Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto

What is Saw Palmetto

With the increasing risk among prostate cancer among men, saw palmetto has become one of them most sought after supplements for men. Saw palmetto extract is derived from the berrys of the saw palmetto plant. These berries contain what are called phytochemicals. These phytochemicals are very useful in supporting prostate and urinary health in men. There are also supplements available that combine pumpkin seed oil, pygeum, uva-ursi and zinc to create a formula that would be considered ideal for combating prostate cancer.

Saw Palmetto Plant

The saw palmetto plant is known as a fan palm, and has a trunk that sprawls and grows in clumps typically reaching the height of about 3-6 ft. It typically has either a silvery-white or light green colored leaflets measuring 1.5 to 3 ft. in length and leafs that measure about 3-6 ft in length. These all surround the petiole armed with fine, sharp teeth or spines. When the saw palmetto flowers, it produces white/ivory colored flowers in dense formations, and also produces a fruit that is edible to humans and much other wildlife.

Saw Palmetto Origin

The saw palmetto plant is typically found growing in the Southeastern United States but has been found as far North West as Arkansas. Saw palmetto is a hearty, slow growing and extremely long lived plant. Some plants attaining the age of seven hundred years old, therefore making it one of the longest lived plants in the world.

Saw Palmetto Supplementation

Most studies researching the benefits of saw palmetto supplemented about 300 mg containing roughly 90% fatty acids.  Alternatively one can supplement with 600 mg with about 50% fatty acids.  Either way, it is always wize to purchase supplements from a large well known manufacturer. 

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