Six Important Herbs That Boost Sexual Libido

Six Important Herbs That Boost Sexual Libido

Many husbands and partners become more patient and understanding when their wives and lovers enter the menopausal stage. Men are increasingly becoming aware that women tend to be moody, anxious and experience a wide variety of unexplainable symptoms during this phase. However, one menopausal symptom that many men dislike the most is the loss of sexual libido. It seems that when women reach the age of The Change, which is what menopause is often referred to, they tend to lose their sexual desires.

If you are at this stage in your life, you really do not have to suffer these changes as if you can do nothing about it. Instead of letting hormonal imbalance dampen your sexual appetite, you can find ways to enliven your romantic trysts with your husband or partner. Here are some natural aphrodisiacs that are effective in boosting women’s libido.


This is an amino acid that is abundant in eggs, cheese, nuts and coconut milk. Studies have shown that Arginine can boost growth hormones and also help avert aging. As a natural aphrodisiac, experts have found that Arginine can prevent vaginal dryness, raise the desire and frequency of intercourse and even improve sexual arousal. This substance is best used with other supplements.


This herb has been used in sexual elixirs by ancient Mexican civilizations. They believe that Damiana contains alkaloids that are responsible for stimulating reproductive organs. Mexican women usually take this herb a few hours before going to bed so that they would be more sexually responsive to their husbands and partners. Aside from being helpful in the libido department, Damiana is also known to soothe women who are having hormonal problems during menopause or menstruation.



Maca, a vegetable indigenous to Peru, is another natural aphrodisiac from South America. Ancient Peruvian civilization has long used this herb to boost stamina, endurance, and energy of athletes. In women, Maca is believed to help reduce premenstrual syndrome symptoms as well as hormonal irregularities brought about by perimenopause and menopause. Maca is said to increase sexual libido and lessen vaginal dryness.


Chocolate has been associated with sinful pleasures, even during the Aztec times. According to experts, chocolate is considered as an aphrodisiac because it promotes the release of serotonin, which is linked to the feelings of pleasure and relaxation. After a few bites of chocolate, a person is expected to be more open to seduction.


One popular aphrodisiac for men is ginseng. However, this herb is not only effective in bolstering sexual performance in men, but also in women. According to recent studies, Ginseng has the same effects as dopamine in the body, which really helps men and women alike to attain utmost sexual pleasure. What’s more, this herb is also responsible for providing youthful vitality and endurance.


Early civilizations of Rome, Greece and Egypt have been using fenugreek as a medicinal plant to help treat a variety of illnesses. However, the aphrodisiac properties of this plant were discovered by the Harems of the East. They believe that this herb can improve the size and shape of the breasts, as well as assist in the synthesis of sex hormones.

You can actually take these female aphrodisiacs in their natural form or you can just look for supplements that contain one or more of these herbs. If you are already in your menopausal stage, however, you can use supplements like Menersa which contain some of the abovementioned natural aphrodisiacs to help reinvigorate your sex life plus other herbs that can help you deal with other menopausal symptoms. For more information on how this product can help you, just visit

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