Saw Palmetto Helps With Hair Loss – Try This Treatment For Great Results

Saw Palmetto Helps With Hair Loss – Try This Treatment For Great Results

Saw Palmetto Helps With Hair Loss – Try This Treatment For Great Results

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Home Page > Health > Hair Loss > Saw Palmetto Helps With Hair Loss – Try This Treatment For Great Results

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Saw Palmetto Helps With Hair Loss – Try This Treatment For Great Results

By: John Farikani
Posted: Jan 04, 2010

The fact that Saw Palmetto helps with hair loss is widely known. It’s scientific name is ‘seronoa repens’. It’s a powerful little plant that has big leaves and a small red berry that is used to treat many different maladies. It’s been used by our Native Indians for quite a few decades, and our pioneer fathers learned of it’s medicinal purposes as well. It acts as an anti-androgen. Androgen is one of the major contributors to hair loss.

The berries contain phytonutrients, and these are interrupters for the process of the hormones that cause the prostate to enlarge. That’s good to hear for lots of men who suffer from enlarged prostate today. It can also help men out in the area of erectile problems. It seems like they find more uses for this powerful berry with each passing year.

Alopecia, or hair loss, has been treated by a product known as Propecia. Scientists noticed that the Saw Palmetto acted in the same way in the body, so they ran some tests to see how it did, and they found they had some good results with the Saw Palmetto berry on hair loss. It helped people who had ‘androgenetic alopecia’. And the successful use of Saw Palmetto for treating hair loss began.

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If you check the market today, you’ll find hundreds of different herbs that are being marketed for hundreds of different ailments. But not all have had the luxury of being tested in a clinical trial. The Saw Palmetto berry has had this luxury. And after the tests were concluded, satisfactory results were found. The only time any side effects were found was if it was taken without eating something. It does work by affecting the hormones. Women who are nursing or pregnant should not take it.

The hormone responsible for hair loss is DHT. Otherwise known as ‘dihydrotestosterone’, whenever the body produces too much of this DHT, it will grab onto the hair follicles and choke off the nutrient passage from the blood, making the hair weak and causing it to shrink. The Saw Palmetto counteracts this action and restores healthy hair follicles and healthy hair.

Saw Palmetto chimed in at number five in the ranking of herbs used medicinally in this country. But it should be remembered that it works in the system on the hormones. For anyone receiving any type of hormonal therapy, or taking any kind of treatments that involve hormones, then a physician visit may be in order before beginning a Saw Palmetto supplement regimen.

Saw Palmetto helps with hair loss, and so many other things there’s just to many to mention. Erectile problems, bladder control, and even your sex drive can be treated with this powerful little wonder of a plant. Europeans use it religiously and have nothing but high praise for it. I can understand now why our forefathers and the native Indians made teas out of it. It’s a very powerful and beneficial plant. If you suffer from hair loss, you might want to give Saw Palmetto a try.

John Farikani – About the Author:

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