Sinusitis and Herbs That Will Cure It

Sinusitis and Herbs That Will Cure It

Sinusitis can at times be painful with the swelling of the mucus lining, inflammation, stuffiness and blockage that causes bacterial infection. However, there are many “sinusitis herbs” that can cure the symptoms of sinusitis and free up the nasal passages. The long term treatment of sinusitis might depend on the actual cause which could be other health issues like diabetes, weak immunity, allergies to dust and refined foods etc. which can be treated after consultation with doctors.

Eucalyptus in the form of tea or oil has got very good medicinal properties. It is also available as throat lozenges which can cure sore throats and inflammation. When mixed in warm water and inhaled eucalyptus helps free up the nasal passages. This is because this “sinusitis herb” with its strong odor has antiseptic properties which cure the swelling of mucus lining caused by infection. Lemon balm and ginger are other cures for virus and bacterial infection. They can be used for gargling or made in the form of tea and inhaled to fight the microbial affect. Peppermint tea with its anti-inflammatory properties and strong scent will also help provide relief against fungal infection of the mucus linings.

Reshi and Maitake are two mushrooms that increase the immunity of the body. When taken as an extraction of decoction these medicinal mushrooms help cure inflammation caused by allergens like dust mites, mold and pollen. They also contain peptidoglycans which enhance the effectiveness of the immunity system. Horseradish, although a pungent herb, is extremely effective against sinusitis. Not only does it increase the blood flow to the local tissues in the nasal passages, but it also increases the movement of the lymph fluid which is mainly responsible for collecting microbes eliminated by the protective cells. Less flow of lymph might result in swelling of the nodes and excess secretion of mucus which is one of the symptoms of sinusitis.

Another lesser known exotic herb that cures sinusitis is the Magnolia flower also known as Xin Yi Hua in Chinese medicine. Very similar to the lily, this flower with a bud full of furs inhibits the secretion of mucus. It is hence used to treat sinusitis and also for congestion as applying it leads to loosening of the nasal passage easily. Cocklebur fruits also known as xanthium is a multipurpose herb that is very effective against sinusitis. It inhibits the growth and propagating of staphylococcus aureus bacteria that causes sinusitis and infection of nasal linings. Secondly it inhibits thick mucus secretion.

Thicker mucus is more difficult when it comes to discharging and sometimes lends the cilia immobile which are trapped leading to build up of further mucus. The Baikal Skullcap Root also helps cure chronic sinusitis in a similar way. It treats the upper part of the respiratory tract of bacteria and cures some of the symptoms of nasal infection and sinusitis. It belongs to the mint family Labiatae, which makes it a good cure to free up nasal blockages and treat inflammation of the mucus lining because of its strong scene.

Herbs are very effective against sinusitis and provide almost instant relief. Alliums such as garlic and onion, aroma oils like eucalyptus, and mint are all effective against sinusitis. Most of them are anti-inflammatory and help tackle the growth of bacteria that aggravate the infection and cause mucus swelling.

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