It is these adverse effects that resulted in the replacement of epazote oil as a recommended treatment for intestinal parasites in the US Pharmacopoeia.

The essential oil of epazote is not recommended for internal use due to its toxicity, but it is possible to use the leaves of the plant in herbal remedies, since these contain lower levels of the toxic substances than the seeds or oils derived from the whole plant. According to the World Health Organization, a decoction made from 20 grams of epazote leaves, was effective against intestinal parasites without causing any significant side effects.

Pregnant women should never take epazote, due to its toxicity and the possible damage it could do to the unborn baby. Epazote has traditionally been used to induce abortion, and although there is no scientific proof that it is effective in doing this, it is inadvisable to take the risk.

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